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Open-Label Trial Comparing Oxycodone Medications

The investigators hypothesize that subjects will have greater pain relief when taking IR-oxycodone compared with ER-oxycodone for several reasons. The ability to take a varying amount of medication at six different points over the course of a day will allow patients to take as much (or as little) medication as they need to control their pain. In addition, the ability to vary the medication doses in this way will give them a greater sense of control, which will also contribute t...

Efficacy of the C8 Nerve Root Block During Interscalene Block for Anesthesia of the Posterior Aspect of the Shoulder

This study evaluates the effects of selective 8th cervical nerve root block during interscalene brachial plexus block on the relief of pain intensity upon the introduction of a posterior portal during arthroscopic shoulder surgery. The 5th to 7th cervical nerve roots will be blocked in half of participants, while the 5th to 8th cervical nerve roots will be blocked in the other half.

Non Invasive Brain Evaluation and Treatment for Neuropathic Pain

This trial is designed to preliminary evaluate the efficacy and safety of NIBS system for evaluation and treatment of neuropathic pain. The NIBS system evaluates brain neuronal network activity and customizes a personalized treatment utilizing low current non invasive brain stimulation technology for neuropathic pain with central component. this is single meeting trial which includes brain activity evaluation and a single treatment and sham treatment. The goal of the study is t...

Epidemiology of Pain in the Delivery Room

The nociceptif system of the newborn child is functional from 22 to 23 weeks of pregnancy. During the delivery the baby is exposed to multiple exterior factors and he is capable to memorize the pain .Recent epidemiologic studies showed that the coverage of pain was insuffcient and also an increase of analgesic means. Normally the pain coverage have to be managed and group every painful gesture. In fact all these recommandations are not followed by medical team. The aim o...

Safety and Initial Feasibility of Using the Neurolyser for Facet Related Low Back Pain

Single arm pilot study to evaluate the safety and initial feasibility of the Neurolyser XR, a new portable high intensity focused ultrasound device, for noninvasive thermal ablation of medial nerve branches of painful lumbar facet joint/s

Comparison Between Subacromial Infiltrations

The shoulder pain is commonly seeing in orthopedic consultation. Many patients was affected in activities of daily living and in laborer absent. One of the first treatment lines is the steroid infiltration for pain relieve, however in several times is only effective by a short period of time, and the symptoms usually appear again. One of the not known infiltration is the high volumen infiltration in subacromial space, this treatment appears to be an effective treatment for this...

Spray vs EMLA Cream on Pain During Intra-articular Injection

All participants are randomly allocated to the spray group, EMLA group and placebo group. In spray group, participants receive an application of placebo cream at the needle electrode insertion site 60 minutes before needle insertion, and a self adhering dressing is placed over the site. After 60 minutes, the dressing and cream are removed from the site, then the insertion site is sprayed from a distance of 30 cm for 5 seconds or until the skin was blanched, then intra-articular...

A Study to Test the Use of Duloxetine for Pain in MS

Many patients with Multiple Sclerosis experience pain that is caused by the effects of MS on the nervous system. The purpose of this study is to see if an investigational drug (Duloxetine) will reduce pain in subjects with MS. The US Food and Drug administration (FDA) has approved this drug for use with depression or pain from diabetes.However, it is considered investigational for this study because it has not been approved for patients with MS. This study will r...

Upper Limb Function After Breast Cancer Surgery: the Role of Post-operative Physical Therapy Intervention- Randomized Control Trial

Surgical treatments can cause late effects influencing activity of daily living, physical activity, and overall health. Late effects include persistent pain reported by 30 - 50% of women that underwent breast operations, restrictions of arm and shoulder movement were reported in 35% of patients, lymphedema in 15 - 25% of women who undergo axillary lymph node dissection and in about 6% of women who undergo sentinel lymph node biopsy. Lymphedema results in physical impairments in...

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) Injection for Treating Shoulder Subacromial Impingement Syndrome

The purpose of this study is to determine whether injection of platelet-rich plasma derived from patient's blood is effective in treatment of shoulder subacromial impingement syndrome as compared to the current protocol of methylprednisolone injection.

A Validation Study of Sodium Hyaluronate in Patients With Periarthritis of Shoulder

Alge as a positive control drug, in patients with periarthritis of shoulder, in a double-blind, controlled manner to study the safety and treatment of Sodium Hyaluronate

Effect of Preventional Drug Therapy on Pain Regulation Mechanisms Among SCI

Central neuropathic pain (CNP) is defined as chronic pain due to injury or disease in the central nervous system. This pain is most common among people with a spinal cord injuries (SCI), with a prevalence of about 50%. The central pain usually develops within a few months of spinal cord injury - and this period is significance in terms of this research work. This pain is one of the most complex and challenging pain syndromes. One of the reasons for this stems from its adherence...

Influence of Kinetic Chain Training on the Treatment Outcome of Overhead Athletes With Impingement

A randomized controlled trial will be conducted to examine the effectiveness of a traditional home exercise program versus an kinetic chain home exercise program on treatment outcome of overhead athletes with shoulder impingement syndrome. Primary outcome measures are reduction of pain and disability, and improvement in functionality and sports performance. Secondary outcome measures are strength, mobility, flexibility and functional performance.

Effects of Isoinertial Training on Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy

Rotator cuff tendinopathy (RCT) is regarded as a common and burdensome source of shoulder pain with prevalence estimated to be as high as 14% in general working-age population. RCT is a broad entity, including a vast variety of diagnosis such as shoulder impingement syndrome, RC tendinitis/tendinosis, as well as subacromial bursitis. The course of RCT is characterised by persistent pain and/or disability and/or recurrent episodes. It often leads to decrease function, lower heal...

Shoulder Brace on Muscle Activation and Scapular Kinematics in Patients With Shoulder Impingement Syndrome and Rounded Shoulder Posture

Background: Rounded shoulder posture (RSP), associated with altered scapular kinematics and imbalance of muscle activation, is one of potential risks for shoulder impingement syndrome (SIS) due to alignment deviation of scapula. Evidence showed shoulder brace improved degree of RSP by postural correction. However, it is unknown whether shoulder brace with different characteristics (tension and direction) is optimal for muscle activation and scapular kinematics in patient...

Safety and Efficacy of the Buprenorphine Transdermal Delivery System in Subjects With Mod-to-Sev Osteoarthritis Pain.

The objective of this study is to assess the safety and efficacy of the buprenorphine transdermal system (5, 10, and 20 mg) in comparison to placebo transdermal system in subjects with moderate to severe osteoarthritis pain. The double-blind treatment intervention duration is 12 weeks during which time supplemental analgesic medication (immediate release oxycodone) will be provided to all subjects in addition to study drug.

Efficiency of Lina LibrataTM System

Menometrorrhagia is the first cause of consultation in gynecology. Etiology of menometrorrhagia is varied, but in majority of cases no underlying pathology is found, they are said functional idiopathic menometrorrhagia . In case of failure of medical treatment, for women who do not wish to preserve reproduction possibilities, a surgical treatment by endometrectomy (destruction of the uterine endometrial epithelial) can be proposed. Currently, a new system, Lina LibrataTM is av...

Comparison of BTDS (Buprenorphine Transdermal System) and Placebo in Low Back Pain

The primary objective of this study is to evaluate the efficacy and safety of BTDS compared to placebo in subjects with moderate to severe low back pain.

Fatigue Induced by Overground Wheelchair Propulsion in Persons With a Spinal Cord Injury: Upper Limb Saving or Straining?

What are the implications of wheelchair propulsion-induced fatigue for the development of shoulder pain and how can this knowledge improve prevention programs? With this project, the "Shoulder Health and Mobility group" of the Swiss Paraplegic Research in Nottwil (Switzerland) wants to investigate how fatigue during wheelchair propulsion affects risk factors for shoulder pain of persons with a spinal cord injury (SCI). The investigators want to find out how the handrim wheelch...

Comparison of Hemi-shoulder Arthroplasty and PHILOS in Treating Three or Four-part Fractures of Proximal Humerus

To explore clinical effectiveness of PHILOS plate fixation and hemi-shoulder arthroplasty in treating three or four-part fractures of proximal humerus

Prevention of Sequelae Pain After Breast Cancer Surgery by Self-massages and Self Stretching. Impact of Learning Workshops.

Myofascial pain syndrome is a common cause of chronic pain characterized by myofascial pain and trigger points. Recommendations regarding management of pain after breast cancer don't mention myofascial syndrome despite a study suggests possible myofascial syndrome with roughly 75% of patients in pain. 144 patients having a local breast cancer requiring surgery will be randomized in this study, ratio 1:1 standard and experimental groups. Every patients (standard and expe...

Sport Specific Adaptions in Female Volleyball Players

The shoulder joint is the second most affected body part of all overuse injuries in overhead athletes. Due to the repetitive throwing motion overhead athletes show the following characteristic adaptations of their dominant shoulder: Loss of internal rotation (IR) and gain of external rotation (ER), reduced muscle strength of the shoulder external rotators and scapular dyskinesis. On the one hand these adaptations are normal and necessary for a powerful throwing performance. On ...

Pathomechanism of MicroRNA-29 in Shoulder Stiffness

The team integrates experimental analyses of clinical and basic medicine and transgenic mice models. miR-29a acts a potent protective factor against excessive fibrosis in myofibroblasts of subacromial bursa tissue. Gain of miR-29a stabilizes tendon and synovial tissue homeostasis that alleviates tissue stiffness and maintains function.

Preoperative Jumpstart for Decolonization of P. Acnes

The objective of the study is to evaluate the efficacy of preoperative treatment with a novel, wireless, low-level microcurrent-generating antimicrobial device (brand name: JumpStart) in preventing the spread of Propionibacterium acnes in patients receiving open or arthroscopic shoulder surgery.

A Pilot Trial of Scrambler Therapy for Pain Associated With Pancreas Cancer

Pain is the predominant and most feared symptom of pancreas cancer, and is often incompletely relieved. Scrambler Therapy is a new way of treating pain by providing "non-pain" information to confuse the nervous system and reset the damaged nerve pathways. It has been useful in treating many types of pain, but has not been adequately tested in the pain associated with pancreas cancer. The goal of this study is to evaluate the effect of Scrambler Therapy on typical abdominal pain...

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