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An acoustic emission characterization of the failure process of shallow foundation resting on sandy soils.

Shallow foundation is a common foundation type that is usually used for small to medium size structures. The bearing ability and the failure mechanism of shallow foundation are the fundamental concerns for geotechnical engineers, and the demand for new insights into the relevant issue is still increasing. This paper presents an acoustic emission (AE) characterization of the failure process of shallow foundation, with the aim of revealing the fundamental information on AE signals associated with shallow foun...

Resting Oxygen Consumption and Heart Failure: Importance of Measurement for Determination of Cardiac Output Using the Fick Principle.

Resting oxygen consumption (VO) is often estimated and frequently used to guide therapeutic decisions in symptomatic heart failure (HF) patients. The relationship between resting VO and symptomatic HF and the accuracy of estimations of VO in this population are unknown.

Crack Front Interaction with Self-Emitted Acoustic Waves.

The interaction of a propagating crack in implanted silicon with self-emitted acoustic waves results in periodic patterns on fractured surfaces. Direct measurement of the acoustic emission ahead of the fracture front shows the emergence of dominant acoustic frequency related to the crack velocity. It is shown that the surface modifications are made of roughness modulations due to periodic deviations of the crack front. A physical mechanism explaining the pattern formation is proposed, well in agreement with...

Fractional flow reserve, instantaneous wave-free ratio, and resting Pd/Pa compared with 15OH2O positron emission tomography myocardial perfusion imaging: a PACIFIC trial sub-study.

Guidelines recommend the use of fractional flow reserve (FFR) to guide percutaneous coronary intervention. For this purpose, physiological lesion assessment without adenosine may have a similar diagnostic accuracy as FFR. We aimed to investigate the performances of FFR, resting instantaneous wave-free ratio (iFR), and resting Pd/Pa compared with [15O]H2O positron emission tomography (PET) perfusion imaging.

Characterization of piezoelectric wafer active sensor for acoustic emission sensing.

In this article, a new avenue of using the piezoelectric wafer active sensor (PWAS) for detecting the fatigue crack generated acoustic emission (AE) signals is presented. In-situ AE-fatigue experiments were conducted using PWAS along with two commercially available AE sensors. It has been shown that the PWAS and existing AE sensors successfully captured the AE signals from the fatigue crack growth in a thin aerospace specimen. Two experiments were conducted using the PWAS with each of the commercial AE sens...

Resting Heart Rate and Chronotropic Response to Exercise: Prognostic Implications in Heart Failure Across Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction Spectrum.

We studied the relationship between resting HR, chronotropic response to exercise, and clinical outcomes in patients with HF across the spectrum of left ventricle ejection fraction (LVEF).

Effect of Chant Training on the Morphology of the Lateral Thyrohyoid Ligament: A Biometric and Acoustic Assessment.

The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of chant training both on the morphologic structure of the lateral thyrohyoid ligament (LTL) and on the acoustic characteristics of the voice.

An Application of Deep Learning to Detect Process Upset during Pharmaceutical Manufacturing using Passive Acoustic Emissions.

The multivariate nature of a fluidized bed system creates process complexity that increases the risk of production upset. This research explores the use of passive acoustic emissions monitoring paired with an artificial neural network to detect fluidized bed distributor plate blockage. In many cases, early process failure detection can allow for immediate intervention, thus lowering operation costs. Blockages were simulated by actively covering portions of a top-spray fluidized bed distributor plate. Piezoe...

Characterization of Sympathetic Innervation in Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction.

Acoustic Trapping Technique for Studying Calcium Response of a Suspended Breast Cancer Cell: Determination of its Invasion Potentials.

A non-contact single-beam acoustic trapping technique has proven to be a promising tool for cell manipulation and characterization that provide essential knowledge for a variety of biomedical applications. Here, we investigated cell characteristics as to whether the calcium responses of suspended breast cancer cells to different acoustic trapping force are related to their invasiveness. For this, we combined a single-beam acoustic trapping system with a 30 MHz press-focused lithium niobate ultrasound transd...

Nonlinear Acoustic Modeling and Measurements during the Fatigue Process in Metals.

The nonlinear spring model combined with dislocation dipole theory was applied to describe the acoustic nonlinearity during the fatigue process in metals. The spring stiffness changes with fatigue degree. For the early stage, spring stiffness approaches infinity, and the heavier nonlinearity mainly results from the increase of dislocation density. Further fatigue leads to the occurrence of micro-cracks, during which spring stiffness begins to decrease. Abundant micro-crack sprouting accelerates the crack's ...

A novel method of reducing the acoustic emission wave reflected by boundary based on acoustic black hole.

Due to the difference between the characteristic impedance of air and plate structure, the acoustic emission (AE) wave propagating in a plate structure is reflected when reaching the boundary. It leads to the fact that the obtained signal contains not only direct AE components but also reflected components. The existence of the reflected AE wave brings error and difficulty to accurate AE source analysis. This paper attempts to introduce the acoustic black hole (ABH) into an experimental plate structure (a d...

Bone involvement in young adults with cystic fibrosis awaiting lung transplantation for end-stage respiratory failure.

Patients with cystic fibrosis awaiting lung transplantation for end-stage respiratory failure have high prevalence of reduced bone mineral density and fragility fracture. Suboptimal 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels could significantly contribute to the development of cystic fibrosis-related bone disease.

On measuring the acoustic state changes in lipid membranes using fluorescent probes.

Ultrasound is increasingly being used to modulate the properties of biological membranes for applications in drug delivery and neuromodulation. While various studies have investigated the mechanical aspects of the interaction such as acoustic absorption and membrane deformation, it is not clear how these effects transduce into biological functions, for example, changes in the permeability or the enzymatic activity of the membrane. A critical aspect of the activity of an enzyme is the thermal fluctuations of...

Click emission in Dall's porpoise Phocoenoides dalli, focusing on physical properties of tissues.

Dall's porpoise (Phocoenoides dalli) is one of most common North Pacific porpoise species, for which information on sound-emitting processes is limited. To evaluate the mechanism of click emission in the head of this porpoise, the distribution of acoustic impedance in head tissues was calculated using density and Young's modulus'which is a measure of linear resistance to linear compression. Two Dall's porpoise heads were examined: one for macroscopic dissection, and one for investigating the distribution of...

The Voice Performance After Septoplasty With Surgical Efficacy Demonstrated Through Acoustic Rhinometry and Rhinomanometry.

To demonstrate the surgical efficacy of septoplasty using acoustic rhinometry (AR) and anterior rhinomanometry (ARM) and to evaluate the effect of septoplasty on voice performance through subjective voice analysis methods.

Scanning Acoustic Microscopy Comparison of Descemet's Membrane Normal Tissue and Tissue With Fuchs' Endothelial Dystrophy.

To describe the application of scanning acoustic microscopy in the GHz-range (GHz-SAM) for qualitative imaging and quantitative characterization of the micromechanical properties of the Descemet's membrane and endothelial cells of cornea tissue.

Potential of tri-reforming process and membrane technology for improving ammonia production and CO reduction.

In this work, a tri-reforming process was coupled with a membrane separation unit to enhance efficiency of ammonia (NH) synthesis process in terms of CO emission, NH production, and NO emission. Primary and secondary reformers were replaced by a tri-reforming process, while a Perovskite membrane was applied to separate nitrogen (N) from oxygen (O). A conventional NH synthesis process and the proposed process were simulated by Aspen-Hysys and compared in order to investigate the performance of the proposed s...

Frequency of Transition From Stage A to Stage B Heart Failure After Initiating Potentially Cardiotoxic Chemotherapy.

This study sought to determine the prevalence of American Heart Association/American College of Cardiology Foundation (AHA/ACCF) heart failure (HF) Stages after potentially cardiotoxic chemotherapy was initiated.

Electromagnetic and acoustic double-shielding graphene-based metastructures.

Nowadays, acoustic and electromagnetic pollution problems are becoming increasingly serious. Thus, electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding materials and high acoustic insulation materials are urgently needed. EMI shielding materials and high acoustic insulation materials or structures have been rapidly developed. However, electromagnetic yet acoustic shielding (double-shielding) structures have not been reported so far. Herein, we propose a novel metastructure based on a graphene paper and artificial h...

Resonance control of acoustic focusing systems through an environmental reference table and impedance spectroscopy.

Acoustic standing waves can precisely focus flowing particles or cells into tightly positioned streams for interrogation or downstream separations. The efficiency of an acoustic standing wave device is dependent upon operating at a resonance frequency. Small changes in a system's temperature and sample salinity can shift the device's resonance condition, leading to poor focusing. Practical implementation of an acoustic standing wave system requires an automated resonance control system to adjust the standin...

Brief Report: Acoustic Evidence for Increased Articulatory Stability in the Speech of Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Subjective impressions of speech delivery in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as monotonic or over-precise are widespread but still lack robust acoustic evidence. This study provides a detailed acoustic characterization of the specificities of speech in individuals with ASD using an extensive sample of speech data, from the production of narratives and from spontaneous conversation. Syllable-level analyses (30,843 tokens in total) were performed on audio recordings from two sub-tasks of the Autism Diagnostic ...

Effects of C/N ratio and earthworms on greenhouse gas emissions during vermicomposting of sewage sludge.

The emissions of greenhouse gases (CO, CH, and NO) during bio-stabilization of sewage sludge under different C/N ratios with/without Eisenia fetida were evaluated in this study. Vermicomposting led to the more significant reductions of pH, TOC and C/N ratio compared to the control treatment without earthworms. C/N ratio had a significant effect on the emission of NO, whereas its influences on CO or CH emission were not obvious. Earthworms reduced the CH emission greatly, although the CO emission was not aff...

Nitritation, nitrous oxide emission pathways and in situ microbial community in a modified University of Cape Town process.

Achieving nitritation is a prerequisite to promote nutrients removal and save energy, but emission of nitrous oxide as a greenhouse gas cannot be ignored. This study established the nitritation in a continuous-flow MUCT process and investigated the mechanism of NO generation. The nitrite accumulation ratio (NAR) reached 95% by controlling the low DO of 0.3-0.5 mg/L and short HRT of 8 h. The N-isotope tracer experiment indicated that the percentage of nitrifier-denitrification (ND) pathway increased by 1...

Taking a deeper look: Quantifying the differences in fish assemblages between shallow and mesophotic temperate rocky reefs.

The spatial distribution of a species assemblage is often determined by habitat and climate. In the marine environment, depth can become an important factor as declining light and water temperature leads to changes in the biological habitat structure. To date, much of the focus of ecological fish research has been based on reefs in less than 40 m with little research on the ecological role of mesophotic reefs. We deployed baited remote underwater stereo video systems (stereo-BRUVS) on temperate reefs in two...

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