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Measurement of Agricultural and Dietary Glyphosate Exposure Among Pregnant Women

The purpose of this research is to understand whether and how pregnant women may be exposed to glyphosate, the active ingredient in a common herbicide. The researchers aim to assess glyphosate exposure among pregnant women in Idaho, and to attribute that exposure to agricultural and dietary sources. Pregnant women who live either near or far from glyphosate-treated fields will be recruited for study inclusion, and exposure will be assessed via urinary biomonitoring on a weekly ...


Plasticity and Cross-modal Interactions in Profoundly Deaf Adults

The aim of this study is to evaluate cerebral asymmetry for face processing in a group of profoundly deaf participants and a group of hearing controls by the mean of fMRI measure. To this end, we present chimeric faces (faces split into different halves), entire faces, or faces presented in divided visual field, and subjects perform a gender categorization task while lying in a fMRI scanner. It is expected to find a reduced cerebral asymmetry in the Fusiform Face Area in deaf ...

Attention Control Training for PTSD in Children

Participants will complete a pre and post training psychological assessment. Participants will be assigned to attention control training or the comparison stimuli computer task in a double-blind randomized control trial design. Both computerized dot probe tasks display two faces on a computer screen, one above the other, followed by a small right or left arrow appearing in the location vacated by one of the faces. Participants are required to respond as quickly as they can by p...

Social Value Training in Toddlers With Elevated Autism Symptoms

In the proposed pilot study, ASD+ toddlers will undergo Social Value Training (SVT) using a gaze-contingent eye-tracking paradigm in toddlers with elevated symptoms of ASD (ASD+) (n=48). SVT will be administered over a two-day period and the training effects will be assessed by changes in visual attention to high-value (HV) faces as compared to low-value (LV) faces between baseline, post-baseline, and a follow-up assessment using two tasks: a laboratory selective attention (LSA...

A Clinical Study of Regorafenib in Participants Who Have Been Treated in Previous Bayer-sponsored Regorafenib Studies That Have Been Completed

The purpose of this study is to enable participants, currently receiving regorafenib in a Bayer-sponsored clinical trial, to continue treatment after their respective study has been closed. Patients participating in this study will be observed to collect information on how safe the drugs are and how this treatment is tolerated.

The Role of Oxytocin in the Perception of Faces

The main objective of this project is to study whether intranasal oxytocin (OT) affects how young adults perceive and attend to infant and adult faces. Based on existing research the investigators predict that oxytocin will facilitate the allocation of attentional resources on infant faces (compared to adult faces). The investigators also predict that oxytocin will enhance the activity of reward neural-networks associated with the perception of infant faces. The behavioral effe...

A Clinical Study of Anetumab Ravtansine in Adults With Solid Tumors Who Have Been Treated in Previous Bayer-sponsored Anetumab Ravtansine Studies

The purpose of this study is to enable patients with solid tumors, who received anetumab ravtansine in a Bayer-sponsored clinical trial, to continue treatment after their respective study has been closed. The patients will be observed to collect information on how safe and efficient the drug is.

Quetiapine in Melancholic Depression

In summary, the investigators propose to integrate fMRI assessments within a clinical trial of quetiapine XR in patients with melancholic depression in order to test the predictions that: 1. quetiapine XR treatment will be effective and safe for patients with major depression with melancholic features 2. successful treatment with quetiapine XR will be associated with normalization of limbic areas associated with increased salivary cortisol response to a st...

Assessing Visual Processing in High Anxiety

High trait anxiety, a stable personality trait, is a risk factor for psychiatric disorders. Individuals with high trait anxiety have difficulty differentiating safety from threat, including visual information like emotional faces. This study aims to characterize visual system function in high trait anxiety. A portion of this study involves an intervention. For the intervention portion, a subset of participants will be asked to return for a lab visit upon completing the first po...

Combining a Smoke Ending Aid With Behavioral Treatment - 1

The purpose of this study is to combine a smoke ending aid with behavioral treatment.

International PMS Study - KOGENATE Bayer

To evaluate long-term safety (primarily by recording adverse events including inhibitors), efficacy and patient acceptance of KOGENATE Bayer in home treatment either on prophylaxis or on demand. To evaluate both safety and efficacy with respect to lot variability, in particular regarding lot-groups formulated with or without fix between.

EFFEKT - Efficacy and Safety of Long-term Treatment With KOGENATE Bayer/FS

The aim of this international prospective, non-interventional post-marketing surveillance study is to obtain data on treatment procedures, long-term safety and efficacy and patient acceptance of KOGENATE Bayer in treatment of patients with haemophilia A under daily-life treatment conditions.

Face Validity and Cross-Cultural Acceptability of the FPS-R in Cameroon

This study evaluates the face validity and cultural acceptability of the Faces Pain Scale - Revised in pediatric patients treated at Mbingo Baptist Hospital, Northwest Province, Cameroon. Participants from the four major language/cultural groups evaluated at the hospital with a complaint of pain will trial the Faces Pain Scale - Revised and then undergo cognitive interviewing to assess comprehension and clinical accuracy.

Examining the Effectiveness of the FaCES Adolescent SBIRT Intervention

The study will utilize a stepped wedge cluster randomized design to examine the effectiveness of the full FaCES (Facilitating Change for Excellence in SBIRT) adolescent SBIRT change package. Primary care providers will be randomized as to when they receive training and begin delivery of FaCES with their 12 to 17 year old patients, which includes targeted feedback based on the patient's endorsed substance use level on the S2BI screening instrument.

Validation of a Scale of Self-assessment of Fear Faces in Children 4 to 12 Years

Since the 2000s, the experiences of children and especially their fear during a consultation, a treatment or examination is food for thought in our establishment. There is no tool validated self-assessment of fear to 6 faces. It therefore appeared necessary to us to create this tool. The scale self-assessment of the fear that we have developed consists of six faces representing a gradual level of fear: the child can easily describe their level of fear, which allows for appropri...

The Impact of Familiarity and Emotional Attachment on the Visual Processing of Faces

This study uses functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to look at brain activity while patients view pictures of people's faces that they are familiar with or have emotional attachment to. The functional MRI (fMRI) procedure allows researchers to "see the brain at work." It uses the same powerful magnetic fields and weak electromagnetic radiation (radiowaves) as standard structural MRI. However, functional MRI can also show areas of increased blood flow, which rel...

Efficacy and Safety Clinical Trial of the Combination of Acetylsalicylic Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate and Citric Acid, Produced by Geolab Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Compared to Acetylsalicylic Acid (Aspirin ® - Bayer) in Patients With Episodic Tension-t

This study aims is to evaluate, two hours after a single administration, the rate of sustained response produced by the association Geolab consisting of acetylsalicylic acid, sodium bicarbonate and anhydrous citric acid - oral powder, with the active comparator acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin ® -- Bayer) - a simple tablet for the treatment of acute pain in patients with mild to moderate CTTE, using for both the visual analog scale pain - VAS.

Comparative Effectiveness Research of Dual-task and Single-task Balance Training in People With Stroke

The objective of this study is to investigate the effect of dual-task training at impairment, disability, and participation levels for stroke survivors and investigate possible factors affecting cognitive-motor interference (CMI) under dual-task conditions. Specifically, we will compare the immediate and retention effects of dual-task balance training and single-task balance training on CMI, balance confidence, fall rate, functional performance, and quality of life in individua...

American Indian and Alaska Native Head Start Family and Child Experiences Survey (AI/AN FACES)

The Head Start Family and Child Experiences Survey (FACES) has been a major source of information on Head Start programs and the children and families these programs serve since 1997, but has historically not included Region XI (programs that serve federally recognized American Indian and Alaska Native tribes). AI/AN FACES 2019 builds on AI/AN FACES 2015 (NCT03842111), which was the first national study of Region XI Head Start children and families, to continue to collect infor...

Task-priority Effects on Postural-suprapostural Task in Patients With Parkinson's Disease

Postural-suprapostural task is defined as postural control takes place while at least one other concurrent task is being performed. In a postural-suprapostural task, appropriate prioritization of is necessary to achieve task goals and maintain postural stability. Therefore, regarding to impose task prioritization in a postural-suprapostural task, the optimal task-priority strategy for PD patients is still an issue of debate. With the uses of EEG, EMG and behavioral measures, th...

Adult Study Oxytocin - fMRI

In this study, investigators will examine the behavioral effects and neurophysiological mechanisms of the pro-social neuropeptide oxytocin in patients with recent-onset schizophrenia. Such research is a necessary first step towards identifying whether intranasal oxytocin administration can serve as an adjunct treatment for social impairments in schizophrenia. Aim 1: To examine the effects of exogenous oxytocin on patterns of neural activation as measured by fMRI during a...

Treating Anxiety After Stroke (TASK)

The TASK (Treating Anxiety after StroKe) trial is a feasibility randomized controlled trial. It aims to evaluate the feasibility of i) web-enabled trial procedures, and ii) the TASK intervention in stroke and TIA patients

The Learning Effects of Attentional Strategy on Dual-task Walking in Patients With Parkinson's Disease: Behavioral Performance and Neural Plasticity

[year1] 1. To compare the effects of dual-task training with two different task priority instruction in people with Parkinson's disease and healthy controls on dual-task weight shifting performances. 2. Investigate the changes of brain activities and functional connectivity after dual-task training with different task priority instructions. [year 2-3] To investigate the learning effects of walking with internal/external focus on walking ...

Telephone Assessment and Skill-Building Kit (TASK): A New Program for Family Caregivers of Stroke Survivors

The purpose of this study is to test a new educational program for families taking care of persons who have had a stroke. Caregivers are asked what they think of the TASK program and how to make it better. After getting the TASK program, their ability to provide care will be compared with a group that did not receive the TASK program.

Patient Satisfaction With Virtual Post Operative Visits: Hip Arthroscopy

This is a prospective, randomized study designed to evaluate the effects of different initial postoperative follow-up modalities. Given the nature of the study, it is not possible for either the surgeons or the subjects to be blinded. Patients will be assigned to either group based on the last digit of their medical record number (MRN). Patients with an even-ending medical record number will be randomized to virtual visit/telemedicine, while patients with an odd-ending medical ...

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