Impact of Hypoglycaemia in Patients With DIAbetes Mellitus Type 2 on PLATElet Activation

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Effects of Mild Hypoglycaemia on Cognitive Function in Type 2 Diabetes

Hypoglycaemia in subjects suffering from type 2 diabetes may have substantial consequences including a significant negative impact on quality of life. Further, repeated minor hypoglycaemia...

Influence of Treatment With Olanzapine or Ziprasidone on Transcapillary Glucose Transport in Human Skeletal Muscle

Healthy volunteers will undergo euglycaemic hyperinsulinaemic clamp and microdialysis before and after administration of 10mg olanzapine or 80mg ziprasidone during 10 days.

Adipose Tissue Imaging in Type 2 Diabetes

The metabolic function of different white adipose tissue depots in the body and its role in the development of type 2 diabetes (T2D) remains unclear. Several studies have used fluor-18 flu...

Mechanisms of Hypoglycemia Associated Autonomic Dysfunction, Q.3

It has been found that in some cases, when a person with Diabetes Mellitus has an episode of low blood sugar,or hypoglycemia, and then later exercises, he or she is vulnerable to another b...

A Trial Investigating the Possible Difference in Development of Type 2 Diabetes Between Caucasian and Japanese Subjects

This trial is conducted in Europe and Japan. The aim of this clinical trial is to investigate the possible difference in the development of type 2 diabetes in a Japanese and a Caucasian po...

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Assessment of the Dynamic Insulin Secretion and Sensitivity Test (DISST) Pre and Post Gastric bypass Surgery.

To compare the dynamic insulin secretion and sensitivity test (DISST) with the euglycaemic clamp in individuals undergoing open Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) surgery prior-to and one month after sur...

Effects of aging and insulin resistant states on protein anabolic responses in older adults.

Insulin is the principal postprandial anabolic hormone and resistance to its action could contribute to sarcopenia. We developed different types of hyperinsulinemic clamp protocols to measure glucose ...

Use of a Safety Clamp When Performing Arthroscopic Knot Tying Preserves the Suture When It Is Placed Under Excessive Tension.

The purpose of this study was to compare the location of the suture breakage between tying by hand vs with a safety clamp, needle driver. FiberWire No. 2 and 2-0 (Arthrex, Naples, Florida) were fasten...

Patch-Clamp Recordings from Mouse Olfactory Sensory Neurons.

Olfactory sensory neurons are bipolar cells with a single thin dendrite that ends in a protuberance, the knob, from which several thin cilia emerge. The cilia are the site of olfactory transduction s...

Escherichia coli β-clamp slows down DNA polymerase I dependent nick translation while accelerating ligation.

The nick translation property of DNA polymerase I (Pol I) ensures the maturation of Okazaki fragments by removing primer RNAs and facilitating ligation. However, prolonged nick translation traversing ...

Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

An electrophysiologic technique for studying cells, cell membranes, and occasionally isolated organelles. All patch-clamp methods rely on a very high-resistance seal between a micropipette and a membrane; the seal is usually attained by gentle suction. The four most common variants include on-cell patch, inside-out patch, outside-out patch, and whole-cell clamp. Patch-clamp methods are commonly used to voltage clamp, that is control the voltage across the membrane and measure current flow, but current-clamp methods, in which the current is controlled and the voltage is measured, are also used.

A subclass of DIABETES MELLITUS that is not INSULIN-responsive or dependent (NIDDM). It is characterized initially by INSULIN RESISTANCE and HYPERINSULINEMIA; and eventually by GLUCOSE INTOLERANCE; HYPERGLYCEMIA; and overt diabetes. Type II diabetes mellitus is no longer considered a disease exclusively found in adults. Patients seldom develop KETOSIS but often exhibit OBESITY.

Diabetes mellitus induced experimentally by administration of various diabetogenic agents or by PANCREATECTOMY.

Electrodes with an extremely small tip, used in a voltage clamp or other apparatus to stimulate or record bioelectric potentials of single cells intracellularly or extracellularly. (Dorland, 28th ed)

Urination of a large volume of urine with an increase in urinary frequency, commonly seen in diabetes (DIABETES MELLITUS; DIABETES INSIPIDUS).

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