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Trial of Adcetris in CD30+ Malignant Mesothelioma

The goal of this clinical research study is to learn if Adcetris (brentuximab vedotin) can help to control mesothelioma. The safety of this drug will also be studied.

Distinguishing Healthy and Keratoconic Eyes Using Ultrahigh-Resolution OCT

The OCT used in this trial offers the advantage of both a non-contact method and a very high axial resolution. Determined parameters with the highest potential of diagnostic discrimination between eyes with Keratoconus and healthy eyes are investigated. Aim of this trial is to investigate differences of specific parameters of epithelium thickness maps at healthy eyes and eyes with Keratoconus.

Comparison Of Trabeculectomy Versus The Ex-PRESS Miniature Glaucoma Device In The Same Patient: A Prospective Randomized Study

the purpose of this study was to compare standard trabeculectomy to the Ex-PRESS mini glaucoma shunt implantation under a scleral flap in eyes with open-angle glaucoma.In this report, we describe the results of a prospective, randomized trial in which subjects with bilateral primary open-angle glaucoma underwent the two procedures in fellow eyes.Design: Prospective, randomized clinical trial. Participants: 15 subjects with bilateral primary open-angle glaucoma Methods: Subject...

Development of a New HIV Vaccine

The purpose of the study is to determine the safety of a new HIV vaccine and to evaluate the immune response to the vaccine. Only some HIV genes are used to make the vaccine and therefore the vaccine cannot itself cause HIV or AIDS.

Safety and Immunogenicity in Dose-Ranging and Formulation-Finding Meningococcal B (MenB) Vaccine Study in 2-month-old Infants

This study is aimed at assessing the safety and immunogenicity of different doses and formulations of a new Novartis Meningococcal B Recombinant Vaccine.

Ultrastructure Analysis of Excised Internal Limiting Membrane in Eyes of Highly Myopia With Myopic Traction Maculopathy

The excised ILM from 7 eyes of 7 patients with MTM including 7 eyes with macular retinoschisis and 4 eyes with foveal detachment but without any retinal break underwent vitrectomy with induction of posterior vitreous detachment and ILM peeling was examined to evaluate ultrastructure with electron microscopy.

Pediatric Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma Consortium Study: cHOD17

This is a phase II study using risk and response-adapted therapy for low, intermediate and high risk classical Hodgkin lymphoma. Chemotherapy regimens will be based on risk group assignment. Low-risk and intermediate- risk patients will be treated with bendamustine, etoposide, Adriamycin® (doxorubicin), bleomycin, Oncovin® (vincristine), vinblastine, and prednisone (BEABOVP) chemotherapy. High-risk patients will receive Adcetris® (brentuximab vedotin), etoposide, prednisone ...

Limitations of Using a Sheimpflug Image-Based Device for Measuring Anterior Chamber Depth in Pseudophakic Eyes

There have been numerous studies comparing various ACD measurements in phakic eyes,while researches comparing ACD in pseudophakic eyes are less extensive. With the recent popularity of presbyopia correction, measuring the ACD will facilitate differentiating pseudophakic accommodation from pseudoaccommodation. It is thus mandatory to verify the accuracy of ACD measurement of these devices since the innovation of various IOLs in the recent decade makes this task more complicated...

French Observatory on the Management of Cardiogenic Shock in 2016

Cardiogenic shock (CS) is defined as an organ hypoperfusion secondary to low cardiac output. Catches diagnostic management, and therapeutic monitoring of these patients remain highly variable from one center to another and even from one doctor to another within the same team. The management protocols are often not standardized or non-existent. It appears therefore necessary to make an inventory of the management practices of the CS in France in 2016, prerequisite to a common w...

Safety, Tolerability and Immunogenicity of Novartis Meningococcal B Recombinant Vaccine Administered to Healthy Adolescents According to Different Vaccination Schedules

The proposed study is aimed to assess the antibody response and short-term persistence of Novartis Meningococcal B Vaccine after one, two or three doses and to evaluate the optimal vaccination schedule in an adolescent population.

Appearance of Far Peripheral Retina in Normal Eyes by Ultra-widefield Fluorescein Angiography

PURPOSE: To characterize the appearance of the far peripheral retina of normal eyes using ultra-widefield fluorescein angiography (UWFA). DESIGN: Prospective observational case series. METHODS: This study enrolled normal eyes with best corrected visual acuity ≥ 20/20, refractive error < 3.00D, and without visible retinal pathologic changes under a slit lamp-based condensing lens. The far peripheral retina was detected by UWFA. Ciliary body thickness (CBT) at 3 mm (CBT1) and ...

Circadian Variations in Ocular Blood Flow in Glaucomatous and Normal Eyes

After focusing many years only on intraocular pressure (IOP) as the primary risk factor, recently the impact of ocular blood flow is getting more consideration for the pathophysiology of glaucoma. The circadian change of intraocular pressure (IOP) is well investigated, but diurnal variations in ocular blood flow are yet to be evaluated, especially in glaucomatous eyes. This study is performed to investigate circadian variation of ocular blood flow assessed by laser inter...

A Phase Ⅳ Clinical Trial of the Recombinant Hepatitis E Vaccine (Escherichia Coli)(Coadministration With Recombinant Hepatitis B Vaccine)

This is a open label, randomized phase VI study, to assess the safety and immunogenicity of co-administration of Hepatitis E vaccine with Hepatitis B vaccine. The concomitant group (n =300) received Hepatitis B vaccine concomitantly with Hepatitis E vaccine at day 1 and months 1 and 6; The nonconcomitant group (n =150) received Hepatitis E vaccine at at day 1 and months 1 and 6. Another nonconcomitant group (n=150) received Hepatitis B vaccine at at day 1 and months 1 and 6. ...

Safety of and Immune Response to Polyvalent HIV-1 Vaccine in HIV Uninfected Adults

This study will evaluate the safety of and immune response to a new HIV vaccine. The vaccine in this trial uses pieces of HIV DNA and HIV proteins. The vaccine itself cannot cause HIV infection or AIDS.

IRIS Hook Assisted Phacoemulsification in Vitrectomized Eyes

Although phacoemulsification in previously vitrectomized eyes is a relatively safe procedure comparing with extracapsular cataract surgery, it is still more challenging than in eyes without previous vitrectomy because of the anatomical differences after PPV. Intraoperative difficulties such as abnormal anterior chamber deepening, unstable posterior capsules, and weakened zonules have been reported. The investigators aim to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a new simple iris ...

Safety of DTPa-IPV/Hib & DTPa-HBV-IPV/Hib, Followed by DTPa-IPV/Hib Vaccine in Infants Who Received Hepatitis B Vaccine

To assess the safety and reactogenicity of the DTPa-HBV-IPV/Hib vaccine and DTPa-IPV/Hib vaccine. This DTPa-IPV/Hib vaccine given at 3 and 4 months of age is co-administered with GSK Biologicals' rotavirus vaccine or Placebo. The Protocol Posting has been updated in order to comply with the FDA Amendment Act, Sep 2007.

Triamcinolone for Ahmed Glaucoma Valve

This triple-blind, stratified, randomized clinical trial includes 100 eyes of 100 patients aged 18 to 85 years with refractory glaucoma. Eligible subjects undergo stratified block randomization; eyes are first stratified to one of four subgroups: group 1:patients with previous failed trabeculectomy, group 2: uveitic glaucoma, group 3: neovascular glaucoma and group 4: other indications like aphakic glaucoma or glaucoma associated with vitreoretinal procedures. In each su...

A Study of Safety, Tolerability and Immunogenicity of a 1-Dose Regimen of MRKAd5 HIV-1 Gag Vaccine Versus the ALVAC_HIV Vaccine

This study is designed to determine whether patients previously primed with Ad5 of MRKAd5 HIV-1 gag vaccine respond better when boosted with ALVAC-HIV vaccine than when boosted with MKRAd5 HIV-1 gag vaccine.

Safety of Recombinant Hybrid GMZ 2 [GLURP + MSP 3] Blood Stage Malaria Vaccine

The study aims to show that the candidate malaria vaccine GMZ2 is as safe as the already publicly used vaccine against rabies. 40 adult male Gabonese volunteers will be enrolled and randomly allocated to receive either malaria vaccine or rabies vaccine without the investigator or the participants knowing what they received. They will receive 3 doses each at one month intervals, and will be followed up for one year to evaluate safety parameters. This is the first time this prod...

Evalution of Immunogenicity, Safety and Booster Response of a Rabies Vaccine Administered Concomitantly With Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine in Toddlers

This study evaluated the safety and immunogenicity of rabies vaccine and Japanese encephalitis vaccine in toddlers. All children developed adequate immune responses. Rabies vaccination with PCECV did not interfere with the antibody response to Japanese encephalitis vaccine. The rabies vaccine PCECV and Japanese encephalitis vaccine are safe and immunogenic when administered concomitantly to toddlers.

Hodgkin Lymphoma Treatment With Adcetris and Levact in the Old Patient

Treatment outcome with ABVD in elderly patients remains inferior to adults. Moreover, Bleomycin-induced lung toxicity in the elderly has been reported as high as 46%. For these reasons, questions arise whether ABVD could be still considered the standard treatment in HL patients aged > than 60. Regimens containing other alkylators such as CHOP proved even superior to ABVD, with a 3-y PFS of 67%. Frontline treatment of advanced-stage HL with Brentuximab Vedotin (BV) in associatio...

Evaluation of Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1)Candidate Vaccines

This is a prospective phase I study to evaluate the safety, tolerability and immunogenicity of nine adjuvanted candidate vaccines against pandemic influenza A (H1N1) virus.

Safety, Tolerability and Immunogenicity of Recombinant Anthrax Vaccine Compared With Anthrax Vaccine Adsorbed

This is a dose ranging study comparing different vaccine schedules of rPA vaccine, for Anthrax, to the licensed dose of AVA, another Anthrax vaccine. Safety and the capability to induce an immune response will be evaluated.

Study of an HIV Preventive Vaccine Given With or Without an Adjuvant in HIV Uninfected Adults

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the safety and tolerability of an experimental HIV vaccine. The vaccine will be given with or without IL-12 DNA adjuvant (at three escalating doses of 100, 500, and 1,500 mcg respectively), a substance that helps the body respond to a vaccine. This study will also determine the safety and tolerability of an experimental HIV vaccine boosted with two adjuvants.

Evaluation of Manufacturing Lot of StaphVAX

This study answers a U.S. Food and Drug Administration requirement for evaluation in people of a manufacturing lot of vaccine. Subjects receive one dose of one lot of vaccine. The antibodies in the blood measure the immunogenicity of the vaccine, and typical vaccine safety information is also collected.

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