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Charting new horizons for.

Charting new horizons for.

Sources and fate of polycyclic aromatic compounds (PAHs, oxygenated PAHs and azaarenes) in forest soil profiles opposite of an aluminium plant.

Little is known about oxygenated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (OPAHs) and azaarenes (AZAs) in forest soils. We sampled all horizons of forest soils from five locations at increasing distances from an Al plant in Slovakia, and determined their polycyclic aromatic compound (PACs) concentrations. The ∑29PAHs concentrations were highest in the Oa and lowest in the Oi horizon, while the ∑14OPAHs and ∑4AZAs concentrations did not show a consistent vertical distribution among the organic horizons. The co...

Patient reported measures of informed consent for clinical trials: A systematic review.

The subjective assessment of the adequacy of informed consent for clinical trials, and the potential difficulties associated with it, has led several studies to develop objective measures of informed consent for clinical trials. These objective measures of informed consent are often specific to a particular population or clinical condition and largely focus on understanding of (some or all of) the key elements of informed consent. Many of the developed tools are study-specific, but some validated measures e...

Taking Respect Seriously: Clinical Research and the Demands of Informed Consent.

There is broad agreement among research ethicists that investigators have a duty to obtain the informed consent of all subjects who participate in their research trials. On a common view, the duty to obtain this informed consent follows from the need to respect persons and their autonomous decisions. However, the nature of informed consent and the demands it places on investigators are open to dispute and recently have been challenged. Respect for persons, it has been claimed, does not require investigators...

A 20 Year review : The use of Exception from Informed Consent and Waiver of Informed Consent in Emergency research.

Due to the acuity and time sensitive needs of their clinical condition, patients presenting with certain emergent pathologies may lack capacity to provide meaningful prospective informed consent to participate in clinical research. For these reasons, these populations have often been excluded from research investigations. To mitigate this, regulations allowing Exception from Informed Consent (EFIC) (21 CFR 50.24) or Waiver of Informed Consent (WIC) (45 CFR 46.101) were developed in 1996. The purpose of this...

Proposal of informed consent by representation for treatment with clozapine.

Clozapine-induced agranulocytosis, a potentially serious adverse effect, is a limiting factor for its therapeutic use, leading to the suspension of the drug. Its annual incidence in Argentina is 0.05%. In 2000, under provision number 935, the ANMAT approved the Monitoring Program for Ambulatory and Inpatient Patients Treated with Clozapine. In this provision arises the obligation to sign the informed consent where the patient is informed of the risks and benefts of the treatment. In psychiatric care practic...

Perspectives of patients with haematological cancer on how clinicians meet their information needs: 'managing' information versus 'giving' it.

Practitioners treating patients with haematological cancers have extensive clinical information available to give to patients, and patients need to be informed. However, many patients want to be protected from having information that is too detailed or threatening. To illuminate how practitioners can address this dilemma and help patients feel appropriately informed, we explored patients' experience of feeling informed or uninformed.

An Observational Study of the Association of Video- Versus Text-Based Informed Consent With Multicenter Trial Enrollment: Lessons From the PALM Study (Patient and Provider Assessment of Lipid Management).

Patient participation in clinical research is low, in part because of the length and complexity of the informed consent process. Video informed consent may enhance the appeal of research and help break down barriers to participation.

On Becoming Trauma-Informed: Role of the Adverse Childhood Experiences Survey in Tertiary Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services and the Association with Standard Measures of Impairment and Severity.

There is a movement toward trauma-informed, trauma-focused psychiatric treatment.

New horizons in congenital glaucoma surgery.

Metal sorption to Spodosol Bs horizons: Organic matter complexes predominate.

While metal sorption mechanisms have been studied extensively for soil surface horizons, little information exists for subsoils, for example Spodosol Bs horizons. Here the sorption of cadmium(II), copper(II) and lead(II) to seven Bs horizons from five sites was studied. Extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) spectroscopy showed that cadmium(II) and lead(II) were bound as inner-sphere complexes to organic matter. Addition of o-phosphate (to 1 μmol l-1) did not result in any significant enhance...

A randomized controlled trial to determine whether a video presentation improves informed consent for hysterectomy.

Informed consent is an integral part of the preoperative counseling process. It is important that we know the best way to relay this information to patients undergoing surgery, specifically, hysterectomy.

Informed consent and nudging.

In order to avoid patient abuse, under normal situations before performing a medical intervention on a patient, a physician must obtain informed consent from that patient, where to give genuine informed consent a patient must be competent, understand her condition, her options and their expected risks and benefits, and must expressly consent to one of those options. However, many patients refrain from the option that their physician believes to be best, and many physicians worry that their patients make irr...

New horizons for the treatment of glaucoma. I: Neuroinflammation and inflammasomes.

New horizons for cellulose nanotechnology.

eComment. New horizons in diagnosing and managing cardiac echinococcosis.

Informed Consent: Something Unresolved in the Penitentiary Setting.

The exercise of Informed Consent within the penitentiary environment contradicts the ordinary exercise of the same towards the rest of the population.

Consent for participating in clinical trials - Is it really informed?

The article explores the challenges of ensuring voluntary and informed consent which is obtained from potential research subjects in the north-eastern part of Romania. This study is one of the first empirical papers of this nature in Romania. The study used a quantitative survey design using the adapted Quality of Informed Consent (QuIC) questionnaire. The target population consisted of 100 adult persons who voluntarily enrolled in clinical trials. The informed consent form must contain details regarding th...

Safe and Collaborative Communication Skills: A Step towards Mental Health Nurses Implementing Trauma Informed Care.

Trauma Informed Care (TIC) acknowledges the presence and effects of trauma in the lives of many mental health service users and the responsibility of services to provide physical and emotional safety. One challenge of TIC is a lack of clarity about translating the philosophy into practice. This paper describes the delivery and evaluation of a trauma informed communication workshop for mental health nurses that aimed to increase their knowledge of the potential impacts of trauma on consumers, and translate T...

Does informed consent given by healthy individuals when enrolling in clinical research feel less voluntary than for ill individuals?

Clinical research is predicated ethically on the authentic voluntarism of individuals who choose to enroll in human studies. Existing literature has focused on aspects of informed consent for clinical research other than voluntarism. The objective of this study was to compare the perspectives of clinical research participants who are in good health and who are ill regarding voluntarism-related aspects of informed consent and to assess situational influences that enable voluntarism in the process of obtainin...

A Canadian upland forest soil profile and carbon stocks database.

"A Canadian upland forest soil profile and carbon stocks database" was compiled in phases over a period of 10 years to address various questions related to modeling upland forest soil carbon in a national forest carbon accounting model. For 3,253 pedons, the SITES table contains estimates for soil organic carbon stocks (tonnes [t] ha-1 ) in organic horizons and mineral horizons to a 100-cm depth, soil taxonomy, leading tree species, mean annual temperature, annual precipitation, province or territory, terre...

Children's behavioral health needs and satisfaction and commitment of foster and adoptive parents: Do trauma-informed services make a difference?

Caring for children in foster or adoptive care with behavioral health needs can severely stress parents, contributing to adverse outcomes for children and families. Trauma-informed services from the child welfare and mental health sectors may help prevent poor outcomes by helping children and parents identify and understand trauma and its impact on children's behavioral health and receive effective treatment. To help understand the role of trauma-informed services for the child welfare population, we examin...

Easy-to-Read Informed Consent Form for Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation Clinical Trials: Results From BMT CTN 1205 Study.

Due to the complexity of hematopoietic cell transplant trial treatments, informed consent forms are often long and difficult to read. We evaluated a two-column easy-to-read informed consent (ETRIC) form that incorporates elements of health literacy and readability in participants and centers participating in Blood and Marrow Transplant Clinical Trials Network (BMT CTN) clinical trials.

New horizons for future research - Critical issues to consider for maximizing research excellence and impact.

Defining "Community" and "Consultation" for Emergency Research that Requires an Exception from Informed Consent.

Trauma care requires rapid interventions to optimize the chances for survival. Many patients are either in shock or unconscious and are, therefore, unable to provide informed consent even for standard procedures. Research-related interventions must similarly be initiated rapidly with no opportunity to obtain consent from the patient or the patient's legally authorized representative. Federal regulations allow for an exception from informed consent in these circumstances once the investigators complete a pro...

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