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Studying the Starvation Effect on Androgen Metabolism in 20 Healthy Young Women and Comparison to Women With PCOS.

In this study, the investigators wanted to investigate the energy homeostasis and the steroid metabolism of 20 healthy, young and normal weight women aged between 16-35 years before and after a 48 hours fasting period. The following substrates and hormone concentrations representing the carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism will be measured from plasma or urine before and after fasting: glucose, insulin, lactate, alpha-synucleine, free fatty acids, beta-hydroxybutyrate (ket...

The Impact of Intermittent Fasting on Human Metabolism and Cell Autophagy

InterFast is a Cohort study with an embedded randomized controlled pilot trial. Study participants will be healthy subjects and subjects who already practice Alternate Day Fasting. The trial will include 100 participants (50 Participants in Alternate Day Fasting group and 50 participants in the control group). Those participants in the control group will be asked to participate in a short randomized controlled trial, where they will be either allocated to an Alternative Day Fas...

Effects of a New Combination of Nutraceuticals (AkP06) Without Monacolin K on Plasma Lipids and Glucose

The study is designed evaluate the effects of a new combination of nutraceuticals (AkP 06) without Monacolin K on lipid and glucose metabolism. The study will analyze the impact of 4 weeks treatment with Akp06 or placebo, according to a randomized scheme, on metabolic parameters in dyslipidemic subjects that do not require or not tolerate a statin therapy. In particular, it will assess the ability of AkP 06 to reduce the plasma levels of LDL cholesterol, HbA1C, glicaemia and f...

Metabolic Syndrome and Leptin Level Associated With Fructose Consumption in Spain

A Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ), will be provided to 800 adults to assess overall fructose intake and this will be related to a number of features related to the metabolic syndrome, including serum leptin, characteristic features of metabolic syndrome (body mass index, waist circumference, plasma lipids, blood pressure, HOMA index,fasting glucose and fasting insulin levels) and other as: CRP, fibrinogen, homocysteine and uric acid.

The Effects of Cilnidipine on Metabolic Syndrome Improvement

Abnormalities of glucose, insulin and lipoprotein metabolism are common in patients with hypertension, and these metabolic abnormalities are reported to be related to insulin resistance. Therefore, whenever treating such patients, antihypertensive agents that may have the added effect of improving insulin resistance should be selected. CinalongTM (Cilnidipine) is expected to improve metabolic syndrome as well as insulin resistance by its dual effects on L and N-type calcium (Ca...

Non-invasive Clinical Imaging of Cerebral Metabolism Following Brain Injury Using 13C Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy.

Despite the decline in fatal traumatic brain injury (TBI) incidence in recent years, TBI morbidity remains a public health challenge and is the leading cause of disability in the United States To combat these effects, new research is needed to identify mechanisms of injury that will lead to potential targets for therapeutic interventions that improve neurological outcome. One promising area of research is the cerebral metabolic dysfunction following TBI. Studies of post-traumat...

Metabolic Signatures of Dairy Products Ingestion in Humans: Effect of Age

Despite the fact that dairy products are greatly consumed, it remains today very difficult to determine with a classical blood biochemical test whether a person has ingested a fresh fermented dairy product or just milk, while their biological, metabolic and health impacts may be different. The metabolic footprint left by the consumption of these products could be modified by the age of the consumer. Indeed, in the elderly, the processes of digestion, assimilation and met...

Assessment of Non-Fasting vs. Fasting Lipid Measures in Diabetes Patients

This study will examine whether fasting and non-fasting lipid measures can provide similar clinical information in order to guide lipid management by primary physicians. It will compare fasting vs. non-fasting lipid measurements in patients with and without diabetes.

ProAlgaZyme Novel Algae Infusion: Applications in Metabolic Syndrome

The purpose of this study is to compare the effects of supplementation with ProAlgaZyme (a novel fermentation product of a freshwater algae ecosystem) vs. placebo on Metabolic Syndrome and indicators of cardiovascular health including: body weight and fat, blood lipids, inflammatory markers such as hsCRP, blood pressure and fasting blood glucose.

Wholegrain Cereal Diet and Insulin Sensitivity

A diet with the multiple beneficial characteristics of whole grains and, more in general, of "healthy cereals" favorably influences glucose and insulin metabolism in subjects with metabolic syndrome. Therefore, the aim of the study is to evaluate the long term effects of a diet containing "healthy cereals" versus a control diet, on glucose and insulin metabolism in subjects with metabolic syndrome.

The Effects of Nanomicelles Curcumin on Glycemic Control, Serum Lipid Profile ,Blood Pressure and Anthropometric Measurements in Patients With Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a condition which is recognized by abdominal obesity, dyslipidemia, hyperglycemia, and hypertension. Curcumin has beneficial effects such as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. nanomcielle curcumin will be used in this study because of the low bioavailability , fast metabolism and low absorption of curcumin powder. Therefore, this study is planned to determine the effects of supplementation of nanomicelle curcumin on glycemic control, serum lipid pr...

Effects of FXR Activation on Hepatic Lipid and Glucose Metabolism

The purpose of this study is to determine whether chenodeoxycholic acid decreases de novo hepatic lipogenesis, hepatic fat content, hepatic triglyceride production and plasma triglyceride concentrations and improves hepatic glucose metabolism in patients with the metabolic syndrome, Familial Hypertriglyceridemia and Familial Combined Hyperlipidemia.

Evaluation of CYP2C9 Activity

The use of phenytoin metabolism to produce S-HPPH accounts for more than 85% of its metabolism. This metabolic pathway is mediated by the activity of CYP2C9. The purpose of the present study is: 1. To confirm the use of phenytoin metabolic ratio as a marker of CYP2C9 activity 2. To correlate phenytoin metabolic ratio with CYP2C9 genotype 3. To study the frequency distribution of CYP2C9 activity in-vivo

Irbesartan in the Treatment of Hypertensive Patients With Metabolic Syndrome

The purpose of this clinical research study is to learn if irbesartan is superior to hydrochlorothiazide relative to effects on insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism in hypertensive patients with metabolic syndrome.

Microvascular and Metabolic Effects of High-intensity Interval Exercise Training

The study investigates the effects of high intensity interval training (HIIT) versus continuous training (CT), combined or not with fasting, on capillary density, microvascular function, cardiometabolic risk markers, functional capacity, and quality of life, in overweight or obese sedentary women with cardiometabolic risk factors. The use of HIIT could promote greater improvements in these parameters than CT. Furthermore, the positive effects of exercise may increase when it is...

Myocardial Function & FFA Metabolism in HIV Metabolic Syndrome

We hypothesize that the hearts of HIV+ people with The Metabolic Syndrome use and oxidize fats and sugars inappropriately, and that this may impair the heart's ability to pump blood. We hypothesize that exercise training or pioglitazone (Actos) will improve fat and sugar metabolism in the hearts of HIV+ people with The Metabolic Syndrome. This study will advance our understanding of cardiovascular disease in HIV+ people, and will test the efficacy of exercise training and piog...

Breakfast and Metabolism in Men

This study will determine the short-term postprandial effects of protein source at breakfast on energy metabolism, markers of metabolic health, appetite, and food intake and young and older men.

Lipolytic Effects of GH in Human Subjects in Vivo

Growth hormone (GH) induces fat metabolism. The mechanisms underlying the fat metabolizing effects of GH remain elusive. However, it is known that insulin suppresses fat metabolism, and GH inhibits the expression of certain insulin-dependent signaling proteins. We therefore hypothesize that the fat metabolizing effects of GH depend on abrogation of insulin-dependent signaling pathways. In order to investigate the fat metabolizing effects of GH, we'll analyze consecutive ...

Effects of RF on Clopidogrel Resistance in Patients at High Cardiovascular Risk

Ramadan fasting (RF) has been shown to be associated with vascular and metabolic disorders including glycemic control and lipid profile. It may also alter pharmacologic properties of some medications. Many patients with CAD and under Clopidogrel insist to observe the fasting and taking the risk of altering the pharmacologic proprieties of this drug. The aim of this study is to assess the effects of RF on clopidogrel resistance in patients at high cardiovascular risk with parti...

Dietary Fibre and Metabolic Benefits

The aim of the project is to study the connection between bacterial fermentation in the colon of prebiotic substrates and effects on systemic metabolism and appetite i healthy humans

Can Fasting Ramadan in the Third Trimester in Pregnancy Affects the Fetal Growth.

Prospective comparative cohort study including 159 pregnant women at the third trimester recruited from the antenatal clinic at EL-Demerdash outpatient clinic, and followed up during the holy month of Ramadan (from 18th June To 16th July 2015). The patients recorded their pattern of fasting during Ramadan then grouped into three groups A, B, C regarding fasting state A- Non fasting group B- Partially fasting group C- Totally fasting group

Inulin and Acetate Production and Human Substrate Metabolism

Based on our hypothesis that orally administered resistant starch and inulin/beta glucan will be fermented into a SCFA pattern high in acetate and that this will lead to beneficial effects on human substrate and energy metabolism, we aim to address the following primary objective: To investigate the effects of an acute administration of inulin/beta glucan in combination with resistant starch on fecal and plasma acetate, as well as on fasting and postprandial substrate an...

Effects of Vitamin D Supplementation in Obesity

Obesity is an increasing health problem with numerous metabolic complications. Vitamin D deficiency is common in obesity, and in epidemiological studies vitamin D deficiency has been linked to metabolic complications, such as type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease, as well as myopathy, osteoporosis and depression. In obesity, a low grade inflammation is present in the fat tissue, thereby releasing inflammatory molecules to the blood stream. In cell line ...

Anti-oxLDL IgM Antibodies as a Novel Therapy for Metabolic Lipid Diseases

To test whether active pneumococci immunization can alleviate inflammation and improve cholesterol metabolism in lysosomal lipid storage diseases and associated metabolic disorders.

Supervised Exercise-training in Children With Insulin Resistance or Healthy Metabolic Profile

Despite exercise training decrease blood fasting glycemia in 'average' terms, there is a wide interindividual variability after exercise training explored mainly in adults but not in children. Thus, is yet unknown what baseline health status as well as the influence of what health variable may produce more/less non-responder (NR) prevalence (i.e., percentage of subjects who experienced a non-change/worsened response after training in some metabolic outcomes) after exercise trai...

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