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Monday 18th February 2019

31P-MRS Imaging to Assess the Effects of CNM-Au8 on Impaired Neuronal Redox State in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (REPAIR-ALS)

REPAIR-ALS is a single-center open label pilot, sequential group, investigator and patient blinded study to assess the CNS metabolic effects, safety, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics of CNM-Au8 in patients who have been diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) within twelve (12) months of Screening. The primary endpoint is the ratio of the oxidized to reduced form of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+:NADH) measured non-invasively by 31phosphorous magnetic ...

Cystic Fibrosis and Fit-to-Fly

Due to the hypobaric hypoxia during air travel, some patients with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) need supplemental oxygen during air travel. The study aims to evaluate if adding exercise desaturation to the pre-flight evaluation will help predict requirements for in-flight supplemental oxygen.

Hyperbaric Radiation Sensitization of Head and Neck Cancers

There is reason to believe that hyperbaric oxygen administered immediately prior to radiotherapy will prove beneficial for this cancer type and stage. The basis for this hypothesis is a review of several decades of published work, the conclusion of a recent (2018) Cochrane Review, and results of a Phase I trial.

Effects of 3D-printed on Lower Extremity Biomechanics in Individuals With Knee Osteoarthritis

The purposes of this study are: (1) to determine the kinematics, kinetics, and muscle co-activation ratio of level walking and stair negotiation under three different conditions (shoes only, shoes embedded 3D printed insoles, and shoes embedded 5-degree lateral wedges), (2) to build a detailed patient-specific knee model via MR images and musculoskeletal model, then, evaluate the compressive forces acting on the medial aspect of the knee during level walking and stair negotiati...

A Trial for Prevention of Loss of the Effect of Biological Drugs in Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Trial for IBD patients non-responsive to biological drugs, using medical app reminding patients to take their physician-prescribed medications

General Versus Regional Anesthesia and Postoperative Sleep Quality

Major surgery can lead to postoperative disturbances in sleep patterns with subjective deterioration of sleep quality according to patients' reports as well as objective alterations of sleep architecture, as recorded by polysomnography Factors implicated in postoperative sleep disturbances include but are not limited to the severity of the surgical procedure, the neuroendocrine response to surgery, inadequate treatment of postoperative pain and external factors interfering with...

Identifying Novel Biomarkers in Early Rheumatology Patients

Patients new to a rheumatology practice will be asked if they want to consent to their blood sample, medical records, and hand/foot x-rays (with sharp scores) for the analysis and correlation with the diagnosis they will receive from the rheumatologist.

Evaluation of the Safety, Tolerability and Immunogenicity of VARIVAX™ in Healthy Russians (V210-058)

This study aims to evaluate the safety, tolerablity, and immunogenicity of VARIVAX™ vaccine in healthy Russians aged 12 months and older.

Modified Ketogenic Diet in Patients With McArdle Disease Part A

McArdle disease, glycogen storage disease type V, is a rare metabolic disease. Affected individuals are unable to utilize sugar stored as glycogen in muscle. We hypothesize that a modified ketogenic diet could be a potential treatment option, by providing ketones as alternative fuel substrates for working muscle. In this open interventional pilot study we wish to investigate 3 different modified ketogenic diet regimes, to find an optimal composition of a modified ketogenic di...

Electronic and Lab Pre-screening of New Rheumatology Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis

By forming the foundation of a delivery system that integrates primary care (PC) and rheumatology, this initiative strives to strengthen the roles of both primary care and rheumatology practices as they co-manage patients in a quality care delivery system. Importantly, it strives to fill an unmet need, the rapid evaluation by Primary Care providers; the appropriate and timely referral of inflammatory disease patients to a rheumatologist; and the implementation of early aggressi...

Transnasal Humidified Rapid-Insufflation Ventilatory Exchange (THRIVE) Could Decrease the Incidence of Oxygen Desaturation During Suspension Laryngoscopy: a Randomized Controlled Trial (Optilaryngo)

Suspension laryngoscopy is realised during apnea. In effect, surgeons are in the mouth of the patient and we can't have access at the aiways. So we like to use a Transnasal Humidified Rapid-Insufflation Ventilatory Exchange (THRIVE) to increase time of apnea and decrease the impact of oxygen desaturation.

A Study To See Why Patients Agree To or Decline To Have Treatment After Surgery

The purpose of this study is to find out what patients consider when deciding whether or not to receive adjuvant treatment, and how patients feel about their decision after one year.

Prediction of Diminutive/Small Polyp Histology: Didactic vs. Computer-based Training

Bowel cancer is one of the most common cancers and the best method of diagnosing it is through endoscopic examination of the bowel (colonoscopy). Pre-cursors of bowel cancer are called polyps which can be detected and removed at the time of the colonoscopy. This reduces the chance of developing bowel cancer. There are different types of polyp ranging from completely harmless to those that may develop into cancer over time. Advances in technology mean more polyps are being dete...

Commensal Oral Microbiota in H&N Cancer

This is a prospective, single blind, two arm, randomized, controlled trial to test the efficacy of an oral care protocol to treat oral mucositis (OM) in patients receiving radiation (RT) or chemoradiation (chemoRT) for head and neck cancer. This trial will also measure salivary proinflammatory cytokines, and evaluate other clinical effects of the intervention during cancer therapy. In addition, oral mucosal swabs will be collected for the future characterization of changes in t...

A Clinical Trial to Compare the Efficacy and Safety of 1-week Treatment of Intravenous N-acetylcysteine (NAC) 600 mg Twice Daily, Ambroxol Hydrochloride 30 mg Twice Daily and Placebo as Expectorant Therapies in Adult Chinese Patients With Respiratory Trac

This is a phase 3, multicenter, randomized, rater- and patient-blind, placebo- and active-controlled, 3-arm parallel group clinical trial. Patients will be randomized to N-acetylcysteine (NAC) or ambroxol or placebo in a 1:1:1 ratio. A total of approximately 333 patients in China will be randomized. The total study duration will be approximately 8 months including the enrolment period of approximately 7 months and the patient participation duration of 1 month or 4 weeks. Each p...

Vorinostat Dose-escalation After Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation

The objective of this study is to evaluate the maximum tolerated (MTD) of vorinostat used in combination with low-dose azacitidine after allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation (alloHCT) for prevention of relapse of childhood myeloid malignancies.

Neoadjuvant Nivolumab for Oral Cancer Combined With FDG and Anti-PD-L1 PET/CT Imaging for Response Prediction

Safety and tolerability of neoadjuvant nivolumab for locally advanced resectable oral cancer, combined with [18F]BMS-986192 / [18F]-FDG PET imaging and immunomonitoring for response prediction

SpO2 Accuracy In Vivo Testing for Neonates & Infants

The purpose of this clinical study is to validate the oxygen saturation (SpO2) accuracy of various pulse oximetry systems and sensors (new designs and/or reprocessed) during non-motion conditions as compared to arterial blood samples, drawn in the normal course of patient care, assessed by CO-Oximetry in neonates (0-1 month old) and infants (2 months - 1 year old). The primary end goal is to provide supporting documentation for the SpO2 accuracy of these pulse oximetry systems....

A Phased Clinical Trial of Dietary Supplemental Kava: Kava Pharmacokinetics

Kava is a dietary supplement on the US market and is experiencing a resurgence of its use. Its pharmacokinetic information, however, is lacking which is important for its future effective usage as a dietary supplement or potentially as a botanical therapeutics. This phased trial, based on the recommendation from NIH, is to collect pharmacokinetic data of kava in healthy subjects.

Personalized Spine Study Group Registry

As a registry, the primary objective of the study is a data collection initiative. The study will collect clinical and radiographic outcomes of patients implanted with Medicrea's PSR. The secondary objective is to collect clinical and radiographic outcomes of patients with Medicrea hardware as a control cohort to the patient-specific rods.

Escitalopram and Language Intervention for Subacute Aphasia

In this project, the investigators will investigate the effects of a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), escitalopram, on augmenting language therapy effectiveness, as measured by naming untrained pictures and describing pictures, in individuals with aphasia in the acute and subacute post stroke period (i.e., within three months post stroke).

Tencel vs. Standard Cotton Therapeutic Garments as an Adjunct Treatment for Moderate to Severe Atopic Dermatitis in Children

Approximately 15-20% of children in the United States suffer from the symptoms of atopic dermatitis (eczema), which include pruritus, pain, irritation, and difficulty sleeping. Tencel fabric has been marketed as a superior fabric for children with atopic dermatitis due to improved moisture absorption and decreased bacterial growth compared to cotton and synthetic fabrics. However, no dermatologic studies have been conducted on Tencel fabric. The investigators' objective is to p...

Culture System for Isolating Circulating Tumor Cells

The study evaluates the ability of biomedical polymer material coating for inducing blood cells attachment and making the cancer cells suspension in order to isolate circulating tumor cells from the blood.

Mini-fluid Challenge as a Predictor of Fluid Response for Pneumoperitoneum Patient

The purpose of this study is to evaluate whether the change of stroke volume index(△SVI) induced by the rapid mini-fluid administration can predict fluid responsiveness in patients with pneumoperitoneum

Treatment Efforts Addressing Child Weight Management by Unifying Patients, Parents & Providers

The US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommends that providers screen children aged 6 years and older for obesity and offer or refer them to a comprehensive behavioral intervention (≥26 hours over a period of up to 12 months) to promote improvement in weight status. Family-based behavioral treatment (FBT) is an effective treatment that targets both child and parents and meets the USPSTF recommendations. By contrast, the American Medical Association (AMA) recommends ...

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