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A simple method to reduce halitosis; tongue scraping with probiotics.

We aimed to assess the effects of probiotic implantation to the dorsum of the tongue against halitosis.

In vitro evaluation of the effects of Ultrasound Tongue Scraper on bacteria and biofilm formation.

Oral malodor is a common condition caused by some Gram-negative oral bacteria, among which are the 3 red complex bacteria (RCB). The present study investigated the effectiveness of the Ultrasound Tongue Scraper (UTS) to disrupt the structural morphology of the bacteria and their biofilm.

Untargeted metabolomics of the bacterial tongue coating of intra-oral halitosis patients.

Intra-oral halitosis (IOH) refers to an unpleasant odour from the oral cavity that is mainly caused by the tongue coating. Although the tongue coating microbiome is thought to play an essential role in IOH, the exact aetiology of IOH remains unclear. Here we investigated and compared the metabolic profiles of the tongue coating microbiomes of patients with IOH versus healthy control. The metabolic profiles were significantly different in IOH patients than in healthy controls. Healthy controls showed higher ...

A Study of 31 Patients with Primary Complaint of Halitosis in a Tertiary Hospital in South-Western Nigeria.

Halitosis is a common cause of dental consulta-tion. Patients presenting with primary complaint of halitosis consist of dissatisfied people with genuine and pseudo-halitosis.

Relationship of tongue coating microbiome on volatile sulfur compounds in healthy and halitosis adults.

This study aims to assess the microbiome variations related to intraoral halitosis and its relationship with volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) among periodontally healthy Chinese adults.

Rapid and accurate determination of trace volatile sulfur compounds in human halitosis by an adaptable active sampling system coupling with gas chromatography.

Halitosis with the main components of trace volatile sulfur compounds widely affects the quality of life. In this study, an adaptable active sampling system with two sample-collection modes of direct injection and solid phase microextraction was developed for the rapid and precise determination of trace volatile sulfur compounds in human halitosis coupling with GC-flame photometric detection. The active sampling system was well designed and produced for efficiently sampling and precisely determining trace v...

Self-reported halitosis in a sample of Brazilians: prevalence, associated risk predictors and accuracy estimates with clinical diagnosis.

To evaluate the prevalence of self-reported halitosis and its predictors, and to determine the accuracy estimates of self-reported measures with clinical evaluation of halitosis.

Laser-induced fluorescence diagnosis of stomach tumor.

The purpose of this study is to demonstrate the capabilities of laser spectral and video fluorescence diagnosis used for stomach tumors using 5-ALA photosensitizer. The spectroscopic method is presented with an example of a characteristic fluorescence spectrum from stomach with 5-ALA and quantitative statistics. The laser excitation wavelength was 632.8 nm. The analysis of the video system is presented with clinical statistics. The penetration depth of 3-4 mm of the He-Ne laser during the spectroscopic st...

Dynamic calibration method of the laser beam for a non-orthogonal shaft laser theodolite measurement system.

The non-orthogonal shaft laser theodolite (N-theodolite) measurement system is a new kind of instrument applied to large-scale metrology. The system consists of two identical N-theodolites, each of which is made up of a two-dimensional rotary table and one collimated laser. The three axes of the N-theodolite have no strict requirements on their orthogonality and intersection conditions. A novel method, to the best of our knowledge, is proposed to calibrate the N-theodolite measurement system, and the calibr...

Halitosis: prevalence, risk factors, sources, measurement, and treatment - a review of the literature.

Halitosis, an offensive breath odour, has multiple sources and negative impacts on people's social interactions and quality of life. It is important for health care professionals, including general physicians and dental professionals, to understand its etiology and risk factors in order to diagnose and treat patients appropriately. In the study, we have reviewed the current literature on halitosis regarding its prevalence, classification, risk factors, sources, measurement, and treatment.

A compact and portable laser radioactive decontamination system using passive Q-switched fiber laser and polygon scanner.

We designed a compact and portable laser radioactive decontamination system using a passive Q-switched fiber laser and a polygon scanner. The passive Q-switched fiber laser produced average power of 15 W at a repetition rate of 60 kHz. The scanner system contained a 12-sided spinning polygon mirror driven by a DC motor. By varying the spinning speed of the polygon mirror, we achieved a processing speed of up to 88,500 mm/s. This system was demonstrated to be very efficient for radioactive decontamin...

The impact of tongue dimension on air volume in brachycephalic dogs.

To compare the dimensions and density of the tongue in brachycephalic and mesaticephalic dog breeds and to document the relative extents of the nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal airways occupied by the tongue and palatal tissues.

Robotic Tongue-Base Resection Combined With Tongue-Base Suspension for Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Our primary objective was to evaluate the feasibility, morbidity, and efficacy of transoral robotic surgery (TORS) tongue-base resection (TBR) combined with tongue-base suspension (TBS) for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) with tongue-base collapse. Our secondary objective included evaluation of factors influencing treatment success.

Highly efficient tunable picosecond deep ultraviolet laser system for Raman spectroscopy.

We present a narrowband laser system tunable from 219 to 236 nm for deep ultraviolet (DUV) Raman spectroscopy. The demonstrated laser system produces 6.7 ps nearly transform-limited pulses with energy up to 0.36 µJ at 100 kHz repetition rate. The system consists of a two-stage optical parametric amplifier (OPA) of a narrowband continuous wave diode laser and subsequent frequency conversion to the DUV radiation. We achieve more than 300 mW in the signal wave using ${{\rm LiB}_3}{{\rm O}_5}$LiBO (LBO) and ${...

Novel laser-based catheter for peripheral atherectomy: 6-month results from the Eximo Medical B-Laser™ IDE study.

The B-Laser™ atherectomy system (Eximo Medical, Israel) is a 355 nm solid-state Nd:YAG short pulse laser for de-novo and restenotic infrainguinal PAD with enhanced affinity for atheroma and calcified plaque.

Pigmented fungiform papillae of the tongue: a clinical and histologic description.

A 28-year-old man with a history of mycosis fungoides presented for evaluation of multiple dark-brown macules and hyperpigmented dome-shaped papules on the distal tongue. A shave biopsy of the tongue revealed melanin pigment in the basal keratinocytes and melanophages in the lamina propria, consistent with pigmented fungiform papillae of the tongue. Relevant clinical and histologic features of this diagnosis are reviewed.

Tongue stretching exercises improve tongue motility and oromotor function in patients with dysphagia after stroke: A preliminary randomized controlled trial.

This study investigated the effect of tongue stretching exercises (TSE) on tongue motility and oromotor function in patients with dysphagia after stroke.

Morphometric development of the tongue in fetal cadavers.

The tongue is a specific organ for the sense of taste. It consists of the striated muscle and mucous membrane. Furthermore, it helps the functions of speech, chewing, and swallowing. In this study, we aimed to reveal some morphometric properties of the tongue in fetal cadavers.

Comparative Analysis of Radial Forearm Free Flap and Anterolateral Thigh Flap in Tongue Reconstruction after Radical Resection of Tongue Cancer.

Surgery is still the preferred treatment for tongue cancer. Reconstruction should be performed immediately after extensive resection of the tumor. The purpose of this study was to investigate the clinical effect, advantages, and disadvantages of radial forearm free (RFF) flap and anterolateral thigh (ALT) flap in tongue reconstruction after radical resection of tongue cancer.

All-fiber widely tunable ultrafast laser source for multimodal imaging in nonlinear microscopy.

In this Letter, we present an all-fiber, easy-to-use, wavelength-tunable, ultrafast laser, based on soliton self-frequency shifting in an Er-doped polarization-maintaining very large mode area fiber. The system is tunable over 370 nm, starting at 1620 nm, with an average power of up to 1.5 W that emits 120 fs short laser pulses directly out of the fusion-spliced fiber without using bulky pulse compression optics. The output is subsequently frequency doubled to a wavelength range covering 810 nm up to a...

Coordination of tongue pressure production, hyoid movement, and suprahyoid muscle activity during squeezing of gels.

The aim of this study was to evaluate tongue movement and its biomechanical effects during squeezing, one of the oral strategies for processing soft foods, by tongue pressure sensors, videofluorography, and surface electromyography.

Red patches on the tongue with white borders • history of geographic tongue • incompletely treated celiac disease • Dx?

Assessment of Chronological Volume Changes in Radial Forearm Free Flaps for Tongue Cancer.

The radial forearm free flap (RFFF) is a commonly used free flap for tongue cancer. Postoperative changes in the volume of free flap are known to influence the functional restoration of the resected tongue. This study aimed to estimate chronological volume changes in RFFFs for tongue cancer and to determine the clinical factors affecting these changes.

Discovery of Several New Families of Saturable Absorbers for Ultrashort Pulsed Laser Systems.

Saturable Absorber (SA) is a key element of any passive mode-locked laser system to provide ultrashort laser system. So far various materials have been proposed that could be used for this purpose. However, the field is still looking for new ways to make the fabrication process easier and cost-effective. Another challenge in testing mode-locked laser systems using various SA samples is the lack of knowledge in preparing these by laser physicists given this is outside their remit of expertise. In this study,...

Relationship between tongue muscle quality and swallowing speed in community-dwelling older women.

The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between tongue muscle quality index, which was represented as tongue muscle pressure divided by tongue muscle mass, and swallowing speed in community-dwelling older women.

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