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Investigating Drop Attacks

The aim of this project is to better understand the experiences of people who have idiopathic drop attacks. These falls have no identified medical cause but can cause people injuries such as bruising, facial injuries and, in some cases, broken bones. It can also make them worry about having more falls, and the pain and embarrassment this would cause, and stop them from going out. There has been very little research in this area and there are currently no treatments. In t...

Timeliness and Completeness of Routine Childhood Vaccinations by 2 Years of Age in Nigeria.

The timeliness of routine childhood immunization should be an important component in measuring vaccination coverage rates especially in LMIC countries like Nigeria, yet this is overlooked. This study will determine the age- specific immunization timely uptake rates for the various vaccines covered in the routine childhood immunization and seek out factors that affect timely vaccine uptake among Nigerian children.


Delivery, Uptake and Acceptability of HPV Vaccination in Tanzanian Girls

The aims of this study are: 1. To determine feasibility of a school-based human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination programme in Tanzania. 2. To measure the uptake and acceptability of two different vaccination strategies in rural and urban schools. 3. To examine the characteristics of accepters/refusers of vaccination and to identify reasons for acceptance, refusal or non-completion. 4. To measure the cost of implementing a school-based HPV ...

Influenza Vaccination for Parents and Other Caregivers in the Pediatric Medical Home

We hypothesize that when offered influenza vaccine at little or no cost, in a setting where the value of the vaccine is connected to one's high risk child, vaccination rates for parents will approach 90-95%, similar to rates obtained in the NICU environment.

Eye Drop Dispensers: Safety, Efficacy and Comfort.

One aspect to eye drop adherence is successful instillation of the drops; however, it is well known that many patients struggle with this task. Difficulties may include aiming their drops,extending their neck, preventing excess drop leakage, avoiding contamination of the bottle tip and generating enough force to expel a drop from the bottle. Instillation aids are devices that aim to ameliorate one or more of these barriers. Several eye drop dispensers had been developed in ord...

A Service Intervention to Reduce Falls in Hospital

The head of nursing at University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire (UHCW) plans to roll out an intervention across groups of hospital wards over the next four months. The intervention is designed to reduce falls as part of quality improvement for the hospital. However, the head of nursing has asked the University of Warwick to help with the scientific evaluation of the intervention - to find out whether and to what extent falls on the wards are reduced by the intervention. Th...

HPV Vaccination: An Investigation of Physician Reminders and Recommendation Scripts

Primary, Secondary, and Exploratory Objective(s): Primary objective: To evaluate the effect of interventions on 1st dose uptake of HPV vaccine. Secondary objective: To evaluate rates of return for second dose. Exploratory objective: To evaluate experiences of pediatric health care providers with the reminder and script interventions. Hypothesis. We expect a linear increase in HPV vaccination rates across the usual practice control group and the two intervention ...

An RCT Promoting HPV Vaccination Among Chinese MSM

Objectives: To evaluate efficacies of two online and theory-based interventions [HC: health communication only and HC-MI health communication plus motivational interviewing (MI)] in increasing uptake of three doses of HPV vaccines within the 9-month follow-up period among Hong Kong Chinese men who have sex with men (MSM). Hypothesis: The HPV vaccination rate of the three groups would be in the order HC-MI group > HC group > Control group. Design and subjec...

P3+ Intervention Phase

This study will address vaccine uptake both for pregnant women and for their children, through 20 months of age, to test the hypothesis that exposure to the P3+ intervention package will increase the likelihood a pregnant woman gets herself vaccinated against influenza and pertussis before delivery and get her child vaccinated on time. This study builds off of a prior intervention, developed by Emory, at the practice, provider, and patient levels (P3) to develop, implement and ...

Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) Treatment Study

The purpose of this study is to compare the results of two standard treatments for amblyopia in order to find out if one is more effective than the other. Amblyopia, which develops in childhood, is also called "lazy eye," because one eye is not being used properly. The brain favors the other eye for some reason, such as crossing or turning out of the eyes, and vision in the weak eye is reduced. Amblyopia is treated by forcing the child to use the weak eye. There are two way...

Postpartum HPV Vaccination

Human papillomavirus (HPV)-related cancers are on the rise in the United States. Furthermore, greater than 90% of cervical cancer cases are attributable to HPV, and cervical cancer disproportionately affects women of color in both incidence and mortality. Due to low HPV vaccine uptake in the US, innovative approaches to vaccinating vulnerable populations are necessary in order to maximize the cancer prevention potential of this vaccine. The puerperium is a time period when wome...

Improving HPV Vaccination Rates Among Rural and Native American Adolescents

This study will develop and implement a multi-level intervention aimed at improving human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination rates at an Indian rural health clinic.

Functional Electrical Stimulation for People With Multiple Sclerosis Who Experience Foot Drop

People with Multiple Sclerosis (pwMS) often experience 'foot-drop' which means that the foot is not adequately lifted during the so-called swing phase (foot is off the ground) during walking which can lead to trips and falls. Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) to the shin muscles will aid lifting of the foot and therefore reduces the risk of trips and falls. There have been several studies showing the benefits of FES to the walking of pwMS. The proposed study aims to optim...

Study to Evaluate Impact of School-based Influenza Vaccination on School Populations

Rates of confirmed influenza illness in vaccinated and non-vaccinated children will be compared between schools with and without vaccination programs. The investigators hypothesize that in addition to lowering rates of influenza in vaccinated children, raising vaccination rates by 30-40% through school-based vaccination programs will decrease incidence of influenza in non-vaccinated children attending those schools compared to non-vaccinated children in schools with low vaccin...

High and Low Resource Interventions to Promote HPV Vaccines

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is a significant public health issue affecting nearly 14 million people in the United States. HPV can lead to cervical, oropharyngeal, anal, and penile cancers as well as genital warts.The purpose of this study is to test the comparative effectiveness of two interventions, AFIX only vs. AFIX + communication training, to increase Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination rates among adolescent patients in outpatient clinic settings. Providers and staff at...

Randomized Controlled Trial on Uptake of NHS Health Checks

The National Health Service (NHS) Health Check is a significant part of the strategy to tackle premature mortality and promote healthy lifestyles. Public Health England aspires to an uptake rate of 75% but national uptake is less than 50%. This study aims to assess the impact of two new behaviourally informed NHS Health Check leaflets on the uptake of NHS Health Checks, by randomizing patients in Lewisham and North East Lincolnshire to the different leaflets and comparing patie...

Kenosha County Falls Prevention Study

Intensive falls prevention programs have been shown to be effective in reducing falls; however, a number of practical programs, based in community setting have not been successful at reducing rate of falls. The purpose of this study was to test, in a randomized, controlled trial, the efficacy of this intermediate-intensity, individual, multifactorial model to reduce falls. It was hypothesized that more contacts would lead to greater adherence and efficacy in reducing falls.

Efficacy Study of School-located Influenza Vaccination Clinics to Increase Influenza Vaccination Rates in Monroe County, New York

Children in schools in which influenza vaccination clinics are held during school hours will have higher rates of influenza vaccination than children in control schools (no school-located clinics offered)

Influenza and Text Messaging in Pregnancy

History and the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic suggest that both seasonal and pandemic influenza infections impart disproportionate morbidity and mortality among gravidas. The influenza vaccine represents a viable, preventive health intervention to mitigate disease burden for gravidas and their neonates[1,2]. Despite the safety and efficacy of influenza vaccines, suboptimal maternal vaccination rates (13-24%) persist nationwide[3]. Barriers to influenza vaccination during pregnan...

Girls OnGuard: HPV Vaccination Uptake Among African American Adolescent Females

African American adolescent females seeking treatment for STIs are an underserved population at increased risk for HPV infection. While GARDASIL is an effective preventive vaccine, vaccination rates are low. Given the risk for HPV infection among this subgroup and the negative health effects associated with HPV, enhancing uptake of GARDASIL is necessary. To address this need, the proposed study is an exciting opportunity to build upon a relationship previously formed between ...

Engaging Patients and Providers in Collaborative Communication on HPV Vaccination (EPICC-HPV)

Vaccination against Human Papillomavirus is recommended for adolescent females by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), physicians, and many medical organizations, yet uptake of HPV vaccines remains very low. CDC data reveal that in 2013 only 44.3% of 13-17 year old females in New Mexico (and 37.6% nationwide) had completed the 3-dose HPV vaccine series. These data reveal the uptake of the HPV vaccines is unacceptably low, thereby diminishing its ability to p...

Automatic Detection of Falls and Near Falls

The aim of this study is to develop an algorithm to automatically detect falls and near falls, in the elderly and in Parkinson's Disease patients. Subjects will arrive at the investigators' gait laboratory for assessment. A sub-group of the subjects, will receive a monitoring device, to be worn at home for three days.

Vaccination Course in Primed Children and Age-matched Unprimed Children With Pneumococcal Vaccine GSK1024850A.

The purpose of this study is to assess the immune memory induced by primary and booster vaccination with pneumococcal conjugate vaccine GSK1024850A in the first year of life through evaluation of the immune responses following vaccination with a booster dose of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine GSK1024850A in the fourth year of life and to assess immune responses following vaccination with a single dose of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine GSK1024850A in age-matched unprimed children...

Influenza Vaccination in the Emergency Department

Randomized controlled trial of influenza vaccination versus referral for vaccination in the Emergency department. Is the Emergency Department an effective venue for vaccination for influenza? Does vaccination for influenza in the Emergency Department change the rates of influenza, influenza-like-illness or medical provider visits when compared with patient referred for vaccination in the community?

The STOP-HPV Trial 6: Single Arm Evaluation of the Maintenance of the STOP-HPV Bundle

Most adolescents who receive human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine are vaccinated in pediatric practices, yet missed opportunities (MOs) for HPV vaccination occur often and lead to low HPV vaccination rates. This single arm evaluation (embedded within arm 1 of a 2-arm cluster randomized clinical trial (RCT)) will test the sustainability of improvement made in response to a bundled intervention including HPV vaccine communication, performance feedback and provider prompts to reduce...

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