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Sunday 19th May 2019

Investigation of the Effectiveness of Muscle Inhibition and Space Correction Techniques of Kinesiotaping Method in Female Patients With Myofascial Pain Syndrome Related to Upper Trapezius Active Trigger Points

To investigate the effectiveness of muscle inhibition and space correction techniques of kinesiotaping (KT) method; on pain, functional status and quality of life in female patients with myofascial pain syndrome (MPS) related to upper trapezius active trigger points (TP) in comparison to control group and to determine the advantage of each technique over another.

Low Sulfur Fecal Transplant for Ulcerative Colitis

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the engraftment of donor microbiota's sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) in subjects with active ulcerative colitis (UC) following sequential fecal microbiota transplant (FMT). Specifically this study will evaluate if low SRB donor microbiota translates to lower SRB microbiota in the UC recipient. It is widely unknown if the microbiota in UC is dysfunctional and therefore perpetuates inflammation, or if the ongoing inflammation shapes the m...

The Immediate Effects of Dry Needling on Post-concussion Syndrome

In about 15% of adult concussion cases, symptoms last longer than 2 weeks and can largely impact the individual's ability to work, be physically active and participate in everyday life. These symptoms are often partially related to unresolved neck muscle tightness and other neck-related symptoms. Dry needling is a technique that uses acupuncture needles to release muscle knots, decrease neck muscle tightness and decrease neck pain. As far as the investigators are aware, there h...

Belimumab With Rituximab for Primary Membranous Nephropathy

The primary objective of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of belimumab and intravenous rituximab co-administration at inducing a complete remission (CR) compared to rituximab alone in participants with PM. Background: Primary membranous nephropathy (MN) is among the most common causes of nephrotic syndrome in adults. MN affects individuals of all ages and races. The peak incidence of MN is in the fifth decade of life. Primary MN is recognized to be an ...

Mindful Attention to Variability in Everyday Memory

Forgetfulness is a common complaint among middle and older adults, with the vast majority of these complaints not rooted in established causes or diagnoses. The contents of these subjective cognitive complaints (SCC) include difficulty retrieving specific words (e.g., names of people or places), misplacing common items (e.g., keys or eyeglasses), and prospective memory failures (e.g., forgetting appointments and reasons for entering a room). One study found that 54% of people i...

An Extension Study for Treatment of Moderately to Severely Active Ulcerative Colitis

The purpose of this open-label extension (OLE) study is to evaluate the safety and efficacy of etrasimod in participants with moderately to severely active ulcerative colitis (UC) who previously received double-blinded treatment (either etrasimod 2 mg per day or placebo) during participation in one of two Phase 3 double-blinded, placebo-controlled studies (either Study APD334-301 or APD334-302).

Bladder PREserVation by RadioTherapy and Immunotherapy in BCG Unresponsive Non-muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer

About two-thirds of newly diagnosed cases of bladder cancer are non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC). It is advocated that patients with high-risk NMIBC receive an adjuvant course of intravesical Bacille Calmette-Guerin (BCG) as first-line treatment. However, a substantial proportion of patients will 'fail' BCG. Radical cystectomy remains the treatment of choice for NMIBC who have failed intravesical therapy, but there are situations when surgery is not feasible due to co...

Study of rESP Injection for the Treatment of Anemia in Chronic Renal Failure Patients With Hemodialysis

A phase 2, randomized, open label, active comparator parallel controlled study to explore the dosage regiment of rESP, and evaluate its efficacy, safety and pharmacokinetic characteristics in the treatment of anemia in chronic renal failure patients with hemodialysis

A Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of CKD-825 in Patients With Atrial Fibrillation

to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of CKD-825 in Patients With Atrial Fibrillation

Life-Style Exercise and Activity Package for People Living With Progressive MS

The investigators know that many people with multiple sclerosis (MS) require support to remain physically active and often do not receive any or enough support. This is particularly the case for People with Progressive MS (PwPMS) with moderate to severe disability - those who require assistance to mobilise (i.e. using a stick, frame or wheelchair) and/or have other MS related symptoms such as fatigue and difficulties remembering. In Phase 1 of the LEAP-MS study the investigato...

Safety and Efficacy of SM934 Compared to Placebo in Adult Subjects With Active Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

This is a single-center, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, phase 2 study. The purpose of the study is to initially evaluate the safety and efficacy of SM934 combined with steroids compared to placebo in adult subjects with active systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) over a 12-week period.

Efficacy of Platelet Rich Plasma Injections in Patients With Adhesive Capsulitis of the Shoulder

This study was done to investigate whether platelet rich plasma(PRP) injections are effective in the management of adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder(AC).Patients were randomized to 2 groups, and one group took PRP injections for 3 times every two weeks, while the other group took saline injections in same frequency and volume. A standardized exercise programme was also applied to all patients. Patients were then evaluated with Shoulder Pain and Disability Index(SPADI), Visua...

The PRECIOUS Study: Predicting Crohn's & ColitIs Outcomes in the United States

A multi-center observational study based at referral centers and community hospitals within the US. Patients' blood will be collected at enrollment for testing with PredictSURE IBD™, which will occur at a later date. Patients will be prospectively followed up for 12 months with clinicians treating according to local standard of care, with a step-up or accelerated step-up regimen. Clinicians and patients will be blinded to the biomarker results.

A Smartphone Based Intervention for the Prevention of Relapse in Alcohol Dependence

The rate of relapse following an inpatient alcohol rehabilitation program has been around 50% for a number of years. Offered treatments mainly focus on conscious and controllable aspects of behaviour, but research has found that much of the craving in addiction is guided by automatic processes, which are for a large part unconscious and poorly controlled by the individual. One way to influence these automatic processes is by applying cognitive bias modification, a cognitive-beh...

Quality of Life Related to Health in Spa Users

Hypothesis: The spa therapy treatment could improve health-related quality of life (HRQOL) in subjects with knee and/or hip osteoarthritis, and patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Main objective: Analyze if HRQOL in patients with knee and/or hip osteoarthritis, and patients with rheumatoid arthritis is modified by spa therapy treatment in the spa of Fitero (Spain). Design: Prospective observational study Participants: Fitero's spa users aged between 45-80 years old, dia...

A Default Option to Enhance Dietary Quality in Participants With Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is associated with an increased risk of overweight/obesity and weight-related chronic illnesses. The availability of a default option (i.e., option a consumer selects if no active choice is made) has been shown to effectively nudge consumer behavior. An online default option (i.e., prefilled grocery shopping cart) was previously shown to positively impact food selection in an online grocery shopping task.The present study provides preliminary evidence for the ef...

A Depot Formulation of Sunitinib Malate (GB-102) Compared to Aflibercept in Subjects With Wet AMD

Phase 2b, multicenter, visual examiner-masked, randomized active-controlled, parallel-arm design study to evaluate the safety and duration of repeated IVT injections of 3 dose levels of GB‑102 compared with aflibercept.

Effect of Curcumin on Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

The purpose of this investigator initiated study is to determine the efficacy of curcumin on disease activity of subjects with systemic lupus erythematous. Curcumin has been found to have anti-inflammatory effects and has been found to improve disease activity in lupus patients. In addition, subjects with rheumatoid arthritis as well as osteoarthritis have also found benefit for their disease activity.

CD73+ Th1.17 in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Psoriatic Arthritis

Prospective study to investigate the correlation between CD39/CD73 expression by the different T lymphocyte subpopulations in the blood and synovial fluid (if available) into patients with chronic inflammatory rheumatism RA and PsA types, with the rheumatic activity, the background therapy (with Methotrexate (MTX)) and the response to this treatment.

Neuronavigated TBS in Depression

In this randomized controlled trial we will treat 80 patients with depression with intermittent theta burst stimulation in two parallel arms. Both arms are active interventions differing with respect to positioning of the treatment coil - one arm with neuronavigation and one arm with targeting according to EEG Position representing the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. Randomisation will be balanced for in- and out-patients and for the treatment arms.

Acceptability and Persistence of the Use of a Patient-centred E-health Tool for Lupus Patients Followed in a Specialised Centre in France

Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a complex disease whose evaluation in daily practice and clinical research requires consideration of several aspects, in particular disease activity and quality of life. Health systems are increasingly using Patient Reported Outcome measures (PRO) data to measure different dimensions of the disease and its experience. In addition, there is a growing number of "e-health" tools for patients. Indeed, the collection of health-related da...

Surgery in Secondary Tricuspid Regurgitation

Currently, in cardiology/cardiosurgery the indicators for the surgical correction of secondary tricuspid regurgitationare unclear. AIM: To compare right ventricle structural and functional changes after operation in patients with secondary tricuspid regurgitation with severe mitral /aortic valve pathology, requiring surgical intervention; define the factors influencing major adverse cardiac events depending on the operation/non-operation due to moderate tricuspid regurgitation....

NUsurface Implant Registry

The purpose of this active post-market surveillance clinical registry study is to further characterize the therapeutic effect, the long-term safety and effectiveness of the NUsurface® meniscus implant in the real-world post-marketing setting

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Tracker (IBD Tracker)

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases are incurable, life-long conditions that significantly impact a patient's quality of life. Crohn's Disease and ulcerative colitis are the most prevalent inflammatory bowel diseases in the United States; both are characterized by chronic, relapsing inflammation of the intestinal tract, which manifests as symptoms of diarrhea, fecal urgency, fecal incontinence, fever, fatigue, abdominal pain and cramping. These severely debilitating periods of illness ...

Effect of Add-on Spironolactone to Losartan Versus Losartan Alone on Peritoneal Membrane Among Peritoneal Dialysis Patients

The ESCAPE-PD (Effects of add-on SpironolaCtone to losartan versus Alone on Peritoneal mEmbrane among continuous ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis patients) study is a randomized, open-label, single center, active-controlled clinical trial. Adults end-stage kidney disease patients 18 years or older undergoing continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) will be enrolled. A total 84 CAPD will be randomly assigned to either the combination of spironolactone and losartan (experim...

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