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Effectiveness of Pharmaceutical Care on Primary Care Patients With Uncontrolled Hypertension

This randomized clinical trial is a multicentre study conducted at 4 community-based pharmacies within the Brazilian public health service, which freely distributes standardized medicines. The group coordinator is located at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, a public university at Porto Alegre.

Telemedicine-Based Collaborative Care to Reduce Rural Disparities

Across the country, Community Health Centers are participating in the Health Disparities Collaboratives sponsored by the Health Services Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). The Health Disparities Collaboratives integrate three complementary conceptual frameworks: 1) the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's (IHI) Breakthrough Series Model; 2) the Improvement Model (i.e., Plan-Do-Study-Act cycles); and 3) Wagner's Chronic Care Model. The Chronic Care model uses pati...

Integrating Online Weight Management With Primary Care Support

The goal of this project is to adapt an evidence-based online weight management program and integrate it with population management support from primary care practices. Investigators then will conduct a three-arm, cluster-randomized trial to compare the effectiveness of 1) the combined intervention (online weight management program plus population management support) with 2) the stand-alone online weight management program and with 3) usual care, among overweight and obese prim...

A Randomized Clinical Trial for Depressed Mothers at Primary Care Level

A randomized clinical trial was carried out at primary care level in Santiago, Chile to compare a pharmacological intervention for depressed mothers controlled by phone from a central level (TM) and the usual treatment (TH) and its impact on children's mental health. Hypothesis: pharmacological intervention for depression controlled by phone from a central level will be more effective than usual care in depressed mothers.

The (Cost-)Effectiveness of Physician Assistants Working at the Primary Out of Hours Emergency Service

The aim of this study is to explore the effect of substituting General Practitioners (GPs) by Physician Assistants (PAs) in out-of-hours primary care. Effects are measured in terms of the implication for the care model, quality of care delivered by PAs in comparison to GPs; the complaints treated by PAs in comparison to GPs; safety, efficiency and patient satisfaction. Lastly, this study will provide insight in the changes in costs of healthcare.

Medication Abortion Via Pharmacy Dispensing

This mixed-methods study follows a prospective cohort of patients receiving Mifeprex ® (mifepristone) for medication abortion dispensed by pharmacists after undergoing standard clinical evaluation. Women participating in this study will obtain mifepristone and misoprostol from the pharmacy instead of in the clinic. To assess feasibility, acceptability, and effectiveness of pharmacy dispensing of mifepristone, the study will survey patients, evaluate their clinical outcomes fro...

Boosting Breastfeeding in Low-Income, Multi-ethnic Women: A Primary Care Based RCT

This is a randomized, controlled, single-center, single-blind, 2x2 factorial design trial of routine provider, primary care-based interventions to increase breastfeeding intensity up to 6 months in low-income multiethnic women, with stratification for maternal country of birth. The Best Infant Nutrition for Good Outcomes (BINGO) trial will randomize women into one of four treatment groups: (a) Prenatal Care Provider (PNC); (b) Lactation Consultant (LC); (c) PNC + LC, or; (d) Co...

Introduction of Microsystems in a Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

The advancement in life-saving technologies and clinical expertise in the care of extremely premature infants, have resulted in the development of large neonatal intensive care units (NICU). It has been suggested that reconstruction of megaunits of neonatal intensive care to smaller care units with specific patient population and clinical team providers will be essential to maintain optimal teamwork, quality of care and patient outcome. Despite the growing knowledge around the...

Effects on Nurses' Quality of Working Life of an Educational Intervention to Strengthen Their Humanistic Practice

Haemodialysis (HD) patients constitute a vulnerable population with considerable health needs. They are often older persons with comorbid chronic conditions. Despite the substantial technical care they receive, these patients indicate that the quality of the human relationship that develops with nurses-the pivotal element in the care this population receives-can become therapeutic. This feature of the human relationship constitutes the cornerstone of the humanistic practice (ca...

Influence of Different Doses of the Vitamin B12 on the Frequency and Severity of Episodes of Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis

Background: The frequency of recurrent aphthous stomatitis (RAS), the most common oral mucosa lesions seen in primary care, is up to 25% in the general population. Sublingual vitamin B12 treatment, 1000 mcg per day for 6 months was found to be effective for patients suffering from RAS, regardless of the serum vitamin B12 level. However, the optimal therapeutic dose of vitamin B12 treatment remains unclear. Working hypothesis and aims: Aim-To assesses the influence of di...

Pilot Study of Asynchronous and Synchronous Telepsychiatry for Skilled Nursing Facilities

Specific Aims: This study aims to assess the acceptability of asynchronous telepsychiatry (ATP) and synchronous (STP) in rural Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) population, in a 12-month randomized controlled trial. ATP relies on video recording of a psychiatric interview, where the video is later reviewed by a psychiatrist to make a psychiatric diagnosis and treatment recommendation to the primary treatment team. STP is real-time, face-to-face psychiatric assessment using vi...

A Cluster Randomised Trial of Pharmacy Led HCV Therapy Versus Conventional Treatment Pathways for HCV Positive Patients Receiving Daily OST in Pharmacies in Health Boards Within NHS Scotland.

Hepatitis C Virus, (HCV), infection is a major health concern in the UK with up to 0.7% of the population infected. At best, 25% of those infected will clear the infection spontaneously, though for those who develop a chronic infection, they may go onto to develop liver cirrhosis or liver cancers. The standard of care within the NHS is that patients with a history of intravenous drug use or those currently on methadone are at high risk of having HCV infection and should be ...

The Influence of an Educational Intervention in the Beliefs and Attitudes of Primary Care Professionals

Aim: The primary aim of this project is to identify the fear-avoidance beliefs and attitudes of primary care physicians and nurses towards the treatment of chronic nonspecific low back pain to subsequently develop a biopsychosocial educational tool using a web platform. The secondary aim of this project is to evaluate the effectiveness of this educational intervention about pain neurophysiology and fear-avoidance beliefs, using a web platform for primary care physicians and nur...

Comprehensive-Care for Multimorbid Adults Effectiveness Study

This study is intended to examine whether directed care of a nurse working jointly with the patient's primary care physician, including a comprehensive assessment, creation of a tailored care plan, proactive follow-up, self management support and caregiver support and care coordination, can reduce hospital admissions for patients with multiple chronic conditions.

A Survey to Eval the Relation Between Doctor/Pharmacy Shopping and Outcomes Suggestive of Misuse, Abuse and/or Diversion

To evaluate the reasons patients go to more than one prescriber or more than one pharmacy to obtain prescriptions opioids and assess whether the percentage of patients reporting misuse, abuse and/or diversion increases across defined categories of doctor/pharmacy shopping as defined in Study 4A.

Promoting Successful Weight Loss in Primary Care in Louisiana

The primary aim of this trial is to develop and test the effectiveness of a 24 month, patient-centered, pragmatic and scalable obesity treatment program delivered within primary care, inclusive of an underserved population. Half of the participants will receive a behavioral intervention delivered in a primary care setting and half of the participants will receive usual care.

Clinical Course of Patients Receiving Physiotherapy Services in Primary Health Care

Background: Physiotherapists (PTs) in primary health care manage patients with a large variation in medical diagnosis, age, functional status, disability and prognosis. Lack of knowledge and systematically collected data about patients treated by PTs in primary health care has prompted this longitudinal observational physiotherapy project in Norway. This paper aims to describe a method for developing a database of patients managed by PTs in primary health care to study patients...

Proactive Ethics Intervention to Improve Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Care

The primary aim of the study is to demonstrate the value of a preemptive approach to ethics consultation in an ICU. The investigators hope to answer the question: Will proactive ethics interventions by a skilled and experienced ethicist, participating in treatment discussions with physicians and nurses, as well as discussions with patients/surrogates, improve the quality of ICU care experienced by patients requiring prolonged treatment in the ICU (5 days or longer) by increasi...

Screening for Urinary Incontinence by Primary Care Providers

The purpose of this study is to: - Assess the rate of screening for urinary incontinence (UI) in women by their primary care providers - Identify the type of screening used by primary care providers - Identify barriers to screening for UI - Identify differences in screening rates between specialties - Assess whether primary care providers view UI as a serious medical problem - Assess the comfort level of primary care providers in the dia...

Antibiotic Footprint Thailand - Pilot Questionnaire Study

Antimicrobial-resistant bacterial infection is an important cause of death in Thailand and in other countries worldwide. Increasing use of antibiotics in both animals and humans is one of the main drive that increase the incidence of antimicrobial resistant bacteria in human, animals and environment. National Action Plan for Combating Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria aimed to have general population taking antibiotics less than 20% when they have common cold or diarrheal symptoms...

Antibiotics and Activity Spaces: An Exploratory Study of Behaviour, Marginalisation, and Knowledge Diffusion

The investigators will conduct two rural surveys in Thailand and Lao PDR to improve the understanding of antibiotic-related health behaviour among the general population. One survey will capture a cross-section of health behaviours that is representative for the rural population in Chiang Rai (Thailand) and Salavan (Lao PDR), the other survey will create a two round village-level panel data set to study the evolution of health behaviours in the context of public engagement acti...

Study of the Evaluation of Patient Education Efficacy in Pharmacy of National Taiwan University Hospital

The primary purpose of this study is to evaluate the patient education efficacy of the pharmacists in National Taiwan University Hospital. We randomize patient family into one of the following three groups: 1. To read the package insert of the drug 2. To read the education information provided by Pharmacy of NTUH 3. Oral education provided by the pharmacist Then we will evaluate the difference on patient knowledge of reconstitution, storage, and administra...

Assessing the Feasibility and Effectiveness of Introducing Pulse Oximetry in IMCI Services

The purpose of the study is to assess the feasibility, acceptability and operational challenges of introducing Pulse Oximeter (PO) in IMCI services to manage acute respiratory infections at first-level primary care facilities in Bangladesh (phase 1). The investigators will also evaluate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of introducing PO in IMCI services at first level primary care health facilities (phase 2). This study will employ a cluster randomized controlled trial...

Patient Retention in HIV Medical Care in a Primary Care Practice in Australia

The purpose of this study is to determine linkage and retention in care in patients with HIV infection and reasons for loss to follow up Care in a High HIV-caseload Inner City Primary Care Practice in Sydney, Australia. The investigators hypothesise that patients attending HHMP will have higher rates of linkage and retention in care than the US HIV-infected population, and equivalent to Australian modelling.

Engaging Homeless Veterans in Primary Care

The objectives of this study are to test an evidence-based model for improving primary and preventive care engagement among homeless veterans not currently receiving care and to demonstrate the additive benefit of primary care-based treatment engagement by this population.

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