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Additional 6-Month Safety Follow-up After Completion of Precursor Study 880801

The purpose of this study is to verify the long-term safety of a 2.5 µg, adjuvanted (aluminium hydroxide) dose of Ross River Virus (RRV) vaccine.

Clinical Trial of Rifampin and Azithromycin for the Treatment of River Blindness

The purpose of this study is to determine whether rifampin and/or azithromycin are effective in the treatment of river blindness (onchocerciasis).

Safety and Immunogenicity Study of a Ross River Virus (RRV) Vaccine

The primary objective of this study is to assess the safety and tolerability of the Ross River Virus (RRV) Vaccine in a healthy young adult population. Other objectives of this study are to assess the immunogenicity of the RRV Vaccine in a healthy young adult population and to identify the optimal dose level of the RRV Vaccine in a healthy young adult population.

A Trial of Patients With a Charles Bonnet Syndrome

Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS) is defined by the occurence of visual hallucinations (VH) in the absence of any mental disorder. Elderly patients with reduced visual acuity due to ophthalmic diseases are most affected. Conditions are often associated with the syndrome of age-related macular degeneration, cataract or glaucoma. Existing data on the syndrome's prevalence in Europe reveal diverse results. Aim of this study was to assess the prevalence of CBS in patients with low visu...

Venous Sinus Stenting With the River Stent in IIH

The objective of the study is to show that stenting the transverse-sigmoid sinus with the River stent is safe and has probable benefit to relieve clinical symptoms in subjects with idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH). The study will enroll 39 IIH subjects with moderate to severe visual field loss or severe headaches that have failed medical therapy. The primary safety endpoint is the rate of major adverse event at 12 months The primary probable benefit endpoint i...

Telemedicine Clinic for Prostate Cancer Patients

This randomized, open label study will evaluate a nurse and pharmacist led clinic conducted remotely from Grand River Regional Cancer Centre at Grand River Hospital (GRRCC/GRH) using OTN teleconferencing as a platform for patients with prostate cancer receiving oral chemotherapy agents.

Virtual Task in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Thirty individuals with ALS (18 men and 12 women, mean age 59 years, range 44-74 years), and 30 healthy controls matched for age and gender, participated. Individuals with ALS and from the control group were randomly divided into three groups, each using a different communication device systems (Kinect®, Leap Motion Controller® or touchscreen) to perform two task phases (acquisition and retention). Performance was then explored in a third phase (transfer) by switching devices...

Knowledge Attitudes, Beliefs, and Practices Regarding HIV in Populations Living on the Maroni River

The HIV epidemic flared from 0 to over 1% prevalence in a decade on the Maroni river which lies between French Guiana and Surinameaim of the study is to determine the knowledge, attitudes, behaviours, and practices on HIV in the population living along the French bank of the Maroni border. Descriptive statistics are computed from the tabulation of answers to a structured questionnaire. Multivariate logistic models were computed to determine predictors of key outcomes. These dat...

22 Gauge Needle for EUS Guided Tissue Acquisition of Samples for Histologic Examination

To determine the yield of tissue biopsy specimen and the diagnostic accuracy of tissue acquisition using a newly developed 22 gauge needle in patients with solid lesions throughout the GI tract.

Frequency and Distribution of Mixed Falciparum-vivax Infections in French Guiana

Malaria is still endemic in the interior of French Guiana. mixed infections by 2 or more different malaria parasites lead to complex and potentially harmfull therapeutic problems. The aim of the study was to look at malaria smears between 2000 and 2008 and determine using PCR the frequency of mixed infections, and their distribution in the terrtory of French Guiana. Overall 10.75% of 400 smears showed mixed infection with P. falciparum and P. vivax. The Maroni river where Duffy...

Growing Resilience in Wind River Indian Reservation

The Growing Resilience research leverages reservation-based assets of land, family, culture, and front-line tribal health organizations to develop and evaluate home food gardens as a family-based health promotion intervention to reduce disparities suffered by Native Americans in nearly every measure of health. Home gardening interventions show great promise for enabling families to improve their health, and this study aims to fulfill that promise with university and Wind River ...

Evaluation of MRI Sequences for Ultra-rapid Acquisition of Bile Ducts Images

The Institute of Imaged-Guided Surgery (IHU Strasbourg) has two clinical Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners, one with a 3T (3 Teslas) magnetic field used for diagnosis, the other with a magnetic field of 1,5T (1,5 Teslas) used for the interventional (Pre / per / postoperative). The reference for the visualization of the biliary and pancreatic ducts is a relatively long sequence that needs a breathing-synchronized acquisition leading to artefacts on the images (blu...

Postural Balance of the Adult

Description of the geometrical configuration of the skeleton with regard to gravity line by patients suffering from spinal disorders that may induce postural troubles

Adaptive CT Acquisition for Personalised Thoracic Imaging

In this trial, Respiratory Motion Guided (RMG) 4DCBCT will be implemented for the first time on lung cancer patients. RMG-4DCBCT adapts the image acquisition as the patient's breathing changes (i.e. if the patient breathes faster, imaging data is acquired faster). By adapting the acquisition to the dynamic patient, personalised images of a patients lungs are able to be acquired for radiotherapy treatments.

Neuromodulation and Language Acquisition (Stage Ib)

The purpose of this study is to determine whether rivastigmine or pramipexol are effective in boosting semantic language acquisition in healthy subjects.

Improved Language Acquisition With Levodopa

The purpose of this study is to determine whether the non-daily administration of levodopa is effective in boosting semantic language acquisition in healthy subjects.

Parameters Analysis in Neurosurgical Critical Patients Through Big Data Acquisition

The PANDA trial is a multicenter prospective observational study designed to analyze various ICP derived parameters and clinical status in neurosurgical critical patients through a new big data acquisition system.

Non-invasive Device for the Screening and Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea Syndrome

This prospective study aims to establish and evaluate a predictive model to diagnose OSA with maxillofacial characteristics 3D acquisition.

A Post-Intervention Surveillance Study Regarding the Acquisition Rate of ESBL-KP, Ecoli

To determine the acquisition rate of ESBL producing E. coli or K. pneumoniae, post- intervention in the selected medical centres

Respiratory Motion Analysis in Children With MRI

The purpose of this project is to analyze the respiratory motion process as relevant in cardiac MRI imaging and apply the results for development of improved imaging methods and software correction. To accomplish this, we will develop an imaging protocol for monitoring respiratory motion. The imaging protocol will be limited to less than five minutes of acquisition time so it may be performed as "piggyback" acquisition following clinically prescribed imaging studies on ...

Induction Chemotherapy With Nab-paclitaxel, Cisplatin and Fluorouracil for Locoregionally Advanced Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma

Nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) is commonly observed in southern China, particularly in the Pearl River delta area and the Xijiang River basin in the Guangdong and Guangxi provinces, with an incidence rate as high as 25‑50 per 100,000. The National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines (version 1, 2018), have recommended use of induction chemotherapy followed by CCRT as category 2A for NPC, especially the TPF regimen as category 1 for EBV-associated disease. The nanoparticle...

Analysis of a Virtual Reality Task in Patients With Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

The task consists in reach as much bubbles as they can, the bubbles appear on the screen of the computer and should be reached in 10 seconds. To accomplish that, three different devices will be used: (1) Kinect for Windows Microsoft - which consists of a sensor that captures body movements (including upper limbs). And (2) the Leap Motion (LMCH, Leap Motion, Inc., San Francisco, CA, USA), and (3) Touch Screen. To describe motor impairments was used the Motor Function Measure Sca...

Evaluation of Magnetic Scope Navigation in Teaching and Acquisition of Colonoscopy Skills

Colonoscopy is widely considered as the main choice for patients with suspected colorectal disease,and for screening those at high risk of colorectal cancer. The increasing widespread use of this technique and it's dependence on the expertise of the endoscopist therefore produce a critical need for appropriate,effcient training to allow for the acquisition of competence.Magnetic endoscopic imaging(MEI),a non-radiographic imaging technique,has been shown to be beneficial in tr...

Quality of Image and Performance Diagnoses of the 3D Sequence of Cholangio-pancreatography MRI in Apnea With Compressed Acquisition

The sequence of 3D CP-IRM, used in current practice in the protocols of bilio-pancreatic imaging, can be thus optimized to reduce acquisition time, thus the artefacts of movement, in particular in 3T. It remains however to estimate if the quality of obtained image is equivalent at least to that of the conventional sequence, without apnea, 3D CP-IRM. To summarize, the investigators suggest comparing the classic sequence (Fast Relaxation Fast Spin Echo (FRFSE) 3D) already existi...

The Effectiveness of 4D Image Acquisition and Post-processing With Vios Works

This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of 4D image acquisition and post-processing with Vios Works for the evaluation of 3D images acquired on GE Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanners. Specifically, the investigators propose to evaluate the following: 1. Image acquisition time using traditional 2D and new 4D processing techniques; 2. Image quality for 2D and 4D processing techniques subjectively 3. Post-processing time for the two techniques. 4. Correlati...

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