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Sexual Harassment in Radiology: Prevalence and Opportunities for Improvement.

Radiologists have a key role in the delivery of modern medicine and interface with almost every medical subspecialty within health care systems. Radiology requires collaborative team science and continued communication across providers. Essential to these ends is an inclusive and respectful environment. Therefore, sexual harassment cannot be tolerated. This perspective provides an overview of the existing literature on sexual harassment in medicine and sexual harassment in radiology and suggestions for crea...

#MedToo: A Large-Scale Examination of the Incidence and Impact of Sexual Harassment of Physicians and Other Faculty at an Academic Medical Center.

A landmark National Academies report highlighted the need for rigorous evaluation of sexual harassment in medicine. We examined the prevalence and impact of sexual harassment using the Sexual Experiences Questionnaire, the standard for measurement of sexual harassment, but which has not been previously applied within academic medicine. A 20-minute online survey was administered to all faculty who had been working at University of Michigan Medical School for at least 1 year ( = 2723). We assessed sexual...

Sexual harassment and appearance-based peer victimization: Unique associations with emotional adjustment by gender and age.

We examined sexual harassment, alongside other forms of peer victimization, as correlates of self-worth, depression, and anxiety (emotional adjustment). In addition, we investigated joint moderating effects of gender and age in the relationship between sexual harassment and emotional adjustment.

Women at work: Changes in sexual harassment between September 2016 and September 2018.

Over the last two years, awareness about the sexual mistreatment of women has stunned the world. According to analysis by the New York Times, the defeat of Hilary Clinton and election of Donald Trump spurred a women's movement in the US that began in November of 2016 and resulted in protests across the country, including the largest single-day protest in history on January 21, 2017. Later that year, the #MeToo movement (starting in October 2017) and subsequent #TimesUp movement (starting in January 2018) ga...


We report on the extent of sexual harassment among residents and examine its relationship to specialty and program year, and effects.

Sexual Harassment & Cardiothoracic Surgery - #UsToo?

Fifty-eight percent of women in science, engineering, and medicine report being affected by sexual harassment. We sought to determine the extent of SH in cardiothoracic surgery.

Cyber Sexual Harassment: Prevalence and association with substance use, poor mental health, and STI history among sexually active adolescent girls.

The current study aims to assess the prevalence, perpetrators, and consequences of cyber sexual harassment (CSH) among adolescent females.

Underreported and unknown student harassment at the Faculty of Science.

Reports of sexual harassment at medical faculties throughout the world, including the Radboud University, raised the question how prevalent this is at the Faculty of Science. We performed a survey among students to assess their experiences with harassment. This questionnaire consisted of questions from the EGERA survey, a questionnaire held among staff of multiple European Universities. We found that 9% of the respondents had observed or experienced harassment at the Faculty. Hardly any of these cases were ...

Sexual Harassment in Vascular Surgery Training Programs.

Sexual harassment is any unwelcome behavior or obscene remark that affects an individual's work performance or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment. We sought to examine its presence in vascular surgery training programs, identify factors associated with occurrence, and determine reporting barriers.

Defining Sexual Harassment: Who Decides?

Sexual Harassment: "I Just Do Not Feel Safe".

Lower Sexual Satisfaction and Function Mediate the Association of Assault Military Sexual Trauma and Relationship Satisfaction in Partnered Female Service Members/Veterans.

Little is known about the association of military sexual trauma (MST) and relationship satisfaction among partnered female service members/veterans (SM/Vs). Extant civilian literature shows a strong association between sexual trauma and poorer relationship outcomes, and theory suggests that sexual function and satisfaction may mediate this association. Given that as many as 40% of female SM/Vs report MST and roughly half of female veterans are partnered and in their peak sexual years, it is critical to unde...

Military Sexual Trauma and Sexual Health in Women Veterans: A Systematic Review.

Sexual trauma during military service is prevalent among women veterans and is associated with multiple negative physical and mental health sequelae. The high prevalence of military sexual trauma (MST), sexual harassment and assault during military service, has prompted the Veterans Health Administration to enact several policies to address the detrimental health impacts of this experience. MST also negatively impacts veterans' sexual health, yet the field lacks a systematic review of the relationship betwe...

Discrimination, Abuse, Harassment, and Burnout in Surgical Residency Training.

Physicians, particularly trainees and those in surgical subspecialties, are at risk for burnout. Mistreatment (i.e., discrimination, verbal or physical abuse, and sexual harassment) may contribute to burnout and suicidal thoughts.

A Longitudinal Investigation of Military Sexual Trauma and Perinatal Depression.

Military sexual trauma (MST), which includes sexual harassment or assault while in the military, is prevalent among women Veterans and associated with depression and suicide. Little is known about women Veterans' perinatal mental health, including the potential role of MST. This is the first study to investigate the impact of MST on risk of depression and suicidal ideation (SI) during and after pregnancy. Bivariate statistical tests between MST harassment and assault, measured by the two standard Veterans ...

Survey of US gynecologic oncologists finds that approximately 64% have experienced sexual harassment.

A Survey Study of Resident Experiences of Sexual Harassment during Dermatology Training.

Nurse academics' experience of contra-power harassment from under-graduate nursing students in Australia.

There is growing concern around inappropriate behaviour being perpetrated by under-graduate nursing students towards nursing academics. Coined contra-power harassment, is defined as the harassment of individuals in formal positions of power and authority by those that are not. The type of harassment behaviours reported include: verbal and physical violence, character assassination through social media, stalking and sexually motivated behaviours. The most often cited reasons for the escalation in these behav...

Macroevolutionary Origin and Adaptive Function of a Polymorphic Female Signal Involved in Sexual Conflict.

Intersexual signals that reveal developmental or mating status in females have evolved repeatedly in many animal lineages. Such signals have functions in sexual conflict over mating and can therefore influence sexually antagonistic coevolution. However, we know little about how female signal development modifies male mating harassment and thereby sexual conflict. Here, we combine phylogenetic comparative analyses of a color polymorphic damselfly genus () with behavioral experiments in one target species to ...

Longitudinal Associations of Binge Drinking with Interpersonal Violence Among Adolescents.

Binge drinking may be associated with adolescents' experience of multiple types of interpersonal violence perpetration and victimization, and if so, could be a malleable intervention target to prevent interpersonal violence. The current article explores the between- and within-person associations of binge drinking (i.e., 4/5 or more drinks in a row for girls/boys) with interpersonal violence among adolescents (N = 1322, 50.3% girls/women, 88.9% White/non-Hispanic, 85.9% heterosexual, 18.6% free/reduced ...

Sex and Education: Does Sexual Debut During Adolescence Lead to Poor Grades?

Because many U.S. teenagers experience their first sexual intercourse during high school, understanding whether sexual behavior and academic performance are related is important. However, research on sexual debut and grades has produced inconsistent findings.

Sexual Assault in the Military and Increased Odds of Sexual Pain Among Female Veterans.

To examine whether the relationship between childhood sexual abuse and sexual function in civilian women is also found among female veterans, and to consider the additional effects of sexual assault in the military.

Late-onset hypogonadism (LOH), masculinity and relationship and sexual satisfaction: are sexual symptoms of LOH mediators of traditional masculinity on relationship and sexual satisfaction?

Late-onset hypogonadism (LOH) is characterised by significant changes in the male life cycle, and may increase the likelihood of experiencing sexual difficulties. Further, it is assumed that traditional gender roles (masculinity) can affect the experience of sexual difficulties. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of masculinity on sexual symptoms of LOH, as well as on sexual and relational satisfaction. A community sample of 460 Portuguese men aged between 40 and 91 years (mean (± s.d.) 51.6...

Psyche Meets the Gatekeepers: Creating a More Humane Culture for Women in Medicine.

In the Greek myth of Psyche and Eros, Psyche must fulfill four seemingly impossible tasks to achieve full consciousness before she can be reunited with her bridegroom, Eros. From early childhood, girls and women can encounter gender stereotyping, sexual harassment and assault, and other gender-related challenges. While both men and women can face mistreatment in medical school, female students experience sexual harassment and sexual assault at higher rates than male students. In medical training and career ...

Transvaginal mesh surgery for pelvic organ prolapse does not affect sexual function at long term follow up.

Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) may impair sexual health. Though sexual dysfunction in women with POP is associated with reduced sexual arousal and dyspareunia, sexual outcomes have not been fully investigated. Transvaginal mesh repair (TVMR) is a POP therapeutic option, but is debated as a possible cause of worsening in sexual function. Aim of this study is to evaluate pre- and post-operative sexual outcomes in women undergone to TVMR.

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