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Survival After Surgical Treatment of Axis Fractures in Elderly

Fractures of the second cervical vertebra (C2) are the most common spinal fracture among the elderly. Non-surgical treatment comprises of cervical collar treatment for 12 weeks, while surgical treatment for elderly could mean posterior fixation C1-C2 without collar treatment or anterior screw osteosynthesis C2 with 6 weeks of collar treatment. A meta-analysis of retrospective studies has recently found an improved survival with surgical treatment (Robinson Y et al. 2014). This ...

Assessment and Follow-up of Surgical Treatment of Hemivertebra in Children

The treatment of child's vertebral malformations has evolved a lot including the realization of surgical vertebral resections. The surgical techniques used are multiple, require heavy surgery, one or more approaches and surgical time, transfusions, a neurological risk (up to 20% in some series, risk of non-consolidation, insufficient correction). These surgical techniques deserve an evaluation of the early complications and the skeletal maturity of these children (maintenance o...

Phacoemulsification Sleeves

Incision size in cataract surgery is related to induced surgical astigmatism, chamber stability, and surgical efficiency. Sleeves of different diameters change the size of the surgical incision and amount of fluid allowed into the eye during the surgical procedure for a given set of surgical parameters. Optimization of surgical parameters requires review of surgical efficiency including: fluid usage, energy usage, and total surgical time. With optimized surgical parameters r...

Effect of Pre-operative Training Using Surgical Videos on Resident Performance of Unilateral Salpigo-oophrectomy

There is a need for the development and validation of new teaching strategies and resources for surgical training that can occur outside of the operating room. The use of surgical videos is not novel however it has not been validated as an effective approach for gynecologic surgical training. The goals of our study are to (1) develop an educational surgical video for laparoscopic salpingo-oophrectomy (LSO) and (2) to evaluate and test the effectiveness of this tool in preparing...

Burnout Syndrome Among Medical Residents

Whether and to what extent burnout risk is actually higher in surgical specialties than in non-surgical specialties is still unknown. Little is also known about what factors are associated with burnout between surgical residents and non-surgical residents. In this context, the present study has a three-fold aim: 1) to measure the prevalence of burnout among a sample of Italian medical residents; 2) to contrast the prevalence of burnout and psychological distress in surgical res...

Surgical Treatment of Periimplantitis in Patients With Risk Factors

This study evaluates clinical and radiographic parameters among riks factor groups in patients with periimplantitis. This study will also treat and evaluate the patients response before and after surgical treatment.

Surgical Treatment of Peri-implantitis With and Without an Initial Non-surgical Approach

Randomized, surgeon and outcome assessor blinded, multi-centric, superiority trial with two parallel groups and a 1:1 allocation ratio with the aim of comparing the surgical treatment of severe peri-implantitis with or without an initial non surgical approach.

Impact of Sensory Stimuli on Patient Preferences During Outpatient Surgery

The purpose of this study is to determine the effect surgical lights, surgical smoke, and surgical sounds have on patient satisfaction with their outpatient Mohs surgical procedure.

Surgical Checklist Success in Latin America

Limited information is available about surgical checklist effectiveness in Latin America. We plan to compare the pre and post surgical checklist implementation in a tertiary healthcare center in terms of morbidity (length of stay and surgical site infection rate) and in-hospital mortality rate.

Current Surgical Practices and Surgical Site Infection at Ayder Comprehensive Specialized Hospital in Mekelle, Ethiopia

This study evaluates the current surgical practices at Ayder Comprehensive Specialized Hospital in comparison to the World Health Organization's Surgical Unit Based Safety Programme guidelines and aims to determine how deviations from those guidelines are associated with varying rates of surgical site infection incidence in this population. The results of this study will help elucidate risk factors for surgical site infection and prioritize future interventions to decrease the ...

A Randomized Cross-over Trial of Comparison Between Robotic and Laparoscopic Suturing for Gastric Defect by Novices

To compare the performance of surgical suturing using Da Vinci Robotic Surgical System and conventional Laparoscopic surgical suturing among novice

Effectiveness of BioFoam® Surgical Matrix to Improve Hemostasis During Liver Resection

The present randomized controlled trial evaluates the efficacy and safety of BioFoam® Surgical Matrix in patients undergoing elective liver resection. In contrast to other topical agents, the surgical adhesive BioFoam® Surgical Matrix may not only accelerate hemostasis but also facilitate sealing of bile ducts and thus has the potential to reduce the incidence of postoperative complications. The primary objective of this trial is to show that time-to-complete hemostasis can ...

Drains and Surgical Site Infections

This prospective observational study examines the associations of presence, duration, type, number and location of surgical drains with the risk of surgical site infections in a contemporary and multicentric cohort of general, orthopedic trauma and vascular surgery procedures.

Multi-center Study on Surgical or Non-surgical Treatment for Children Type 1 Humeral Condyle Fracture

The study evaluates the effectiveness of surgical or non-surgical treatment for children type 1 humeral condyle fracture.Half of the participants receive surgical treatment and the other half receive non-surgical treatment

Impact of Pre-surgical Nasal Bacterial Reduction on Postoperative Surgical Site Infections

Patients presenting in the Emergency Department or admitted to the hospital with displaced hip fractures who require hemiarthroplasty or open reduction internal fixation or with spinal instability/fractures in need of urgent surgical intervention will receive treatment to reduce the number of microorganisms in their nose prior to surgery. After surgery, the subjects will be observed for any surgical site infections.

Assessing the da Vinci® Robotic Surgical System for Surgery of the Upper Aerodigestive Tract

To assess the use of the da Vinci® Robotic Surgical System (Intuitive Surgical, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA) in transoral surgeries in patients with benign and malignant lesions of the oral cavity and laryngopharynx.

Effect of Non-surgical Periodontal Treatment on Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant Status in OSAS

The main objective of this study is to investigate whether the non-surgical periodontal treatment of patients with periodontitis and obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) affects the prognosis of OSAS positively with polysomnographic, serum and saliva parameters.

Evaluating New Surgical Technique in Management of Female Patients With Operable Multifocal Breast Cancer

Multi-focal Breast Cancers(MFBC) still have undiscoverable Clinical Significance reflecting on a debatable surgical decision for this Category of breast cancer. A prospective study was conducted using certain surgical technique as a surgical treatment for female patients with operable breast cancer managed at the Surgical Oncology Unit, Alexandria University from May. 2017 to May2018 and will be followed for 3 Years.Analysis will be done to settle a paradigm for surgical manage...

Benefits of Peri-surgical Physical Therapy in the Management of III and IV Grades of Pelvic Organ Prolapse

To find out the effectiveness of physical therapy associated with the surgical treatment over the simptoms and quality of life in III and IV grades of pelvic organ prolapse, patients will be randomly assigned to one of these groups: experimental group: pre-surgical and post-surgical physical therapy + behavioral education + surgical therapy. Control group: surgical treatment + behavioral education. In both groups several physical therapy assessments will be undertaken: 1st bef...

Impact of the Presurgical Visit of Nursing on the Well-being of the Surgical Patient.

.A surgical intervention involves the participant and his / her family in a very stressful situation with a biopsychosocial alteration of the participant, often presenting a lack of knowledge of the surgical process from admission to hospital discharge. Researchers (nursing) began to make prior visits to the surgical procedure to reduce anxiety and provide information about the surgical process. The importance of the presurgical nursing visit (PNV) is sought, how to achieve a b...

Adjuvant Imiquimod Therapy to Reduce Recurrence Rate in Patients After Surgical Therapy of Anal HPV-lesions

AdAM is a prospective, randomized, controlled, double-blinded, monocentric trial in patients receiving surgical therapy due to anal HPV infection. Aim of the study is to evaluate efficacy of combination therapy (surgical therapy + topical Imiquimod-therapy). It is planned to include 200 patients. 100 patients receive surgical therapy+ topical Imiquimod therapy, 100 patients receive surgical therapy + topical Placebo therapy

Local Warming of Surgical Incisions

The purpose of this study is to determine if local warming of surgical wounds improves healing and helps prevent infection. The investigators want to see if warming surgical incisions improves oxygen levels and healing in skin close to the incision.

Personalized Treatment of Urogenital Cancers Depends on the Microbiome

This is a randomized controlled trial where patients undergoing surgical treatment for urogenital cancers will be randomized in a two arms study: surgical treatment + antibiotics OR surgical treatment + placebo.

Surgical Excision and Intralesional Steroid Injection for Prevention of Post Caesarean Keloid Recurrence

Two groups of patients (73 patients each) undergoing routine caesarean section has recurrent keloid at site of surgical scar. One group will undergo surgical excision of keloid. The other group will have combined surgical excision of keloid and single intralesional dexamethazone injection at edges of wound.All patients were reviewed once per month for 6 months for evidence of recurrence

Surgical Patient Knowledge and Safe Use of Opioids

Opioids are commonly prescribed for surgical patients to treat moderate to severe pain after surgery. However, opioids can be associated with serious complications such as respiratory depression and death. Currently, it is not routine practice to provide standardized written materials to surgical patients about the risks of opioids and how to safely use opioids after surgery. Investigator has developed an educational pamphlet specifically for surgical patients to educate them a...

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