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Increasing Individualism and Collectivism

An online survey is conducted on MTurk populations from India and USA. Participants were assigned either a condition with primes of individualism or one with primes of collectivism, before responding to a scale on culture and indicating details of their demographics.

An RCT of an Online Training for Vulnerable Patients to Use an Online Patient Portal Website

Online patient portals are becoming ubiquitous in the US. Previous research has documented substantial usability barriers, especially among patients with limited health literacy. This pilot randomized pilot trial had the goal of determining the effectiveness of an in-person training with a scalable online video-based training program to increase portal use among patients in a safety net healthcare setting.

ImPACT Online Clinical Study

The researchers want to find out more about a standalone software application, ImPACT Online and how it relates to other commonly used tests of memory, attention and reaction time. ImPACT Online is a computer-based neurocognitive test for concussion management. The test was designed to help measure the effects of concussion on cognitive processes (for example, memory, attention, brain speed) and visual functioning.

Online Emotion Regulation Group Intervention

This study will examine the efficacy of an emotion regulation intervention delivered online to individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) with deficits in emotion regulation. 104 subjects will be enrolled and will receive 24, 60-minute emotion regulation skills-training sessions twice a week for 12 weeks, delivered online in a group video-conference with 3-4 other participants. Participants will be asked to complete an online survey, lasting approximately 40-50 minutes, ever...

Protocol Lab for Online Trials-Delphi

The Protocol Lab for Online Trials-Delphi (PLOT-D) module will use an online three-round Delphi combined with Participatory action research to inform the development of a multi-use protocol template to use in writing protocols for self-recruited online trials of interventional self-management. The Delphi will include an embedded randomized controlled trial to test how and if stakeholders adapt their views based on the contributions of others inside or outside the groups with wh...

Implementation and Impact of an Online Tool Used in Primary Care to Improve Income Security

We will evaluate the acceptability, feasibility and impact of an online tool that helps patients identify financial benefits that they are entitled to at six clinic sites over a three month period. We will answer the following questions: Is an online tool that addresses income security feasible and acceptable to clinicians? Can such a tool be integrated into regular clinic workflow? What is the patient perspective on the tool and what is the short-term impact?

Effectiveness of a Online Training Program With a Clinical Procedure Standardized in Units of Nursing (CPSUN)

This study evaluates if the implementation of an online platform with procedures and protocols, improve the knowledge of professionals and can have a health impact related to decreased contamination of blood cultures.

Online Mindfulness for Stroke Sufferers

A feasibility study to investigate the effect of an online mindfulness programme ( on stroke survivors' mental and physical wellbeing.

An Online System to Improve Diabetes Self-Care

The purpose of this study is to see if an online program for patients with diabetes helps patients improve their self-care (how they take their medications, what they eat, how much they exercise, and whether they smoke).

Research on Anxiety and Depression: Computer-Assisted Therapy

This study examines how online self-guided programs can improve mood and anxiety symptoms. These programs use exercises from Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, which is an evidence-based treatment for depression and anxiety. The purpose of this study is to learn who will do best with the online format. Our aim is to learn for whom online self-guided interventions are most efficacious. This knowledge is important because it will help inform clinicians and patients about who might ben...

Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Insomnia Delivered by a Therapist or on the Internet

Background: Insomnia is a highly prevalent and disabling disorder where Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) is established as the best available treatment. Still, only a negligible number of patients with insomnia receive this treatment. One potential way of improving the dissemination of CBT-I is by using online adaptations of CBT-I. This is a new method for delivering CBT-I and it is not known how effective online treatment is compared to face-to-face CBT-I. This ...

Effectiveness of Internet-based Depression Treatment

Care for people suffering from depressive symptoms should be given in a step-wise approach. One first step can be the provision of self-help material. Online self-help is an innovative way of providing self-help. The investigators want to study the effect of an interactive online self-help-program (Deprexis) in the treatment of mild to moderate depressive symptoms. Participants will be randomised to either twelve weeks of online-self help or a waiting-list control. Symptoms of ...

The MORE Study: Manifest vs. Online Refraction Evaluation

The assessment of the refractive state of the eye is a fundamental and important part of ophthalmic and optometric clinical practice. The development of an unsupervised online subjective refraction method makes a refraction more accessible and can be quite cost-saving. In this study, the investigators want to validate an online refraction method which was recently created in the Netherlands. The study comprises two different set of participants: Part one contains fifty healthy...

ImPACT Normative Extension

The researchers want to find out more about a standalone software application, ImPACT Online and how it relates to other commonly used tests of memory, attention and reaction time. ImPACT Online is a computer-based neurocognitive test for concussion management. The test was designed to help measure the effects of concussion on cognitive processes (for example, memory, attention, brain speed) and visual functioning.

Protocol Lab for Online Trial Delphi and Question Effects

This study nested as a randomized controlled trial within an online Delphi and will assess the impact of using different question section groupings to provide aggregate feedback to participants in an online Delphi study.

Online and Mobile Mindfulness Intervention to Improve the Well-Being of Cancer Survivors

Evaluate the impact and satisfaction of Online Mindfulness Meditation (OMM) on anxiety, pain, fatigue, trauma, and sleep in cancer survivors.

Internet-based Treatment for Chronic Insomnia

Study Objectives. Despite effective cognitive behavioral treatments for chronic insomnia, such treatments are underutilized. This study evaluates the impact of a 5-week, online treatment for insomnia. Design This is a randomized controlled trial with online treatment and waiting list control conditions. Participants Participants are adults with chronic insomnia. Setting Participants receive online treatment from their homes. Intervention. Online treatme...

Online Platform for Healthy Weight Loss (POEmaS)

Clinical trial to test the efficacy of an online platform based on behavior change principles in promoting weight loss among overweight and obese students and employees of the Federal University of Minas Gerais. The hypothesis is that participants of the group which use the platform with or without a dietitian coaching will lose more weight than those allocated to the group who receives dietary and physical activity orientations by educational videos only.

Online Cognitive Training in PD, MS and Depressed Patients Treated With Electroconvulsive Therapy

In Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis and depressed patients treated with electroconvulsive therapy, cognitive dysfunction is prevalent. However, treatment of these dysfunctions is in its infancy. The purpose of this study is 1) to assess the feasibility of a randomized controlled trial using an online computerized intervention for training cognitive abilities in the three patient groups and 2) to estimate the effect of the online training on objectively and subject...

Learning From Online Video Education for Controlled Ovarian Stimulation

The Learning from Online Video Education (LOVE) study seeks to determine if online instructional videos on how to administer medication needed for in vitro fertilization (IVF) help improve the quality of life and reduce stress during the IVF process.

Online Support for Outpatient Peripheral Arterial Disease Self-management

This study looks to examine whether an online patient tool to monitor factors affecting patients peripheral artery disease can lead to improvements in patients' disease and slow its progression.

Mother Matters Online Postpartum Support

Postpartum depression is common, yet only 20% of women seek treatment. Online support groups are a potential means of providing accessible mental health care during this time. Mother Matters is a 10-week online psychotherapy group for women with postpartum depression & anxiety. The investigators aim to conduct a pilot RCT to demonstrate the feasibility of proceeding to a large-scale RCT evaluation of the Mother Matters intervention.

Innovative Strategy to Offer Online Test and Treat for Thai MSM/TG

This study will ask Thai MSM and transgender women (TG) participants to self-select to participate in one of the 3 different study groups which provide various degrees of integrated online interventions and offline interventions for the Recruit-Test-Treat-Retain for HIV prevention and care among 3 groups (A, B1 and B2). All participants will be followed up either offline or online for 12 months. HIV-negative participants will be scheduled for repeat HTC at months 6 and 12. HIV-...

Pilot Study of Peer-Supported Online Problem-Solving Program

Many Veterans with mental health care needs go without care due to stigma, practical problems with getting services, and a high value on self-sufficiency. VHA has developed online programs aimed at fostering MH that are easy to access and may be more acceptable than psychotherapy. The purpose of this study is to learn whether peer-supported use of an online problem-solving course is acceptable and helpful and whether the study data can be collected online. Results of this pilot...

Short Daily Hemodialysis and Online HDF: Which One is Better?

1. To compare the efficacy of 1. Short Daily Hemodialysis 2. Online HDF in term of adequacy of dialysis.

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