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Evaluation of "Beauty Drink" on Regulation of Blood Pressure Effect by Clinical Trial

This is the report to assess the effect of supplementation with gamma-aminobutyric acid on blood pressure among people with mild hypertension. Overall, "Beauty Drink" consumption for 8 weeks could successfully reduce mean diastolic and systolic BP through the suppression of ACE that is linked to downstream suppresion of angiotensin II formation, which further decreases the sympathetic outflow that leads to hypertension.

Assessment of the Efficacy and Barrier Protection of Two Cosmetic Products

The aim of the study was to assess the long-term efficacy and barrier protection properties of two cosmetic products on the volar forearms of 20 elderly subjects after four weeks of treatment compared to two untreated test areas.

In-Use Test With a Cosmetic Product to Treat Pruritus

The aim of the study is to evaluate the cosmetic features of the product WO 3308 by means of a questionnaire in an interview situation after two weeks of product treatment, giving special consideration to the cosmetic performance, efficacy and skin compatibility and with special focus on the reduction of pruritus. Additionally the tolerance will be evaluated by a dermatologist.

Iron Supplementation in Schistosomiasis and Soil Transmitted Helminths Control Programmes in Zambia

The objectives of this study is: - to establish the coverage rate of weekly iron supplementation in children in intervention schools over a period of nine months - document any side effects of weeekly iron supplementation among children in intervention schools over a period of nine months asses the feasibility of incorporating the weekly iron supplementation programme into the normal school activity in intervention schools determine the extent ...

In-Use Test With a Cosmetic Product

The aim of the study is to evaluate the tolerance of the product WO 4260 by a dermatologist. Additional objectives of this clinical in-use study are to evaluate the cosmetic features and acceptance of the product by means of a questionnaire in an interview situation and by skin hydration measurements on the scalp.

Cluster Randomized Trial to Prevent Teen Dating Violence

This study is a school-based cluster randomized trial of the 7th grade version of Fourth R, a promising teen dating violence prevention program, with 30 ethnically diverse middle schools (15 intervention schools, 15 control schools) in one of the nation's largest school districts. Students (N = 3,375) will be the unit of analysis and studied prospectively (baseline, [post-intervention], and annually for 3 years) to determine the impact of the program by comparing students in in...

Xeomin Cosmetic in the Management of Masseter

The goal of this study was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of two injection techniques in the management of masseteric hypertrophy using Xeomin Cosmetic.

Brief Voluntary Alcohol and Drug Intervention for Middle School Youth

We are currently working in 16 middle schools across Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Torrance to test out a voluntary after school program called Project CHOICE, which focuses on helping students decrease their alcohol and drug use. We are conducting surveys in all schools over three years and providing the intervention in 8 schools in the 2008-2009 school year and in the other 8 schools in the 2011-2012 school year. This is a program we have provided before in middle schools and...

Curing Atopic Dermatitis in Children With a Commerical Medical Device and Maintaining Healthy Skin by Using a New Cosmetic Product

1. Curing mild atopic dermatitis in children with a commerical medical device (Bepanthen Itch Relief Cream). 2. Maintaining healthy skin by using a new cosmetic Bepanthen product or a commercially available cosmetic product

Efficacy of the Cosmetic Product "Onco-Repair" on Grade 2 Hand Foot Syndrome

The aim of the study is to assess the restorative efficacy of the cosmetic product "Onco-Repair" vs placebo of the most affected palmer face in subject with grade 2 HFS induced by targeted therapies or conventional chemotherapy.

The Oncological Safety and Cosmetic Outcome of Areola Sparing Mastectomy : a Single Arm, Prospective, Cohort Study

To balance the oncological safety and cosmetic outcome is the basic principle of modern breast surgery. To preserve the nipple-areolar complex shows attractive cosmetic advantage but concerns regarding local recurrence make the oncological safety of nipple sparing mastectomy a controversial issue. Since the involvement of areolar pigmented skin by cancer is rare compared to that of nipple, we designed the current study to investigate the oncological safety and cosmetic outcome ...

Study of Different Pain Scores in Single-Port Access (SPA) Laparoscopic Hysterectomy Versus Conventional Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

Purpose: The attempt to further reduce the operative trauma in laparoscopic hysterectomy led in new technique such as Single-Port Access (SPA) laparoscopic surgery. This new technique is considered as painless procedure and better cosmetic effect but there are not any publications to study a possible different pain score and cosmetic effect in new techniques versus conventional laparoscopic hysterectomy. In this randomized controlled study the researchers have investigat...

Prospective Evaluation of Facial Cosmetic Procedures

A prospective, trial to quantitatively and qualitatively compare the dermal fillers for the treatment of age related aesthetic changes.

Cosmetic Outcome of Leishmaniasis Scar After WR279396 Application

Primary Objectives: Assess whether CL (caused by Leishmaniasis major) lesions treated with WR279396 improved the cosmetic outcome compared with no treatment (natural healing)

Multi-Level Interventions for STD Prevention Among Adolescents

Sexually active adolescents between the ages of 10 and 19 are at extremely high risk for sexually transmitted diseases (STD), including HIV, and teen pregnancy.The overall goal of this research program is to develop, implement and evaluate integrated multi-level interventions to prevent STD, including HIV, and pregnancy among adolescents. The study includes 12 high schools and 19 of their feeder middle schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District and the surrounding commu...

Comparison of the Cosmetic Effects of Bakuchiol and Retinol

Subjects will be assigned to a retinoid cream or bakuchiol to compare the cosmetic effects. This will take place over a 12 week period.

Study to Assess the Cosmetic Changes in the Facial Skin After Use of a Topical Retinoid Product in Participants With Moderate to Severe Photodamage

This study will assess the cosmetic changes of a cosmetic topical retinoid product in participants with moderate to severe photodamage utilizing non-invasive in vivo skin imaging instrumentation.

An Evaluation of the Cosmetic Appearance of Metronidazole Gel (MetroGel®) 1%

The purpose of this study is to determine the cosmetic appearance of metronidazole gel (MetroGel®) 1% with commonly marketed facial foundations.

Long-Term Outcome of Pediatric Traumatic Wound Repair: Suture Versus Tissue Adhesive

This project is an observational trial investigating wound cosmetic appearance after repair of traumatic skin lacerations in the head area of pediatric patients with two different approaches to skin closure: sutures versus tissue adhesive. Photographs will be taken at two follow-up visits after repair and later encryptedly assessed by external plastic surgeon using standard cosmetic assessment scales. The investigators hypothesize that cosmetic wound outcome will be equivalent ...

CPR Training in Students to Increase Bystander Intervention in Out-of-hospital Cardiac Arrest.

The overall aim of this thesis is to identify the factors that may affect 13 year old students' acquisition of CPR skills and their willingness to act. The primary hypothesis is that the training method (intervention) influences the participants' acquisition of practical CPR skills and willingness to intervene. The study used a cluster randomized design, based on a randomization list generated by an independent statistician. The school classes were randomly assigned to differe...

The Cluster-randomized Evaluation of the IKO-model

The aim of this study is to analyze whether and how a systemic school-level approach to dropout prevention (the IKO-model), increase the completion rate from upper secondary school. The hypothesis is that schools that implement the model (i.e. randomized to the experimental group), will reduce the amount of students in risk of dropout, compared to their counterparts in schools randomized to the control group. The main expected outcomes in the study are; 1) increased amounts of ...

Home Treatment of Pulmonary Embolism

The best management in selected patients of pulmonary Embolism (PE) should be at home. The efficacy and safety treatment´s at home versus at hospital should be similar and quality of life should be better. Our purpose is to demostrate that Low weight molecular heparin (LWMH) at home for PE is at least as effective and safe at home as at hospital

Training Educators to Conduct Functional Behavior Assessment Via Telehealth

This study evaluates the effects of delivering training services via telehealth to educators in rural schools. The investigators hope to increase the accuracy with which educators implement functional behavior assessments in schools. During the study, participants will receive training on functional behavior assessments at different periods. When one school is receiving training, other schools will not be receiving training. The purpose will be to show increased accuracy of fun...

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Multifaceted Implementation Strategies for Implementing a Guideline for the Prevention of Common Mental Disorders at the Workplace in Schools

Given today's high prevalence of common mental disorders and related sick leave among teachers an urgent need exists for a more sustainable working life for this professional group. One way of doing this is by improving schools' social and organizational risk management. Recent reports have shown that many schools in Sweden however lack a structured approach to the management of social and organizational risks. In 2015, we launched the first Swedish occupational health guidelin...

An Evaluation of Home-Based Telemedicine Services

Tele-home health care, which providers for video interactions between home-based veterans and home care nurses, is a potentially useful adjunct to home care services. However, few randomized trials have been conducted of this technology.

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