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Testosterone Rex: Myths of Sex, Science, and Societyby Cordelia Fine. New York, NY: W.W. Norton & Company, 2017, 266 pages, $26.95 (hardcover).

A Method for Identifying Prevalent Chemical Combinations in the U.S. Population.

Through the food and water they ingest, the air they breathe, and the consumer products with which they interact at home and at work, humans are exposed to tens of thousands of chemicals, many of which have not been evaluated to determine their potential toxicities. Furthermore, while current chemical testing tends to focus on individual chemicals, the exposures that people actually experience involve mixtures of chemicals. Unfortunately, the number of mixtures that can be formed from the thousands of envir...

Hyperspectral depth-profiling with deep Raman spectroscopy for detecting chemicals in building materials.

Toxic chemicals inside building materials have long-term harmful effects on human bodies. To prevent secondary damage caused by the evaporation of latent chemicals, it is necessary to detect the chemicals inside building materials at an early stage. Deep Raman spectroscopy is a potential candidate for on-site detection because it can provide molecular information about subsurface components. However, it is very difficult to spectrally distinguish the Raman signal of the internal chemicals from the backgroun...

Scalable carbon dioxide electroreduction coupled to carbonylation chemistry.

Significant efforts have been devoted over the last few years to develop efficient molecular electrocatalysts for the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide, the latter being an industrially important feedstock for the synthesis of bulk and fine chemicals. Whereas these efforts primarily focus on this formal oxygen abstraction step, there are no reports on the exploitation of the chemistry for scalable applications in carbonylation reactions. Here we describe the design and applicati...

Evaluating the environmental hazard of industrial chemicals from data collected during the REACH registration process.

Registration dossiers for 11,678 industrial chemicals were retrieved from the database of the European Chemicals Agency, of which 3566 provided a numerical entry for the corresponding predicted no effect concentration for the freshwater environment (PNEC). A distribution-based examination of 2244 of these entries reveals that the average PNEC of an industrial chemical in Europe is 238nmol/L, covering a span of 9 orders of magnitude. A comparison with biocides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and WFD-priority po...

Pathway engineering for the production of heterologous aromatic chemicals and their derivatives in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: bioconversion from glucose.

Saccharomyces cerevisiae has been extensively engineered for optimizing its performance as a microbial cell factory to produce valuable aromatic compounds and their derivatives as bulk and fine chemicals. The production of heterologous aromatic molecules in yeast is achieved via engineering of the aromatic amino acid biosynthetic pathway. This pathway is connected to two pathways of the central carbon metabolism, and is highly regulated at the gene and protein level. These characteristics impose several cha...

The role of inattention and hyperactivity/impulsivity in the fine motor coordination in children with ADHD.

Deficits in fine motor coordination have been suggested to be associated with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). However, despite the negative impact of poor fine motor skills on academic achievement, researchers have paid little attention to this problem. The aim of this study was to explore the relationship between ADHD dimensions and fine motor performance.

Editorial: In Good Company.

Sharing is Caring: The Case for Company-Level Collaboration in Pharmacoeconomic Modelling.

Fine-needle Aspiration of Thyroid Nodules: Is it Worth Repeating?

The fine-needle aspiration has a significant role in assessing the malignancy risk of thyroid nodules. There is uncertainty regarding the value of repeat fine-needle aspiration in benign nodules. This study aims to evaluate the concordance of results in consecutive fine-needle aspiration and to study the relevance of repetition in benign results.

Comparison of the Skin Penetration of 3 Metabolically Stable Chemicals Using Fresh and Frozen Human Skin.

The Cosmetics Europe ADME Task Force is developing in vitro and in silico tools for predicting skin and systemic concentrations after topical application of cosmetic ingredients. There are conflicting reports as to whether the freezing process affects the penetration of chemicals; therefore, we evaluated whether the storage of human skin used in our studies (8-12 weeks at -20°C) affected the penetration of model chemicals.

Pharmaceutical Marketing for Rare Diseases: Regulating Drug Company Promotion in an Era of Unprecedented Advertisement.

Low temperature reductive aminolysis of carbohydrates to diamines and aminoalcohols through heterogeneous catalysis.

Short amines such as ethanolamines and ethylene diamines are important compounds in today's bulk and fine chemicals industry. Unfortunately, current industrial manufacture of these chemicals relies on fossil resources and requires severe safety management to handle the explosive or toxic intermediates. Inspired by the elegant working mechanism of Aldolase enzymes, a novel heterogeneously catalyzed process, viz. reductive aminolysis, was developed for the efficient production of short amines from carbohydrat...

Selective C-H Bond Cleavage in Methane by Small Gold Clusters.

Methane represents the major constituent of natural gas. It is primarily used only as a source of energy by means of combustion, but could also serve as an abundant hydrocarbon feedstock for high quality chemicals. One of the major challenges in catalysis research nowadays is therefore the development of materials that selectively cleave one of the four C-H-bonds of methane and make it thus amenable for further chemical conversion to more valuable compounds. Employing infrared spectroscopy and first-princip...

A global Fine-Root Ecology Database to address below-ground challenges in plant ecology.

Variation and tradeoffs within and among plant traits are increasingly being harnessed by empiricists and modelers to understand and predict ecosystem processes under changing environmental conditions. While fine roots play an important role in ecosystem functioning, fine-root traits are underrepresented in global trait databases. This has hindered efforts to analyze fine-root trait variation and link it with plant function and environmental conditions at a global scale. This Viewpoint addresses the need fo...

Endoscopic ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration versus endoscopic ultrasound guided fine needle biopsy in sampling pancreatic masses: A meta-analysis.

The comparison between endoscopic ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration (EUS-FNA) and endoscopic ultrasound guided fine needle biopsy (EUS-FNB) for the diagnosis of pancreatic masses is still controversial. Many factors can affect the final results.

Determination of Selected Chemical Levels in Room Air and on Surfaces after the Use of Cartridge- and Tank-Based E-Vapor Products or Conventional Cigarettes.

There is an ongoing debate regarding the potential of secondhand exposure of non-users to various chemicals from use of e-vapor products (EVPs). Room air levels of 34 chemicals (nicotine, propylene glycol (PG), glycerol, 15 carbonyl chemicals, 12 volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), and four selected trace elements) were measured where EVPs and cigarettes were used by n = 37 healthy adult tobacco users in an exposure chamber. The products used were MarkTen(®) 2.5% Classic (Group I), a Prototype GreenSmoke(®...

A novel approach for characterising pH-dependent uptake of ionisable chemicals in aquatic organisms.

Here, we present and evaluate a combined experimental and modelling approach for characterising the uptake of ionisable chemicals from water and sediments into aquatic organisms under different pH conditions. We illustrate and evaluate the approach for two pharmaceuticals (diclofenac and fluoxetine) and one personal care product ingredient (triclosan) for the oligochaete Lumbriculus variegatus. Initially, experimental data on the uptake of the three chemicals at two pH values were fitted using a toxicokinet...

The Hydrophobic Effect from Conjugated Chemicals or Drugs on in Vivo Biodistribution of RNA Nanoparticles.

liver or other organ accumulation of drugs is one of the major problems that leads to toxicity and side effects in therapy using chemicals or other macromolecules. It has been shown that specially designed RNA nanoparticles can specifically target cancer cells, silence oncogenic genes, and stop cancer growth with little or no accumulation in the liver or other vital organs. It is well known that physical properties of nanoparticles such as size, shape, and surface chemistry affect biodistribution and pharma...

Sex Addiction as Affect Dysregulation: A Neurobiologically Informed Holistic Treatmentby Alexandra Katehakis. New York, NY: W. W. Norton & Company, 2016, 416 pages, $42.50 (hardcover).

Notes from the Field: Evaluation of a Perceived Cluster of Plasma Cell Dyscrasias Among Workers at a Natural Gas Company - Illinois, 2014.

Fine Motor Control Underlies the Association Between Response Inhibition and Drawing Skill in Early Development.

Previous research shows that the development of response inhibition and drawing skill are linked. The current research investigated whether this association reflects a more fundamental link between response inhibition and motor control. In Experiment 1, 3- and 4-year-olds (n = 100) were tested on measures of inhibition, fine motor control, and drawing skill. Data revealed an association between inhibition and fine motor control, which was responsible for most of the association observed with drawing skill...

Characterization of the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing fluids for wells located in the Marcellus Shale Play.

Hydraulic fracturing, coupled with the advances in horizontal drilling, has been used for recovering oil and natural gas from shale formations and has aided in increasing the production of these energy resources. The large volumes of hydraulic fracturing fluids used in this technology contain chemical additives, which may be toxic organics or produce toxic degradation byproducts. This paper investigated the chemicals introduced into the hydraulic fracturing fluids for completed wells located in Pennsylvania...

Review of receptor-based source apportionment research of fine particulate matter and its challenges in China.

As the key for haze control, atmospheric fine particulate matter with aerodynamic diameter

Engineering modular polyketide synthases for production of biofuels and industrial chemicals.

Polyketide synthases (PKSs) are one of the most profound biosynthetic factories for producing polyketides with diverse structures and biological activities. These enzymes have been historically studied and engineered to make un-natural polyketides for drug discovery, and have also recently been explored for synthesizing biofuels and industrial chemicals due to their versatility and customizability. Here, we review recent advances in the mechanistic understanding and engineering of modular PKSs for producing...

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