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Randomized Controlled Crossover Comparison of Icon Underwear to Disposable Pads

This is a randomized cross over trial to compare quality of life and product performance between Icon reusable underwear versus standard disposable pad in patients with mild to moderate urinary incontinence.


Comparing Treatment of Urolithiasis Between Disposable and Reusable Ureteroscope

Reusable flexible ureteroscopes are widely used to treat various upper urinary tract diseases including urinary stones. However, they require a long turnover time between procedures because of the sterilization process. Moreover, repeated use of a scope ultimately deteriorates its image quality which leads to a high maintenance cost in the long-term. A disposable digital flexible ureteroscope was released in the United States in January 2016, offering an improved image resoluti...

Continence Pessary Versus Disposable Intravaginal Device Trial

This is a multi-centered randomized controlled trial of women with stress urinary incontinence or stress predominant mixed urinary incontinence who desire non-surgical therapy.

Use of The Spanner Temporary Prostatic Stent as an Alternative to a Urinary Catheter to Achieve Bladder Drainage in Men

The Spanner is being evaluated for use to manage voiding dysfunction and lower urinary tract symptoms in subjects to achieve bladder drainage in men unfit for other treatments.

Dispensing Evaluation of New Daily Disposable Toric Soft Contact Lens.

The purpose of this study is to determine the relative performance of a new daily disposable toric soft contact lens against a daily disposable toric contact lens currently available in market, specifically with regards to the comfort and vision with the lens.

Impact of Atkinson Product Design Urinary Slide Valve Versus Standard Catheter Drainage System on Social Functioning

The primary objective of this study is to evaluate the impact of the Atkinson Product Design urinary slide valve on patient morbidity and freedom as measured by impact on activities of daily living (ADL) and quality of life (QOL). Secondary objectives include assessing the impact of the device on bacteruria and evaluating the impact of the primary treatment on ADL and QOL.

Clinical Comparison of Two Daily Disposable Lenses Among Daily Disposable Lens Wearers

The primary objective of this trial is to evaluate the subjective performance of two different daily disposable contact lenses in a population of daily disposable lens wearers.

Vitamin D Deficiency Still Growing

Vitamin D deficiency has become one of the most prevalent health problems in modern society. However, there has been no study that has reported the trend of vitamin D status in Asia. This study investigated the trend of vitamin D status in Korea between 2008 and 2014. This study is based on a representative national database acquired from the Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (KNHANES) conducted from 2008 to 2014. Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] level...

Acute Study to Evaluate a Novel Implantable Midfield Powered Device in Humans With Urinary Incontinence

A pre-market, prospective, non-randomized acute feasibility study for the treatment of patients with urinary incontinence (UI) as a consequence of urinary incontinence.

Best Biliary Drainage Option in Advanced Klatskin Tumor

To investigate the biliary drainage-related cholangitis and other complications of percutaneous transhepatic biliary drainage (PTBD) in the management of Klatskin tumor (KT) compared with endoscopic biliary drainage (EBD).

A Comparison of Two Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

This study seeks to evaluate the clinical performance of a new CE marked daily disposable contact lens that contains a wetting agent to a recently improved daily disposable contact lens.

A Comparison of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses.

This study seeks to evaluate the clinical performance of a new CE marked daily disposable contact lens that contains a wetting agent to a recently improved daily disposable contact lens.

A Comparison of Two Daily Disposable Contact Lenses.

This study seeks to evaluate the clinical fitting performance of a new daily disposable contact lens to an existing daily disposable contact lens.

Postoperative Patient Comfort and Quality of Micturition in Suprapubic Tube vs. Transurethral Catheterization After RARP

The purpose of the study is to determine, whether the postoperative quality of micturition and continence can be improved depending on the urinary drainage catheter and retention after robot assisted radical prostatectomy. Another finding could be the study of the pain assessment of the patient, as well as the pain medication at the various derivatives. Further check whether infections and the presence of bacteriuria can be reduced or avoided by the form of urinary drainage.

Comparative Clinical Evaluation of Daily Disposable Lenses in Symptomatic Daily Disposable Lens Wearers

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the extent to which symptoms improve in symptomatic daily disposable contact lens wearers.

Modified Reporting of Positive Urine Cultures Collected From Long Term Care

Asymptomatic bacteriuria (AB) is a condition in which bacteria are detected in urine culture without urinary symptoms. The inappropriate use of antibiotic treatment for AB selects bacterial flora to express resistance mutations. Reducing inappropriate antibiotic use for AB is difficult, since the microbiology laboratory cannot distinguish patients with AB. The investigators study will use a restricted laboratory report requesting the physician to call the laboratory for culture...

Vacuum vs Manual Drainage During Unilateral Thoracentesis

The purpose of this study is to determine if there are any differences in terms of safety, pain, or drainage speed between thoracenteses via manual drainage vs vacuum suction.

Potential Risk for Bacterial Contamination in Ventilator Systems

Background: Few studies have investigated the difference of bacterial contamination between conventional reused ventilator systems and disposable closed ventilator-suction systems. The aim of this study was to investigate the bacterial contamination rates of the reused and disposable ventilation systems, and the association between system disconnection and bacterial contamination of ventilator systems. Methods: The enrolled patients used a conventional reused ventilator system...

Symptomatic Ascites and Lymphocysts Drainage With a Patient-controlled Vascular Catheter.

The purpose of this study is to determine whether drainage with the usage of a fine, patient-controlled vascular catheter inserted into abdominal cavity or lymphocyst lumen is a feasible, safe and effective method in the management of symptomatic malignant ascites and postoperative lymphocysts. Patients' quality of life, nutritional status and experience on the treatment is to be evaluated.

Validation of Urinary Biomarkers of Folate Status

The major objective of the proposed study is to demonstrate the suitability of new markers for folate status in humans, which avoid blood sampling, as required for the established marker RBC folate concentration, but can be obtained from spot urine samples. For this reason urine and blood will be collected from volunteers, twice at baseline and in a subgroup after 6 and 12 weeks of intake of a folic acid supplement Specific hypotheses to be tested: Correlation study: ...

Optimization Management Study of Community Urinary Tract Infections Spectrum

Urinary tract infections are the second most common community-acquired infections. Even if extended spectrum β-lactamase-producing Enterobacteriaceae (ESBLE) cause fewer urinary tract infections, their proportion is increasing. New recommendations were published by ANSM in 2015, with specific recommendations for infections due to ESBL-producing Enterobacteriaceae. In this study, we wanted to evaluate the effectiveness of a recall of the 2015 recommendations in the form of a ta...

Biliary Hilar Drainage Managed by Endoscopy

The management of hilar biliary strictures remains difficult. These strictures are classified in 4 types (I,II,III and IV). In palliative cases, an endoscopic drainage should be performed in types I and II while a percutaneous drainage is performed in type IV. There is controversy as to whether partial or complete liver drainage should be done. Furthermore there are no standards for drainage types (metallic stents, plastic stents). Morbidity remains high and a multistage proced...

Post-Nasal Drainage as an Extraesophageal Manifestation of Reflux

Objectives of this study are: - To quantitatively evaluate the relationship between extraesophageal manifestations of gastroesophageal reflux (EER) and postnasal drainage(PND)in a group of patients without radiographic or endoscopic evidence of sinonasal inflammatory disease. - To assess the efficacy of BID proton pump inhibitors (PPI) in the management of patients with symptomatic postnasal drainage.

Endoscopic Ultrasound-guided Biliary Drainage for Malignant Biliary Obstruction After Failed ERCP

In this study the investigators retrospectively report outcomes of direct transluminal EUS-BD in a series of patients with malignant biliary obstruction after failed ERCP as the experience of a single Italian center

Closed Suction Drainage and Natural Drainage of the Pancreatic Duct in Pancreaticojejunostomy

Pancreaticojejunal anastomosis leakage is a major complication after pancreatoduodenectomy and various technical methods have been examined to improve the situation.However, none of methods have been successful at improving results according to the findings of prospective randomized studies. We propose that active drainage of pancreatic juice using suction drainage might maximize the advantage of a stent and finally reduce pancreaticojejunal anastomosis leakage.

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