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Glycemic and Insulinemic Response of Pasta Products in Comparison to Asian Foods

The aim of the study is to determine the glycaemic and insulinaemic index of pasta products and local foods. It is hypothesized that different pasta cuts and wholegrain composition of pasta and local foods have different GI depending on the nature of the carbohydrate content and the food structure within each food.

Grocery Assistance Program Study

This highly innovative experimental trial is designed to examine the independent and joint effects of prohibiting the use of SNAP-like benefits to purchase foods high in discretionary calories and offering an incentive to encourage the purchase of more healthful foods.

Effect of Different Viscous Foods and Liquids on Swallowing Sounds

This study is aimed to establish and identify the normal pattern of swallowing sounds and analyze swallowing sounds of different textured foods and viscous liquids in healthy subjects to provide clinical evidence to update dysphagia patients' food.

Appetite Profile After Intake of Rye Breakfast Meal

Food structure influence metabolic response including appetite. Whole grain foods include a wide range of products; cracked or cut kernels, rolled flakes or milled to flour and used in foods such as breads, breakfast cereals and pasta.

Pilot Trial of Resistant Starch in Stage II-III Colorectal Cancer Survivors

This phase II pilot trial studies the effect of the consumption of foods made with resistant starch compared to foods made with corn starch on biomarkers that may be related to colorectal cancer progression in stage II-III colorectal cancer survivors. Foods made with resistant starch may beneficially influence markers of inflammation, insulin resistance, and the composition of gut bacteria in colorectal cancer survivors.

Thermic Effects of Some Scottish Plant Foods

Weight gain occurs because of imbalances in energy balance favouring energy intake. Whilst over 50% of a person's energy requirement goes towards the maintenance of physiological functions, around 40% is used for physical activity. In addition to this, around 10-15% of energy is spent on what is termed as Diet Induced Thermogenesis (DIT). Diet Induced Thermogenesis is the increase in energy expenditure following a meal, and represents the energy utilised for the digestion and m...

Decision-Making Processes While Online Grocery Shopping

Individuals living with food insecurity are disproportionately affected by overweight and obesity and associated chronic health problems. There remains a lack of sustainable and scalable interventions targeting widespread barriers to access to healthy foods in this population to increase the nutritional quality of foods purchased for preparation and consumption at home. This randomized controlled proof-of-principle trial was designed to examine the feasibility and initia...

Mediterranean Style Diet and Low Glycemic Responses

the aim of this study is to evaluate whether a Mediterranean diet rich in pasta and other starchy foods with a (Low-GI), as compared with a similar Mediterranean diet containing very little pasta and based on starchy foods with a (Hi-GI) is able to reduce insulin and glucose concentrations during a prolonged test study meal.

Brain's Response to Chocolate

The purpose of this study is to test how the brain responds when individuals eat enjoyable foods such as chocolate. Eating certain foods can make one want to keep eating even when feeling full, caused by dopamine in the brain. The researchers believe this dopamine response can be measured by looking at the individual's eye.

Digestive Properties of Carbohydrate-based Foods

Gastric emptying rate, glycemic response, fermentation, and appetitive response are being assessed after consumption of traditional West African carbohydrate-based foods (pearl millet couscous, pearl millet thick porridge) and Western type carbohydrate-based foods (wheat couscous, white rice).

The Effect of Caffeine in Elderly Citizen Following Eight Hour Abstinence From Caffeine Containing Drinks & Foods

The study investigated the effect of caffeine on physical performance in healthy citizens aged over 70 years following eight hours of abstinence from caffeine containing drinks and foods. The main hypothesis was that 6 mg/kg caffeine would improve cycling endurance at 65% of expected maximal heart rate.

Analysis of Immunological Reactions to Foods in Birch Pollen-Allergic Patients

A high number of birch pollen-allergic individuals develop hypersensitivity reactions to certain foods, e.g. apples. This food allergy is due to immunological cross-reactivity. Birch pollen-related foods contain proteins, e.g. Mal d 1 in apple, that are structurally related with the major birch pollen allergen, Bet v 1. Hence IgE antibodies and T lymphocytes specific for Bet v 1 recognize these food proteins which results in activation of the immune system and, consequently, in...

Food-based Solutions for Optimal Vitamin D Nutrition and Health

This project aims at proving the efficacy and safety of food based solutions to prevent vitamin D deficiency in high risk populations of Caucasian and South Asian origin living in Denmark.

Probably Relevant

Development of a Biomarker for Dietary Furanocoumarins

Certain plant foods are high in furanocoumarins. Test tube and animal studies suggest that furanocoumarins may help prevent cancer. It is difficult to determine in humans if furanocoumarins do prevent cancer because there isn't an objective way to tell who has eaten these compounds. This study will develop a urine test to determine if an individual ate foods that contain furanocoumarins.

GI Interlab 2 Study: Measuring the Glycaemic Index (GI) of Foods

The purpose of this study is to assess the extent of and sources of variation in the glycaemic index values of foods measured by different laboratories around the world.

Taste, Fat Sensation and Texture Study

Food is selected primarily on their taste and texture properties. It is essential to get more insight in taste and texture characteristics of the foods in the Dutch and Malaysian diets for a better understanding of food choices. Currently, there is insufficient information on taste and texture properties of foods to relate these properties to the composition of diets and individual food choice in larger (observational) studies. In the current study, the investigators want to a...

Prevention & Promotion in the Treatment of Obesity

Making healthy food choices requires sacrificing immediate pleasures of consuming high calorie foods in order to achieve long-term health goals. Two strategies to encourage such future thinking are 1) focusing on the long-term consequences of consuming unhealthy foods, and 2) focusing on the long-term benefits of avoiding these unhealthy foods. Two novel behavioral weight loss (BWL) interventions will be developed based on these strategies (PREVENT and PROMOTE) and compared to ...

Diets, Metabolic Profile and Gut Microbiota Among Indonesian Women in Minangkabau and Sundanese-ethnic Community

Many provinces in Indonesia have some well known traditional foods that are widely consumed, but it remains unknown whether traditional ethnic dietary patterns can confirm healthy diets. High quality diet is associated with reduced risk of metabolic diseases and modulated gut microbiota. Moreover, the relationship between dietary quality and microbiota, a potential mediator of metabolic disease, has not been studied.

Glucose Variability in Patients With Type 1 Diabetes With a Sucrose-added Diet

BACKGROUND: The treatment with continuous glucose monitoring system (CGMS) offers improved glycemic control for patients with type 1 diabetes. However, patients with type 1 diabetes usually intake foods with sugar, even without hypoglycemic episodes, and the use of advanced carbohydrate counting method may increase the calories and carbohydrate intake. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate and compare the influence of sucrose-free diet or sucrose-added diet on glucose variability in patients...

Effects of Phytonutrients on Vascular Health

This study will determine the effects of beneficial compounds of plant foods, such as pomegranate on cardiovascular health. This will be tested by asking healthy males to eat a high fat ground beef patty with pomegranate juice (PJ), pomegranate extract (PomX) or water and then measuring blood vessel dilation (endothelial function) by blood flow We also will measure the amount of Nitric Oxide (NO) in your blood and urine samples and sugar and insulin in blood. Healthy men have b...

Targeted Food Incentives to Improve Diet Quality and Health Among Adults

The purpose of this study is to test whether individual-level targeted price incentives for healthier foods can improve the diet quality of grocery purchases made by adults in comparison to a "one size fits all" approach. To test this, the investigators plan to implement a 8-month randomized controlled cross-over trial. The intervention group will receive a small discount for using their loyalty card and weekly coupons for healthier foods (e.g. fruits, vegetables, whole grains,...

Meals-for-Moms: Experimental Grocery Store Study

This is a study about how the price of foods affects food buying choices at the grocery store. The price of foods can have a big impact on what people choose to buy and prices change over time. This study is being done to see how changes in food prices affect what mothers choose for their families.

Study on the Induction of Food Tolerance in Babies

This general population based, randomized controled trial aims at answering two major hypotheses: First, systematic early introduction of solid foods decreases the incidence of food allergy and dietary restrictions by the age of one year. Second, stimulation with the symptom-eliciting food rather than avoidance will induce tolerance in babies with non-severe allergic symptoms.

The RECHARGE Low Carbohydrate Diet Trial for Metastatic Cancer

This study is for people whose cancer: - has resisted chemotherapy - are taking a break from chemotherapy - or are looking for an alternative to the toxic effects of chemotherapy The trial is looking to see if a very low carbohydrate diet can inhibit the growth of certain cancers. The two major goals of the RECHARGE study are to determine: - whether a very low carbohydrate diet can help participants reduce the amount of cancer in their b...

Allicin Bioavailability From Garlic Supplements and Garlic Foods

This study will measure the bioavailability of allicin, the main active compound of garlic, from garlic supplements and garlic foods (raw, cooked, processed) so that - supplement manufacturers and clinical investigators know how supplements need to be made and consumed to obtain high bioavailability - consumers can know how garlic can be prepared to obtain any established health benefits of garlic.

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