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Pelvis RCT: Impact of Surgery on Pain in Lateral Compression Type Pelvic Fractures

Lateral compression type pelvic ring injuries remain the most common type of pelvic fractures encountered. There is a substantial amount of controversy surrounding the treatment of these injuries and there is evidence that both operative and non-operative treatment can be successful.

Allogeneic Mesenchymal Stromal Cells in Elderly Patients With Hip Fracture

Prospective, unicenter, randomized, open-label, single-dose, two-arms blinded assessor pilot study. Thirty-two (32) elderly patients with hip fracture will be randomized to one of the two treatment-arms (Xcel-MT-osteo-beta or Standard treatment) and be followed for 12 month with the primary objective of safety. Secondary objectives are efficacy through axial tomography and xRay, clinical efficacy and quality of life questionnaire.

Fragility Fracture Liaison Service and Anti-osteoporosis Medication Monitoring Service Study

Aims: (1) to Establish the FLS services at the National Taiwan University Hospital Jinshan Branch. (2) To establish a anti-osteoporosis medication management service at Jinshan Branch. Method: From Aug., 2015, a fracture liaison services (FLSs) following the 13 'Capture the Fracture Best Practice Standards' were implemented at the National Taiwan University Hospital Jinshan Branch health care system. The Jinshan Branch program enrolled patient with 1) new hip fracture 2)...

Safety and Efficacy of the WaisFix100i for Intracapsular Femoral Fracture Fixation

The purpose of this study is to determine the safety and efficacy of using WaisFix100i device for Intracapsular Femoral Fracture Fixation.

Intertrochanteric Femoral Fracture Fixation Trial

The main goal of the study is to determine which cephalomedullary nail results in a better functional outcome for the patient with an unstable intertrochanteric hip fracture. Subjects will be randomized to fixation with either a Gamma3 cephalomedullary nail or an InterTan cephalomedullary nail. Outcomes will be reviewed over a 12 month follow-up period.

Assess Efficacy of Vardenafil 10mg in Erectile Dysfunction Within Intake of 6 Hours

Assess efficacy of vardenafil within 6 hours after intake

Intact Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair in Portugal

Abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) repairs registered in the hospitals administrative database of the National Health Service from 2000 to 2015 were retrospectively analyzed regarding demographics (age and gender) and type of repair (open surgery [OS] or endovascular repair [EVAR]). Rate and mortality were compared among three time periods: 2000-2004, 2005-2009 and 2010-2015.

Anterior Odontoid Screw Osteosynthesis in Treatment of Type 2 Odontoid Fracture

Odontoid fracture is a common fracture accounting for 10-15% of all cervical fractures. It occurs in bimodal fashion in elderly and young patients. The classification of Anderson and Alonzo provides a guide for prognosis . Type I and type III have a good rate of union, while type II has a poor prognosis due to poor blood supply. Hence, operative fixation is recommended to avoid non-union. Treatment options for type II include anterior odontoid screw fixation and posterior C1-...

Early Mobilization of Spiral Metacarpal Fractures Compared With Operative Treatment

Spiral metacarpal fractures (metacarpal II-V) can be treated conservatively or with operation. With minimal displacement this fracture is usually treated with immobilisation or early mobilisation. With appreciable displacement especially any malrotation the patient usually is treated with an operation. This usually includes an open reduction of the fracture and fixation with plates and screws or just screws. Even if this is an standard procedure both mild and severe complicatio...

Referred Pain Areas in Subjects With a Recovered Radius Fracture

The purpose of the present study is to investigate pressure algometry and pressure-induced referred pain areas in pain free individuals with a history of distal radius fracture (fully recovered) compared with age and gender matched healthy controls without history of fracture. It is hypothesized that individuals with a recovered radius fracture will have a facilitated referred pain patter towards the wrist but normal pressure pain sensitivity.

Patients' Preferences for Repair Versus Replacement Restorations

Partially defective dental restorations might either be treated by complete replacement or by repair of the affected region. Repair restorations are a scientifically proven approach to manage failed restorations, but probably unknown to most patients. Results from this study and findings on the predictors of patients' therapy decisions might improve future patient information documents.

Fracture Healing Assessed by HR-pQCT After Administration of Calcium and Vitamin D

This study is designed as a single-blind RCT in 80 postmenopausal women to compare the effect of immediate administration of daily calcium supplementation (1000 mg calcium) or two daily dosages of calcium + vitamin D (1000 mg calcium + 880 IU vitamin D or 1000 mg calcium + 1760 IU vitamin D) to standard care (administration of vitamin D3 12 weeks after fracture) in terms of calculated bone strength based on analysis of cortical and trabecular bone parameters using HR-pQCT, frac...

Minimally Invasive Fetoscopic Regenerative Repair of Spina Bifida - A Pilot Study

Researchers are studying a new minimally invasive technique (fetoscopic repair) for repair of spina bifida (MMC) during the second trimester of pregnancy. Researchers are trying to determine if this less invasive surgical approach will have less risk to the mother and at the same time adequate closure of the fetal spina bifida defect.

Young Goalkeeper's Fracture: Radiographic Findings

The aim of this project is to evaluate retrospectively goalkeeper's fractures in children using the children fracture classification and to evaluate the distal radius tilt angle of the growth plate on plain radiographs of the forearm. Patients positive for goalkeeper's fracture will prospectively answer a questionnaire concerning risk factors and circumstances during the injury.

Comparison of TOFscan and TOF-Watch SX in Pediatric Neuromuscular Function Recovery

Comparison of TOFscan and TOF-Watch SX for monitoring of neuromuscular blockade function in children

Trial of Small Intestine Submucosa (SIS) Mesh for Anterior Repair: A Pilot Study

Prolapse occurs when pelvic organs drop down and cause a bulging of the tissues. An "anterior wall prolapse" occurs when the front of the vagina loses its support, and the bladder drops down and rotates into the vaginal opening. The bladder can cause a bulge out of the vagina. One of the treatment options available is to repair the anterior wall surgically. The goals of surgery are to return the anatomy to its usual position, ensuring that all the pelvic floor organs ...

Trial Comparing BST-CarGel and Microfracture in Repair of Articular Cartilage Lesions in the Knee

This study will investigate whether the treatment of damaged cartilage in the knee with BST-CarGel will increase the amount and quality of cartilage repair tissue when compared with microfracture alone. Furthermore, the effect of BST-CarGel in decreasing cartilage related pain and improving cartilage-related function in the knee will be assessed.

DIFFIR - Geriatric Distal Femur Fixation Versus Replacement

The current standard of care for most intra-articular distal femur fractures (above the knee joint) in geriatric patients is a surgical fixation using plates and screws to hold the fracture pieces in the correct position, until the fracture as healed. However, surgical fixation of these complex fractures in geriatric patients, is associated with significant complications, such as non-union (when the broken bone does not heal properly), infection and the need for revision surge...

Preoperative Etanercept Before Inguinal Hernia Surgery

Inguinal hernia repair is one of the most frequently performed operations in young men. Persistent pain after inguinal surgery represents a significant cause of disability, occurring in between 15%-35% of cases. In a majority of these patients, their groin pain persisted after a previous hernia repair. The main type of chronic postsurgical pain is neuropathic, caused by injured nerves. One of the principal components in the pathophysiology of postsurgical pain is cytokines, s...

HORIZON-PFT: Pivotal Fracture Trial

HORIZON-PFT (Pivotal Fracture Trial) will study the effect of zoledronic acid, given once per year, on the treatment of osteoporosis in women past menopause. Hip and vertebral fractures are the most devastating consequences of osteoporosis. HORIZON-PFT is designed to determine the benefits of zoledronic acid in fracture reduction at both the hip and spine.

Study Of Men With Mild To Moderate Erectile Dysfunction To Evaluate The Efficacy Of Viagra 8 Hours Post-Dose

Safety/Efficacy of 100mg Viagra at 8 hours post dose in men with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction

Trauma as a Trigger for Autoimmunity

To analyse the immunological reaction to Trauma (pertrochanteric femoral fracture with consequent osteosynthesis) in the first weeks up to one year postoperatively with focus on the development of autoimmunity.

Study of Different Suturing Techniques for Perineal Repair After Delivery

We wish to determine wich of two standardized suturing techniques is the best for perineal repair if a perineal laceration or an episiotomy is present after vaginal birth. The participants are healthy primi para and deliver at term.

Balance Rehabilitation After Hip Fracture Surgery

The overall functional gain by balance rehabilitation after hip fracture surgery has not yet been fully investigated. Therefore, clinical studies should be conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of systematic and safe balance rehabilitation in patients after hip fracture. Investigators aim to evaluate the effect of computer-based balance specific exercise on the performance and balance ability of the elderly women who underwent hip fracture surgery. Investigators also investig...

Surgical Treatment of Anterior Vaginal Wall Prolapse: Comparison of Small Intestine Submucosa (SIS) Graft and Traditional Repair

The objective of this study is to evaluate surgical treatment of anterior vaginal wall prolapse using the sis graft or traditional repair. This a randomized and prospective study. Clinical patterns that will be evaluated: impact of surgery in quality of life using the Pelvic Organ Prolapse Questionnaire (P-QoL), anatomic results of surgery and possible complications.

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