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Evaluation of a Home-based Community Health Worker Program in Rural Eastern Cape, South Africa

The purpose of this early Phase 2 comparison trial is to evaluate the impact of community health worker (CHW) home visitors on pregnant women and their children in a rural setting in the rural Eastern Cape of South Africa. The intervention provided by the CHWs targets underweight children, mothers living with HIV (MLH), mothers using alcohol, and depressed mothers with the goal of supporting pregnant women to improve birth outcomes, decrease the number of children born with a l...

Sublingual Microcirculation of Healthy Volunteers by Using the Third Generation Microcirculation Video Microscope

This study will enroll 150 healthy volunteers, and the grouping is as follows: group 20-39 (30 males and 30 females); group 40-59 (30 males and 30 females); and group 60-79 (15 males and 15 females). The sublingual microcirculation will be examined with the incident dark field video microscope (Cytocam,Braedius Battery Powered Transilluminator). The study aims to compare the differences of microcirculation among the three groups and between genders.

Does the Threat of an Aversive Reaction Affect Craving of Alcohol During Cue Exposure in Alcohol Dependent Patients?

To evaluate the effect of the threat of an aversive reaction on the response during alcohol cue exposure in alcohol dependent patients : (1) the subjective response (craving) and (2) the physiological response (heart rate and blood pressure).

Pathogenesis of Primary Spontaneous Pneumothorax

Primary spontaneous pneumothorax most commonly occurs in young, tall, lean males. The estimated recurrence rate is 23-50% after the first episode and increases to 60% after the second pneumothorax. The pathogenesis of this benign disease remains unclear. Generally, rupture of the emphysematous change or blebs in the apex of the lung is considered as the cause of pneumothorax. The main purpose of this study is to investigate the molecular pathogenesis of blebs formation or emphy...

The Effect of Mindfulness on Cognition and Emotion Following Acquired Brain Injury

Can mindfulness help with attention and emotion difficulties after a brain injury? People who have a brain injury often have problems with their attention and emotions. This study will see if a short mindfulness task can help with these problems. So far, there are not many studies looking at this and those that do show mixed results. When being mindful someone is aware of their attention and focuses on the present moment without passing judgement. This study focuses on over-se...

Protein Requirements in Resistance-trained Males

In this study, the investigators will use the minimally invasive indicator amino acid oxidation (IAAO) technique to determine protein requirements in resistance-trained males. It is hypothesized that the present study will show that protein requirements for resistance-trained males are i) greater than the current recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for non-active individual's comparable estimates, and ii) greater than existing nitrogen balance-based estimates for resistance-tra...

Attention-Bias Modification Treatment for PTSD

Emerging research implicates biased attention to threat in the pathophysiology of anxiety disorders. Recent findings demonstrate significant associations between attention bias and stress vulnerability. This work has motivated the development of a novel therapy, attention-bias-modification treatment (ABMT). ABMT is designed to implicitly modify patients' biased threat attendance via computerized training protocols. Emerging evidence indicates that ABMT is effective in modifying...

Young Men and Media Study

Adolescent sexual minority males (ASMM) continue to account for a disproportionate number of HIV infections in the United States. Racial and ethnic minority populations are particularly affected. Increased HIV rates reflect sexual risk behaviors during early sexual experiences. Research suggests that initial sexual risk-taking occurs during adolescence among sexual minority males. Therefore, it is important for HIV prevention interventions to target adolescent sexual minority m...

Cardiovascular Risk in Growth Hormone Deficient Young Adult Males After Completing Growth Hormone Therapy

The purpose of this study is to compare the cardiovascular risks of growth hormone deficient young adult males who have completed growth hormone therapy to healthy young adult males.

Hormonal Contraceptive Health Education for Adolescent Males

Prospective randomized control trial of an educational electronic application on female hormonal contraception for adolescent males in the pediatric emergency department.

Clinical Trial in Males With BPH (Enlarged Prostate)

A study to determine the effect on prevention of Acute Urinary Retention (inability to urinate) in males with an enlarged prostate, also known as BPH. - Free study-related medical care provided.

Analysis of Sex Hormones and Lipoproteins in Young Males

To analyze the relationship of sex hormones to lipoproteins in young males.

Physiological Effects of Creatine Supplementation in Active Males

This study was designed to examine how different forms of creatine impact active males.

A Novel Mouthwash Formulation CTP/BNZ With Mucus Adhesive Polymer

The purpose of the study is to evaluate the local tolerability and the systemic availability of benzydamine, if any, after single and multiple dose treatment with the test formulation containing cetylpyridinium chloride 0.05% + benzydamine hydrochloride 0.15% + mucoadhesive polymer and with the reference formulation Tantum Verde Bocca containing cetylpyridinium chloride 0.05% + benzydamine hydrochloride 0.15% to healthy subjects , under fasting conditions, in two consecutive st...

Stress, Sex, and Fear

The impact of well-known risk factors for such disorders (stress, biological sex, anxiety-related dispositions) on fear generalization will be examined. Findings from this study may provide insight into how these risk factors influence the development and/or maintenance of psychological disorders that involve overgeneralization of fear and could facilitate future approaches to their treatment.

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation and Fear Extinction

The negative valence systems of acute threat (fear), potential threat (anxiety), and sustained threat are among the most clinically important research domain constructs. Psychiatric disorders characterized by pathological fear and anxiety are common, and often disabling. Despite their limitations, exposure therapies are among the most efficacious treatments for these disorders. Extinction learning is thought to be a core mechanism of therapeutic exposure. Extinction learning is...

Evaluation of the Immunogenicity and Safety of GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals' HPV Vaccine in Young Males.

The main aim of this vaccine is to prevent cervical cancer in women. However, it could also be relevant to vaccinate selected groups of males. Therefore, this study is designed to evaluate the safety and immunogenicity of the HPV vaccine in pre-teen and adolescent male subjects aged 10-18 years.

Systemic Hormones and Muscle Protein Synthesis

This study evaluates the effect of increase in testosterone levels in older males and the effects of decrease in testosterone levels in young males on muscle protein synthesis.

Do Cardiac Health: Advanced New Generation Ecosystem - Phase 2

The Do CHANGE service is designed for cardiac patients who could benefit from lifestyle change and a better disease management. The study aims to support patients with behavior change by providing them with devices and behavioral intervention in order to facilitate long-term behavior change.

Attention Bias Modification Treatment in Social Anxiety

This study evaluates attention modification in social anxiety and It is comprised by 2 experiments. At experiment 1 socially anxious participants will receive either training away from threatening faces or placebo intervention and at experiment 2 they will receive either one of these 2 groups or training towards threatening faces. At experiment 2 training will be done under state anxiety levels (video-recording of a speech). Anxiety levels (self-reports, physiological and behav...

Gender- and Culturally-Sensitive Weight Loss Intervention for Hispanic Males

The investigators propose to 1) assess the feasibility, acceptability and preliminary efficacy of a gender- and culturally-sensitive weight loss intervention in 48 overweight/obese Hispanic males ages 18-64 over 12 weeks; 2) assess participant characteristics and process measures related to the uptake of mobile-health (mHealth) technology in overweight/obese Hispanic males over 12 weeks; and 3) assess pathologic changes in the liver in Hispanic men enrolled in a 12-week weight ...

Online Psychoeducation for the Prevention of PTSD

Research on decreasing safety behaviors in therapy has been restricted to treatments for other anxiety disorders and has not included PTSD. In order to address this gap and to develop a widely accessible, cost-effective prevention, an internet-based, three-arm randomized secondary PTSD prevention trial is proposed. Self-help psychoeducation on common reactions to trauma and eliminating safety behaviors will be employed for participants who have recently experienced a traumatic ...

Effect of Testosterone Gel Replacement on Fat Mass in Males With Low Testosterone Levels and Diabetes

The purpose of the study is to find out the effect of replacing testosterone in the form of a gel (Androgel®) on the amount of fat mass in males with low testosterone and diabetes.

Emotional Perceptual Training as a Treatment for Social Anxiety: Behavioral and Neural Evidence.

The Perceptual Training Study is a series of studies performed with the purpose of identifying a potential avenue for treatment of mood disorders, particularly anxiety-based mood disorders. The underlying theme is that neural representations may be threat-oriented, and may also be generalized to non-threatening cues by means of similarity to threatening representations. These may result in anxiety symptoms from innocuous cues. The idea behind the perceptual training is to creat...

Sensitivity of Short and Long Allele Carriers of the 5-HTTLPR to Environmental Threat Post Hydrocortisone Administration

The current study will test the causal relationship between elevated levels of cortisol and the serotonin transporter gene (5-HTTLPR) as these factors influence sensitivity to environmental threat. The investigators predict that carriers of the short allele of the serotonin transporter gene who have elevated cortisol levels will be most sensitive to threatening environments, whereas carriers of the long allele who do not have elevated cortisol (placebo subjects) will be least s...

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