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Computer-assisted analysis of intracerebral haemorrhage shape and density.

Shape and density of intracerebral haemorrhage (ICH) is associated with higher risk of poor treatment outcome. However, methods of those features assessment are still inconclusive. Therefore, we decided to measure ICH shape irregularity using shape factors to achieve objective results.

Breastfeeding self-efficacy and related factors in postpartum Vietnamese women.

Breastfeeding self-efficacy refers to a mother's confidence about her ability to breastfeed, which has been found to shape her choice about whether or not to do so. It depends on social and psychological factors and has not previously been studied in postpartum Vietnamese women.

Aryl amphiphile shape-directors for shape-controlled synthesis of organic semiconductor particles.

Currently, shape- and size-controlled synthesis of organic micro- and nano-particles mostly relies on aliphatic amphiphiles, which lack the structural diversity to provide tunable amphiphile-particle facet interaction energies and result in a limited range of particle shapes. Herein we report the design, synthesis, and utilization of two novel aryl amphiphiles as shape-directors (ShaDs) to obtain particles of different shape. By changing the ShaDs aryl hydrophobe structure, 9,10-diphenylanthracene microcrys...

A De Novo Shape Motif Discovery Algorithm Reveals Preferences of Transcription Factors for DNA Shape Beyond Sequence Motifs.

DNA shape adds specificity to sequence motifs but has not been explored systematically outside this context. We hypothesized that DNA-binding proteins (DBPs) preferentially occupy DNA with specific structures ("shape motifs") regardless of whether or not these correspond to high information content sequence motifs. We present ShapeMF, a Gibbs sampling algorithm that identifies de novo shape motifs. Using binding data from hundreds of in vivo and in vitro experiments, we show that most DBPs have shape mot...

Trajectories of body mass index among active-duty U.S. Army soldiers, 2011-2014.

Establishing the shape and determinants of trajectories of body mass index (BMI) among Soldiers is critical given the importance of weight management to military service requirements. To establish the shape and determinants of BMI trajectories among Soldiers, we aimed to (1) model the overall BMI trajectory of Soldiers, (2) find the most common trajectory groups among Soldiers, (3) investigate the relationship between BMI trajectories and sociodemographic and military-specific characteristics, and (4) deter...

Improving HIV Preexposure Prophylaxis Implementation for Women: Summary of Key Findings From a Discussion Series With Women's HIV Prevention Experts.

A century of change in global education variability and gender differences in education.

The aim of this article is to document and understand how trends in educational variability and the gender gap in education developed jointly over time. Main questions include: Is the education distribution among women becoming more dispersed as their average attainment surpasses that of men? Is education variability among women higher than that of men? Does the reduction-and eventual reversal-of the gender gap in education go hand-in-hand with less educational variability overall? To answer these questions...

Age at onset of walking in infancy is associated with hip shape in early old age.

Bones' shapes and structures adapt to the muscle and reaction forces they experience during everyday movements. Onset of independent walking, at approximately 12 months, represents the first postnatal exposure of the lower limbs to the large forces associated with bipedal movements, and, accordingly, earlier walking is associated with greater bone strength. However, associations between early life loading and joint shape have not been explored. We therefore examined associations between walking age and hip ...

Describing the children's body shape by means of Geometric Morphometric techniques.

Large shape variations take place during the growth process of children, including quantitative mass and size increase plus qualitative changes in their body shape. The aim of the present study is to apply Geometric Morphometric techniques in order to visualize and quantify such body shape differences in healthy children aged 6-59 months with optimal nutritional status.

A framework for measuring the time-varying shape and full-field deformation of residual limbs using 3D digital image correlation.

Effective prosthetic socket design following lower-limb amputation depends upon the accurate characterization of the shape of the residual limb as well as its volume and shape fluctuations.

Agreement and reliability statistics for shapes.

We describe a methodology for assessing agreement and reliability among a set of shapes. Motivated by recent studies of the reliability of manually segmented medical images, we focus on shapes composed of rasterized, binary-valued data representing closed geometric regions of interest. The methodology naturally generalizes to N dimensions and other data types, though. We formulate the shape variance, shape correlation and shape intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) in terms of a simple distance metric, t...

Hamiltonian Operator for Spectral Shape Analysis.

Many shape analysis methods treat the geometry of an object as a metric space that can be captured by the Laplace-Beltrami operator. In this paper, we propose to adapt the classical Hamiltonian operator from quantum mechanics to the field of shape analysis. To this end we study the addition of a potential function to the Laplacian as a generator for dual spaces in which shape processing is performed. We present general optimization approaches for solving variational problems involving the basis defined by t...

A new method to quantify mandibular corpus shape in extant great apes and its potential application to the hominoid fossil record.

Mandibular corpus robusticity (corpus breadth/corpus height) is the most commonly utilized descriptor of the mandibular corpus in the great ape and hominin fossil records. As a consequence of its contoured shape, linear metrics used to characterize mandibular robusticity are inadequate to quantify the shape of the mandibular corpus. Here, we present an alternative to the traditional assessment of mandibular shape by analyzing the outline of the mandibular corpus in cross-section using landmarks and semiland...

Treatment of Depression in Women.

Women are more likely than men to experience depression throughout the life span. Sex differences in neurochemistry and brain structure, as well as societal factors may contribute to women's increased likelihood of depression. Pharmacological research targeting depression has historically excluded women, leading to a knowledge gap regarding effective antidepressant treatment in women. Antidepressant pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics are clearly different in men and women, necessitating a thoughtful appr...

Symmetry considerations elucidate the roles of global shape and local interactions in the equilibrium fluctuations and cooperativity of protein assemblies.

Shape had been intuitively recognized to play a dominant role in determining the global motion patterns of bio-molecular assemblies. However, it is not clear exactly how shape determines the motion patterns. What about the local interactions that hold a structure together to a certain shape? The contributions of global shape and local interactions usually mix together and are difficult to tease part. In this work, we use symmetry to elucidate the distinct roles of global shape and local interactions in prot...

Time-Course Change in Eye Shape and Development of Staphyloma in Highly Myopic Eyes.

To quantitatively assess the posterior pole shape change in highly myopic eyes and to investigate the factors determining the speed of shape change.

Collective shape actuation of polymer double emulsions by solvent evaporation.

We demonstrate that the shape actuation of water-in-oil-in-water double emulsion droplets can be achieved by controlling solvent evaporation in a model system, where the oil phase consists of hydrophobic homopolymer/amphiphilic block copolymer/solvent. A gradient of interfacial tension is created in the polymer shell, which drives significant deformation of the droplets in constant volume. The deformed droplets recover to their initial shape spontaneously, and shape actuation of droplets can be further tune...

Will Teens Go Red? Low Cardiovascular Disease Awareness Among Young Women.

Background The American Heart Association Go Red for Women campaign has improved awareness of cardiovascular disease ( CVD ) among adult women aged 25 years and older. Little is known about awareness among younger women. Methods and Results We assessed awareness of CVD and prevention efforts among 331 young women aged 15 to 24 years using the American Heart Association National Women's Health Study survey. We compared responses from this cohort to the 2012 American Heart Association online survey of 1227 ...

Prolonged Amenorrhea and Resumption of Menses in Women with HIV.

To compare etiologies of prolonged amenorrhea in a cohort of HIV-infected women with a cohort of similar uninfected at-risk women.

Sex differences in post-stroke aphasia rates are caused by age. A meta-analysis and database query.

Studies have suggested that aphasia rates are different in men and women following stroke. One hypothesis says that men have more lateralized language function than women. Given unilateral stroke, this would lead to a prediction of men having higher aphasia rates than women. Another line of observations suggest that women are more severely affected by stroke, which could lead to a higher aphasia rate among women. An additional potential confounding variable could be age, given that women are typically older...

Experiences of Trauma and Implications for Nurses Caring for Undocumented Immigrant Women and Refugee Women.

Experiences of trauma affect the health needs of women across all groups, particularly in vulnerable populations such as undocumented immigrant women or refugee women. Nurses across inpatient and outpatient settings providing care to these women can consider how women's experiences of trauma and barriers they encounter to accessing resources may affect their experience of health care. In this article, we review two recent studies in which researchers examined the experiences of trauma and posttraumatic stre...

Shape and Color Switchable Block Copolymer Particles by Temperature and pH Dual-Responses.

Herein, we report a simple and robust strategy for preparing dual-responsive shape-switchable block copolymer (BCP) particles, which respond to subtle temperature and pH changes near physiological conditions (i.e. human body temperature and neutral pH). The shape transition of polystyrene-b-poly(4-vinylpyridine) (PS-b-P4VP) BCP particles from lens to football shape occurs in very narrow temperature and pH ranges: no temperature-based transition for pH 6.0, 40-50 °C for pH 6.5, and 25-35 °C for pH 7.0. To ...

Morphological abnormalities of the femur in the dysplastic hip. Relation between femur en acetabulum.

To apply cutting edge geometry processing techniques and statistical shape modelling to perform a quali-tative and quantitive evaluation of femoral deformity in developmental hip dysplasia and to describe its relation to the amount of acetabular coverage in full 3D. An observational case-control study consisting of 40 right dysplastic cases compared to 43 normal hips, was designed. All subjects were Asian females with an average age of 53.9 years. The right femurs were scanned using computed tomography, fol...

Shape from Contour: Computation and Representation.

The human visual system reliably extracts shape information from complex natural scenes in spite of noise and fragmentation caused by clutter and occlusions. A fast, feedforward sweep through ventral stream involving mechanisms tuned for orientation, curvature, and local Gestalt principles produces partial shape representations sufficient for simpler discriminative tasks. More complete shape representations may involve recurrent processes that integrate local and global cues. While feedforward discriminativ...

Engaging in social rejection may be riskier for women.

People often worry how others will perceive them if they socially reject others, but do women have more to fear than men? Although previous research has shown that women are perceived negatively for behaving in counter-stereotypical ways, research on backlash has focused on business settings. The present research applies backlash theory to examine how women are perceived for engaging in social rejection. The findings suggest that backlash may operate differently in social rejection because only men punish w...

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