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Epicutaneous Testing of Cosmetics

The dermatological testing of cosmetic products which are new on the market, or existing products with novel formulations is common and a useful procedure, yet necessary to alleviate common irritants and contact allergic reactions. Cosmetic products contain a range of substances that may be considered as potential irritants or contact allergens. In order to estimate that risk, cosmetics are tested by applying patch tests.

Oral Contraceptive Pills Versus Expectant Management for Retained Pregnancy Products

We speculate that the use of combined oral contraceptives may be a possible solution to promote the management of retained pregnancy products versus expectant management. By withdrawing the pill, the endometrium is expected to shed in a synchronized fashion (estrogen and progestin withdrawal bleeding and may also shed the retained products of conception and avoid a surgical procedure with its related potential complications.

Increasing Household Purchase and Child Consumption of Calcium Products: A Randomised Controlled Trial

The objective of this research is to test the effectiveness of persuasive messages targeted at parents who have children who consume inadequate amounts of calcium. Specifically, the effectiveness of the intervention material on increase a) the purchase of calcium-rich products by parents, and b) the consumption of calcium-rich products in the parent and child will be examined in 400 families across Canada. Families will receive either the targeted intervention materials or stan...

Clinical Study to Assess Bioequivalence Between Nicorette Extra Mint Gum and Nicorette® Mint Gum in Healthy Smokers.

This is a research study to verify the same effectiveness and safety profile for the test products, nicotine 2 mg gum and nicotine 4 mg gum, as for the already approved products, Nicorette Mint 2 mg gum and Nicorette Mint 4 mg gum (reference products), in a standardized mode. This verification is done in a so-called bioequivalence study, which means that the same amount of the same active substance (nicotine), in the same dosage form, for the same route of administration, and m...

A Study to Examine the Effects of Cosmeceutical Therapy in Subjects Undergoing Full Facial Rejuvenation

The primary objective of this study is to determine the efficacy of Sensi Peel®, Rejuvenating Serum, and the C&E Strength Max skin care products in subjects who undergo full facial rejuvenation, with a botulinum neurotoxin A and/or hyaluronic acid filler, in improving the appearance of the skin, patient satisfaction with aesthetic appearance, and the projected first impressions. The secondary objective of this study is to examine patient satisfaction with the continuous ...

Biomarkers of Processed Meat Intake

The intake of processed meat products has been linked to several adverse health outcomes. However, estimation of their intake proves difficult. This study aims at identifying biomarkers of intake for processed meat products in blood and urine. For this, participants of a randomized cross-over dietary intervention will consume highly controlled diets containing non-processed pork, different processed meat products or no meat. Urine and plasma will be collected and analysed to id...

Topical Management of Xerostomia With Dry Mouth Products

Objectives: To assess the effects of topical dry mouth products (toothpaste and mouthwash) containing olive oil, parsley oil, provitamin B5, allantoin, betaine and xylitol in Primary Sjögren's syndrome patients with xerostomia. Subjects and Methods: A double-blinded, placebo-controlled, randomized design where participants were randomly assigned at baseline test or placebo products. Participants used the products 3 times/day/28 days. The investigators used Visual Analog Scale...

CSD170401: Study to Assess Elements of Abuse Liability for Three Electronic Tobacco Vapor Products During an 11-Day In-Clinic Confinement

This study will examine elements of abuse liability (AL) related to potential product adoption of three electronic tobacco vapor products by current smokers relative to high and low AL comparator products (usual brand cigarette and nicotine gum, respectively). Changes in subjective measures, speed and amount of nicotine uptake, and maximum changes in physiological effects during and after product use that follows a 12-hour (minimum) tobacco and nicotine abstinence period, will ...

Effects of Supplement Containing Various Probiotics and Fermentation Products on Obesity

The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of supplement combined various probiotics and fermentation products on body mass index, body fat mass, abdominal circumference, visceral fat mass, intestinal flora, and serum biochemical parameters in overweight subjects.

A Study of Tomato Products and Disease Risk

The purpose of this research study is to test whether certain compounds in tomatoes will help reduce factors in the subject's blood associated with disease risk. The investigators want to know if the tomato-associated compounds will lower or improve the status of these factors, like cholesterol and inflammation. In this research study, the subject will be asked to consume high fat test meals on two separate occasions. The investigators want to see how the subject's body respon...

Research on Oral Tolerability and Product Application/Response of Two Oxalate Products for Dental Patients With Risk of Dentinal Hypersensitivity

This study will assess the oral tolerability and immediate post-treatment safety of topical application for two marketed oxalate products as initial care in dental patients to treat or prevent tooth sensitivity pain that may be attributed to dentinal hypersensitivity.

A Clinical Study to Evaluate the Bioavailability Between Two Products Containing Paliperidone 100 mg in the Form of a Prolonged Release Suspension for Injection in Patients With Schizophrenia Who Are Already Stabilized in This Treatment

This clinical study will compare the equivalence of two products containing Paliperidone 100 mg in the form of a prolonged release suspension for injection in patients affected by schizophrenia who are already receiving this treatment. Each patient will receive both products (Test and Reference). In total, each patient will receive 10 doses (five doses of the Test product and five doses of the Reference product; one dose every 28 days). Furthermore, the two products (Test and R...

A Study of IBRF Disorders of Consciousness Advanced Care/MultiModal Care Protocol in Severe Disorders of Consciousness

This is a study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the IBRF ACP/MCP intervention protocol in patients with severe disorders of consciousness (SDOC).

Chewy Satiety - the Interplay Between Food Structure, Oral Processing and Satiety

This study examines if there are differences in satiety responses between structurally different wholegrain rye products.

French One Day Survey in 2011 - Knowing Our Population of Labile Blood Products Recipients

Describe the epidemiologic profile and clinical context of transfusion recipients in France. Describe the clinical context of transfusion. Describe the characteristics of the transfusion prescriptions, the use of blood products and the main indications for transfusion. Describe transfusion practice according the type of hospital stay.

Phase 3 Clinical Trial: D-methionine to Reduce Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL)

This prospective study is a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase 3 clinical trial of oral D-methionine (D-met) to reduce noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) and tinnitus. The goal of the study is to develop a safe, oral pharmacological agent to augment physical hearing protectors for noise exposures that exceed the protective capabilities of ear plugs and/or muffs. The study population is a cohort of Drill Sergeant (DS) instructor trainees during and 22 days after t...

Fortified Cheese and Yogurt Products and Vitamin D Status in Young Children? Phase 2

This study is being done to test if adding vitamin D to cheese and yogurt products will help children further improve their vitamin D intake. All children will be given a six month supply of the milk products. One group will receive yogurt and cheese products already sold in stores, while the other group will receive yogurt and cheese products with added vitamin D. This will show if milk products with added vitamin D help maintain vitamin D intake and child health. Th...

Comparative Bioavailability of Myfenax® and CellCept® in Kidney Transplant Patients

The purpose of the study is to further investigate how much of the drug substance "mycophenolate mofetil" can be found in the blood of patients with kidney or renal transplants when treated with Myfenax® or CellCept®. Additionally, the safety and side effects of the two products will be compared. All information already available on these products indicates that the safety profiles of the two products will be the same.

PANORAMA 2 Observational Study

Understanding the clinical practice of treatment of cardiac rhythm disorders all over the world and understanding the clinical outcomes of the treatment with its cardiac rhythm products in real world patient population is essential for Medtronic to be able to effectively develop new products and adjust existing products. In addition Medtronic is committed to monitor the safety of its products throughout the entire life cycle to ensure maximum product reliability. The Pan...

Metabolic Signatures of Dairy Products Ingestion in Humans: Effect of Age

Despite the fact that dairy products are greatly consumed, it remains today very difficult to determine with a classical blood biochemical test whether a person has ingested a fresh fermented dairy product or just milk, while their biological, metabolic and health impacts may be different. The metabolic footprint left by the consumption of these products could be modified by the age of the consumer. Indeed, in the elderly, the processes of digestion, assimilation and met...

Effect of Glucose Load on Expression of Advanced Glycation End Products in Women Screened for Gestational Diabetes

The investigator's main objective is to analyze the effects of a routine prenatal care screening tool (glucola test for gestational diabetes) on maternal inflammation through assessment of maternal circulatory biomarkers and blood pressure. Improving knowledge about routine prenatal care and how a variety of screening factors affect maternal physiology allows the investigators to be educated and informed when caring for mothers with medical co-morbidities. - Determine...

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Changes in Blood Lipids After Long-Term Consumption of n-3 LC-PUFA-Enriched Dairy Products

The study was performed to investigate the effects of n-3 LC-PUFA supplemented dairy products cardiovascular risk factors in hypertriglyceridemic patients.

Biological MArkers of FRAilty in Elderly Subjects

Epidemiological data from Europe have shown that around 30% of subjects aged over 65 years of age are pre-frail, and 15% are frail. Recent research has demonstrated that identifying frailty and implementing preventive measures can help to slow cognitive decline. Screening and treating frailty seem to be a good start towards preventing dependency. On the premise that this frailty is the result of more pronounced tissue alterations in certain elderly subjects, assessment of post...

CSD170201: A Study to Evaluate the Exposure to Tobacco Constituents From Two Moist Snuff Products

This study will evaluate exposure to tobacco constituents from two moist snuff products, and provide a basis for comparing mouth-level exposure (MLE) in moist snuff users after use of each of the two moist snuff products.

CSD170202: A Study to Evaluate the Exposure to Tobacco Constituents From Two Moist Snuff Products

This study will evaluate exposure to tobacco constituents from two moist snuff products, and provide a basis for comparing mouth-level exposure (MLE) in moist snuff users after use of each of the two moist snuff products.

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