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Deep Brain Stimulation for Treatment Refractory PTSD

This is a phase I, non-blinded, non-randomized, pilot trial for safety and efficacy of deep brain stimulation for PTSD. A substantial number of individuals continue to experience PTSD symptoms despite appropriate medical treatment. In psychotherapy-based studies, over 30% of patients that completed a full course of treatment continue to meet criteria for PTSD. Response rates to treatment with SSRIs are usually no higher than 60%. This study would be the first exploration of a s...

Digital Colposcopy in Finding Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia

RATIONALE: Diagnostic procedures, such as digital colposcopy, may help doctors find and diagnose cervical intraepithelial neoplasia. PURPOSE: This clinical trial is studying digital colposcopy to see how well it works in finding cervical intraepithelial neoplasia.

Ketamine Infusion in Neurologic Deficit

Subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) or bleeding in the brain as a result of ruptured aneurysm is a devastating type of stroke. Many patients who undergo emergent neurosurgery to repair the aneurysm and remove the bleeding suffer from complications in their subsequent hospital stay, the most frequent and morbid of which is delayed cerebral ischemia (DCI) or small strokes resulting from impaired blood flow to certain vital brain centers. This occurs because of changes to the brain's bl...

Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Temozolomide in Subjects With Brain Metastases of Either Malignant Melanoma, Breast, or Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (P02064)(COMPLETED)

The study implies a 2 step study design. Patients are enrolled into 3 separate groups for melanoma, breast, and non-small cell lung cancer. In the first step, 21 patients per disease group are enrolled. If >=2 objective responses (SD, PR, or CR) out of 21 evaluable patients are observed, enrollment continues for other 45 patients as a whole, where response will be positively evaluated if >=10 patients will respond. If

Diltiazem Gel Versus Nitroglycerin Ointment in Healing Process of Scleroderma Digital Ulcers

Digital ulcers are one of the most prevalent complications of scleroderma (systemic sclerosis). There can be found few surveys on effect of topical agents on healing process of the ulcers. Thus, the aim of this study is to assess and compare the effects of topical diltiazem on SSc digital ulcers versus topical nitroglycerin.

Impact Of Digital Photography & Conventional Method On The Accuracy Of Shade Matching In The Esthetic Zone

The aim of this study: Is to evaluate the accuracy of digital photography in optimizing shade matching when compared to conventional method of shade selection.

TRPV2 Agonists in the Fontan Circulation

There are currently very few proven pharmacologic options available for these patients. The recent discovery of transient receptor potential vanilloid (TRPV) channels, particularly TRPV2 channels, in the cardiovascular system is promising as a potential pathway for pharmacologic intervention for Fontan patients. Probenecid, a drug best known as a treatment for gout or as a penicillin adjunct, acts as a TRPV2 agonist and has recently become the subject of study as a model therap...

The Effect of Mindfulness on Cognition and Emotion Following Acquired Brain Injury

Can mindfulness help with attention and emotion difficulties after a brain injury? People who have a brain injury often have problems with their attention and emotions. This study will see if a short mindfulness task can help with these problems. So far, there are not many studies looking at this and those that do show mixed results. When being mindful someone is aware of their attention and focuses on the present moment without passing judgement. This study focuses on over-se...

Research in the Development of a New Type of Digital Dermatoscope for Skin Cancer

This is a multicenter prospective observational clinical investigation with a medical device. The purpose of this study is to develop and validate of a new type of digital dermatoscope with automatic decision support algorithms. By means of this study a better insight can be gained of the current performance and workflow in clinical dermatoscopy. This knowledge will be used to further improve the developed technology.

Simplifying the World Health Organization (WHO) Protocol for Hand Hygiene: Three Steps and 15 Seconds

This study is to investigate that non-inferiority in terms of reduction of bacterial counts will be retained when combining the simpler three-step technique for the use of hand rub with a shorter application time of 15 seconds.

Vitamin D3 in Sensory Recovery After Digital NERVe Suture (D3NERV).

Digital nerve injuries are frequent in a FESUM center (Federation Européenne des Services d'Urgences Mains), and they need to be repaired in order to reduce the risk of hypoesthesia and to prevent painful neuroma. Several animal studies have shown that Cholecalciferol improves axonal nerve regeneration and myelination. No study has ever been done on human subjects to evaluate the nerve regeneration after Cholecalciferol supplementation. Our hypothesis is that Cholecalciferol ...

Abbreviated Breast MRI and Digital Tomosynthesis Mammography in Screening Women With Dense Breasts

This randomized phase II trial studies how well abbreviated breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and digital tomosynthesis mammography work in detecting cancer in women with dense breast. Abbreviated breast MRI is a low cost procedure in which radio waves and a powerful magnet linked to a computer and used to create detailed pictures of the breast in less than 10 minutes. These pictures can show the difference between normal and diseased tissue. Digital tomosynthesis mammogr...

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Preference Study

Mammography remains the current standard in the detection of breast cancer. However, conventional two-view mammography will not detect all cancers. The major limiting factor of conventional mammography is the presence of superimposed breast tissue that can obscure clinically significant lesions. It is this limitation that decreases the sensitivity of mammography and leads to false negative results. The recent development of digital detectors has allowed imaging technologies...

The Validity and Reliability of the Four Square Step Test

This study will evaluate concurrent and discriminative validity, reliability and level of agreement between the Timed Up & Go test and the four square step test in typically developed children.

Digital Action Plan for Asthma Attacks

It is recommended that patients with asthma owned a written action plan which must include the names, doses and dosing of the treatment they should take when acute respiratory symptoms occur. Current written action plans must be short to be readily used (1 page) and, therefore, cannot fit all acute situations. Moreover, they may not be available where and when required. The investigators sought that a digital action plan, available through Smartphone or tablet com...

A Trial to Explore Acceptance and Performance of Using a Digital Medicine System With Healthcare Professionals and Adults With Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, or First Episode Psychosis on an Oral Atypical Antipsychotic

Digital medicine systems (DMS) have been designed to assist individuals with the management of their daily health, wellness, and medication use. The DMS is being developed as a healthcare management tool to precisely measure medication adherence, and to potentially enhance adherence.

Digital Versus Analog Pleural Drainage Following Pulmonary Resection

This study will evaluate the impact of continuous, digital pulmonary air leak monitoring on the duration of pleural drainage after lung resection in patients with and without a pulmonary air leak on postoperative day 1. Patients undergoing pulmonary resection who fit the inclusion criteria will be identified pre-operatively. Patients within two groups (air leak and no air leak) will be randomized to receive either the analogue system or the digital system. Both systems are app...

Patients Empowered With Digital Scripts: ScalaMed

A prospective qualitative and quantitative controlled study, exploring the impact of patient centred digital prescriptions on health, in patients with chronic health conditions.

Using Neuroscience to Optimize Digital Health Interventions Across Adulthood

The goal of this study is to investigate the extent to which brain imaging data predict health behavior change, compared to participant self-reports.

Effects of a Structured Digital Osteoarthritis Self-management Program After 6 Months of Adherence

This is a study based on a cohort in a register of patients enrolled in a digital osteoarthritis self-management program, Joint Academy. The purpose of this study is to examine joint pain and the potential change of this pain, in patients with long-term adherence to a digital self-management program for individuals with knee- and hip osteoarthritis. The hypothesis, based on preliminary findings is that pain levels of those adhering to the program, decreases over time. To test t...

Light Treatment for Scleroderma Finger Ulcers

Digital (finger) ulcers are common in patients with systemic sclerosis (SSc) and causes much pain and affects how patients use their hands. Our current treatments for digital ulcers are often not effective and have may have significant side effects (because they increase blood flow to the ulcer to try and help healing). Light-based treatment has been successfully used to treat chronic diabetic, pressure and venous ulcers. The investigators wish to investigate whether light-ba...

Efficacy of Digital Noise Reduction Strategies: A Hearing Aid Trial

The purpose of this study is to see if noise reduction programs in digital hearing aids help patients hear better than hearing aids without these programs. We also want to know if we can predict how successful patients will be with hearing aids.

Measurement of Digital Colposcopy for Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia

The overall objective of this study is to identify potential improvements for a noninvasive method of diagnosing dysplasia and neoplasia in the cervix using digital colposcopy for colposcopy for fluorescence spectroscopy. Other Objectives: - To measure digital fluorescence and reflectance images in vivo of sites in the human cervix. - To evaluate the effect of acetic acid in the image contrast obtained. - Compare the device performance to colposcop...

Effects of Digital Vaginal Examination During Labor on Pain, Anxiety and Psychological Distress

Digital vaginal examination is the most common method for assessing progress of labor and delivery. Considering it is the most common intervention women receive during course of labor, evidence for psychological effects of digital vaginal examination on women is surprisingly sparse. Reducing the number of vaginal examination during labor has been proposed by many authors as benefit of more vaginal examination is unclear. However this is unlikely to happen until more research on...

Transthecal Metacarpal Block Versus Traditional Digital Block for Painful Finger Procedures in Children

The purpose of this study is to determine if the transthecal metacarpal block is superior to the traditional digital block for regional digital anesthesia in children.

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