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Passive Leg Raising Test to Predict Hypotension During Induction of Anesthesia in Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery

Hypotension frequently occurs during anesthesia induction. Preload decrease by anesthetics was often considered as one of main causes for this hypotension. However, the studies on this topic have been lacking. Dynamic preload indices are more suitable than static preload indices to predict the effect of preload changes. And, recently, passive leg raising test showed successful results to predict fluid responsiveness in patient with spontaneous ventilation. The investigat...

Investigation of the Performance of Ostomy Base Plate

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the performance of SSH (new base plate) on the degree of leakage under the base plate compared to SenSura and Conform 2. Our hypothesis is that SSH will do better than the two comparator products.

Chairside Time and Bond Failure of Non Custom Versus Custom Base Orthodontic Attachments During Indirect Bonding

compare the chair side time, clinical orthodontic attachment bond failure and accuracy of transfer between non custom attachment base and custom attachment base indirect techniques.

The Effect of Raising Ketones Directly With MCT Oil on Inflammation in Healthy Young Adults

Ketogenic diets are gaining support as a method to lower inflammation within the body, but studies have not been able to show the way by which this occurs. Ketones, which are molecules made by our body as a source of energy during carbohydrate restriction, have been shown to have the ability to alter the number and types of messages that immune cells send to each other, and thus have the potential to lower inflammation. To determine whether raising ketones independent of diet r...

Study to Evaluate the Immunogenicity and Safety of an Ebola Virus (EBOV) Glycoprotein (GP) Vaccine in Healthy Subjects

This is a randomized, observer-blind, placebo-controlled trial in male and female subjects ≥18 to

Loteprednol Etabonate Ophthalmic Base Compared to Loteprednol Etabonate Ophthalmic Suspension vs Placebo in an Allergen Challenge

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the efficacy of loteprednol etabonate ophthalmic base, compared to loteprednol etabonate ophthalmic suspension, and vehicle in the prevention of the signs and symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis in a modified Conjunctival Allergen Challenge model and in an environmental model during pollen season. Comparisons will be made following 2 weeks of dosing.

To Demonstrate the Relative Bioavailability of Sandoz Inc. and UCB Pharma, Inc (Keppra) 750 mg Levetiracetam Tablets In Healthy Adults Volunteers Under Fasting Conditions

To demonstrate the relative bioavailability of Sandoz Inc. and UCB Pharma, Inc (Keppra) 750 mg Levetiracetam tablets in healthy adult volunteers under fasting conditions.

Autologous Stem Cells for the Treatment of No Option Critical Limb Ischemia

The trial is a phase 1b, open label, uncontrolled, non-randomized dose-escalation study of autologous bone marrow-derived MSCs. Following informed consent, patients who meet the criteria will be screened and enrolled. Up to 100 mls of bone marrow will be harvested from the participant from which MSCs will be culture expanded. In this dose escalation study, 3 participants on each cohort will be treated with a targeted dose of either 20 million hMSC; 40 million hMSC; or 80 millio...

Comparison of Three Vision Therapy Approaches for Convergence Insufficiency

We compared the effectiveness of three active vision therapy approaches for convergence insufficiency (CI). Patients with eligible criteria and symptomatic CI were included in a prospective study and randomly allocated into three groups. In the home-based vision orthoptic therapy (HBVOT) group, patients were trained to do the pencil push-ups procedure 15 minutes per day, five days a week. In the office-based vision orthoptic therapy (OBVOT) group, 60 minutes of orthoptic therap...

Retention of Metal Reinforced Polyamide Denture Base and Heat Cured Acrylic Resin Denture Base in Complete Mandibular Denture

The trial is done in order to reinforce polyamide to improve its modulus of elasticity to be able to use it as a denture base material in all clinical cases

Assessment of Fluid Responsiveness in Patients After Cardiac Surgery

To overcome the limited accuracy of functional hemodynamic parameters such as stroke volume and pulse pressure variation (SVV and PPV) during spontaneous breathing, a Passive Leg Raising (PLR) manoeuvre has been suggested as a reliable predictor of fluid responsiveness. Aim of this study was to evaluate fluid responsiveness using SVV, PPV and PLR during the transition from controlled to spontaneous breathing in cardiac surgery patients

Pharma-Pen (Formerly Innoject) Auto-Injectory TIV

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the safety, effectiveness, and tolerability, of the Pharma-Pen(TM) intramuscular (IM) and subcutaneous (SC) auto-injector systems used by untrained users to self-administer Influenza vaccines as compared to standard IM injections administered by a licensed healthcare professional (e.g. a nurse). Participants will be 120 healthy men and women aged 18 - 50 years who have not received influenza vaccine for at least four years and who have ...

Impact of Intraoperative Fluid Management on Electrolyte and Acid-base Variables

During major surgical procedures, intravascular volume is maintained with the administration of isotonic fluids such as Lactated Ringers (LR), Normal Saline (NS) or Normosol-R. All three of these fluids are in common clinical use for this purpose. As large volumes of NS may result in a dilutional acidosis and an increasing base deficit, it may cloud clinical decision making when resuscitative efforts are guided by acid-base status on routine arterial blood gas analysis. This is...

A Comparison of Capsules and Oral Spray Solution as Methods of Delivering Vitamin D3 and Raising Status

The aim of the study is to compare the effectiveness of a vitamin D3 oral spray solution with capsules at raising vitamin D status over winter. This randomised crossover trial will aim to recruit a total of 22 healthy participants for a total of two 4-week interventions separated by a 10-week washout.

A Bioequivalence Study of Cefadroxil From Duricef 1 gm F.C.T (GSK) and Biodroxil 1 gm F.C.T (Novartis Pharma)

Comparative randomized, single dose, two-way crossover open-label study to determine the bioequivalence of Cefadroxil from Duricef 1 gm Film Coated tablets(Smthkline Beecham Egypt,LLC affiliated co. to GalaxoSmithKline ) and Biodroxil 1 gm Film Coated tablets (Kahira Pharm &Chem .Ind. Co . for Novartis Pharma ) after a single oral dose administration of each to healthy adults under fasting conditions.

Skull Base Reconstruction After Endonasal Cranio-endoscopic Resection Using Autologus Grafts

Endonasal endoscopic approach to the skull base has been expanded in the last several years owing to advances in the radiological aspect that provided a better evaluation of the lesions and the surrounding structures, technological advances that include angled endoscope, development of high-resolution cameras, high definition monitors and navigation systems and better anatomical experience. The endoscopic endonasal approach now provides access to frontal sinus to the second cer...

Prevalence of Hypotension Associated With Preload Dependence During Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy

Per-dialytic hypotension is common in Intensive Care Unit patients under continuous renal replacement therapy, and occurs in nearly 50% of the patients. To date, there is a lack of study having characterized the underlying mechanism of hypotension in this setting. New diagnostic methods are now available with high reliability to identify hypovolemia as the underlying cause of hypotension, among which change in cardiac index during passive leg raising may be the less affected by...

A Bio-equivalence Study of Sofosbuvir From Sofodelevier 400 mg Film Coated Tablets (Al-debeiky Pharma, Egypt) Versus Sovaldi 400 mg Tablets (Gilead Sciences, Canada)

Comparative randomized, single dose, three way three sequence two treatment partial replicate crossover open-label study to determine the bioequivalence of Sofosbuvir from Sofodelevier 400 mg F.C.T (Al-debeiky pharma, Egypt) versus Sovaldi 400 mg Tablets (Gilead Sciences, Canada)

Passive Leg Raising - an Important Diagnostic Manoeuvre

The aim is to describe the physiological background for PLR and the interpretation of a PLR manoeuvre. The protocol entails the measurement of stroke volume (SV) at baseline (semirecumbent patient position), during PLR and after returning to semirecumbent position. Simultaneously blood pressure (BP), pulse rate (PR), pulse oximetric saturation (SpO2) and ECG are recorded. The procedure is performed in ten normal subjects, ten patients recruited in the cardiology outpatie...

A Retrospective Comparison of Neonatal Acid-base Status After CD Before January, 2015 and After January, 2016

The objective is to retrospectively gather peri-operative data on neonatal outcomes, primarily neonatal acid-base status, based on umbilical cord gas analysis, for the 23 months preceding and 23 months following the conduct of the "tilt versus supine study". The investigators hypothesize that there will be no difference in mean neonatal umbilical artery base excess in neonates delivered by cesarean section during the period before and after conduct of the study, for elective, u...

Increasing Reporting of Intimidation of Medical Students With Simulation

Intimidation of medical students by health care professionals is a well-documented phenomenon. Raising awareness of what constitutes intimidation is a preferred method for preventing it through increased reporting. Simulation is a novel method of raising awareness of intimidation. This is a randomised controlled trial comparing the effectiveness of simulation (involving actors), an educational video and no intervention, as adjuncts to group discussion, on students' abili...

Ultrasound Evaluation of OMT for Sacral Base Asymmetry

This prospective, randomized, controlled trial is proposed to investigate the effect of OMT on sacral base asymmetry as assessed by ultrasound.

InterventiOnal Study of Bone and Joint Infections Related Gut dysbiosIS

Gut dysbiosis is an intestinal disorder that is characterized by accumulation of microbiota imbalance, host-microbiota crosstalk dysfunction and inflammation. As part of its clinical development, MaaT (Microbiota as a Therapy) Pharma is particularly interested in patients with Bone and Joint Infections (BJI). These patients are treated with antibiotics having significant consequences on their intestinal flora, causing intestinal discomfort, which can be manifested by diarrhea....

To Demonstrate the Relative Bioavailability of Cilostazol 50 mg Tablets Under Fasting Conditions

To demonstrate the relative bioavailability of Cilostazol 50 mg tablets under fasting conditions.

Efficacy of an Intra-articular Injection of Botulinum Toxin A Associated to Splinting for Base-of-thumb Osteoarthritis

The primary purpose of this study is to determine whether a single ultrasound-guided intra-articular injection of botulinum toxin A associated to splinting is effective in reducing pain at 3 months in base-of-thumb osteoarthritis.

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