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Dental PROBE (Dental Practice suRvey of Office Blood Pressure mEasurement)

20% of Canadians are hypertensive with approximately 200,000 new cases each year. Early detection of hypertension affects outcomes, reducing the risk for heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, and dementia. Screening strategies are required to identify the more than one third of Canadians with unrolled high blood pressure, in particular, younger men unaware of their condition, women over sixty years old, and underserved groups. A collaborative practice model linking dentists to...

Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Minimal Intervention Dentistry in a Group of Dental Interns

Minimal intervention dentistry (MID) is a modern medical approach that aims to maximize preservation of healthy dental tissues. When operative intervention is required it is as minimally invasive as possible. This study will assess the knowledge of a group of dental interns regarding minimal intervention dentistry in Egypt and whether this knowledge is translated into positive attitude and practice among them.

Tobacco Quitlines:Adjunct to Dental Office Tobacco Intervention

The purpose of the study is to compare two methods for providing brief dental office-based interventions designed to help patients quit either cigarette smoking or smokeless tobacco use, and to compare these two dental office-based interventions with usual care. This trial will evaluate the effectiveness of a unique combination of dental office intervention plus referral to the telephone help line, both of which have been demonstrated to be effective interventions for tobacco c...

Effect of Self Management Program on Clinical Status of COPD Patients

This study evaluates the effectiveness of self management programs based on 5A model on the lung function status, dyspnea and exercise tolerance in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease patients. Participants were randomly assigned to an intervention group or a control group. The control group were receiving standard practice care and the intervention group were receiving intervention in addition to standard practice care. The intervention content include implementation of a se...

Prevention Management Model for Early Childhood Caries (MAYA Project)

The purpose of this study is to determine whether dental disease patterns and transmissable bacteria that are known to cause a severe form of dental decay in young children can be reduced or eliminated by treating mothers and their young infants early on with Chlorhexidine and fluoride varnish applications, respectively as part of a comprehensive Prevention Management Model.

Clinical Trial to Compare the Efficacy of a Fluoride Gel and a Dental Bonding Agent in Treatment of Tooth Sensitivity

This study compares the efficacy of two dental interventions in the treatment of cervical dentine sensitivity. The participants will be selected from adult dental patients registered at a general dental practice in West Sussex, UK. The participants will be split into 2 groups. One group will receive the intervention of topical fluoride varnish application while the other group will receive a topical application of self-etching dentine bonding agent.

Evaluation of Audio-Visual Distraction Technique on Child's Anxiety

Audio-Visual (AV) Distraction is a recent modality introduced to the entertaining market technology for adults and children. Some practitioners started using this modality of distraction in the dental practice to aid in psychological management of patients. This study is designed to compare between conventional dental visits (No Distraction) and dental visits aided with audio-visual distraction. Providing a safe, comfortable and entertaining dental environment will give pediat...

Organizational Change in Dental Care

The proposed research will test the ability of the NIATx Organizational Change Model to improve patient no-show rates as compared to typical training approaches used in dental offices. The purpose of the pilot study is to improve no-show rates and, in the process, test an evidence-based organizational change model that can increase use of evidence-based practices in dental care. NIATx is not an acronym, it is a proper noun.

Performance and Safety Use of the Nanostructured Titanium Dental Implant "KONTACT N"

A multicenter prospective observational study in which aim is to illustrate the clinical outcome of dental implants "Kontact N"; and the effects of its nanostructured surface on the osseointegration and secondary stability without increasing the rate of peri-implantitis. All the enrolled patients will be eligible for one or multiple implant-supported fixed restoration(s) according to the routine clinical practice and the manufacturer's instruction for use.

Assessing Current Clinical Concepts in Dental Practice

This purpose of this database is to collect, store and use appropriately derived data from routine patient care in a specialist dental practice. Comprehensive observational data will be gathered, systematically organised and be continuously updated. This data will be used to evaluate treatment outcomes and identify areas for improvement. This will contribute to the existing evidence base to validate new and current clinical concepts in dentistry. Patient consent will be sought ...

Two-Piece Zirconia Dental Implant vs Two-Piece Titanium Dental Implant- Randomized Clinical Control Trial

2 Arms (60 subjects - 30 each arm). Experimental group with two-pice zirconia dental implant and Control group with two-piece titanium dental implant Evaluate Changes in inflammatory and microbiology levels from T0 (baseline) T2 (8 weeks) and T3 (after crown placement) Also evaluate secondary outcomes: marginal bone loss (MBL), gingival height (GH) levels, osseointegration, gender, age, time of surgery, anatomical position and implant stability. p values

Effect of Sensory Adapted Dental Environment on Children's Behavior During Dental Treatment

The objective of the present study is to determine the effect of sensory adapted dental environment (SADE) in healthy children during a routine dental restorative treatment. The hypothesis is that the SADE would have a favorable effect in calming the subjects during dental treatment. the study is a random cross-over design. The participants will be randomly assigned into two groups. Group 1 will initially be treated under SADE (Time 1) and receive regular dental environm...

Implementation of a Best Practice Primary Health Care Model for Low Back Pain

POPULATION: Low back pain (LBP) is a major health problem commonly requiring health care. In Sweden, primary care professionals require an evidenced based model of care for LBP. INTERVENTION: The multi-faceted implementation of a best practice BetterBack model of care for LBP. CONTROL: Current routine practice for LBP care before implementation of the BetterBack model of care. OUTCOME: Patient reported measures (function, activity, health), therapist reported measures ...

Evaluate the Efficacy of a Global Dental Health Promotion Program on Dental Hygiene in Patients With Schizophrenia.

There are few disease prevention programs or programs to manage somatic disorders in a psychiatric context. The aim of this study is to evaluate the impact in the medium term of a global program to promote dental health on buccodental hygiene in patients with schizophrenia and the ability of these patients to follow the intervention. This is an interventional trial, randomized in clusters. The participating establishments will be randomized to the "intervention" group (promoti...

Evaluation of Articaine 4% Versus Mepivacaine 2% for Surgery of Molars Thirds: Clinical Trial.

The extraction of third molars, a frequent treatment in clinical dental practice, can lead patients to painful symptoms during and after surgery. The dental surgeon must correctly indicate the need for extraction and also provide patients who need this treatment greater comfort and control of pain in the trans and postoperative period. Thus, it is necessary to use an effective local anesthetic favoring the factors inherent to the postoperative and achieving good treatment resul...

Sonographic Imaging of Oral and Dental Anatomical Structures (A Pilot Study)

The overall purpose of this study is to establish an ultrasound technique to aid in oral and dental examination of soft and hard tissues. Ultrasound is currently not used in Dentistry and associated oral examinations and its usefulness for clinical practice will be explored. This study will investigate the use of ultrasonic imaging for planning and placing dental implants, as well as evaluate the use of ultrasonic imaging for monitoring marginal bone loss around dental implants...

Assessment of the Accuracy of Surgical Guide Designed From Dental Model Optical Scan Versus Impression Inversion With Markers Techniques in Computer Guided Implantology. Randomized Clinical Trial.

Dental model cast accuracy can be affected by many variables as tray material, impression material and time elapsed before pouring the impression. All these factors would affect the accuracy of the surgical guide Impression inversion with markers technique avoids the dimension changes that may happen from pouring of the dental model cast. Also it saves time as no need for optical scan of the model cast and for scan appliance even in cases of multiple restoration. Adding marker...

Dental Health Epidemiology Among IDF Recruits

An epidemiological survey for prevalence desription of dental morbidity (caries, gingivitis, dental trauma and fluorosis) among IDF general recruits. Morbidity measures were collected from 700 recruits at their first day of military service in order to evaluate extent and burden of dental diseases among recruits. The data will enable the military dental services commanders to plan and implement dental services according to the dental needs.

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Survey for Egyptian Dentists About Infection Control in Pediatric Dental Clinics

This study is designed to gather information about knowledge of pediatric dentistry interns towards infection control procedures in pediatric dental clinics, also about their attitude towards the rules and guidelines of infection control, and finally their practice to these guidelines to achieve the ultimate infection control in pediatric dental clinics.

The Effect of A New Perioperative Practice Model on Patient, Nursing And Organisational Outcomes

The aim of the study is to improve the surgical patients' care process. The objective is to explore the effect of a new perioperative practice model on 1) patient outcomes (satisfaction, surgery-related anxiety and quality of life), 2) nursing outcomes (organizational engagement), and 3) organization outcomes (timeline of surgical care process).

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of a Group of Egyptian Dental Interns Toward Caries Risk Assessment

Scientific background(Statement of the problem): Dental caries is a disease that occurs through complex interaction of four major factors: the host, acidogenic bacteria, fermentable carbohydrates and time. There are many factors which contribute to dental caries incidence but do not seen in clinical examination. Those things are considered as dental caries risk factors, such as socioeconomic, attitudes, knowledge and behavior toward oral health. These risk factors play an impo...

Early Childhood Caries Prevention at a Pediatric Clinic

This purpose of this study was to evaluate effectiveness of a risk-based dental caries prevention program conducted by dental personnel at an urban pediatric primary care clinic serving largely low-income residents of Baltimore, Maryland, and to appraise this program as a model for similar urban pediatric settings.

Group Diabetes Prenatal Care

This study aims to use an innovative and integrated educational curriculum to deliver prenatal care and diabetes care for pre-gestational diabetic women from approximately the first trimester of pregnancy through delivery and the early postpartum period in a group care model. The group care model will be compared to a control group, a traditional, individual care model.

Knowledge, Attitude, And Practice In A Group Of Egyptian Dentists Towards Preventive Measures In Pediatric Dentistry: A Cross-Sectional Study

The study will include general dental practitioners or dental specialists from Police Academy Hospital and pediatric dentists from Pediatric dentistry department at Faculty of Dentistry Cairo University. A self‑administered questionnaire will be given to dentists by direct interviewing and they will be allowed to complete the questionnaire in Faculty of Dentistry, Cairo University or Police Academy Hospital. The data will be based on a collection of responses to the 38 items...

Assessments in Stress and Quality of Sleep/Life in Night-shift Nurses and Doctors

This study aims to evaluate the effects of aroma massage to sleep quality of the nurses and staff during night shift.

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