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Fertility Post Placenta Accrete

This study is the first to investigate the fertility outcome and the influence on ovarian reserve after using uterine artery embolization during cesarean delivery.

Impact of Adjuvant Chemotherapy on the Quality of Life of Patients Treated for Stage II / III Endometrial Cancer

Through this study, The investigator believe to evaluate the impact in terms of overall quality of life of adjuvant chemotherapy in patients with locally advanced endometrial cancer at a distance from their care

The Effect of the Mind/Body Program for Fertility, Hungarian Version, on Well-Being and Assisted Reproduction Outcomes

Involuntary childlessness is an emotionally stressful experience; however, psychosocial counseling is typically not available in Hungarian routine fertility care. The aim of this randomized controlled trial (RCT) is to examine the effectiveness of a Mind/Body psychological fertility intervention for women in reproductive treatment. We hypothesize that participants of the Mind/Body Program for Fertility, Hungarian version, will have more favorable psychological well-being, ART o...

Fertility Preservation Using Tamoxifen and Letrozole in Estrogen Sensitive Tumors Trial

Iatrogenic infertility as a result of cancer treatment has a profound effect on long-term quality of life in survivors of reproductive-age cancers. Oocyte cryopreservation prior to cancer treatment has been associated with improved quality of life, with a potential ability to reduce long-term decision-related regret in cancer survivors. Though letrozole plus gonadotropin and and tamoxifen plus gonadotropin are currently routinely used worldwide in ovarian stimulation cycles for...

Quality of Life in Patients With PSC

The purpose of this study is to assess the healthcare-related quality of life (HRQOL), the impact of risk of liver transplant and risk of malignancy on HRQOL, and the complementary and alternative medicine use in patients with PSC.

The Multicentic Trial in Fertility-sparing Treatment and Ovarian Preservation Management for Early Endometrial Cancer

Through multicenter, prospective, randomized, controlled clinical studies comparing different treatment options (fertility-sparing surgery and ovarian preservation surgery and radical surgery)therapeutic efficacy, safety and quality of life of patients, exploration of the best strategies and risks for the treatment of early endometrial cancer, and promotion and application.

Couples Fertility and Pregnancy Awareness

Recent evidence has shown that young people that want to have children have low fertility knowledge. This study evaluates the efficacy of a video intervention on fertility knowledge, on changes in lifestyle and on the decision to start to get pregnant.

Does Caffeine Reduce Postoperative Bowel Paralysis After Elective Colectomy?

Postoperative bowel paralysis is common after abdominal operations, including colectomy. As a result, hospitalization may be prolonged leading to increased cost. A recent randomized controlled trial from the University of Heidelberg showed that consumption of regular black coffee after colectomy is safe and associated with a significantly faster resumption of intestinal motility (Müller 2012). The mechanism how coffee stimulates intestinal motility is unknown but caffeine seem...

Coffee Trial - Does Coffee Intake Reduce Postoperative Ileus After Elective Colectomy?

The purpose of the investigators study is to investigate the effects of coffee on the return of bowel function and appetite, length of hospital stay, and complications after elective open colectomy in a prospective randomized trial. The primary efficacy endpoint is time to first bowel movement.

Fertility Preservation in Prepubertal Boys: An Experimental Approach

Due to remarkable advances in cancer treatments, the investigators are witnessing a growing population of long-term survivors of childhood malignancies. However, fertility in adult life may be severely impaired by gonadotoxic therapies. Since prepubertal boys cannot produce spermatozoa, banking of testicular tissue prior to gonadotoxic treatment is a crucial step towards fertility preservation for this population. Several centers around the world are now cryopreserving testicul...

Fertility and Ovarian Reserve Function in the Patient With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

ECCO consensus, the fertility would decline in activity inflammatory bowel disease(IBD), because of anus lesions and pelvic abscess, or who underwent surgery, especially in patients with ileal pouch anal anastomosis (IPAA) storage.The study on fertility in inflammatory bowel disease were almost epidemiological investigation, the lack of objective evaluation of fertility, and controversial.This study will explore the fertility, ovarian reserve function and the pregnancy outcomes...

Oocyte Freezing for Fertility Preservation in Benign Ovarian Tumors

Benign ovarian cysts are frequent during women's life. They are diagnosed with pelvic pain or fortuitously during an ultra-sonographic exam. In case of persistence,a surgery will be necessary to identify the nature of the cyst and assess its benignity. In some case, cysts are recurrent and multiple surgeries are needed leading to a significant risk of ovarian damage by follicular depletion. Oocyte cryopreservation is no longer considered as an experimental technique of Fertilit...

Pilot Study Describing the Early Evolution of the Sexual Function of Patients Receiving Adjuvant Hormone Therapy for Breast Cancer

The 2014-2019 cancer plan emphasizes the need to "reduce the impact of cancer on personal life". The impact of cancer on sexuality is multifactorial: fatigue, anxiety, impaired body image, chemotherapy treatment. None of these studies specifically assessed the early impact on the quality of sexual life of patients. The purpose of this study is to describe to describe the early evolution of the quality of sexual life of patients receiving adjuvant hormone therapy ...

TRACY - Track My Cycle

The primary aim of the pilot study is to collect data for the fine-tuning and evaluation of the Ava algorithm. Secondary outcomes are the estimation of the accuracy in detecting the fertility status of each cycle day.

Spanish Version of the KBILD Questionnaire

The purpose of the present study is to advance in the knowledge of quality of life in patients with ILD by translating a ILD quality of life questionnaire. There are no specific tools validated in Spanish to evaluate the quality of life in patients with ILD, although these measures are useful for an comprensive evaluation of these patients. Patients with ILD have a significant impact on their health. If we improve our Knowledge of the different domains affected by the d...

Total/Subtotal Colectomy in Ovarian Cancer

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the safety and one year disease-free survival of total or subtotal colectomy and proctocolectomy in stage IIIc and stage IV epithelial ovarian, fallopian tube, and primary peritoneal cancer (EOC, FTC, PPC).

Inflammatory Response in Laparoscopic and Open Colectomy

This study is designed to measure and compare the inflammatory response in laparoscopic and open colon cancer surgery

Fertility After Intrauterine Tamponing Balloon: Where Are we

Today, few data are available on the patient's fertility following intrauterine tamponade balloon (BTIU) used for postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) after vaginal delivery (AVB). Several studies have concluded that there are no fertility disorders after conservative surgical treatment or embolization. BTIU is an essential treatment in the management of PPH. The aim was to evaluate post-BTIU fertility and the appearance of gynecological symptoms. This is a bicentric retrospective stud...

Comparison of the Efficacy and Quality of Life of Three Bleaching Products

The aims of this study are: to compare the efficacy of three different dental bleaching products; to evaluate colour relapse following dental bleaching treatment at 1, 3 and 6 months follow up; to evaluate the impact in quality of life from dental bleaching treatments. Products to be used represent three different techniques and formulations: in office, universal tray and custom tray (respectively VivaStyle Paint On Plus (Ivoclar Vivadent, Liechtenstein), Opalescence GO 6% (Ul...

Impact of a Carrier (Infection, Colonization) of Highly Bacteria Resistance on the Patient's Quality of Life Hospital Environment

The quality of life of carriers detected infected or colonized by emerging highly resistant bacteria (BHRe) following the implementation of specific hygiene measures during the discovery of the microorganism has been little studied. To date, there have been no studies to determine the quality of life (QoL) in France of patients with hospitalized HBHRD.

Study to Improve Survivorship Care Related to Fertility and Family-building After Cancer

The goal of this research is to explore how a patient decision aid tool (website) given to patients prior to their survivorship care visits, may impact patient-provider communication about fertility and family-building after cancer; and assess the impact of using the tool on patient reported outcomes. The overall purpose of this research is to improve survivorship care by establishing a multi-disciplinary approach to managing cancer and fertility issues and prompt early referra...

The Effect of Royal Vaginal Gel Compared to IUI Technique on Fertility Rate of Women With Low-fertility Husbands

The present Pocock clinical trial study was conducted In the city of Mashhad in Iran between 2015 and 2016. The study inclusion criteria were men with low fertility of sperm motility

Comparison of NOSE and Conventional Methods in Laparoscopic Total Colon Surgery

Laparoscopic total colectomy (LTC) is an accepted surgical procedure for several colonic pathologies. Additionally, specimen extraction through the natural orifices is an emerging method when combined with the totally laparoscopic procedures. Our observations on natural orifice surgery was promising . In our daily surgical practice, investigators prefer the intracorporeal anastomosis and this study was conducted to compare the specimen extraction sites after LTC. Here investiga...

Comparison of Laparoscopic Colectomy Versus Open Colectomy for Colorectal Cancer: … A Prospective Randomized Trial

The laparoscopic colectomy has been enthusiastically used by many colorectal surgeons in Taiwan, Japan, Europe, and USA, for around 10 years. Further clarification of the controversies cited above will be based on the evidence-based medicine, i.e., the randomized, well-controlled, prospective clinical trials. Actually, a handful of randomized prospective data regarding the laparoscopic colectomy has been appeared in USA and Europe. However, we still do not have this kind of dat...

Hidradenitis Suppurativa Mail Survey

Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS), also known as "acne inversa," is a chronic dermatologic disease affecting apocrine gland-bearing areas and presenting with symptoms ranging from pustules and inflammatory nodules to draining sinuses, abscesses, and fistulae. The pain and odorous lesions associated with HS contribute to its heightened impact on quality of life in comparison to other diseases; it has been described as "one of the most distressing conditions observed in dermatology."...

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