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Variation of Genes Controlling Carbohydrate and Lipid Metabolism

Aim of the study is to investigate genes regulating glucose and lipid metabolism in subjects whose glucose metabolism, lipid metabolism, blood flow, or body fat distribution has been measured using positron emission tomography (PET), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) or computed tomography (CT) as part of their previous participation in clinical trials conducted at Turku PET Centre. By combining information from PET, MRI, CT, proteomics, m...

Goji Berries and Energy Expenditure

Effects of foods or food substances on energy expenditure are of particular interest, because of the increasing prevalence of obesity and its consequent metabolic diseases like type II diabetes and fatty liver disease, all risk factors for the development of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). Recently, the Goji berry (Lycium Barbarum, wolfberry) was introduced into the Western diet. L. Barbarum originates from Asia, where it is used to improve the health of several organs. Althoug...

Effects of Interrupting Sedentary Time on Glycemic Control in Older Overweight and Obese Adults

Increasing physical activity in older adults has important implications for treating obesity related metabolic conditions, however the interaction of aging- and obesity-related declines in physical function may make adding structured exercise particularly challenging for this group. Given these challenges, an alternative prescription to traditional structured exercise, may be short bouts of intermittent walking scattered throughout the day - this may be an effective strategy t...

Effects of Berry Peel Intake on Glucose Metabolism in Healthy Subjects

The main objective of this study is to investigate the effect of a 4-weeks intake of berry peel powder on fasting and postprandial glucose metabolism and inflammatory markers. The berry peel product will be compared with a placebo in a single-blind, cross-over design. Furthermore, inflammation-related peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) genes expression, appetite and cognitive performance will be included as a pilot study. Investigators hypothesize that long-term consump...

Clinical Trial of Anti-oxidant Astaxanthin in Insulin-resistant Subjects

Astaxanthin is a natural compound, present in many foodstuffs and available as a nutritional supplement that has been shown to have beneficial effects on many of the features of insulin resistance/glucose intolerance, at least in animals. The goal of this project is to provide a validation of astaxanthin effects on metabolic regulation in humans and their mechanism(s) of action, to determine if astaxanthin could have any value as a "neutraceutical" to help improve regulation of...

Intermittent Fasting for Metabolic Health, Does Meal Timing Matter?

Obesity is a serious medical condition, the adverse consequences of which include increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, reduced fertility and cancer. The economic cost of obesity was placed at $58 billion dollars in Australia in 2008. Studies in mice and non-human primates have shown that moderate caloric restriction (CR) increases lifespan and reduces the incidence of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes. Reduced risk of chronic diseases i...

Peripheral Metabolic Effects of Somatostatin

The aim of this study is to investigate peripheral effects of Somatostatin on glucose metabolism and growth hormone (GH) signalling in healthy men. Eight subjects will be enrolled. The hypothesis is that Somatostatin infusion reverses insulin resistance caused by GH.

Treatment of Adiposity Related hypErTension (TARGET)

High blood pressure (hypertension) is an important cause of myocardial infarction and stroke. High blood pressure often occurs in people who are overweight. These people frequently also have abnormal fat and sugar metabolism. The combination of these problems is called the 'metabolic syndrome'. People with hypertension and obesity currently receive the same drug therapy as people with hypertension, but without obesity. Different classes of drugs are thought to be equally ...

Effects of Prolonged Fasting on Microbiome and HDL

Participants will undergo one day of habitual eating followed by 36 hours of water only fasting and final day of habitual eating of the exact same diet consumed on the first eating day. Blood draws will be performed on Day 1 in a 10-12 hr fasted state and 2 hour postprandial state and again on Day 3 in a 36hr fasted state and a 2 hour post prandial state. Microbiome samples and blood glucose data will be collected throughout the course of the study.

Comparation of Berberine and Metformin for the Treatment for MS in Schizophrenia Patients

Berberine is an isoquinoline alkaloid extracted from medicinal herbs, has been demonstrated to produce beneficial effects on diabetes and hyperlipidemia, fewer study reported its modification on lipid metabolism in schizophrenia. Metformin, have been used for metabolic abnormalities in schizophrenia, findings from these studies indicated that they did have some effect,which are still in experimental stage.This study is aim to comparation the efficacy and safety of berberine and...

Metabolic Abnormalities - OPT

The purpose of this study is to determine if patients suffering from Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, or Bipolar I Disorder who present with metabolic syndrome will have a larger decrease of fasting non-HDL cholesterol levels by taking aripiprazole tablets than by remaining on their current atypical antipsychotic treatment

Vitamin D Treatment, Pharmacogenetics and Glucose Metabolism

Background: Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is as common as 5-10% of all women in Austria. PCOS women frequently present with metabolic disturbances, hyperandrogenism and infertility. New therapy concepts are warranted. In our recent pilot study, vitamin D (vitD) supplementation significantly improved glucose metabolism and fertility. However, the efficacy of vitD administration shows individual variability indicating endogenous influences on pharmacological effects. A ...

Effects of Deepure(Pu-erh Tea Extract) on Glycemic Control

This is a randomized, controlled, cross-over study on the effects of consumption of Deepure puerh tea extract (PTE) on glucose tolerance and metabolic markers.

Effects of Chronic Insomnia on the Neuroendocrine Regulation of Glucose and Lipid Metabolism

We aim to assess the influence of chronic insomnia on the neuroendocrine regulation of the glucose and lipid metabolism to more clearly define the metabolic derangements associated with chronic insomnia and to prove that chronic insomnia is associated with increased levels of stress hormones, cytokines and impaired insulin sensitivity.

Vitamin D for Muscle Metabolic Function in Cancer Cachexia

The proposed study is aimed at examining mitochondrial function as a potential target of action of vitamin D on muscle metabolism, size, and strength in preventing the progression of cachexia. This is the first clinical trial designed to understand the effects of vitamin D on muscle metabolic dynamics driving dysfunction in cachectic muscle. Our preliminary data suggest that vitamin D promotes lipid partitioning and muscle metabolic function, which the investigators hypothesize...

Continuous Tart Cherry Juice Supplementation With Metabolic Syndrome Participants

The present study examined the effect of Montmorency tart cherry juice on functional and blood-based cardio-metabolic markers in humans with Metabolic Syndrome. Participants consumed Montmorency tart cherry juice or a placebo beverage continuously for 7 days in a randomised, crossover trial. Outcome variables were measured immediately prior to supplementation and post-supplementation. Furthermore, on the 7th day of supplementation outcome variables were measured pre- and up to ...

Whey Protein Support to Metabolic and Performance Adaptations in Response HIIT

High intensity interval training (HIIT) has recently emerged as a time efficient alternative to conventional endurance exercise, conferring similar or superior benefits in terms of metabolic and performance adaptations in both athletic and non-athletic populations. Some of these physiological adaptations include augmented mitochondrial biogenesis and improved substrate metabolism in peripheral tissues such as skeletal muscle. However, nutritional strategies to optimise the adap...

Improving Glucose and Lipid Metabolism Through Caloric Restriction Using Diet or Surgery (CRUDOS)

In this explorative randomized clinical study, the investigators aim to study metabolic, cellular, and molecular changes that occur during weight loss in obese subjects with and without type 2 diabetes. Using novel "imiomics" (imaging technique using PET/MR bioinformatics) analyses to examine possible metabolic differences between energy restricted diet and gastric by-pass surgery on whole-body and tissue specific insulin sensitivity, glucose tolerance, metabolite and protein p...

Sitagliptin Prophylaxis for Glucocorticoid-Induced Impairment of Glucose Metabolism in Males With the Metabolic Syndrome

The investigators will assess whether the DPP-inhibitor sitagliptin will ameliorate glucocorticoid-induced impairment of glucose metabolism and beta-cell dysfunction and thus could be used as a prophylaxis for glucocorticoid-induced diabetes. Therefore the investigators will administer in males with the metabolic syndrome 30 mg prednisolone daily for two weeks and give simultaneously sitagliptin 100 mg daily. Subjects will undergo at baseline and after two weeks of treatment se...

The Effects of Acute Weight Gain and Acute Calorie Deprivation on Marrow Adipose Tissue

Marrow adipocytes have been identified as a component of the bone marrow micro-environment. Evidence exists suggesting that marrow fat plays an important physiologic role in both bone mineral and energy metabolism in humans. The investigators will study the effects of acute weight gain and acute nutritional deprivation on energy homeostasis and bone mineral metabolism by examining marrow adiposity, peripheral fat depots and bone microarchitecture. The study will include two ...

Metabolic Effects of Enfuvirtide in Healthy Volunteers

The metabolic effects of T-20 are not completely known, since the drug is used in combination with other antiretroviral agents. A short-term study in healthy volunteers, with a double-blind crossover design vs. placebo will illustrate if there may be some direct metabolic effects without the influence of HIV infection and the concurrent use of other drugs.

Effect of Exercise and Omega-3 on Metabolic Health in Elderly

The aim of this project is to investigate in elderly women, the effect of combined aerobic and resistive training and concomitant supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids on adipogenesis, metabolic functions and pro-inflammatory status of adipose tissue and on systemic metabolic profile.

Effect of Apple and Apple Pomace on Inflammation and Cholesterol Metabolism in Healthy Overweight

The investigators will assess the protective and antiinflammatory effects of processed fruit and fruit fibre in overweight subjects with signs of metabolic syndrome. A single-blinded parallel study is conducted to investigate the protective effects of fruit fibre on colonic epithelium. Relevant signalling pathways related to cholesterol metabolism, vascular inflammation, oxidative defence, apoptosis and sterol metabolism will be targeted. Volunteers are randomly assigned one of...

Study to Assess Antioxidant Efficacy of Spirulina on oxLDL and Lipids Metabolism on Subjects With Metabolic Syndrome

The purpose of this pilot study is to assess the beneficial effect of a spirulina water extract (product named Spirulysat®) compared to a placebo in the blood level ratio of oxidized LDL / total LDL cholesterol in subjects with metabolic syndrome after 12 weeks of consumption

Peripheral Metabolic Effects of Ghrelin

The aim of this study is to investigate putative peripheral effects of ghrelin on glucose and lipid metabolism in healthy men. Eight subjects will be enrolled. The hypothesis is that ghrelin infusion causes insulin resistance and lipolysis.

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