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Efficacy and Microfilaricidal Kinetics of Imatinib for the Treatment of Loa Loa

Background: Many people who live in west or central Africa are at risk for infection from a very small worm called Loa loa. This infection is acquired through the bite of a fly. Baby worms called microfilariae live in the blood. The infection most commonly causes skin itching, mild temporary limb swelling, and sometimes a adult worm can be seen in the white of the eye of an infected individual. Very rarely, people with this infection can develop problems with the kidneys...

Lung Screen Uptake Trial

This study tests the impact of a novel invitation strategy on attendance rates to a pre-lung cancer screening lung health check appointment. Patients will be individually randomised (1:1) to receive either control invitation materials or intervention invitation materials. Those who attend will undergo a "lung health check" and be invited to a baseline screening scan if eligibility criteria are fulfilled.

Development and Pilot Testing of a Childhood Obesity Treatment Program

The primary aims were to assess community capacity to develop, implement, and sustain a childhood obesity reduction initiative in the health-disparate Dan River Region as well as to pilot test iChoose to determine the potential reach (i.e., proportion of target population & representativeness), effectiveness (i.e., changes in child BMI z-scores over a 6 month period), feasibility (i.e., the degree to which the intervention can be adopted, implemented, and sustained as intended)...

Controls for Respiratory Diseases

This is the registry of control participants for patients with various respiratory diseases. We screened healthy volunteers who visited Seoul National Hospital Healthcare System Gangnam Center for routine health check-up, and enrolled patients who agree to participate in the study. The participants undergo baseline questionnaires, provide blood specimen and information of the results of health check-up. We will include participants as controls if they have no significant respir...

Effect of a Standard Meal on the Pharmacokinetic Profile of RP-G28 in Healthy Adult Male and Female Subjects

This randomized, open-label, 2-period, 2-sequence, crossover study is designed to evaluate the effect of a standard meal on the pharmacokinetic (PK) profile of orally administered RP-G28, which is being developed for the treatment of lactose intolerance. The study consists of a screening visit (during the interval from Day 21 to Day -3), baseline/check-in to the clinical research unit (Day -2 to Day -1), 2 treatment periods (Day 1 and Day 3), a 48-hour washout between doses, ch...

Transfusion Medicine - Prevention of Bedside Errors

This study concerns the safety of blood transfusion. Prior to transfusion, staff should perform a number of essential safety checks to ensure that the correct patient is receiving the correct blood product. Evidence suggests that these safety checks are not always done. This study has been designed to assess the effect of a simple intervention on the performance of the bedside safety check. The hypothesis is that a simple intervention will improve the performance of the beds...

Substance Use Screening and Prevention for Adolescents in Pediatric Primary Care

This study is to test the effectiveness of integrating and adapting two National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)-funded procedures for use in primary care pediatric clinics serving low-income youth: 1)the Youth Risk Index (YRI) and Transmissible Liability Index-Parent (TLI-P) nurse and/or research assistant-administered screening tools for high risk of substance use (SU) prior to high school and thus also for SUD and 2) the Family Check-Up (FCU) - a brief, family-based program t...

mHealth Messaging to Motivate Quitline Use Quitting

The mHealth Messaging to Motivate Quitline Use and Quitting, or "M2Q2" study, is a collaborative research project for a mobile health intervention designed to motivate smoking cessation and encourage access to counseling. The study is for men and women smokers in Vietnam's Red River Delta region who are 18 years of age or older. The primary hypothesis is that smokers in the M2Q2 intervention will have higher rates of smoking cessation, compared with the comparison group.

A Clinical Study to Assess the Safety and Clinical Performance of a New Dressing (PICO7Y) in Breast Surgery Patients

The purpose of the study is to assess the use of a wound dressing system called PICO7Y following a two-sided breast surgery. PICO7Y is a new dressing system made to treat two incisions/wounds at the same time, and the purpose of this study is to check how the dressing is working by looking at data on how well the dressing performs while you wear it and to check if doctors and patients are happy with it. PICO7Y is based on another dressing called PICO.

Air Quality Check in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Unit

Air pollution sources in indoor area are one of the main factors for reducing indoor air quality of locations. A gastrointestinal endoscopy unit consists of the following area: procedural, recovery areas, and area for a disinfection and cleaning for equipment. This area is frequently exposed to the gastrointestinal gas expelled from patients and gas from electrocoagulated tissue through carbonation or electrocoagulation of neoplasms. This can be potential harmful component for ...

Medication Review Focusing on Anticoagulation Therapy in Swiss Community Pharmacies

Oral anticoagulation therapy (OAC) entails a high potential for adverse events and strict adherence is needed.Thus, medication review and identification of safety issues and knowledge gaps about OAC is critically important. The polymedication check (PMC) is a reimbursed intermediate medication review focusing on adherence and medication management for Swiss primary care. Investigators aime to assess the impact of the PMC extended with a semi-structured interview focusing on OAC...

A Community Health Worker Home Intervention to Improve Pediatric Asthma Outcomes

The investigators propose to test the hypothesis that a home-based asthma intervention, the Wee Wheezers program, delivered by the Community Health Workers and tailored to the needs of the investigators community, will improve anti-inflammatory medication adherence, parental asthma knowledge and management behaviors, which in turn will reduce asthma morbidity (defined as days with asthma symptoms) and health care utilization (defined as asthma-related Emergency Department visit...

Little Flower Yoga for Kids: Evaluation of a Yoga and Mindfulness Program for Children With Increased Levels of Emotion Dysregulation and Inattention

An initial evaluation of Little Flower Yoga for Kids will be conducted in a small sample of 18-30 Kindergarten and First Grade students (3-5 per class) enrolled in Girls Preparatory Charter School of the Bronx. The overall aim of this study is to ascertain the short and longer-term effects of Little Flower Yoga for Kids, a promising yoga and mindfulness program for children, which incorporates five elements (connect, breathe, move, focus, relax) to improve the child's ability t...

Study Of Eltrombopag in Healthy Subjects and Volunteers With Mild, Moderate or Severe Hepatic Impairment

The main purpose of this study is to compare how one 50mg tablet of SB-497115 is broken down in the body by healthy subjects versus subjects with mild, moderate or severe liver problems. The study is also being done to 1) check on how well the study drug is tolerated by healthy subjects versus those with liver problems and 2) to check if liver impairment affects how the study drug binds to protein in the blood.

Technology-Based Intervention for Reducing Sexually Transmitted Infections and Substance Use During Pregnancy

This proposed study is to test whether Health Check-up for Expectant Moms (HCEM), a computer-delivered screening and brief intervention (SBI) that simultaneously targets sexually transmitted infection (STI) risk and alcohol/drug use during pregnancy, reduces antenatal and postpartum risk more than an attention, time, and information matched control condition among pregnant women seeking prenatal care.

Clinical Outcome of Neonates With GBS Positive Culture-12 Year Retrospective Study

Streptococci group B (GBS) is a the major reason for morbidity and mortality in neonates. It can present as pneumonia ,meningitis or sepsis.The mortality today is 5-20% and even more in preterm babies. During the past two decade, the introduction of protocols for prophylactic antibiotics for women with a high risk for GBS infection, have led to a decline of 65% in GBS cases(0.32 for 1000 live birth compared to 1.8 cases in 1000).The purpose of the study is to check the ...

Glutamatergic Amino Acids and Oxytocin Levels in the Plasma of Patients in First Psychotic Episode (FPE)- Before and After Neuroleptic Treatment

The goal of our research is to check the levels of D-Serine, Glycine, and other Glutamatergic amino acids, in patients with First Psychotic Episode (FPE). These patients are in the early stage of the disease, treated with neuroleptics for short periods of time, and are usually hospitalized for the first time. The hypothesis of the research is that we will find low levels of Glycine and D-Serine in these patients. Following an Anti-psychotic treatment we will expect these leve...

Observational Pilot Study of 18F-Sodium Fluoride (Na18F) Whole Body Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scans for Imaging Bone

This study is being done to provide an alternative to bone scanning with technetium-99m (99mTc) labelled diphosphonates, and to document the safety of {18F}-Sodium Fluoride (Na18F) as a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging radiopharmaceutical. Since the current availability of 99mTc was severely reduced because of the Chalk River shut down, alternative approaches to done scanning are needed. PET imaging with Na18F is one alternative approach to providing this critical cli...

Interactive Tailored Website in Promoting Sun Protection and Skin Self-Check Behaviors in Patients With Stage 0-III Melanoma

This clinical trial studies how well an interactive tailored website works in promoting sun protection and skin self-check behaviors in patients with stage 0-III melanoma. An internet-based program may help individuals to perform skin self-checks and engage in sun protection behaviors.

Evaluating Methods to Increase HIV Testing, Access to HIV Care, and HIV Prevention Strategies

This is a five-part study that will take place in the Bronx, NY, and Washington, D.C. The different components of the study will focus on increasing the number of people being tested for HIV, evaluating ways to link HIV-infected people to HIV care sites, evaluating methods to reinforce antiretroviral therapy (ART) adherence, and evaluating a counseling program that focuses on HIV prevention.

Time of Postpartum Hemoglobin Assessment , Blood Loss and Noninvasive Hemoglobin Spot Check

This is a prospective cohort study of patients delivering at Columbia University Medical Center/ Allen Hospital. For the primary research question, the investigators will compare the change in maternal hemoglobin from postpartum day 1 to day 2 and also determine correlation with estimation of blood loss (EBL) and quantitative blood loss (QBL). The investigators will also simultaneously conduct noninvasive hemoglobin spot checks at the time of each routine phlebotomy for hemoglo...

Safety and Efficacy of Annual or Biannual Doses of Moxidectin or Ivermectin for Onchocerciasis

The primary purpose of this phase 3b study is to determine the safety and efficacy of moxidectin administration twice a year, compared to once a year, in maintaining undetectable levels in skin of O. volvulus microfilaria in skin, the parasite that causes river blindness. Secondary purposes are to determine the effectiveness of moxidectin compared to ivermectin once or twice a year in maintaining undetectable levels, or reducing levels, of skin microfilaria.

A Study to Look at the Effect MEDI0382 Has on Blood Sugar in People With Type 2 Diabetes and Kidney Problems and Also to Check That MEDI0382 is Well Tolerated

A study to look at the effect MEDI0382 has on blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes and kidney problems and also to check that MEDI0382 is well tolerated.

IIaprazole for the Treatment and Prevention of Peptic Ulcer Bleeding in Chinese Patients

The purpose of this study is to compare the efficacy and safety of ilaprazole and omeprazole in the treatment and prevention of peptic ulcer bleeding. Patients with endoscopically diagnosed peptic ulcer bleeding were enrolled in a randomized, double-blind, parallel and positive-controlled trial. They were randomly assigned into two groups, ilaprazole and omeprazole, to be treated for up to 30 days and be seen at day 3, 4, 7, 14 and 30. The primary endpoint was the hemostasis ra...

Digital Self-help Support for Lifestyle Behavior Changes Among Primary Care Outpatients With Mental Health Problems

All patients, who have booked a first appointment with a psychologist or counselor at two primary care clinics, are asked to fill out a lifestyle screening questionnaire within the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. Up to 150 patients will be screened. The patients who have filled out the first screening and given informed consent are randomized to either Group A: A digital health check-up, with more questions and brief feedback; or Group B: Treatment as usual. The ...

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