Experimental Gingivitis in Patients With Altered Passive Eruption

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Altered passive eruption (APE) is an anatomical condition that is frequently diagnosed in periodontal clinical practice, especially for the ever-increasing demand of patients for the aesthetic improvement of their smile. In addition to its aesthetic value, however, altered passive eruption could also affect gingival and periodontal health. In fact, in the case of plaque accumulation, the altered passive eruption (APE) is likely to be a predisposing factor for a more rapid progression of gingivitis with higher inflammation indexes (Angulated Bleeding Score - AngBs and Modified Gingival Index - mGI). Notwithstanding, even if gingivitis in patients with altered passive eruption is developed much more rapidly, thorough home oral hygiene and plaque control conduces to complete clinical recovery. Further studies with a large number of patients are required to confirm the correlation between altered passive eruption and periodontal diseases.


Study hypothesis

Despite the fact that many authors suggest that the patients with altered passive eruption are more susceptible to gingivitis and periodontitis due to the excess of gingiva, which impedes the correct oral hygiene procedure, there is to-date no clinical study confirming this assumption. The aim of the present study is therefore to examine the onset, progress and the healing of experimental gingivitis in patients with altered passive eruption when compared to patients with normal gingival anatomy.

Study design This is single centre interventional non randomised case-control study.

Interventions To achieve optimum gingival health and to standardize gingival baseline conditions all subjects participated in a pretrial period 7 days before T0. On day 7(T0), after professional scaling and polishing a powered toothbrush (Oral-B pro 3000, Braun, Procter and Gamble, USA), individually chosen interdental brush (Tepe, Sweden), and standard toothpaste (AZ - pro expert, Procter and Gamble, USA), along with oral hygiene instructions, were provided. Subjects were instructed to brush the teeth by using powered toothbrush.

Individual cast models were prepared on alginate impressions. A 2-mm thick film of technical wax was set on the supra gingival area at buccal and proximal surfaces of study teeth on test quadrant. The stent were delivered at day 0. Subjects were instructed to wear the stent prior to the oral hygiene session throughout the experimental gingivitis period to prevent plaque removal during brushing of the remaining dentition. On Day 42 (T6): After recording of clinical parameters, oral hygiene instruction and an additional session of supragingival scaling, as needed, and polishing were given.

Study Design


Altered Passive Eruption of Teeth


Experimental gingivitis




University of Roma La Sapienza

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