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Tbx1 and Foxi3 genetically interact in the pharyngeal pouch endoderm in a mouse model for 22q11.2 deletion syndrome.

We investigated whether Tbx1, the gene for 22q11.2 deletion syndrome (22q11.2DS) and Foxi3, both required for segmentation of the pharyngeal apparatus (PA) to individual arches, genetically interact. We found that all Tbx1+/-;Foxi3+/- double heterozygous mouse embryos had thymus and parathyroid gland defects, similar to those in 22q11.2DS patients. We then examined Tbx1 and Foxi3 heterozygous, null as well as conditional Tbx1Cre and Sox172A-iCre/+ null mutant embryos. While Tbx1Cre/+;Foxi3f/f embryos had ab...

BMP signaling is required for nkx2.3-positive pharyngeal pouch progenitor specification in zebrafish.

Pharyngeal pouches, a series of outpocketings that bud from the foregut endoderm, are essential to the formation of craniofacial skeleton as well as several important structures like parathyroid and thymus. However, whether pharyngeal pouch progenitors exist in the developing gut tube remains unknown. Here, taking advantage of cell lineage tracing and transgenic ablation technologies, we identified a population of nkx2.3+ pouch progenitors in zebrafish embryos and demonstrated an essential requirement of ec...

The emergent landscape of the mouse gut endoderm at single-cell resolution.

To delineate the ontogeny of the mammalian endoderm, we generated 112,217 single-cell transcriptomes representing all endoderm populations within the mouse embryo until midgestation. By using graph-based approaches, we modelled differentiating cells for spatio-temporal characterization of developmental trajectories and defined the transcriptional architecture that accompanies the emergence of the first (primitive or extra-embryonic) endodermal population and its sister pluripotent (embryonic) epiblast linea...

S-pouch to the Rescue - video vignette.

Restorative proctocolectomy with ileal pouch-anal anastomosis (IPAA) is the operation of choice for patients with ulcerative colitis (UC). The most common type of IPAA is a J-pouch. If despite all other mobilization maneuvers, inadequate mesenteric reach prevents a tension free anastomosis with J-pouch, a good alternative is S-pouch creation, which can provide an additional 2 to 4 cm of length (1). This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

FEES-based assessment of pharyngeal hypesthesia-Proposal and validation of a new test procedure.

Intact pharyngeal sensation is essential for a physiological swallowing process, and conversely, pharyngeal hypesthesia can cause dysphagia. This study introduces and validates a diagnostic test to quantify pharyngeal hypesthesia.

Pharyngeal Area Changes in Parkinson's Disease and Its Effect on Swallowing Safety, Efficiency, and Kinematics.

Pharyngeal area can increase as a function of normal healthy aging and muscle atrophy. These increases in pharyngeal area can negatively affect swallowing function in healthy older adults (HOA). However, the presence of pharyngeal area changes and their effects on swallowing function in Parkinson's disease (PD) remain unknown. Therefore, we compared the pharyngeal area of people with PD to HOA to determine if pharyngeal area changes were present in PD above and beyond what is seen in HOA. Within PD, we also...

Better Function with a Colonic J-Pouch or a Side-to-end Anastomosis?: A Randomized Controlled Trial to Compare the Complications, Functional Outcome, and Quality of Life in Patients with Low Rectal Cancer After a J-Pouch or a Side-to-end Anastomosis.

MINI: Treatment for low rectal cancer involves total mesorectal excision with a colorectal/coloanal anastomosis like a J-pouch. However, it does not fit in all patients. This manuscript explores how the side-to-end anastomosis compares with the function of a J-Pouch.

Left pulmonary artery in 22q11.2 deletion syndrome. Echocardiographic evaluation in patients without cardiac defects and role of Tbx1 in mice.

Patients with 22q11 deletion syndrome (22q11.2DS) present, in about 75% of cases, typical patterns of cardiac defects, with a particular involvement on the ventricular outflow tract and great arteries. However, in this genetic condition the dimensions of the pulmonary arteries (PAs) never were specifically evaluated. We measured both PAs diameter in patients with 22q11.2DS without cardiac defects, comparing these data to a normal control group. Moreover, we measured the PAs diameter in Tbx1 mutant mice. Fin...

Isl-1 positive pharyngeal mesenchyme sub-population and its role in the separation and remodeling of the aortic sac in embryonic mouse heart.

Second heart field cells and neural crest cells have been reported to participate in the morphogenesis of the pharyngeal arch arteries (PAAs), however, how the PAAs grow out and are separated from the aortic sac into left and right sections is unknown.

An Extended Pouch in a Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass Reduces Weight Regain: 3-Year Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial.

Although the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) is considered a standard procedure, many variations exist in the basic design. In order to achieve more pronounced and sustainable results after RYGB, factors such as diameter of the gastroenterostomy, limb length, and pouch size are gripping points for improvement of design. Extending the pouch could improve results by altering food passage through the pouch.

De Novo Crohn Disease of the Pouch in Children Undergoing Ileal Pouch-Anal Anastomosis for Ulcerative Colitis.

Approximately 10% of children with ulcerative colitis (UC) undergo colectomy with ileal pouch-anal anastomosis (IPAA). We aimed to describe the post-operative outcomes, with an emphasis on chronic pouch inflammation including de novo Crohn's disease (CD) at a tertiary care inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) center.

Tuning FOXD3 expression dose-dependently balances human embryonic stem cells between pluripotency and meso-endoderm fates.

Forkhead box D3 (FOXD3) is a key transcription factor maintaining pluripotency in mouse embryonic stem cells (ESCs). Yet to date studies on its role in human ESCs are quite limited. In this study, we report that deletion of FOXD3 in human ESCs results in loss of pluripotency and spontaneous differentiation toward meso-endoderm. Ectopic overexpression of FOXD3 in hESCs leads to two different phenotypes: Human ESCs expressing high levels of FOXD3 undergo spontaneous meso-endoderm differentiation, whereas thos...

Rare primary abdominal ectopic pregnancy in the pouch of Douglas.

A 35-year-old Nepalese woman, referred by her general practitioner for per vaginal spotting and abdominal pain for the past 12 days with a background history of 5 weeks of amenorrhoea and a quantifiable beta-human chorionic gonadotrophin of 18 900 IU/L. Subsequent pelvic ultrasound revealed a cystic lesion with peripheral vascularity in the pouch of Douglas indicating possible ectopic pregnancy with no intrauterine gestational sac seen. Subsequent to that, she underwent a diagnostic laparoscopy that reveale...

The Pushback Pharyngeal Flap: An 18-Year Experience.

The pharyngeal flap is one of the oldest and most popular techniques for correction of velopharyngeal insufficiency. The authors describe a large series using a technique that combines a pharyngeal flap with a palate pushback to avoid common causes of operative failure while restoring the velopharyngeal mechanism.

The Implications of Pouch Physiology.

Patients undergoing an IPAA experience a completely different physiology of defecation than when they had a rectum. The new "normal" is poorly appreciated and incompletely understood, and the lack of understanding has implications for pouch function. This technical note lays out the physiology of defecation with an ileal pouch and its implications for patients and surgeons.

HDAC1-mediated repression of the retinoic acid-responsive gene ripply3 promotes second heart field development.

Coordinated transcriptional and epigenetic mechanisms that direct development of the later differentiating second heart field (SHF) progenitors remain largely unknown. Here, we show that a novel zebrafish histone deacetylase 1 (hdac1) mutant allele cardiac really gone (crg) has a deficit of ventricular CMs and smooth muscle within the outflow tract (OFT) due to both cell and non-cell autonomous loss in SHF progenitor proliferation. Cyp26-deficient embryos, which have increased retinoic acid (RA) levels, hav...

Is Pouch Specific to Colon and Not Ileum?

Congenital Pouch Colon (CPC) is an anorectal anomaly with an incidence of 3.5:1 in males and females respectively. We have earlier reported CPC to be quite prevalent in north Indian tertiary care centers.

How to Choose a Mouse Model of Breast Cancer, a Genomic Perspective.

Human breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease with numerous subtypes that have been defined through immunohistological, histological, and gene expression patterns. The diversity of breast cancer has made the study of its various underlying causes complex. To facilitate the examination of particular facets of breast cancer, mouse models have been generated, ranging from carcinogen induced models to genetically engineered mice. While mouse models have been generated to mimic the initiating event, including p...

Genetic screening in a large Chinese cohort of childhood onset hypoparathyroidism by next-generation sequencing combined with TBX1-MLPA.

At least 15 candidate genes have been implicated in hypoparathyroidism (HP). However, comprehensive screening of causative genes for HP is lacking. Here, we investigated the genotype spectrum in a large group of Chinese patients with childhood onset HP. A total of 173 patients with childhood onset HP were analyzed using targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS), including 15 candidate genes combined with multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification (MLPA) of the TBX1 gene. Twenty-seven pathogenic or lik...

Antagonistic effects of Streptococcus and Lactobacillus probiotics in pharyngeal biofilms.

Direct antagonism towards pathogens including Streptococcus pyogenes is a proposed mechanism of pharyngeal probiosis but off-target effects on the symbiotic microbiota of the throat are possible and may be beneficial, harmful or neutral. We have assessed the bacteriological effects of two candidate Lactobacillus probiotics and the established pharyngeal probiotic S. salivarius K12. Antagonism towards S. pyogenes and potential off-target effects were determined using sessile monospecies biofilms and pharynge...

Mucosa-Associated Microbiota in Ileoanal Pouches May Contribute to Clinical Symptoms, Particularly Stool Frequency, Independent of Endoscopic Disease Activity.

Pouchitis is a common complication after ileal pouch-anal anastomosis (IPAA). However, there is a poor correlation between symptoms and endoscopic appearance of the pouch, and many patients can have debilitating symptoms in the absence of overt inflammation. It is unknown whether these clinical symptoms are independently associated with the microbiota. The objective of this work was to examine whether the individual clinical components of the pouch activity scoring systems are associated with specific micro...

Wnt signaling: implications in endoderm development and pancreas organogenesis.

The pancreas is derived from the foregut endoderm during embryonic development. After gastrulation and endoderm germ layer formation complex morphogenetic events coupled with cell differentiation programs pattern the gut tube and induce pancreas organogenesis. This results in formation of exocrine, ductal and hormone-producing endocrine cells. Among these, endocrine cells are responsible for blood glucose homeostasis and their malfunction leads to diabetes mellitus, which cannot be stopped or reversed by th...

The Collaborative Cross: A Systems Genetics Resource for Studying Host-Pathogen Interactions.

Host genetic variation has a major impact on infectious disease susceptibility. The study of pathogen resistance genes, largely aided by mouse models, has significantly advanced our understanding of infectious disease pathogenesis. The Collaborative Cross (CC), a newly developed multi-parental mouse genetic reference population, serves as a tractable model system to study how pathogens interact with genetically diverse populations. In this review, we summarize progress utilizing the CC as a platform to deve...

Ex Utero Culture and Imaging of Mouse Embryos.

Mouse genetic approaches when combined with live imaging tools are revolutionizing our current understanding of mammalian developmental biology. The availability and improvement of a wide variety of genetically encoded fluorescent proteins have provided indispensable tools to visualize cells and subcellular features in living organisms. It is now possible to generate genetically modified mouse lines expressing several spectrally distinct fluorescent proteins in a tissue-specific or -inducible manner. Such r...

Outcomes of right colon continent urinary pouch using standardized reporting methods.

Studies of right colon pouch urinary diversion estimate risk of perioperative complications, 1%-50%, and reoperation, 1%-69%. This wide range is due to variable outcome measurements and reporting methods; it is also unclear which factors increase the risk of complications and reoperation. We sought to characterize the impact of patient-specific factors on risk of complications, readmission, and reoperation after right colon pouch urinary diversion.

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