Comparison of Different Surgical Treatments for Severe Ptosis Correction

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Müller's Muscle as a New Proprioceptive Organ

Objectives: Upper eyelid retraction was believed to be maintained solely by voluntary contraction of the levator palpebrae superioris (LPS) and frontalis muscles, together with involuntary...

Surgical Management of Blepharoptosis

Comparison of the results of levator resection operation with the use of fixed sutures technique in which the levator muscle is approached through skin incision and the muscle shortened an...

Comparison Between Different Surgical Approaches for the Treatment of INVOLUTIONAL PTOSIS

Involutional ptosis is a known eyelid pathology in which the eyelid margin obscures part of the visual axis (MRD1).Patients usually complains of visual field disturbance, deterioration in ...

Levator Resection with3 Point Fixation Versus 2 Point Fixation Tucking for Congenital Ptosis

to evaluate the surgical effect of levator aponeurosis resection Versus two point fixation levator aponeurosis Tucking for Congenital Ptosis

Efficacy of Aurosling in Frontalis Sling Suspension Surgery

To Study the Efficacy of Aurosling as a suspension material in Frontalis suspension surgery in ptosis

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Types of materials for frontalis sling surgery for congenital ptosis.

Congenital ptosis is a drooping of one or both eyelids at birth, often due to poor development of the levator palpebrae superioris muscle. This can result in amblyopia, astigmatism, and ocular tortico...

Orbital Septum Fibrosis in Congenital Ptosis Correlates With Eyelid Function: A Clinicopathologic Study.

Congenital ptosis can threaten visual function and is usually treated with surgical correction. This study tests the hypothesis that congenital ptosis involves not only the levator muscle but also the...

The Sutureless Mullerectomy.

Muller's muscle-conjunctival resection (MMCR) is a well-known approach for ptosis repair. In its standard fashion, it involves resection of Muller's muscle and conjunctiva, followed by suturing of the...

Modified Combined Fascia Sheath and Levator Muscle Complex Suspension With Müller Muscle Preservation on Treating Severe Congenital Ptosis.

This study aims to evaluate the effect of a modified approach on severe congenital ptosis treatment.

Single Suture Mueller Muscle Conjunctival Resection (ssMMCR): A Modified Technique for Ptosis Repair.

To evaluate the efficacy in degree of ptosis correction achieved by single suture Mueller muscle conjunctival resection (ssMMCR) when compared with that of traditional MMCR.

Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

Endonucleases that remove 5' DNA sequences from a DNA structure called a DNA flap. The DNA flap structure occurs in double-stranded DNA containing a single-stranded break where the 5' portion of the downstream strand is too long and overlaps the 3' end of the upstream strand. Flap endonucleases cleave the downstream strand of the overlap flap structure precisely after the first base-paired nucleotide, creating a ligatable nick.

The resection or removal of the innervation of a muscle or muscle tissue.

A surgical procedure to correct MYOPIA by CORNEAL STROMA subtraction. It involves the use of a microkeratome to make a lamellar dissection of the CORNEA creating a flap with intact CORNEAL EPITHELIUM. After the flap is lifted, the underlying midstroma is reshaped with an EXCIMER LASER and the flap is returned to its original position.

A mass of tissue, including skin and muscle, that has been cut away from surrounding areas for transplantation.

A slender and most superficial muscle in the inner THIGH which originates at the ramus of the PUBIC BONE near the PUBIC SYMPHYSIS and inserts at the proximal medial TIBIA. Its function is to abduct thigh, flex knee, and rotate leg medially. It is a common source of a MYOCUTANEOUS FLAP.

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