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Validation Fugl-Meyer in Italian Language (FMI)

The aim of the study is to perform a cultural validation of the Italian translation of the Fugl-Meyer Assessment scale for the upper and the lower limb on a group of post-stroke patients admitted to the neurological department at The Don Carlo Foundation. The purpose is to validate the Italian translation of the Fugl-Meyer Assessment scale in order to allow immediate clinical use.

Validation of a Miniature SpO2 Sensor in Healthy Subjects and Patients With Long-term Oxygen Therapy.

By integrating a miniaturized pulse oximetry sensor into the frame of oxygen delivery glasses which dissimulates the nasal cannula we hope to optimize and long term oxygen therapy (LTOT) regarding medical and social aspects. The validation of the novel SpO2 sensor is the first step in the concept of personalized, dynamic delivery of oxygen by eyeglasses using a closed-loop system.

BiOSENCY BORA Band SpO2 Validation Study

The purpose of this clinical study is to validate the SpO2 accuracy of the BiOSENCY BORA BAND™ wristband Pulse Oximeter during non-motion conditions over the range of 70-100% SaO2 as compared to arterial blood samples assessed by CO-Oximetry. The end goal is to provide supporting documentation for the SpO2 accuracy validation of BORA BAND™ wristband Pulse Oximeter. It is required that the Accuracy Root Mean Square (ARMS) performance of the BORA BAND™ wristband Puls...

Patients' Perspectives About a Pain Education Video

The overall goal of this single session semi-structured interview project is to explore the validation and contradiction of the preexisting pain beliefs in patients with chronic pain. Aim 1: After patients watch an educational video, explore occurrences of perceived validation and contradiction and the impact of validation and contradiction on pain beliefs, emotion, and pain. Aim 2: Obtain patients' recommendations for improving the educational value of the video.

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The ICALIC Accuracy Validation in Geneva Study

This study aims at validating the accuracy of the new indirect calorimeter (Quark RMR 2.0, COSMED, Italy), developed for the ICALIC multicenter study. The validation of accuracy will only be conducted in Geneva center. The measurements made with the new calorimeter will be compared to the measurements by the mixing chamber method using a mass spectrometer (MAX300-LG, Extrel, USA) for gas composition analysis.

FAM-CAM Translation and Validation Into German

Validation and Translation of the Family Confusion Assessment Method (FAM-CAM) into German according to Principles of Good Practice for the Translation and Cultural Adaptation Process for Patient-Reported Outcomes of the International Society for Pharmaoeconomics and Outcome Research and comparison to CAM-ICU.

Validation of a Connected Patch, an Alternative to Conventional Monitoring

The hypothesis is that this connected patch could be used in surgical departments to detect early a cardiovascular or respiratory complication and therefore to treat it without delay. However, it has not been validated in a hospital setting; that is the purpose of this project. This step of validating the connected monitoring object is required in different places: post-interventional surveillance room that approaches a conventional hospital room, and operating room where artif...

Validation Study of Neuropathic Pain

This study seeks to validate clinically evoked or obtained objective pain signs with the patient's corresponding quantified subjective pain symptoms. This will allow for validation of objective clinical pain signs to then be used to begin to classify patients with pain based on symptoms and signs. This then can be used as a basis for further study of neuropathic pain mechanisms in human patients.

Translation and Validation Fugl-Meyer in Italian Language

The aim of the study is to carry out a transcultural translation of the Fugl-Meyer Assessment scale, both for the upper and lower limb, in Italian, and to perform a cultural validation of the translation on a group of post-stroke patients admitted to the SOR Neurological Foundation don Gnocchi ONLUS Istituto di Ricerca e Cura a Carattere Scientifico (IRCCS). As a research group the purpose is to translate the Fugl-Meyer Assessment scale into Italian in order to allow immediate...

Validation Study of the Malay Version of 3D-CAM

Validation of the Malay version of 3D-CAM, involving two-staged process. 1. Translation and cultural adaptation of 3D-CAM into the Malay language. 2. Testing for Validity and Reliability of the translated 3D-CAM tool to detect postoperative delirium.

Traduction and Validation of the Central Sentitization Inventory Into French

The study will include a translation of the Central Sensisization Inventory into French and a cultural validation of the French version of the questionnaire (Reliability, discrimination and comparison with other questionnaires).

Validation of a Handy Sleep Monitoring Device: UMindSleep in Patients With Obstructive Sleep Apnea

This is a validation study recruiting subjects with and without obstructive sleep apnea. All subjects will undergo a nocturnal standard polysomnography and UMindSleep assessment. Sleep parameters, such as sleep stages and apnea UMindSleep software. Correlation in each parameter between PSG and events in polysomnography (PSG) will be scored according to the AASM criteria while the sleep parameters will be automatically scored by the UMindSleep will be analyzed to determine the m...

Blood Collection Sub-Study of Exact Sciences Protocol 2019-01: "Clinical Validation of an Optimized Multi-Target Stool DNA (Mt-sDNA 2.0) Test, For Colorectal Cancer Screening BLUE-C"

The primary objective of this sub-study, 2019-01B, is to collect blood specimens for research use in the development and validation of a blood-based test for colorectal cancer (CRC).

Clinical Validation Through Analytical Study With Urine Samples to Compare the Effectiveness and Security of an Intelligent Device

The objectives of the Clinical Validation Through Analytical Study With Urine Samples to Compare the Effectiveness and Security of an Intelligent Device are: 1.To evaluate the performance of S-There Device in comparison to the golden standard used in the lab.

Validation of Questionnaires HAL and HEP

Spanish Validation of HAL and HEP questionnaire by double translation (English-Spanish-English), with a pilotage pediatric patients with hemophilia and adults and parents of children with hemophilia. The final validity will be obtained with a sample of 60-100 patients with hemophilia

Validation of Useful Markers Generated by Next Generation Bio-data Based Genome Research and Cohort Study

Multiple biomarker development through validation of useful markers generated by next generation bio-data based genome research and cohort study

Apixaban Validation Study - Additional Study on Fresh Samples

The objective is to demonstrate the performances of STA® - Apixaban Calibrator & STA® - Apixaban Control used in combination with STA® - Liquid Anti-Xa to measure apixaban concentration in plasma. Anti-Xa results will be compared to LCMS (liquid chromatography - mass spectrometry) for validation of the assay. For this study, the anti-Xa assay will be performed on fresh samples only. The results will be used to complete results obtained previously on frozen samples.

Validation of Instruments Used for Assessment of Dysphagia in Patients With Esophageal Cancer

This study validates 3 well known dysphagia scores for dysphagia due to malignancies of the oesophagus and gastro-oesophageal junction and to the Swedish language.

Non-Invasive Blood Test Cross-Validation Study

The study considers a cross-validation approach to determine the effectiveness of a non-invasive comprehensive metabolic panel (NICMP), relative to the venipuncture method. The NICMP machine learned powered device utilizes a light sensor to capture readings from either palm. The study (n=90) proves an agreement and strong correlation with respect to the NICMP and venipuncture blood draw.

Validation of Non-invasive Miniature Optical Sensors for Scoring Sleep Stages

Validation of two devices with optical sensor in healthy participants and patients with sleep wake disorders.

Validation of Wrist-worn Sensor Device for Assessment of Sleep Apnea

This clinical validation study aims to evaluate the utility of Fitbit's Sleep Apnea Alert software for minimally invasive monitoring of sleep apnea events to alert users of their risk of sleep apnea. The Sleep Apnea Alert software analyses data from a Fitbit commercially available wrist photoplethysmogram (PPG) device. The Sleep Apnea Alert software is an investigational software as medical device (SaMD) and is designed to retrospectively process data and flag users in which ha...

Implementation and Validation of Telemedicine Software for the Automation of MRI Examinations of Acute Myocardial Infarctions

Validation of a telemedicine software application for an automated treatment of cardio-vascular MRI completely identical for both CHUs. Providing the software application to other CHU seeking a tool suitable for multi-centric studies.

Electronic IIEF Validation

Questionnaires are used within urology to objectify disease burden and symptom changes during therapy. Recent technological improvements, as the smartphone and tablet, create new fill-out possibilities. However, questionnaires are only validated on paper. In order to use questionnaires for multiple platforms, electronic validation is needed. The International Prostate Symptom Score has already been validated on the smartphone. The International Index of Erectile Function (norma...

Adaptation and Validation of the Arabic Version of EuroQol 5D-5L

The aim of the work is to provide a validated Arabic version of EuroQol 5D-5L ,so that it would be used as a quality of life assessment tool for Egyptian patients Specific objectives: 1. Cross cultural adaptation of the translated Arabic version of EuroQol 5D-5L. 2. Assessment of the reliability of the translated Arabic version of EuroQol 5D-5L. 3. Testing the validity of the translated version of EuroQol 5D-5L.

Validation of a French Quality of Life Questionnaire Adapted to Persons Who Have Suffered a Stroke

The aim of this work is to develop and validate a scale adapted to French cultural characteristics. It will be based on the SS-QoL scale and be simple and quick to use in everyday practice. It is not simply a translation. This transcultural adaptation requires linguistic and psychometric validation, by studying its validity, its reliability and its sensitivity to change, as though it were a new instrument. The investigators will then develop a short version by reducing the item...

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