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Western Australian Pre-exposure Prophylaxis for HIV Implementation Trial

Despite all prevention efforts, many people in Australia continue to be infected with HIV. The Seventh National HIV Strategy 2014-2017 in Australia aims to work towards the elimination of HIV transmission by the year 2020. This project will evaluate a new additional way to lower people's chances of getting HIV. It will provide pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to people who are at high risk for HIV and evaluate what impact this new prevention approach will have on HIV in WA at th...

Patient Retention in HIV Medical Care in a Primary Care Practice in Australia

The purpose of this study is to determine linkage and retention in care in patients with HIV infection and reasons for loss to follow up Care in a High HIV-caseload Inner City Primary Care Practice in Sydney, Australia. The investigators hypothesise that patients attending HHMP will have higher rates of linkage and retention in care than the US HIV-infected population, and equivalent to Australian modelling.

Control and Eradication Within Australia of Hepatitis C From People Living With HIV

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the feasibility of rapid scale-up of new hepatitis C (HCV) treatments, known as interferon-free Direct Acting Antiviral (DAA) drugs, and impact on the proportion of people with HCV within the HIV-HCV coinfected population of Australia. It is hypothesised that a rapid scale-up of hepatitis C treatment with interferon-free therapies in individuals with HIV-HCV coinfection will assist in controlling HCV infection in this population.

Turning Night Into Day: Transcontinental Provision of Telehealth By and For the Emory Community

The purpose of the study is to determine if temporarily relocating clinicians who deliver remote care using the eICU telehealth system to Sydney, Australia will lead to greater job satisfaction, reduced physiologic stress, and improve performance. Four nurses and six physicians will be sent to a site in Sydney Australia on a rotating basis to determine whether providing care during the Australian daytime is more efficient and precise than providing care during the night in the ...

KONTAKT Australia a Social Skills Group Training for Adolescents on the Autism Spectrum

This study evaluates the KONTAKT social skills group training in Australian adolescents on the autism spectrum compared to an active control group which is a group cooking class

UNISoN: anzUp Nivo Then Ipi+Nivo in Sequential Non-clear Cell.

This study aims to evaluate the safety, tolerability and effectiveness of new treatments for kidney cancer called Nivolumab and Ipilimumab. The study is in two parts; in the first instance patients receive nivolumab alone. If this treatment is not effective patients may move onto the second part of the trial, where they receive nivolumab + ipilimumab. There is no placebo. The reason to offer one treatment alone, followed by two treatments together is that it is thought t...

Bioequivalence Study of 120 mg Etoricoxib Film-coated Tablets

The present study was a randomized, open-label, two-period, two-sequence, cross-over study, conducted to find out whether the etoricoxib 120 mg film-coated tablet produced by PT Dexa Medica (test drug) was bioequivalent to the reference drug (Arcoxia® Film-Coated Tablet 120 mg, PT. Schering-Plough Indonesia Tbk), under fasting condition with a fourteen days wash-out period, involving 26 healthy adult male and female subjects.

Christina Lum, MPH

The Internet Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (ICDSMP) is a pilot study of our existing, previous approved, Chronic Disease Self-Management Program Online. The online programme will be offered to 300 people with chronic disease in South Australia and evaluated for effectiveness, as well as satisfaction of both the South Australian peer facilitators and the participants with chronic disease. All participants will be recruited by the State of South Australia, after which t...

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Inspiratory Flow Using the Osmohaler

The OsmohalerTM is a registered device in Australia. It is used to deliver a dry powder a commercial preparation of mannitol registered as AridolTM to test if a person has irritable airways such as active asthma. The overseas regulatory authorities need to know that people of all ages can achieve an adequate inspiratory flow through this device during a controlled deep inspiration. Adequate flow is generally regarded as greater than 30 litres per minute in children and 60 ...

Penicillin Against Flucloxacillin Treatment Evaluation

There is theroretical superiority with benzylpenicillin over orther anti-staphylococcal penicillins (ASP) for treatment of penicillin susceptible S. aureus (PSSA) infections due to a lower MIC distribution when compared with ASPs active against PSSA, combined with the ability to obtain higher levels of free non-protein-bound plasma drug concentrations. Although the data to support this theoretical advantage is limited, many clinicians in Australia (and worldwide) use benzylpeni...

The ENIGMA Study: Eastern Inflammatory Bowel Disease Gut Microbiota

The incidence of inflammatory bowel diseases, (IBD) including Crohn's disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC), is increasing in the developing world. Our recent Asia-Pacific population-based study in 8 Asian countries and Australia has demonstrated that Hong Kong and China have amongst the highest disease incidences in Asia while Australia has the equal highest incidence of these diseases in the world. The ENIGMA project comprises three main enteric microbiome domains of cent...

Study of Ataluren for Previously Treated Patients With nmDBMD in Europe, Israel, Australia, and Canada

Duchenne/Becker muscular dystrophy (DBMD) is a genetic disorder that develops in boys. It is caused by a mutation in the gene for dystrophin, a protein that is important for maintaining normal muscle structure and function. Loss of dystrophin causes muscle fragility that leads to weakness and loss of walking ability during childhood and teenage years. A specific type of mutation, called a nonsense (premature stop codon) mutation, is the cause of DBMD in approximately 10-15% of ...

The Implementation of MinimAlly Invasive Hysterectomy Trial

Removal of the uterus (hysterectomy) is the most commonly performed major gynaecological procedure in women. Obstetricians and gynaecologist (O&G) surgeons conduct the majority of hysterectomies. Surgical approaches to removal of the uterus include laparoscopic hysterectomy, vaginal hysterectomy with or without laparoscopic assistance and open hysterectomy through an abdominal incision. It is widely accepted that laparoscopic hysterectomy and vaginal hysterectomy are less invas...

Pertussis Immunisation and Food Allergy

Aim To assess the possible food allergy-preventive benefit of using whole cell pertussis(wP) vaccination compared with acelluar pertussis vaccine(aP) for whooping cough vaccination in childhood. Background Whooping cough, caused by the bacteria, Bordetella pertussis, represents a significant public health burden in Australia and around the world. Acellular pertussis vaccination (aP) replaced whole cell vaccination against pertussis (wP) in the late 1990s. This replaceme...

Nab-pacliatxel Plus Gemcitabine in Korean Patients With Metastatic Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma

Nab-paclitaxel (interchangeable with ABRAXANE and ABI-007) is a unique protein formulation of a noncrystalline, amorphous form of paclitaxel in an insoluble particle state. Nab-paclitaxel was designed to improve the chemotherapeutic effects of paclitaxel by exploiting endogenous transport pathways to deliver higher doses of paclitaxel to the tumor and to reduce the solvent-related hypersensitivity and other toxicities associated with Taxol® (paclitaxel) injections, the solvent...

International Nutrition Audit in FORegut TuMors

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the current state of nutrition care and patient related outcomes in patients with head, neck and esophageal cancers in North America, Europe and Australia.

CPAP In-home Assessment Australia

The study is to evaluate the product reliability, therapy effectiveness and user feedback of a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device in-home for up to 6 months.

Open Label Tolerability and Safety Study of KRX-101 in Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong

The purpose of this study is to assess the tolerability and safety of KRX-101 in treating persistent microalbuminuria in type 2 diabetic patients who are also being treated with stable, maximum tolerated doses of either ACE inhibitors or A2 receptor blockers.

Comparison of the Number of Oocytes Obtained Between Chinese and Caucasian Women in IVF Treatment

IVF is a well-established method to treat various causes of infertility. Some studies have suggested that ethnicity affects the success of IVF. This is a prospective study involving two tertiary IVF units in Hong Kong and Australia. The IVF outcome between Chinese and Caucasians will be compared.

The Progression From Dysmenorrhoea to Chronic Pelvic Pain

This is a cross-sectional observational study. For participants resident in Adelaide, South Australia. The study consists of 3 visits to the Pain and Anaesthesia Research Clinic (PARC), within the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH). A total of 56 participants will be recruited for this study.

Study of Acupuncture and Care Interventions for the Treatment of Breast Inflammation During Breastfeeding

The objective of the study was to test the hypothesis that acupuncture treatment hastens recovery time from inflammatory symptoms of the breast during breastfeeding. 205 mothers with 210 cases of breast inflammation (commonly called "mastitis") during breastfeeding were randomly assigned to one of three treatment groups. There were two groups where acupuncture was used and one without acupuncture. The mothers symptoms were recorded at the onset of health care contact and daily ...

MYPHISMO: MYB and PD-1 Immunotherapies Against Multiple Oncologies Trial

The purpose of this research study is to look at the effects, good or bad, of TetMYB Vaccine in combination with BGB-A317 in patients with advanced or metastatic solid cancers (including colorectal or adenoid cystic cancer). The immune system is the body's defence against cancer, bacteria and viruses. TetMYB Vaccine is a vaccine that helps your immune system to recognise the cancer cells. BGB-A317 is an antibody (a type of protein made in the body in response to a foreign subs...

Benchmarking Trial Between France and Australia Comparing Management of Primary Rectal Cancer Beyond TME (Total Mesorectum Excision) and Locally Recurrent Rectal Cancer

The incidence of rectal cancers is at 15,000 new cases per year in France of which 10 to 15% are locally advanced (T4bNxM0) at the moment of diagnosis. The rate of invaded resection margins (R1) for these locally advanced and fixed rectal tumours varies from 10 to 20%. The invasion of the resection margins triples the risk of local recurrence. In the absence of surgical treatment, the 5-year survival rate for patients having had pelvic recurrence of rectal cancer is lower than ...

Metvix Daylight PDT in Actinic Keratosis

Prospective non-interventional study conducted in Australia, Brazil, Mexico and Europe to evaluate clinical practice with Metvix Daylight PDT in the treatment of mild to moderate actinic keratosis of the face/scalp and to assess physician and patient satisfaction.

ANZUP - Non-clear Cell Post Immunotherapy CABozantinib (UNICAB)

Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is the 9th most common cancer in Australia, the 10th most common cancer in Western populations.~75% of kidney cancers are clear-cell renal cell carcinomas (ccRCC). Many patients present with advanced or unresectable disease at diagnosis and a number of treatments are now available for metastatic ccRCC included vascular endothelial growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors (VEGFR TKIs), mTOR inhibitors, and cytokines. More recently first line u...

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