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Cranioplasty: Autogenous Bone Graft Versus Artificial Substitutes

Prospective, comparative, observational study. The project's aim is long term follow up of patient's having skull bone defects due to traumatic or lesion resection causes, treated , in standard clinical practice, with autologous bone graft , bone cement or titanium mesh and to compare the clinical outcome and safety among the 3 types of treatment. Eligibility to each treatment will respect the standard clinical practice. Primary outcome: minimize post operative infecti...

Immediate Implant Using "Nanobone" Versus "Autogenous Bone" for Treatment of Patients With Unrestorable Single Tooth.

A successful implant therapy require appropriate hard and soft tissue, perfect implant position, appropriate alveolar ridge architecture and integration of the implant. after tooth extraction bone resorption takes place and affect the quantity and quality of the bone resulting in inadequate bone volume for implant placement and future prosthetic restoration and impair the esthetic, so insertion of implant immediately following tooth extraction reduce bone loss and enhance esthe...

Vertical and Horizontal Alveolar Ridge Augmentation Using Autogenous Onlay Blocks Combined With Guided Bone Regeneration Using Native Collagen Membrane in Atrophic Anterior Maxilla.

Many different techniques exist for effective vertical bone augmentation, such as the use of particulate bone grafts and bone graft substitutes, barrier membranes for guided bone regeneration (GBR), autogenous and allogenic block grafts, and the application of distraction osteogenesis. Harvesting of autogenous block grafts is associated with greater morbidity compared with the less invasive procedure of using autogenous particles harvested through bone scrapers. On the other ha...

Clinical Study of Bone Graft Substitutes in Orthopaedic and Spinal Applications.

This is an observational, prospective, non-randomised, multi-centred post market clinical follow-up study to compile real world clinical data on safety and efficacy of the synthetic bone graft substitutes in a commercial clinical setting in long bone and extremity defects and in spinal fusion procedures.

Evaluation of Platelet Rich Fibrin / Biphasic Calcium Phosphate Effect Versus Autogenous Bone Graft on Reconstruction of Alveolar Cleft

P- Maxillary alveolar cleft defects I- Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) combined with biphasic calcium phosphate (BCP) C- Autogenous bone graft O- Outcome measure : bone height, bone volume, hospital stay, operation duration T- 6 months S- Randomized controlled clinical trial this study aimed to answer a clinical question whether the use of Platelet-rich Fibrin (PRF) combined with Biphasic Calcium Phosphate (BCP), can be an alternative to autogenous bone graft in reconstruction of al...

Posterior Maxillary Ridge Augmentation With Sinus Lift Using Mineralized Plasmatic Matrix Versus Autogenous Bone Graft

Using growth factors obtained from patient's venous blood mixed with particulate autogenous bone the study compares bone gain by implant with gold standards in sinus Lift procedures for future implant insertion.

The Use of Dental Pulp Tissue as an Autogenous Graft for Ridge Augmentation

The purpose of this study is to examine and compare the effects of autogenous dental pulp tissue on bone formation in the extraction sockets as compared to commonly used particulate bone graft. The effects on bone formation will be examined using a wide variety of assays.

Effects of Autogenous Dentin Graft on Socket Preservation

Various graft materials are used to reconstruct bone defects in the jaws due to tooth loss, trauma, advanced periodontal diseases, pathological lesions and congenital disorders. The main features of an ideal bone graft are osteogenesis, osteoinduction and osteoconduction. Autogenous bone graft is considered as the gold standard among all bone graft materials. Because it has all the features that an ideal bone graft should have. However, there are some disadvantages such as dono...

Does Cranioplasty Reduce Disability in Cases With Post Traumatic Skull Bone Defects

Background: The percentage of permanent infirmities following traumatic cranial bone cranial bone defects following trauma for restoration of function and cosmoses. This study designed to evaluate the influence of cranioplasty as a method of skull repair on work capability of the patients and their employability. Methods: The authors compared the work capability and employment of 35 patients with traumatic cranial bone defects after head trauma treated in the Neurosurgery Depa...

Bone Tissue Engineering With Dental Pulp Stem Cells for Alveolar Cleft Repair

Iliac crest autogenous bone graft is accepted as the most effective method for secondary alveolar cleft repair. However this method is associated with complications. As an alternative, mesenchymal stem cells associated with biomaterials have been used for the rehabilitation of the alveolar bone cleft of patients with cleft lip and palate. This is a RCT comparing mesenchymal stem cells obtained from autogenous deciduous dental pulp associated with biomaterials versus iliac crest...

Comparison of i-PRF Enriched Allograft and Autogenous Block Bone Graft in Augmentation of Posterior Atrophic Mandible

The purpose of the present study was to assess the effect of injectable platelet-rich fibrin (i-PRF) enriched with allograft on alveolar bone regeneration when compared with autogenous block bone graft, in the same participants. The study was designed as a split-mouth randomized controlled trial. The patients were randomly assigned to one of two surgical groups: the test group with i-PRF enriched particulate allograft using the screw tent-pole technique; and the control group ...

Allogeneic Bone Paste Versus Allogeneic Bone Powder

Autogenous bone graft has been considered the gold standard in Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) technique used for bone augmentation. However, there are disadvantages associated with autograft use such as limited amount of available bone and increased morbidity for the patient at the sampling site. Several biomaterials have been used as a replacement of the autogenous bone. Viral-inactivated bone allograft powder is an alternative that has proven efficacy and tolerance. This stud...

Alveolar Ridge Preservation Using Autogenous Tooth Graft Versus Autogenous Demineralized Dentin Graft.

Alveolar bone resorption following tooth extraction is unavoidable. Graft placement following extraction is recommended when considering restorative procedures afterwards. The extracted tooth was considered a clinical waste. However, it is now seen as a convenient and available source for graft material. Different protocols are applied to process the extracted tooth for obtaining the graft material and investigations are needed to assess the protocol with the best outcome.

Evaluation of Mineralized Plasmatic Matrix Prepared From Allogenic Bone Graft in Alveolar Cleft Closure: A Prospective Randomized, Triple Blinded, Parallel Clinical Trial

The aim of this trial is to figure out the efficiency of Mineralized Plasmatic Matrix prepared from allogenic bone graft on cleft alveolus and oro-nasal fistula closure, adequate bone volume and acceptable density at the site of grafting.MPM might improve the physiological properties of allogenic bone graft and facilitate its handling and application during surgical grafting.This might decrease the need of the second surgical site for harvesting autogenous bone to be grafted wi...

Ridge Preservation In Mandibular Molars Using Mixture Of ABB And Autogenous Particulate VS Sticky Bone

Histological Measurement Comparing the density of the new bone formed during socket preservation technique using a Mixture of Anorganic Bovine Bone(ABB) And Autogenous Particulate vs a Mixture of Injectable Platelets Rich Fibers, ABB And Autogenous Particulates (sticky bone). radiographical measurements of the amount of bone dimensions changes in socket preservation technique in 6-month period using a Mixture Of Anorganic Bovine Bone(ABB) And Autogenous Particulate vs a Mixture...

Mini-autogenous Skin Grafts With Skin Homografts Versus Autogenous Skin Graft for Covering Post Burn Wounds in Children

A prospective study comparing the use of mini-autogenous skin grafts and skin homograft versus autogenous skin grafts for covering post burn wounds in children.

Tissue Engineered Constructs for Alveolar Cleft Repair

Description of the research question In children undergoing unilateral alveolar cleft reconstruction, would stem cells carried on collagen scaffold provide bone of a good quality and quantity if compared to autogenous bone grafting? Objective of the study: • Research hypothesis The tissue engineered constructs will provide sufficient bone of a good quality and quantity if compared to autogenous bone graft in children undergoing unilateral alveolar cleft ...

Augmentation of Atrophic Mandibule Using Poly Ether Ether Ketone Mesh

Comparative study between custom-made polyether ether ketone and titanium mesh for augmentation of atrophic posterior mandible.

Ridge Augmentation Using Patient Specific PEEK Sheets vs. Autogenous Bone Shell Technique.

Comparative study to assess the ability of the patient specific PEEK sheets in ridge augmentation with using mixed Autogenous/Xenogenic bone graft vs the Bone Shell Technique regarding the time, accuracy and donor site morbidity .

Posterior Mandibular Ridge Augmentation Using Mineralized Plasmatic Matrix Versus Autogenous Bone Graft

- Patients will be diagnosed to determine whether they are eligible for the inclusion criteria of this study or not. Patients who are eligible will start their surgical treatment in the next visit after radiographic and surgical site evaluation. - On the day of surgery, each patient will be assigned to either intervention or control group, the patients will receive inferior alveolar nerve block and long buccal nerve anesthesia. Future implant site will ...

Validity of PEEK PSI Containing Autogenous Bone Graft for Maxillary Reconstruction Following Lesion Enucleation

Surgical ablation of large maxillary cysts usually results in considerable hard and soft tissue deficits that ultimately affect the final esthetic and functional outcomes. Reconstruction of such defects; whether primarily or secondarily; offers much better long-term outcomes Gellrich NC, Schramm (2002). However, primary bony reconstruction becomes potentially complicated in many cases of such large cysts encroaching or involving the maxillary sinus where a communication with th...

Coral Bone Graft Verses Xenograft With Immediate Implant in Maxillary Anterior Esthetic Zone

Autogenous bone graft is considered to be the golden standard for grafting as it has osteoconductive , osteoinductive and osteogenic functions , however it has the problems of donor site morbidity , the need for two surgeries as well as post operative swelling and discomfort of the patient , so alternative bone grafts as alloplast has been introduced. Coral bone has a structure which is similar to that of cancellous bone , its mechanical properties is similar to that of bone a...

Bone Graft Materials Observational Registry

A multi-center, prospective, observational patient registry to collect information on the clinical outcomes and "real world" use of approved and commercially available bone graft substitutes, autograft and allograft.

Horizontal Ridge Augmentation With or Without Autogenous Block Grafts

To evaluate dimensional bone alterations following horizontal ridge augmentation using guided bone regeneration (GBR) with or without autogenous block graft (ABG) for the rehabilitation of atrophic jaws with dental implants.

Guided Bone Regeneration With Particulate Versus Block Graft

The aim of present study was to compare two bone augmentation techniques (Guided Bone Regeneration, GBR, with autogenous block graft and GBR with particulate autograft plus xenograft) in terms of efficacy, complications, operational parameters (cost of the materials used, time for patient preparation, time for surgery, fatigue of the physician caused by surgery) tolerability by the patient and patient comfort.

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