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Trial of Health at Work Workplace Health Intervention

This pilot study will compare workplace health intervention delivered by advisors based in GP practices with normal GP care to assess the usefulness of the concept and its potential for wider use in a larger randomised controlled trial.

The Effect of Workplace Interventions on the Treatment of Low-back Pain

The study evaluates the effect of workplace interventions on work ability promotion among workers with back problems. The half of participant will receive Information, advice and guidance for back problems in addition to participatory workplace actions organized by Occupational Health Physiotherapist. The other half will receive only Information, advice and guidance without workplace intervention.

SFGH Health Advocates Stage II Study

The San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH) Health Advocate Staff II Study is a Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) that collects survey data and non-invasive biological data from caregivers and children visiting a pediatric urgent care center. Families will be randomized according to a pre-determined randomization schedule into one of two social needs-focused interventions (the Health Advocates Program or a 211 Information active comparator arm). All patients in the study will be ...

Surveillance Monitoring for ART Toxicities Study in HIV Uninfected Children Born to HIV Infected Women (SMARTT)

The information we have right now seems to show that for most babies these drugs seem safe and should be used to prevent infection. But no drug is 100% safe and some babies have developed problems. These problems were found in studies like WITS and PACTG 219C. Some babies think or grow more slowly. A few babies have had weak muscles and a few had heart problems. This study will continue to try to find out what these and other problems might be, how often they happen, and i...

Exercise at Workplace for Manual Material Handling Workers

This study aim to evaluate the effectiveness of exercise at workplace for manual material handling workers. This is a randomized control trial study by cluster with three parallel groups (n=200). Participants will be randomized in three groups: (1) control group - will be receive ergonomics orientation . (2) Intervention group - exercise at workplace four times per week, during 15 minutes; (3) Intervention group 2 - exercise at workplace three times per week, during 15 minutes....

Evaluation of Mental Health First Aid From the Perspective of Workplace End Users

This trial will evaluate the effectiveness of Mental Health First Aid in the workplace. Half of the organisations will receive Mental Health First Aid training and half will receive treatment as usual (a brief consultation from Mental health First Aid England on mental health and well-being in the workplace).

Helping Men Have Healthy Babies

Many men living with HIV (MLWH) want to have children. HIV-RNA suppression can minimize sexual HIV transmission risks while allowing for conception. The study will evaluate a safer conception intervention that leverages men's motivations to have healthy babies in order to promote serostatus disclosure and early ART initiation. The intervention is based on the investigators' Safer Conception Conceptual Framework, which considers individual, dyadic, and structural factors that af...

Study for the Employment Retention of Veterans

The Study for Employment Retention of Veterans (SERVe) is a randomized controlled trial, available exclusively to Oregon employers of veterans. It is designed to develop and scientifically evaluate Veteran-supportive supervisor training (VSST) that may enhance retention of veterans, with the goal of improving workplace culture and general well-being to our service members. The intervention, applied to workplace supervisors, will be measured by experience of veterans, assessing ...

Growth and Body Composition in Preterm Infants

Growth is traditionally used as a prognostic measure after admission to a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Quality of neonatal intensive care is one of the factors determining the health and quality of life for those that survive, with the principal objective of increasing disability-free survival. Nowadays, there is some researches showing us that these preterm babies present a different body composition when they achieve term age compared with babies birth at term and thi...

Effect of a Prebiotic on Colic and Crying and Fussing Behaviour in Infants

Colic, or inconsolable crying and fussing, affects around 20% of babies who are 3 months of age or younger. To date, there are no known treatments that have been found to help reduce colic and its symptoms in babies. The investigators would like to see whether a baby formula that contains a prebiotic will lead to the same improvements in babies with colic. The investigators will test this by giving some babies a formula with the prebiotic and other babies a placebo formula.

Occurrence and Trend of Pregnancies Growing Outside the Womb (Ectopic Pregnancy) 2009-2018. A Study on a Defined Group of Persons

In this trial researchers want to learn more about the occurrence of pregnancies growing outside the womb over the last decade (2009-2018) and the potential risk factors associated with pregnancies growing outside the womb. Electronic data in women who were age 15 to 44 years abstracted from health care systems such as electronic health records (EHR), regional claims systems and administrative databases were used to address research questions on ... - occurrence and trends ...

Return to Work After a Workplace-oriented Intervention for Patients on Sick Leave Due to Burnout

The study aims to evaluate the effect on return to work of a workplace intervention with patients being treated for burnout. The intervention intends to reduce job-person mismatch through patient-supervisor communication.The hypothesis is that the intervention group will show a more favourable outcome than a control group with respect to return to work.

Effects of Installing Height-adjustable Workstations on Office Workers Workplace Sitting Time and Productivity

The purpose of this study was to look at the effects that height-adjustable workstations on occupational sitting time and workplace productivity in office workers. Participants workplace activity (sitting, standing and walking) and productivity was measured before the installation of the height-adjustable workstations. Workplace activity and productivity were then measured four weeks after the installation of height-adjustable workstations and four weeks after the removal of he...

Workplace Productivity of Persons Who Use Controlling Behavior With Intimate Partners

The goal of this project is to pilot-test an instrument that is designed to assess the relationship between persons who use controlling behavior with intimate partners, as a risk factor for perpetrating intimate partner violence, and workplace productivity. The goal is to validate a survey instrument that can be applied to other workplace settings to measure productivity losses associated with controlling and aggressive behavior, which will serve to inform the development of w...

Early Caffeine in Preterm Neonates

This is a clinical trial which will investigate whether administration of caffeine, a respiratory stimulant, to preterm babies soon after birth can prevent the need for a breathing tube, or intubation. Many preterm babies who require intubation are intubated soon after birth, often within the first few hours. If caffeine is given early enough and is sufficient to stimulate effective breathing, perhaps these babies may not require intubation. Additionally, caffeine may improve b...

Reducing Contact Centre Call Agents' Sitting Time

The study investigates whether a workplace intervention can encourage highly sedentary contact centre call agents to sit less and move more at work. The effect of the intervention will be assessed at 12 weeks and 9 months. The hypothesis is that the intervention will reduce workplace sitting and increase workplace standing and light walking.

Vitamin D Deficiency Still Growing

Vitamin D deficiency has become one of the most prevalent health problems in modern society. However, there has been no study that has reported the trend of vitamin D status in Asia. This study investigated the trend of vitamin D status in Korea between 2008 and 2014. This study is based on a representative national database acquired from the Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (KNHANES) conducted from 2008 to 2014. Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] level...

Mid-term Effect of a Novel Sit-to-stand Workplace (ACTIVE OFFICE) on Cognitive and Physiological Parameters

Prolonged sitting is a risk factor for cardiovascular and musculoskeletal diseases, diabetes, several types of cancer and all-cause mortality. In combination with static and awkward postures, the prevalence of musculoskeletal diseases can increase further. Although the implementation of sit-to-stand or active workstations can help to reduce sitting time, improve physical activity at work and promote health benefits, it might also lead to changes in cognitive functions such as p...

Workplace-based HIV Self-testing Among Men in Uganda

This study seeks to determine whether workplace delivery of HIV self-testing will lead to an increase in uptake of HIV testing and subsequent linkage to care or prevention services among men in Uganda.

Integration of the Therapeutic Workplace in Drug Court

Drug Courts were developed as a therapeutic alternative to incarceration of drug-involved offenders by providing 'judicially supervised' drug abuse treatment and probation for nonviolent offenders in lieu of criminal prosecution and incarceration. Outcome studies have shown that drug courts have modest effects on participation in drug abuse treatment, drug use, and employment. The Therapeutic Workplace intervention is an effective employment-based treatment that integrates ab...

Yoga@Work Intervention to Reduce Work-related Stress Among Information Technology Workers

Over the last several decades, occupational stress at workplace comprise a major burden. Office based work are more prone to sedentary lifestyle, postural issues, workplace stress, repetitive strain injury, poor employee health. Workplace wellness programs has been very feasible access to employees at their own convenience and need. Yoga@Work Program was developed to suit the need for information technology workers.


Pain, fatigue, and stress lead to decrease on their work performance with biopsychosocial functioning disorders on nurses. This study was conducted to examine the effects of the "Workplace Health Promotion Program" (WHPP) on pain, fatigue, stress, professional quality of life (Pro-QoL) and coping skills for nurses.

Examining Exercise, Health Coaching and Meditation for University Employees

There is evidently great potential in implementing workplace health promotion programs, but more randomized trials are needed to determine which interventions are worksite-effective in helping to decrease inactive behaviors and increase engagement in healthy lifestyle activities. For employers, it could mean improving the health and productivity of employees. For workers, especially those in physically and/or psychologically demanding positions, it could mean developing strengt...

Babies Born Early Antibody Response to Men B Vaccination: BEAR Men B

In the UK, babies receive their vaccinations according to a standard schedule, irrespective of their gestation at birth. This policy is designed so that all babies are protected as early as possible from vaccine preventable diseases such as polio, diphtheria, tetanus, rotavirus, pertussis (whooping cough), Haemophilus influenzae type B, pneumococcal disease and now meningococcal B disease. The 4CMenB vaccination (Bexsero®) was added to the UK schedule in September 2015 and the...

Point of Care Ultrasound Measurements of Perioperative Edema in Infants With Congenital Heart Disease

Babies can be born with heart problems and sometimes need a heart surgery to fix the heart problem. Heart surgery can cause swelling from the build-up of extra fluid. Swelling can make it harder for babies to breath and has to be treated with medicine called diuretics. Swelling is hard to measure in babies, so it can be hard to know how much diuretic they need to treat the swelling. The investigators are looking for a better way to measure swelling in babies who have had heart ...

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