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The Effect of Wearing the 'Nike Free'Shoe on Isokinetic Muscle Strength of Foot and Ankle and on Proprioception.

To evaluate the effect of wearing the 'Nike Free'Shoe on isokinetic muscle strength of foot and ankle and on proprioception the following protocol will be used. The test population consists out of students of the physical education department. They will at random be divided in three groups. One group will wear the shoe only for daily activities, the second group will wear the shoes for the warming up part of the sport classes and the control group will not wear the shoe at all...


YORk Study of Unloading Shoes for Vascular Intermittent Claudication

Some people experience a cramp-like leg pain during walking that is relieved only by rest. This is called intermittent claudication (IC) and it is a common symptom of peripheral arterial disease. Patients with IC struggle to walk, which in turn lowers their quality of life. The intensity of IC pain experienced during walking depends on several factors, including the type of footwear worn. For example, non-supportive shoes may make the calf muscles work harder during walk...

Tribal Health and Resilience in Vulnerable Environments

The THRIVE study is a healthy retail intervention that improves the food environments in tribally owned and operated convenience stores in the Chickasaw Nation and Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.

How Shoes With Rocker Soles Affect Walking

The purpose of this study is to compare how 3 special types of shoes with rocker-shaped soles help people with foot deformities to walk better. This study will use modern gait lab techniques to measure the forces on the bottom of the feet and to examine whether there is any effect higher on the leg from the rocker soles.

Testing the Feasibility of the DASH Cloud Intervention Using Amazon Alexa

The DASH diet is a proven behavioral strategy to reduce blood pressure, however, national adherence rates are poor. Using digital health tools may help to improve adoption of the DASH diet. Digital health approaches capitalize on the ubiquitous utilization of mobile technologies and have broad dissemination potential. There have been few efforts to test a DASH intervention via digital, and none using voice-activated technologies (e.g, Amazon Alexa). This proposal will enroll up...

Evaluation of Pressure Distribution of Kyboot Shoes in Comparison to Other Foot Wear

Comparison and evaluation of pressure distribution, gait pattern, changes in the movement of the center of pressure, shock absorbing capabilities and comfort of wear using KyBoot shoes versus normal foot wear in diabetic and healthy subjects.

Therapeutic Efficacy Study of Pyrimethamine/Sulfdoxine (Fansidar®) for the Treatment of Uncomplicated Falciparum Malaria in the Peruvian Amazon

The purpose of this study is to determine the efficacy of pyrimethamine/sulfdoxine (Fansidar®) for the treatment of uncomplicated falciparum malaria in the Peruvian Amazon. Reports in the mid 1990s indicated that Fansidar was failing to cure patients with confirmed falciparum malaria. The study design was based on accepted WHO parasitological and clinical outcomes to determine the overall efficacy of Fansider and inform the Peruvian National Malaria Control authorities as to ...

Do Rocker Bottom Shoes and Ankle-Foot Orthoses Reduce Pain and Improve Mobility for Ankle Osteoarthritis Patients

Ankle osteoarthritis (OA) is a painful, progressive condition that can severely limit physical activity and reduce quality of life. Rocker bottom (RB) shoes and ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs) are commonly used as non-surgical treatments for ankle OA. RB shoes have a curved sole in the toe to heel direction that may alleviate joint pain by reducing ankle range of motion (ROM). Similarly, AFOs may reduce joint motion by securing the foot and ankle within the ankle-foot orthosis (AFO)...

Tuned Versus Untuned Ankle-foot Orthoses in Children and Adolescents With Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy (CP) in children and adolescents is frequently accompanied by gait abnormalities. Ankle-foot orthoses (AFO) have been suggested to improve the gait pattern. Compared to conventional AFO, modular AFO offer the opportunity to tune its response to the patient's gait characteristics and/or functional maturity. However, the evidence level is still small and AFO tuning is not yet established in clinical routine. The study will investigate individual tuning of custom-bu...

BRUSH Sign: Radiolographic Marker of Cerebral Infarctus Prognosis

Today the treatment of ischemic stroke in acute phase is based on medicinal or endovascular revascularization. Cerebral MRI sequences help the diagnostic. This procedure uses deoxyhemoglobin as an endogenous tracer. This is also a scorer of cerebral ischemia and the increase lets visualized transcerebral veins in the suffering zone giving a brush aspect. Several studies show the interest of this sign and conclude that deoxyhemoglobin presence is a predictive factor of cerebral ...

Clinical Trial of Footwear in Patients With Diabetes

A Seattle VA study indicated lower extremity ulcers preceded 84% of diabetic amputations. Nearly half of the events that ban the causal chain leading to ulcers and amputation were initiated by ill-fitting footwear. Other investigators report similar findings for injurious footwear in their diabetic patient populations. Yet, the efficacy of footwear in preventing ulcers and amputations in the high-risk diabetic population has received limited experimental investigation. A Bri...

Effects of Shoe Cushioning and Body Mass on Injury Risk in Running

The main goal is to investigate the influence of shoe cushioning and body mass on the risk of running-related injury. This study will allow to determine if shoe cushioning needs to be adapted to the mass of the runner in order to minimize injury risk. The influence of shoe cushioning on running technique will also be investigated. This study consists in a 6-month follow-up period during which leisure-time runners are required to perform a running activity at least once a week ...

Impact of Conservative Treatment by Custom-made Orthoses in Patients With Haemophilic Ankle Arthropathy

The purpose of this study intend to evaluate the effectiveness of functional orthoses (including custom-made insoles and shoes) for preventing and controlling repetitive haemarthrosis in patients suffering of haemophilic ankle arthropathy, as well as the orthoses' impact on foot health-related quality of life.

Efficacy of the Electronic Acupuncture Shoes: A Clinical Trial for Chronic Low Back Pain

This randomized , double-blind, parallel-arm clinical trial was designed to study the efficacy and safety of the "Electronic Acupuncture Shoes" treatment on chronic low back pain patients. Chronic low back pain patients, aged 20-60, of both gender were recruited. As the primary outcome measure to assess the efficacy, "0-10 numerical rating scale" was used. Secondary outcome measure included the speed of pain-relief. The number of samples in the experimental group and th...

Intervening to Prevent Youth Access to Marijuana Phase II

The legalization of recreational marijuana use and sales in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington State is a dramatic change in U.S. substance abuse policy that places a priority on developing regulatory and enforcement systems that prevent distribution of retail recreational marijuana to minors. Responsible marijuana vendor training, modeled after effective responsible alcoholic beverage training, has the potential to help the states prevent distribution to minors. This res...

Effects Of Rehabilitation Incorporating Gait Training On Clinical Measures Associated With Chronic Ankle Instability

This is a randomized controlled trial (RCT) regarding the conservative treatment of chronic ankle instability (CAI) with an impairment based rehabilitation program. Individuals with CAI have deficits in neuromuscular control and altered gait patterns. Ankle destabilization shoes are used clinically and may improve neuromuscular control by increasing lower extremity muscle activation, which may improve gait patterns. The investigators' purpose is to determine whether a 4-week re...

Language Therapy in British Sign Language

In the United Kingdom, the language of the Deaf community is British Sign Language (BSL). A small proportion of Deaf young people who use BSL as their first or dominant language have specific language difficulties and would benefit from language therapy provided in sign language by adults who are fluent in BSL and may be Deaf. Some Deaf adults are currently employed in education and health services to support children's BSL development. However there is little training or infor...

Collateral Circulation to LAD and Wellens Sign

Overall Aim Coronary artery disease significantly contributes to morbidity and mortality in the United States. Atherosclerotic disease can lead to stenosis of the coronary arteries and subsequent cardiac hypoperfusion. Patients with a critical stenosis of the LAD, potentially leading to acute anterior wall myocardial infarction, may be asymptomatic at presentation with subtle EKG changes as its only manifestation. It is imperative for physicians to recognize patients with new T...

Checking Smoking Status as a Routine Vital Sign: A Cluster-Randomized Trial of Its Effect on Cessation Counseling

The purpose of this study is to determine if checking smoking status as a routine vital sign increases the delivery rate of cessation counseling to adult smokers in primary care practices.

Evaluation of Weight Bearing After Total Hip and Knee Replacement

The regime in the aftercare after total hip and knee arthroplasty(THA/TKA) differs a lot between orthopedic surgeons concerning weight bearing. The type of implant and the way of implants' anchoring are considered. In the literature there is no data so far about the way patient take care of the recommended weight bearing during the first 6 weeks after THA and TKA. Over a one year period starting August 2010 all patients undergoing TKA or THA at the investigators institu...

Validating the Use of a Subjectively Reported Sleep Vital Sign

Sleep disorders are commonly under-recognized in the primary care setting and available screening tools are often are limited. The study inestigators hypothesize that the use of a novel subjective sleep vital sign (VS) will improve recognition of patients with sleep disorders and can be utilized to track outcomes to sleep therapy.

V-Sensors for Vitals: Assessment of the Accuracy of a Vital Sign Sensor Mounted on a Smartphone

This trial seeks to demonstrate clinical accuracy and safety of the integrated V-Sensor when used by the general, healthy adult population interested in measuring their vital signs outside of the clinical setting.

Smartphone Application-Based Vital Sign Monitors

Health-related applications for smartphones represent a new and popular market for consumer oriented products. These applications are generally not considered medical devices and, as such, are not under the purview of the Federal Drug Administration. Some of these applications purport to measure vital signs, but do not have any published data to confirm accuracy of such measurements and their developers have not been willing to divulge the methods by which vital sign readings a...

Multi-level Communications and Access Strategies to Improve the Food Environment

The overarching goal of B'More Healthy Retail Rewards (BHRR) is to develop, implement, and evaluate a pilot multi-level communications and pricing intervention to improve access to and consumption of healthy foods in low-income areas of Baltimore City, Maryland. BHRR has three primary aims: (1) to conduct formative research with representatives of multiple levels of the Baltimore food environment (i.e., local wholesalers, retail food store owners, and consumers) in order to se...

Retail Outlet Health Kiosk Hypertension Trial

The investigators propose to conduct pilot studies to support an application to conduct a fully powered randomized trial of a text messaging intervention to increase the rate of blood pressure control, defined as

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