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Hemodynamic Monitoring of Newborn Infants With Impedance Cardiography Versus Echocardiography; a Validation Study

Background: Impedance cardiography (ICG) is a noninvasive method for continuous left cardiac output monitoring based on measurement of thoracic electrical bioimpedance. The objective of this study is to validate an ICG device by investigating the agreement in cardiac output (CO; left ventricular output x heart rate) measurements performed by ICG and echocardiography. The ICG device (PhysioFlow) has a new filter technology reducing signal noise and enabling measurements i...

Cognitive Training in Patients With MCI Using fMRI

The current project aims to investigate the efficacy of the visual imaging training (VIT) and alphabet search training in comparison to an active control intervention, namely psychoeducation information (PI) using fMRI in patients with amnestic mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and healthy elderly controls (HE). MCI patients will be grouped according to biomarkers (PET PIB, PET FDG and liquor).

Effectiveness of Domperidone to Increase Breastmilk Supply in Mothers With Low Supply

This study is testing if a medication called domperidone will help women produce more milk so that they can keep breastfeeding and not use formula. The study is also testing what dose of domperidone works best to increase breast milk production.

Advance Supply of Emergency Contraception Compared to Routine Postpartum Care in Teens

This is a pilot randomized controlled trial to asses the effects of advanced supply of emergency contraception versus routine care in a teen postpartum population. The goals are to assess feasibility of recruiting and retaining postpartum teens; to obtain estimates of the prevalence of (use of Plan B, primary contraceptive continuation, unprotected intercourse exposure, and pregnancy rates), in postpartum teens given advanced supply of Plan B; to assess whether or not (lack of...

Vital Signs Changes During Dental Procedures

The study will evaluate the vital signs changes during 3 different dental procedures performed for the same patient by the same dentist. The patients will be selected randomly and should all be healthy adults. The aim is to look for any significant changes in the major vital signs (heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, peripheral capillary oxygen saturation (SpO2) and body temperature) during specified dental procedures (scaling, simple restoration, and simple ex...

Post-Marketing Surveillance of Humira in Korean Pediatric Crohn's Disease (CD) Patients Under the "New-Drug Re-examination"

This study is a non-interventional, observational study of Humira® in the treatment of pediatric CD as per the New Drug Re-examination Guideline in Korea. This study will be conducted in institutions which provide a written agreement to AbbVie Korea, and where the use of Humira® for pediatric CD is following their normal medical practice setting. Pediatric patients who are prescribed Humira® as per physician's medical judgment in accordance with the approved Summary of Produ...

Virtual Reality Exercise on the Intensive Care Unit in Heart Patients

This project proposes the development and design of a motor intervention using a cognitive video game and describes the feasibility, safety and acceptability of virtual augmented video gaming device named Virtual Reality on the Intensive Care Unit (VRICU). The project in two phases is performed in healthy participants (Phase 1) and heart patients after elective heart surgery on the Intensive Care Unit (Phase 2). Furthermore, brain function will be measured during exer-gaming w...

Cirrhosis Care Alberta (CCAB): A Pragmatic Type II Hybrid Effectiveness Implementation Trial

Liver cirrhosis is the leading cause of morbidity and premature mortality in patients with digestive disease. There are many gaps in care which contribute to a high rate of hospital readmissions (44 percent at 90 days) and inadequate quality of care. Currently, there is a lack of structured processes to initiate best practice support for medical and broader health needs of high risk patients. The cirrhosis care Alberta program (CCAB) is a 3 year multi-component quality improve...

Patient-Centred Care for Warfarin Management: A Pilot Study to Transition Care to High Risk Patients

Warfarin remains the only oral anticoagulant effective in preventing stroke and valve thrombi for patients having mechanical heart valves (MHVs). Within Edmonton, Alberta, our pharmacist-directed and staffed Anticoagulation Clinic (AC) is referred all MHVs implanted, and now has ~450 active patients. The AC mandate is to work with patients to ensure they have a thorough understanding of their warfarin therapy and the factors that may impact its control. In European countries pa...

Discount Generic Prescription Study

The goal of this study is to learn about the factors that influence people to take part in discount generic prescription programs. The primary objective of this study is to identify the factors associated with awareness and utilization of discount generic prescription programs and how two low-income populations in Houston utilize the $4 for a 30-day supply or $10 for a 90-day supply, Generic Prescriptions Program offered by Kroger, Randalls, Target, Walmart, HEB, CVS, and Walg...

Multicentric Prospective Validation of the Zurich Pituitary Score

Predictive analytics for GTR, EOR and RV are useful in surgical decision-making, particularly whenever there is no unequivocal indication for surgery. Several factors have been shown to have a role in predicting GTR. Among these, the Knosp classification has proven over the years to be a good predictor of GTR. The score is based on the lateral extension of the adenoma in relation the the intracranial bedding of the internal carotid artery. However, recent literature has demonst...

Validation Study of Neuropathic Pain

This study seeks to validate clinically evoked or obtained objective pain signs with the patient's corresponding quantified subjective pain symptoms. This will allow for validation of objective clinical pain signs to then be used to begin to classify patients with pain based on symptoms and signs. This then can be used as a basis for further study of neuropathic pain mechanisms in human patients.

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Evaluation of Heart Failure Treatment Guided by NTproBNP vs Clinical Symptoms and Signs Alone

The purpose is to study if HF treatment guided by NTproBNP in addition to clinical symptoms and signs is more effective than treatment guided by clinical symptoms and signs alone in patients with HF and left ventricular systolic dysfunction

Vital Sign Comparison Between Lifelight and Standard of Care - Development

Patients and volunteers both with and without medical problems will be recruited; vital sign measurements are taken twice with normal equipment and while recording video data at the same time. The data collected will allow the Artificial Intelligence to develop the LifeLight algorithm to to improve measurement accuracy of its video data based vital signs monitor.

CUP Certolizumab Pegol (CDP-870) in Adults Suffering From Crohn's Disease (CD)

The objective of this program is to allow treating physicians to supply/continue to supply Certolizumab Pegol (CIMZIA®, CZP) to adults suffering from Crohn's Disease (CD), and who are considered not suitable for treatment, intolerant, have medical contraindications or had insufficient response with an authorized conventional therapy, including other authorized biologics.

A Study to Assess Regadenoson Administration Following an Inadequate Exercise Stress Test as Compared to Regadenoson Alone for Myocardial Perfusion Imaging (MPI) Using Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT)

The purpose of this study is to demonstrate that the strength of agreement between single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) imaging with regadenoson following inadequate exercise stress testing and SPECT imaging with regadenoson alone is not inferior to the strength of agreement between two sequential regadenoson SPECT images without exercise.

Use of Modafinil in the Treatment of Tinnitus

A study on the effects of the FDA approved drug Modafinil upon attention problems associated with tinnitus. This is considered to be a safe drug with few side effects. Each subject will be asked to participate in 3 sessions each lasting approximately 1 hour in which cognitive testing and recordings will be taken. The study involves each subject taking a 2- week supply of Modafinil and a 2- week supply of placebo. We hypothesize inattention related to thalamocortical dysrhythmia...

Non-invasive Measurement of Neonatal Central and Peripheral Hemodynamics

Non-invasively neonatal cardiac output can be measured by multiple methods, but the gold standard still remains conventional echocardiography. It is accurate, but needs a long training for new users to assess cardiac function. Continuous-wave Doppler ultrasound monitor USCOM is a relatively new monitor which can perform faster and less complex cardiac function measurement, also it is easier for the operator to get trained. The aim of the study is to assess the level of agreemen...

Preventing UTIs in Chronic Neurogenic Bladder Dysfunction (Mix Methods)

Due to the damage caused to the spinal cord, patients with spinal cord injury, cauda equina syndrome, multiple sclerosis and transverse myelitis may encounter loss of bladder function, which in turn can lead to a debilitating and costly complication: Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs). Given that these patients with loss of bladder function do not normally feel symptoms like pain - as would be the case in otherwise healthy persons - there is no clear agreement among experts on whi...

Interpretation of Endoscopic Characteristics of Colorectal Polyps With Blue Light Imaging

Interpretation of endoscopic characteristics of colorectal polyps with Blue Light Imaging A study of BLI images and videos of colorectal polyps will be presented initially as a training set followed by with explanation and teaching in a didactic session to two separate groups. A post-test will be conducted to look at the quality of the learning experience. To evaluate the teaching tool regarding the criteria for BLI images of colorectal polyps by the following measures ...

Xbox in the Rehabilitation of Chronic Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury is an extremely common disease, it counts 50.000 deaths and 235.000 hospitalizations every year. Functional consequences of an acquired brain injury have a considerable impact on quality of lives of patients and care-givers with direct effects on balance, mobility and on psycho-social functions. Attention deficits are one of the most frequent and disabling consequences of severe brain injury. Within the wide spectrum of attentive problems, patients with t...

A Study of Low-Dose Decitabine in Relapsed or Refractory Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL)

The goal of this clinical research study is to find the safety of decitabine in patients with acute lymphocytic leukemia. Upon agreement of the patient, additional blood and bone marrow samples to be used to evaluate the effect of the treatment on leukemic cells. Also, with agreement of the patient, any leftover blood and bone marrow samples that are collected at the start of the study and during the regularly scheduled evaluations to be sent for research studies. The research ...

Effect of Lifitegrast on Dry Eye Disease Signs and Symptoms

To determine whether a fall in tear osmolarity precedes improvement in symptoms and signs of dry eye in dry eye patients treated topically with 5% lifitegrast drops for 3 months.

Comparing Performance of Simplified Mid-Upper Arm Circumference Devices ("Click-MUACs") to Detect Acute Malnutrition

The Click-Mid-Upper Arm Circumference study aims to describe and compare the performance of a set of three simplified mid-upper arm circumference classification devices ("Click-MUAC") for use by mothers and caregivers to screen for acute malnutrition in young children. The study will be conducted in Isiolo County, Kenya. The study builds on the recent approach of training mothers to screen for acute malnutrition in their own children (mother MUAC approach). The primary a...

Quantitative Assessment of Blood Supply in the Gastic Conduit With Fluorescence Angiography for Esophageal Reconstruction

A single-institution, randomize controlled trial is to be held to evaluate the correlation between blood supply in the gastic conduit and the incidence of anastomotic fistula during radical operation for esophageal squamous cell carcinoma by fluorescence angiography.

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