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Wednesday 1st May 2019

reGional Network for Acute Myocardial Infarction

Incidence of ST-segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction(STEMI) is rising and the existing emergency medical aid system for STEMI was not enough for timely perfusion treatment. No existing research with high-quality data focuses on the characteristic of STEMI incidence and regional network construction. Aiming of Guangdong GAMI(reGional network for Acute Myocardial Infarction) project is to establish effective collaborative regional network system for STEMI patients treatment.

Cohort as Part of Undergraduate Medical Studies at the University of Sherbrooke

The main goals of this project are to support the research training of undergraduate medical students at the University of Sherbrooke and promote planning of health services a better knowledge of the prevalence, social, and geographic distribution of public health issues in the Estrie administrative region, the Saguenay regional county municipality in Quebec and the city of Moncton, New-Brunswick. To meet the objectives of the project, a population-based prospective study link...

General Practitioner Reassessment of Urinary Infection Antibiotherapy Prescribed by Emergency Departments

Urinary infections are at the origin of many emergency department consultations and antibiotic prescriptions. Increase of bacteria resistance to antibiotics is promoted by an inappropriate use of those antibiotics but initial prescription in emergency departments is complicated by brief clinical examinations, unavailable sampling results and risks of multi-resistant bacteria. Large diffusion of new recommendations for urinary infection management should improve the quality of i...

Bougie or Stylet In Patients Undergoing Intubation Emergently (BOUGIE)

Complications are common during tracheal intubations performed outside of the operating room. Successful intubation on the first attempt has been associated with a lower rate of procedural complications, but the proportion of critically ill patients intubated on the first attempt during tracheal intubations outside of the operating room is less than 90%. The bougie, a thin semi-rigid tube that can be placed into the trachea, allowing a Seldinger-like technique of intubating a p...

Alternative Treatment to Reduce Chronicity in OCD: Research Into Brain Response and Adequacy of Treatment

Rationale: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a disabling neuropsychiatric disorder that often has a chronic disease course. The standard psychotherapeutic treatment Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is unable to redeem about half of all patients and is rejected by many because of its anxiety provoking methods. A promising alternative is the Interference Based Approach (IBA), which appears to be as effective as CBT, and more effective for patients with poor insight. The c...

The Use of Medical Grade Honey in the Prevention of Bone Anchored Hearing Aid Associated Skin Breakdown

Postoperative medicinal grade honey in addition to standard post-operative care may prevent bone anchored hearing aid associated skin breakdown better than standard care alone in adult patients

A Study of Safety, Tolerability and Immunogenicity of HPV-L2 Vaccine in Healthy Adult Male and Female Subjects

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the safety, tolerability, and the immunological effects of adeno-associated virus-like particle human papillomavirus (AAVLP-HPV) vaccine in healthy adults.

Tuesday 30th April 2019

Immigrant Well-being Project: Transdisciplinary Ecological Mental Health Intervention for Mexican Immigrants

The goal of this study is to test a transdisciplinary ecological approach to reducing mental health disparities among Mexican immigrants by adapting and integrating a multilevel community-based advocacy, learning, and social support intervention (Immigrant Well-being Project, IWP) into existing efforts at three community partner organizations that focus on mental health, education, legal, and civil rights issues for Mexican immigrants. This research is innovative and significan...

Safety and Immunogenicity of the Butantan Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccine

Studies have showed that a broader spectrum influenza vaccine may help in reducing the influenza burden of disease. Butantan Institute is currently developing a quadrivalent influenza vaccine candidate. This study is will provide safety and immunogenicity data on this quadrivalent influenza vaccine candidate. The study will be conducted in an open population of healthy men and women ≥18 years old recruited in different clinical sites in Brazil and will be adequately powered ...

Use of Methoxyflurane (Penthrox) as an Antalgic in Hospital Trauma

Study of traumatized patients treated in emergency departments of Tours, seeking to optimize the management of trauma pain in an inpatient setting, with the opportunity to integrate inhaled methoxyflurane (Penthrox®) into the arsenal analgesics useful in the analgesic protocol of the Reception and Orientation Nurse.

Effectiveness and Safety of Isobutylamido-thiazolyl-resorcinol Cream 0.2% for Melasma and Facial Hyperpigmentation

Melasma and facial hyperpigmentation (dark spots) are common skin issues that can cause embarrassment and affect the quality of life in majority of people. The investigators are conducting a research to study an effectiveness and safety of Isobutylamido-thiazolyl-resorcinol 0.2% in the treatment of melasma, freckles, lentigo and dark spots in comparison to vehicle intervention in 4, 8 and 12-week period. The ultimate goal is to provide the best medical treatments to improve phy...

Axillary Reverse Mapping in Preventing Lymphedema in Patients With Breast Cancer Undergoing Axillary Lymph Node Dissection

This phase III trial studies how well axillary reverse mapping works in preventing lymphedema in patients with breast cancer undergoing axillary lymph node dissection. Axillary reverse mapping may help to preserve the lymph node drainage system around the breast so as to prevent lymphedema after surgery.

A Pharmacist-Led Intervention to Increase Inhaler Access and Reduce Hospital Readmissions (PILLAR)

The goal of this study is to assess the impact of pharmacist-led benefits investigations and application of clinical practice guidelines on patient access to inhalers and time to hospital readmission or Emergency Department (ED) visit.

Increasing DR Screening Through TOP: Supporting Implementation and Identifying Opportunities for Scale up in Ontario

It is recommended that people with diabetes have their eyes screened for retinopathy every 1-2 years. Retinopathy can lead to visual impairment and blindness, but early detection through regular retinal screening can help to prevent this. Many Ontarians with diabetes have not been receiving regular screening. One possible way to get more people screened for retinopathy involves tele-retinal screening using teleophthalmology (TOP), where patients can have their eyes screened in ...

Monday 29th April 2019

Role of Pre-operative Counseling in the Surgical Patient

The study will seek to determine if surgical patients do better or the same if participants undergo pre-operative counseling for elective laparoscopic same day surgery. The study hypothesizes that patients who receive a pre-operative education booklet and a phone call from a surgical registered nurse, compared to the current standard of care, will have higher satisfaction with regard to participants' surgical experience, decrease in the number of post-operative phone calls, dec...

Pregabalin Premedication for Knee Arthroscopy

Outpatient arthroscopic knee surgery can be performed with general or regional anesthesia. Recent data suggest that spinal and epidural anesthesia require longer discharge times than the newer shorter-acting general anesthetic drugs. Ideal premedication drug should relieve anxiety, produce amnesia and sedation, decrease secretions, prevent nausea and vomiting, have dose sparing effect on the anaesthetic drugs, and suppress pressor response to laryngoscopy and intubation. Recent...

Design Factors for Evaluating Child Resistant Packaging

Each year over 59,000 children under the age of 5 are taken to emergency rooms (equivalent to 4 busloads of children arriving every day to the ER) because they were able to get into medication containers unsupervised. 95 percent of these ER visits occurred due to the child getting into medicine when an adult was not looking. Child resistant containers (CRC) are intended to restrict entry by imposing a cognitive barrier (the child must understand how to operate the CRC mechanis...

Sunday 28th April 2019

Pyrotinib Combined With Capecitabine Metronomic Therapy in HER2-postitive Advanced Breast Cancer

Overexpression of the HER2 gene accounts for 20% to 30% of breast cancer. Although trastuzumab combined with chemotherapy has become the basic treatment for patients with HER2-positive advanced breast cancer, For patients who have progressed or relapsed after trastuzumab treatment, There are still many issues to explore on the choice of program of retargeted therapy. In HER2-positive advanced breast cancer, the results of Phase I and Phase I/II trials of pyrotinib or pyrotinib ...

Novel Assays for Detection of Influenza Virus

Seasonal influenza virus causes an estimated 0.3-0.6 million deaths per year. Avian influenza virus H5N1, H7N9 and H5N6 has fatality rate of over 30%. Swine influenza viruses from pigs have also infected humans. Molecular assays are now used routinely in the detection of influenza viruses. The M gene is often used as the target for all influenza A viruses because the nucleotide sequence of this gene is relatively conserved among all the influenza A viruses. The World Health Or...

The Weaving Healthy Families Program to Promote Wellness and Resilience and Prevent Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse and Violence

Alcohol and other drug (AOD) abuse and violence in families are co-occurring risk factors that drive health disparities and mortality among Native Americans (NA), making the long-term goal of this research is to promote health and wellness, while preventing and reducing AOD abuse and violence in NA families by testing an efficacious, sustainable, culturally-relevant and family-centered intervention for cross-national dissemination. The central hypothesis is that the sustainable...

Study of the Effects of Photobiomodulation in Patients With Osteoarthritis

PhotoBioModulation (PBM) is a mature science with therapeutic efficacy in humans and animals, and with excellent results in different medical specialties without side effects. However there are gaps that prevent adoption on a large scale. Recent research developed by our group and partners allowed us to understand the mechanisms of action of PBM, from Molecular Physics through Biochemistry and with consequent clinical validation, with precise, replicable and personalized therap...

Photobiomodulation Therapy for the Prevention of Acute Radiodermatitis in Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Radiotherapy

Radiodermatitis (RD), an inflammatory skin reaction, occurs in more than 90 percent of cancer patients treated with radiotherapy (RT). This is the result of the radiation causing damage to the epidermal basal skin stem cells. Based on the severity of the skin symptoms, acute RD can be categorized into four grades ranging from red and dry skin to moist desquamation, necrosis, and eventually ulceration. Acute RD can be distressing, negatively influencing the patients' quality of ...

Denosumab In Ebv Related Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma (Npc) As A Model For Rank-Mediated Immunologic Modulation Of Virus-Related Tumours - Dern Study

The aim of the present investigation is to test of the modulation obtained with denosumab as "priming" therapy before the start of chemotherapy and as concurrent therapy in a population of first line NPC recurrent/metastatic patients

Lumen-apposing Metal Stent With or Without Coaxial Plastic Stent for Treatment of Walled-off Pancreatic Necrosis

A prospective randomized cohort study to compare whether the placement of a double-pigtail plastic stent (DPS) within a lumen-apposing metal stent (LAMS) may improve the efficacy and safety of endoscopic ultrasound guided transmural drainage of walled-off pancreatic necrosis (WON) and thus prevent potential adverse events related to LAMS insertion.

Assessing the Effects of a Buckwheat Beverage on Postprandial Glucose Metabolism on Healthy and T2D Individuals

Buckwheat is a unique crop because is naturally rich in compounds that have shown beneficial effects on glucose metabolism. A constant high glucose level in blood after meal consumption is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular complications and death. In order to prevent Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2D) and/or its complications it is important to have a strict control of the blood glucose levels after a meal. There are known therapies for the control of the high glucose ...

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