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Implantology and Sjögren's Syndrome

Until now it has not been investigated whether placement of implants in SS patients is less successful than compared to non-SS patients. The risk factors and the efficacy of dental implants in dry mouth patients are not known because of the lack of scientific evidence. The aim of this study is to investigate changes in marginal peri-implant bone loss and the clinical performance of dental implants in SS patients compared to implants in healthy patients.

Dental Implants With a SLActive® vs. SLA® Surface

This post-market study is to show that dental implants with a SLActive® surface (SLActive® implants) show non-inferior clinical performance compared to dental implants with a SLA® surface (SLA® implants). This will be tested by measuring changes in bone levels 12 months after implant placement. Recording of adverse events and device deficiencies will also be performed to confirm once more the safety of the Straumann® Bone Level Tapered (BLT), Roxolid® implant. Oss...

Healing Profile of Titanium Dental Implants Placed in Patients With Diabetes

The main goal of this study is to look at the way gums heal around dental implants placed in healthy patients compared to patients with type 2 diabetes. This study is designed to answer the following questions: - How much swelling occurs around dental implants placed in patients with type 2 diabetes? - Is swelling (inflammation) present or absent in the initial healing phase after placement of dental implants? - What are the differences in the ...

Standard Implants With Bone Regeneration vs Short Implants

A study designed as a randomized controlled trial of parallel group design will be conducted at the Dental clinic of the University of Valencia to compare, considering different parameters, the rehabilitation with dental implants of atrophic posterior mandibles or maxillae using short implants or longer implants with vertical bone regeneration with GBR. The hypothesis of the study is that both treatment options will be successful to rehabilitate atrophic posterior mandibles or...

Histologic Evaluation of Bone Formation After Alveolar Augmentation by "Sandwich Osteotomy" Procedure for Dental Implants Insertion

The purpose of this study is to evaluate histologic bone remodeling after interpositional bone graft ("sandwich osteotomy" technique) using xenograft to fill the gap of the bone after moving and fixation it in the proper place.

Comparison Between Ultra-narrow Diameter Implants (2,75 mm) Without Bone Regeneration Versus Standard Diameter Implants (4,3 mm) in Combination With Bone Regeneration

The main target of the study is to compare ultra-narrow diameter implants (2.75 mm) without bone regeneration versus standard diameter implants (4.3 mm) in combination with bone regeneration. To do so, patients with missing upper central incisors, canines, first or second premolars with alveolar ridges of 6 - 8 mm of thickness will be restored with dental implants. Cone beam computed tomographic examination and clinical values will be registered before and after the surgical pr...

Osseointegrated Dental Implants in Kidney Transplanted Patients

The evaluation of the bone, using several techniques and on several aspects will be the purpose to study the possible impact of the kidney transplant (and, extensively, the pre-transplant dialysis, the organ replacement and the immunosuppressive therapy) could have on the bone metabolism and on the density of the bone where the implants are placed. The assessment on the bone density only in a retrospectively selected population that underwent the same surgical procedure will he...

Evaluation of Trabecular Microarchitecture of the Alveolar Bone by Micro-computed Tomography and of Osseointegration of Dental Implants by Resonance Frequency Analysis: Correlation Study.

Dental implants are a prosthetic rehabilitation device whose success depends of the bone morphology and quality, in more the surgical procedure. This study aims to assess whether the parameters of the trabecular microarchitecture of alveolar bone taken from the site of the placement of the dental implant, calculated by micro-CT are correlated with ISQ (implant stability quotient) using the Osstell according the principle of the resonance frequency analysis at the 10th postoper...

Using 3.3mm Screw Tap and Cutting Resistance to Evaluate Bone Quality Around Dental Implant

Osseointegrated root form implants have been applied successfully in treating fully and partially edentulous patients and patients with single tooth missing. However, the success rate of osseointegrated dental implants was not as good in patients with poor bone quality. The reasons are believed that poor bone quality reduces the initial stability of dental implants and then reduces the success rate. For increasing initial stability of dental implants, some technical modificatio...

Early Loading of Dental Implants; A Prospective Study in the Mandibular First Molar Area.

To evaluate the clinical success, stability, radiographic bone level changes and peri-implants soft tissue parameter of the SLActive surface implant supporting single crowns restorations in early loading in the mandibular first molar region.

A Study of Certain Prevail Implants Used for the Preservation of Crestal Bone in Short Fixed Bridge Cases.

This prospective, randomized study will evaluate the performance of the Osseotite Certain Prevail implant when compared to that of the non-lateralized version of the implant. Study (null) hypothesis: the crestal bone changes that take place after placement and loading of the Osseotite lateralized implants will be the same as for a similar but non-lateralized Osseotite Certain implant.

A Study of the Performance of Certain Prevail Implants Used in Short Fixed Cases

This prospective, randomized study evaluates the performance and crestal bone changes difference between the Osseotite Certain Prevail vs the non-lateralized design of the implant. Study (null) hypothesis: the crestal bone changes that take place after placement and loading of the Osseotite lateralized implants will be the same as for similar but non-lateralized Osseotite Certain implants.

Effect of Mini Implants Supported Over Dentures Versus Conventional Implant After Bone Expansion

The better form of ridge will provide using wider implants that can have better abilities to with stand forces and to prevent alveolar bone loss as much as possible. Ridge expansion gained some popularity due to easiness compared to any other procedure that can gain bone. However, this treatment modality needs to be evaluated as compared to Mini Dental Implants (MDIs) over denture in thin mandibular ridge. In mandibular edentulous patients having thin ridge, does the mini impl...

Study on Immediate Loading of Immediately Placed Single Implants.

The purpose of this study is to evaluate survival and success rates of dental implants placed with immediate loading protocol in extraction sockets. All patients were monitored for 1 year after implants placement.

What is the Influence of a Different Thread Pitch Design on Bone Remodelling Around Conical Southern Oral Implants?

Patients who need more than 2 dental implants will be treated by the same implant type (conical 4mm diameter IBT Southern implants) but with different thread pitch design (0,6mm en 1,0mm type). In a 3 year clinical follow up period, the bone remodelling on X-rays is registered around these implants. The role of the thread pitch design will be investigated.

the Effect of Topical Application of Hyaluronic Acid on Immediate Dental Implant

The high predictability of immediate dental implants has led to routine use with a great expectation for success. Immediate implant placement in fresh extraction sockets was reported to reduce alveolar bone resorption, Better esthetic outcomes were achieved including the prosthetic crown length in harmony with the adjacent teeth, natural scalloping and easier distinct papillae to achieve and maximum soft tissue support. hyaluronic acid can be placed in freshly extracted...

Sonographic Imaging of Oral and Dental Anatomical Structures (A Pilot Study)

The overall purpose of this study is to establish an ultrasound technique to aid in oral and dental examination of soft and hard tissues. Ultrasound is currently not used in Dentistry and associated oral examinations and its usefulness for clinical practice will be explored. This study will investigate the use of ultrasonic imaging for planning and placing dental implants, as well as evaluate the use of ultrasonic imaging for monitoring marginal bone loss around dental implants...

The Influence of Mucosal Tissue Thickness on Soft and Hard Tissue Changes Around Implants

Crestal bone and soft tissue stability around implants is an important issue in implant dentistry. Initial vertical mucosal tissue thickness was shown to be one of the factors having impact on bone stability. However, there is lack of data in the literature regarding the relationship between mucosal thickness and marginal bone loss around implants. Berglundh and Lindhe in an animal study reported that thin mucosal tissue causes significantly more crestal bone resorption around ...

Bisphosphonate-coated Dental Implants

Dental implants (screws for fastening false teeth) have been coated with bisphosphonates (drugs that slow down removal of bone). Patients get one such screw and one without coating, by a surgeon who does not know which is which. The screws are compared by measuring how well fixed they are by a vibration measuring technique, and x-rays. The hypothesis is that the bisphosphonates will improve fixation.

An Evaluation of Integration Success and Maintenance of Short Implants in Maxillas Needing Sinus Augmentation

This prospective randomized study will evaluate the integration success while supporting a prosthesis for short implants placed into maxillary sites having minimal bone height that would otherwise need sinus augmentation. The resources utilized during treatment will be assessed. Study (null) hypothesis: the overall benefit of using short length implants to avoid sinus augmentation procedures will offset differences in the cumulative implant survival rates observed betwe...

Clinical and Histological Evaluation of Healos® for Alveolar Ridge Augmentation

The purpose of this study is to document and evaluate how a bone graft material (Healos®) can help rebuild bone width. Dental implants can only be placed when enough bone is found and this bone graft may help to rebuild bone width for dental implant placement. The ultimate goal of this study is to evaluate how this graft material can help bone healing.

Influence of Superstructure Material on Crestal Bone Resorption and Esthetic Outcome of Dental Implants

The aim of this study is to evaluate the influence of superstructure material on crestal bone resorption and esthetic outcome of dental implants in patients with single missing tooth in the aesthetic zone.

Alveolar Bone Loss Around 3 Different Designs of Dental Implant: Prospective Comparative Clinical Trail

comparison of alveolar bone resorbtion/ changes for a period of 12 month post loading of different designs and brands of oral implants. in this study, a comparison between straumann SLA-active implants to MIS Mistral and Mistral -X implants.

A Clinical Trial of Dental Implants in Titanium-zirconium Alloy

A Randomized controlled Clinical trial including 96 patients in which aim is to investigate the clinical outcome of dental implants in titanium-zirconium alloy compared to traditional titan-4 implants. The hypothesis is set to no difference in the clinical outcome for the two types of implants.

Immediate Load of Dental Implants, Placed in Atrophic Upper and/or Lower Jaw of Partial or Complete Edentate Patients, According to Flapless Technique

This study will evaluate the placement of implants with minimal invasive techniques. Immediately after the placement of the implants, functional loaded synthetic teeth will be placed.

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