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Wednesday 10th July 2019

Evaluation of the Triage Risk Screening Tool

This study tried to describe diagnostic properties of TRST completed by an emergency doctor, for screening process for fragility of elderly subjects admitted at the accident and emergency department.

Emergency Department Connection to Care With Buprenorphine for Opioid Use Disorder

The purpose of this study is to learn what resources are needed to improve outcomes for patients with opioid use disorder. The study will look at how patients engage in treatment and the decisions that patients and providers make regarding treatment, specifically buprenorphine treatment, for opioid use disorder. The aims of this study are: 1. To evaluate using mixed methods the feasibility and acceptability of OUD screening, ED-initiated BUP, and referral. ...

OCT Technology Development to Assess Ocular Integrity and Characterize Ocular Integrity and Intraocular Scatterers

The purpose of this study is to develop and demonstrate new technologies that will enable a non-contact, compact eye imaging system based on OCT to assist an early responder in acute care settings (like an emergency room) to help assess eye trauma and inflammation (swelling inside the eye).

Prestoma-Trial for Parastomal Hernia Prevention

Prestoma Trial is designed to compare the safety and efficiency of three different meshes and techniques to prevent parastomal hernia after laparoscopic or robotic-assisted abdominoperineal resection for rectal adenocarcinoma.

Video-assisted Telephone CPR With the EmergencyEye-Software - a Pilot Study

Technical advance as broad-bandwidth wireless internet coverage and the ubiquity utilization of smartphones has opened up new possibilities which surpass the normal audio-only telephony. High quality and real-time video-telephony is now feasible. However until now this technology hasn't been deployed in the emergency respond service. In the hope of helping the detection of the cardiac arrest, offer the possibility to evaluate and correct via a video-instructed CPR (V-CPR) and ...

The Use of Hospital and Emergency Department of Refugee Patients

After Middle Eastern crisis, millions people were forced to migrate to European countries and especially neighboring countries. In Turkey, cities which are closed to east of border, face to cope more refugees' health care than those of other cities. The incidence of admission of hospital outpatient clinics and emergency department by refugee patients is not known clearly in our city, Nevsehir. In this study, we wanted to investigate use of health care among these patients in Ne...

Capsule Endoscopy for HEmorrhage in the ER

This is a multi-center randomized controlled trial examining the use of Video Capsule Endoscopy (VCE) to discharge low-moderate risk patients with suspected upper gastrointestinal bleeds (UGIB) from the Emergency Department (ED.) We will enroll 100 subjects at 4 sites who present with signs of hemodynamically stable UGIBs and compare VCE risk assessment to an Active Control (AC) group who receive inpatient upper endoscopy (EGD).

The German Version of the Awareness of Social Inference Test

Goal of the current project is the development of a German-language test battery for a realistic investigation of core areas of social issues Cognition (emotion, perspective taking). This test battery should be used in the investigation of patients with neuropsychological disorders. Investigators plan to establish a German-version of the TASIT that is more sensitive and shorter in administration than the original TASIT.

High-flow Nasal Cannula Oxygen Therapy With the Chest Trauma Patients

This prospective randomized controlled study was conducted in the emergency intensive care units (EICU) of the second affiliated hospital Zhejiang university school of medicine, a large tertiary university hospital in HangZhou, China.The aim of this randomized study was to compare the effectiveness of high-flow nasal cannula with conventional oxygen therapy in ICU patients with blunt thoracic injury.

Effect of Banning Menthol Flavorant on Cigarette and E-Cigarette Use

In this pilot study, menthol cigarette smokers will be randomized to one of three experimental marketplaces: 1) a condition simulating a ban on menthol cigarettes but not menthol e-cigarettes (condition A); 2) a condition simulating a ban on both menthol cigarettes and menthol e-cigarettes (Condition B); and 3) a condition in which menthol is not banned for either product (Condition C - the control condition). All conditions would have medicinal nicotine available if subjects d...

Brief Interventions With Text Messaging to Reduce Adolescent Alcohol and Marijuana Use

This study tests the feasibility of an intervention to prevent risky alcohol or marijuana use that adds a 4-week course of tailored text messaging to a brief motivational intervention for 13-18-year-old adolescents.

The Effects of the Novel "Step Up Your Game" Program on Men's Lacrosse

For the purpose of this pilot study, the investigators hypothesize that the use of the Step Up Your Game protocol will result in statistically significant improvements in health and athletic performance. The key to this is the coordination of resources from a supervising physician, physical therapist, trainer, dietitian, coach, competitor, role model, psychologist, and spiritual leader. Notably, Step Up Your Game provides resources which would allow patients to find or be their...

Misoprostol Versus Active Management of Labour in CS

Several treatment strategies are emplemented to prevent post delivery hemorage and decreasing maternal morbidity and mortality .

Evaluation of Effectiveness of Blue Code Team After In-hospital Cardiopulmonary Arrest

This study aimed to retrospectively examine patients evaluated by the Code Blue team on a Code Blue call in our hospital between 2016-2017. Primary outcome: an examination of the survival rates and demographic data of the patients evaluated as an emergency by a Code Blue call in the period 2016-2017. Secondary outcome: to determine the rates of false Code Blue calls, the clinics giving Code Blue calls and the relationship between the times of Code Blue calls and mortality.

Rapid Agitation Control With Ketamine in the Emergency Department

Compare intramuscular (IM) ketamine to a combination of IM midazolam and haloperidol with regards to the time required for adequate behavioral control, in minutes, in patients presenting to the emergency department with psychomotor agitation and violent behavior.

The Effective Ways of Recruiting Lapsed Blood Donors: a Stratified Randomized Study

Blood donor retention is a critical strategy to ensure the safety and sufficiency of clinical blood supply. An effective strategy can prevent donors from lapsing and eventually becoming inactive.

Safety, Tolerability, and Immunogenicity of VAL-181388 in Healthy Subjects

This clinical study will assess the safety, tolerability, and immunogenicity of VAL-181388 in healthy subjects.

Use of Prothrombin Complex Concentrate in Patients Admitted in Emergency Care Units for Severe Bleeding While Receiving Oral Anticoagulants

The study is assessing the impact of an expert eCRF on the management of severe bleeding in the administration of Prothrombin Complex Concentrate in patients treated with oral anticoagulants and adherence to recommendations or experts' consensus

A Comparison of Non-invasive Ventilation Methods Used to Prevent Endotracheal Intubation Due to Apnea in Very Low Birth Weight Infants

The purpose of this study is to determine whether nasal intermittent positive pressure ventilation (NIPPV) reduces the need for endotracheal intubation in very low birth weight infants with persistent apnea who fail nasal continuous positive airway pressure (NCPAP).

Glycemic Response of Sorghum

Given the interest in gluten-free foods and discovering dietary means to prevent metabolic disorders, this study was designed to determine the glycemic responses of four (4) grains and flours (corn, rice, wheat, and sorghum). The grain products (gruel) will be eaten by subjects and blood glucose will be collected prior to and after eating over the course of two hours. A dextrose solution, dosed to provide a like amount of available carbohydrate, will serve as the control treatm...

Tobacco Control-Related Policy Survey

Aim: to collect further information on issues related to tobacco control which should be addressed and advocated in further tobacco control measures in Hong Kong The objectives of this policy-related survey are as follows: 1. to update information on trends and prevalence of secondhand smoke, smoking attributable health effects, cessation services, and e-cigarette; 2. to investigate the level of public support on current and future tobacco control measure...

Opportunities in Outpatient Care

The purpose of this research study is to determine whether there are things that Intermountain can do to break down barriers to helping patients see their primary doctors or other outpatient clinics. To do this we will develop and test a classification scheme to help us understand how we might reduce some avoidable emergency department and InstaCare visits.

The Reported Frequency of FP Visits and Family Difficulties Should Alert FPs and Help Them to Prevent Severe Outcomes in Multimorbid Outpatients

The European General Practitioners Research Network (EGPRN) designed and validated a comprehensive definition of multimorbidity using a systematic literature review and qualitative research throughout Europe. This definition was tested as a model to assess decompensation in multimorbid outpatients. The objective is to assess which criteria in the EGPRN concept of multimorbidity could detect decompensating outpatients in a primary care cohort at a 6-month follow-up and to ...

Use of NAC in Prevention of Hangover Symptoms; Independent Alcohol Consumption Protocol

This is a double-blinded study involving healthy non-alcoholic (self-reported) volunteers over the age of 21. Consent is obtained prior to participation in the study while the participant is sober. Volunteers are recruited from residency programs, hospital employees, emergency medical personnel, and friends of the study investigators. If the volunteers choose to drink, they can participate in the study the night of ingestion of alcohol. There is no amount we ask them to drink, ...

GAPcare Fall Prevention Pilot Survey

GAPcare (Geriatric Acute & Post-acute Care Coordination Program for Fall Prevention) is an early stage investigation that surveys older adults who present to the Emergency Department for any illness to determine the feasibility of an Emergency Department (ED)-based multidisciplinary intervention for preventing recurrent falls in older adults. In this observational study, older adults will be approached during routine clinical care in the ED and asked about prior falls, prior ex...

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