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Friday 5th July 2019

A Study to Find Out if Fezolinetant Helps Reduce Moderate to Severe Hot Flashes in Women Going Through Menopause - 2

This study is for women in menopause with moderate to severe hot flashes. Menopause, a normal part of aging, is the time of a woman's last period. Hot flashes can interrupt a woman's daily life. The study treatments are fezolinetant low dose (1 tablet of fezolinetant and 1 placebo tablet) once a day, fezolinetant high dose (2 tablets of fezolinetant) once a day or placebo (2 tablets) once a day. (Placebo is a dummy treatment that looks like medicine but does not have any...

Heavy Metals' Influence on Early Pregnancy Through Oxidative Stress

Patients with diagnosis of spontaneous abortion are enrolled in the cohort, in the cohort of patients who met the criteria, 3ml of whole blood intravenous and 5ml of urine were taken for heavy metal level examnation. Part of the villi tissue was sent for genetic testing, and the results were traced. In addition, about 10g of villi tissue was frozen for testing. Patients with normal genetic results of villi tissue will have villus samples go through oxidative stress level detect...

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy in Healing Abdominal Incision in Obese Patients Undergoing Breast Reconstruction Surgery

This trial studies the safety and how well negative pressure wound therapy works in healing the abdominal incision in obese patients undergoing free flap breast reconstruction surgery. Using negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) instead of standard dressing (bandages) may improve wound healing at the surgical site in the abdomen where tissue was collected for breast reconstruction surgery.

Evaluation of an Arterial Calcification Score as a Predictive Factor of Anastomotic Leakage in Right Colectomy

Anastomotic leakage is the major postoperative complication in right colectomy. Evaluation of calcification on coeliac trunk and mesenteric arteries on the preoperative CT scan could allow the identification of patient at-risk of postoperative complications. A monocentric retrospective study performed at CHD Vendée concluded than a calcification score over or equal to 3 was associated with a higher risk of developping an anastomotic leakage. The aim of this prospective...

Tuesday 2nd July 2019

A Single Center Study to Demonstrate the Safety and Performance of Lifelight® First Software Application

This study validates Lifelight® First, a software application, in a laboratory setting. Participants will undergo testing to obtain measurements from one or more of the four vital signs.

Myofascial Induction Effects on Plantar Pressures and Stabilometry

The objective is to determine the effectiveness of myofascial Induction effects on plantar pressures and stabilometry variables. Forty healthy subjects (28 females and 12 males) will be recruited for a simple blind clinical trial. All subjects will be randomly distributed in two different groups: control group (sham treatment of myofascial Induction) and experimental group (myofascial Induction). Outcome measurements will be foot plantar pressure area (footprint) and center of ...

A Study of Low-dose Intracoronary Thrombolytic Therapy in STEMI (Heart Attack) Patients.

Heart attacks are caused by a blood clot blocking the blood vessels of the heart, preventing blood getting to the heart muscle. Opening up the artery with a balloon (angioplasty) and a small mesh tube (stent) although life saving can cause this clot to break up and get washed downstream, which can make the heart attack worse. The investigators can measure the amount of damage caused to the microcirculation by calculating the IMR (Index of Microcirculatory resistance). Th...

Imatinib for Pain in Sickle Cell Anemia

In this protocol, the investigators propose to evaluate the biochemical effects of imatinib on sickle red blood cells (RBCs). Patients will be administered imatinib mesylate orally following the guidelines previously established for use of imatinib in other disorders. The biochemical effects of imatinib on sickle RBCs will be examined, including changes in their levels of band 3 tyrosine phosphorylation and the abundances of RBC-derived microparticles in their blood. In additio...

Characterization of Fatigue in Military Personnel With Traumatic Brain Injuries

Background: People who have had a traumatic brain injury (TBI) often experience fatigue. Fatigue is the feeling tired all the time. Researchers want to learn more about how TBI and fatigue are related. Objective: To better understand fatigue after TBI in active duty military and veterans. Eligibility: Active duty service members or veterans ages 25-40 who have sustained at least 1 TBI more than 6 months but less than 5 years ago Design: Part...

Evaluation of the Diagnostic Value of the TPD System in Determining ADHF Causing Acute Dyspnea

The objective of this study is to evaluate Lung Doppler signals (LDS) among patients presenting to the emergency department with acute dyspnea, in order to determine the diagnostic value of this non-invasive method to discriminate ADHF causing dyspnea from any other cause i.e., non-ADHF causes of dyspnea.

Self-estimates and Objective Blood Alcohol Concentration in Emergency Department

Many patients presenting in Emergency Department (ED) present alcohol acute intoxication. Some previous studies in general population found that young people under- or over-estimated of blood alcohol concentration (BAC). The hypothesis of the study is that self-estimation of BAC by the patient is under-estimated. Moreover, comparing self-estimation of BAC and objective measure of BAC, which is routinely performed in ED, could increase in patients the awareness of the disorders,...

Metabolic and Microbial Profiling of Lung Cancer

This pilot study will establish non-invasive sample collections, including breath, saliva, blood and urine pre-surgery and at the participant's one-month post-surgery follow-up visit. Participants with suspected non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) stage I-III will be recruited.

Genetic Variation in CLTCL1 and Whole-body Glucose Control: A Pilot Study

Maintaining stable blood glucose concentrations after eating has important implications for health. Individuals who are better able to maintain stable blood glucose concentrations after consuming carbohydrate have a lower risk of mortality from cardiovascular disease. Muscle is the primary tissue for glucose disposal following a meal, and responsiveness of this tissue to insulin is dictated by GLUT4 translocation to the muscle cell membrane. Clathrin heavy chain isoform 22 (CHC...

Evaluation Ofe the Anxiolytic Effect of EMONO in Children During Dental Care (MOPEA)

The EquiMolar Oxygen and Nitrous Oxyde mix (EMONO) is listed by the ANSM (National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products) as drugs with enhanced surveillance. EMONO is a gas composed equally of oxygen and nitrous oxide, presented in bottle. The University Hospital of Nantes is currently conducting a general evaluation of the EMONO use in the hospital context. The department of odontology is part of this movement and wants to study the anxiolytic effect expected...

Base-in Prism Spectacles for Intermittent Exotropia

The objective of this short-term, pilot randomized trial comparing spectacles with relieving prism to spectacles without prism is to determine whether to proceed to a full-scale, longer-term randomized trial. This decision will be based primarily on assessing the initial (8-week) response to prism by comparing treatment groups on the following outcomes: - Mean distance intermittent exotropia (IXT) control score (the mean of 3 control scores) (primary outcome) ...

Colorectal Cancer Associated Host and Microbiome Study

Recruit of healthy, precancer and colorectal cancer patients and record necessary information of demographic and also other messages. All the volunteers were asked to provide samples including stool, blood, urine and tissues. This protocol is performed with the permission of the ethics committee and all the participants were provided with informed consent.

Evaluation of Consciousness by Brain-computer Interface in Severely Brain Damaged Patients

The objective of this study is to show that the measurement of auditory and vibro-tactile evoked potentials, or the recording of the EEG signal during a motor imaging task, can be used in routine clinical situations to explore the state of consciousness of subjects in Non-responsive Awakening (or Chronic Vegetative State) or in Minimal Consciousness (or relational state) after a severe brain injury. Assumptions : - Correlation between patient response rates obtained ...

Thromboelastography-Guided Fluid Management in Spinal Surgery

The Researchers are trying to evaluate whether using a blood test called thromboelastogram (TEG) to manage patients undergoing multi-level spinal fusion surgery will reduce complications after surgery compared with the standard practices.

S-Nitrosylation (SNO) Therapy During Autologous Blood Transfusion

The Purpose of the study is to test the hypothesis that administration of an S-nitrosylating (SNO) agent can improve tissue oxygenation during transfusion of packed red blood cells (RBCs).

Mindful Self-Compassion to Assist Emerging Adults With Diabetes Transition to Adulthood

The transition from pediatric to adult care is particularly difficult for individuals with Type 1 diabetes. It is hypothesized that a mindfulness-based intervention for individuals making this transition will contribute to personal psychological well-being, superior participation in health care, and more tightly controlled blood sugar levels. Young adults with Type I diabetes will complete an eight-week training program in Mindful Self-Compassion. Intervention effectiveness wil...

Short-Term Music Training and Auditory Processing in Older Adults

Most adults experience some degree of hearing loss by age 60. Hearing aids can improve some aspects of peripheral hearing but the loss of the ability to clearly perceive speech in noisy environments remains to be a significant deficit and often reduces life quality in older adults. Long-term music training has been shown to enhance auditory processing and specifically benefit speech-in-noise perception. It is not clear however whether short-term participation in a musically eng...

Monday 1st July 2019

Efficacy of Phosphodiesterase-type 5 Inhibitors in Patients With Univentricular Congenital Heart Disease

In univentricular hearts, selective lung vasodilators such as phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors would decrease pulmonary resistance and improve exercise tolerance. However, the level of evidence for the use of PDE5 inhibitors in patients with a single ventricle (SV) remains limited. the investigators present the SV-INHIBITION study rationale, design and methods.The SV-INHIBITION trial is a nationwide multicentre, randomised, double blind, placebo-controlled, phase III ...

Observation on the Effect of Auricular Acupoint Pressing on Insomnia and Adverse Events in MHD

Maintenance hemodialysis (MHD) is one of the most important treatments for patients with end-stage renal failure. Studies have found that insomnia is widespread in MHD patients, affecting their quality of life. Auricular acupoint pressing is an effective traditional Chinese medicine treatment for insomnia. This study compared the effects of auricular acupoint pressing and oral estazolam on insomnia in patients with MHD, and evaluated the possibility of auricular acupoint pressi...

A Study to Assess the Effect of a 3-month Folate Supplementation on Systemic Homocysteine Plasma Concentration and Ocular Blood Flow in Patients With Diabetes

There is evidence that a folate deficiency - and as the biological consequence of the latter - higher homocysteine plasma levels are associated with an increased risk of vascular associated diseases. For the eye, it has been shown that higher intake of folate reduces the risk of vascular related diseases such as age related macular degeneration. Further studies suggest that decreased serum levels of folate and vitamin B12 may be an independent risk factor for diabetic retinopat...

Comparison of the Hemodynamic Effect of Three Positions During Induction of Anesthesia

The most common methods for prevention of post-induction hypotension are preoperative fluid loading and vasopressors. Leg elevation induces an intrinsic transfusion of 150 mL blood from the lower limbs to the central fluid compartment. Leg elevation was previously reported by our group to decrease the incidence of maternal hypotension after spinal anesthesia for caesarean delivery. Passive leg raising was also reported to provide a stable hemodynamic profile during induction of...

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