Hydration Intervention in Children

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The investigators are conducting this research study to determine learn how daily habits and fluid choices impact children's health, sleep, cognitive function and mood. The investigators look to determine if a hydration intervention using an alternative beverage may impact these variables in children.

Maintaining an appropriate level of hydration throughout the day has multiple health benefits. Maintaining a desirable hydration status improves overall health and wellbeing (mood, reaction time, sleep quality, cognitive function, etc.) in adults, but negative health and mental effects of hypohydration are not fully understood in an adolescent population. Maintaining appropriate hydration in adolescents presents unique challenges with respect to schedule (e.g. the availability of fluid during the school day and after school activities) as well as ensuring the most beneficial beverage choice. Adolescents can be very meticulous regarding their preferred beverage (e.g. choosing a sugary drink over water) and parents prefer their children consume the healthiest option for their food and beverages, often times leading to conflict.

Therefore the purpose/goal of the proposed study is to determine if a hydration intervention using an alternative sweetened beverage will improve hydration and other overall health (e.g. cognitive function, sleep quality, mood etc.)

The investigators hypothesize, that by giving children an alternative tasty option, they will consume more fluids which may lead to improving and maintaining their chronic hydration state. Implementing a beverage intervention with a sweet alternative option (i.e. Creative Roots) could improve hydration levels in adolescents. In turn, possibly improving mood, reaction time, sleep quality, and cognitive function. All of which are vital in the overall development of the adolescent.

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Dehydration in Children


Creative Roots


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University of Connecticut

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Medical and Biotech [MESH] Definitions

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Symbiotic combination (dual organism) of the MYCELIUM of FUNGI with the roots of plants (PLANT ROOTS). The roots of almost all higher plants exhibit this mutually beneficial relationship, whereby the fungus supplies water and mineral salts to the plant, and the plant supplies CARBOHYDRATES to the fungus. There are two major types of mycorrhizae: ectomycorrhizae and endomycorrhizae.

Works consisting of creative writing, not presented as factual.

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