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Viatorr CX Case-control Study for Complications of Portal Hypertension

To evaluate the clinical benefits in the patients receiving Viatorr CX over a period of 12 months of structured Follow-up (before TIPS, at TIPS, 1 week after TIPS, at 6 weeks, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months), regarding clinical endpoints, such as HE, readmission, liver injury, cardiac function, response to TIPS and the passive expansion of the stents in real life.

Early Study of N-Acetylcysteine to Treat Deliberate Self-Harm in Adolescents

Deliberate Self-Harm (DSH) among adolescents is a serious behavioral problem associated with significant injury, impaired functioning, reduced quality of life, and high rates of psychiatric hospitalizations. While DSH has not been shown to have a direct link to suicide attempts themselves, there is a clear link between individuals who engage in DSH and overall rates of suicide. There is currently no medication treatment approved by the FDA for the treatment of DSH. The...

Healthy Summer Learners

Summer vacation represents a "window of vulnerability" where dramatic declines in both health and academics occur for elementary age children. Currently, there are no summer programs that incorporate curriculum addressing both unhealthy weight gains and academic achievement simultaneously. This work represents an important step towards addressing important public health goals - obesity and learning - through a comprehensive program delivered during a timeframe - summer vacation...

To Share Or Not To Share

The purpose of the study is to evaluate the group-based intervention "To Share Or Not To Share" in a German clinical setting. Feasibility and efficacy of the program will be tested in a pilot randomized-controlled trial.

Rifaximin vs Placebo for the Prevention of Encephalopathy in Patients Treated by TIPS

TIPS has been used for 20 years, as a means of reducing portal pressure in patients with cirrhosis and portal hypertension related complications. TIPS proved more effective than alternative treatments in controlling or preventing variceal bleeding and refractory ascites. The main drawback of the TIPS procedure is progressive overt hepatic encephalopathy (OHE). Three risk factors for post-TIPS OHE have been identified: age over 65 years, history of previous episodes of OHE, and ...

Trauma-informed Personalized Scripts (TIPS) for Relationship Abuse

This pilot study will evaluate a computer-based intervention titled "Trauma-informed Personalized Scripts" (TIPS). The goal of this intervention is to improve patient-provider communication about sensitive topics such as intimate partner violence (IPV) and reproductive coercion (RC). The main aim of this study is to pilot test TIPS in family planning clinics using a randomized study design to compare the basic version of TIPS (a computer-based assessment with provider scripts o...

ALTA TIPS: A 5-year Longitudinal Observational Study of Patients With Cirrhosis Undergoing TIPS Placement

ALTA is a multicenter consortium focused on the management of portal hypertension. ALTA TIPS is a longitudinal observational study of patients who are undergoing transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt (TIPS) placement. ALTA will create a database that will provide clinical parameters and outcomes of patients undergoing TIPS as part of their standard of care in hopes of answering key clinical questions.

Role of SWE-change After TIPS in the Prediction of Prognosis After TIPS

The aim of our prospective multicenter study was to investigate the prognostic value of the acute and long-term changes of liver stiffness in patients receiving a transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt (TIPS).

The Effect of a Brief Psychological Intervention on Reducing Self-harm Repetition: Feasibility Study

Recent research has focused on examining brief interventions for reducing self-harm, such as the volitional help sheet (VHS). The VHS is a theory-based psychological intervention. Two previous studies applying this tool for reducing self-harm repetition showed inconsistent results; one showed reduced subsequent self-reported suicidal ideation and behavior in patients presenting to hospital for self-harm, whilst the other showed no effect on the number of patients who re-present...

Transitional Care Interventions for Patients With Cirrhosis Post-TIPS

The investigators conducted a randomized controlled trial to describe if multidisciplinary and patient-centered transitional care interventions for patients with cirrhosis post-TIPS can improve compliance behavior and reduce complications post-TIPS after discharge.

A Gardening Program to Assess Unhealthy Lifestyle Contributions to Summer Weight Gain in Children

The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of a summer gardening program on summer weight gain in overweight middle school children.

Addressing Health Disparities in Childhood Obesity, One Summer at a Time

Almost 50% of Native American and Hispanic children are overweight or obese by the 5th grade. Research has demonstrated that the 'obesity gap' facing minority students is largely due to summer weight gain. However, very few summer programs have been tested among these populations. To encourage summer physical activity, the CDC developed a program that partners with local businesses to provide children with a 'scorecard' of subsidized or free local activities. The program has no...

The Effect of Share Care Model in the Improvement of Diabetes Management

The situation of diabetes management in China is serious. To set up hierarchical medical system is necessary, though there was no mature or effective diabetes management model in the mainland. To explore a new path for hierarchical medical system, we would localize the share care model of diabetes management in Taiwan. Diabetic experts, diabetic educators and community doctors would use interactive information platform and self-glucose monitor with application on mobile phone t...

Role of Structured Days on Weight Gain

Summer vacation is a 3-month window of vulnerability for children from low-income households when health behaviors and academic learning decay. The goal of this project is to collect information on where low-income children go during summer, what they do when they get there, and how their behaviors (physical activity, sedentary, sleep, and diet) differ between the summer (unstructured days) and school year (structured days). This study is 1) significant because it will provide ...

TIPS With Coated Stents for Refractory Ascites in Patients With Cirrhosis

The main end point of the study is to assess survival in cirrhotic patients with refractory ascites treated by TIPS (using PTFE covered stents) vs patients treated by paracentesis + albumin infusion.

TIPS for Variceal Rebleeding in Cirrhotic Patients With Occlusive Portal Vein Thrombosis and CTPV

To date, there is no treatment strategies for these patients according to American Association of the Study of Liver Disease (AASLD) practice guidelines and Baveno V consensus. Thus, we aim to compare the safety and efficacy of TIPS and conservative treatment (non-selective beta blockers, endoscopic therapy and/or anticoagulation) in patients with PVT and CPTV.

TIPS Microspheres for Perianal Fistula

Phase of Investigation: First-in-human feasibility study Objectives: Primary objective: Demonstration that TIPS microspheres do not compromise the clinical condition or safety of the patient. Secondary objective: To demonstrate that TIPS microspheres facilitate natural healing in the context of perianal fistula. Type of Investigation: First-in-human single site, open label, feasibility study to assess the safety of TIPS microspheres in perianal fistulas and indicative ...

Early Use of TIPS With Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE) Covered Stents in Cirrhotic Patients With Refractory Ascites

This multicenter RCT is designed to investigate if TIPS with covered stents improves transplant-free survival for cirrhotic patients with early stage of refractory ascites compared to LVP+albumin during 1 year follow-up period.

TIPS or Anticoagulation in Portal Vein Thrombosis

The PROGRESS is an investigator-initiated, multicentre, randomized, trial comparing anticoagulation, which is the currently most frequently used treatment, alone, versus transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt (TIPS) combined with anticoagulation, in patients presenting with ROPVT. The rationale of this study is to significantly increase the proportion of patients that achieve a complete or partial recanalization of the portal vein. The intervention of this study consists...

Building a Blood Biobank Based on the I-share Cohort

The bio-Share project aims at collecting blood samples in students participating in the i-Share cohort ( We aim at setting up a platform that will enable us in the future to study biological and structural determinants of conditions that affect young adults and to test certain hypotheses on the pathophysiology and mechanisms underlying diseases occurring both at a young age and later in life (as early exposures may also impact late onset diseases).

Tips Underdilatation in Patients With Cirrhosis

The transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt (TIPS) is a well-established procedure for the treatment of portal hypertensive bleeding, refractory ascites and vascular diseases of the liver. The major drawbacks of this procedure are shunt dysfunction and portosystemic encephalopathy (PSE). The availability of self-expandable polytetrafluoroethylene-covered stentgrafts (PTFE-SGs) has dramatically improved the long-term patency of TIPS. However, the incidence of PSE remains a...

Biobank Based on the i-Share Student Cohort

The bio-Share project aims at collecting blood samples in students participating in the i-Share cohort ( Investigators aim at setting up a platform that will enable investigators in the future to study biological determinants of conditions that affect young adults and to test certain hypotheses on the pathophysiology and mechanisms underlying diseases occurring both at a young age and later in life (as early exposures may also impact late onset diseases)

Marginal Fit of Porcelain Veneers After Finishing Prepared Surfaces With Ultrasonic Tips

The aim of the study is to assess the marginal fit following preparation finishing with ultrasonic tips of porcelain veneers compared to the ordinary preparation using burs only. Two-hundred and forty crowns prepared to receive porcelain veneers (in a split-mouth design). On one side of the mouth, the prepared surfaces will be finished with ultrasonic tips. Marginal fit is measured by a 'cement replica technique'.

One Drop Experts Program for Type 2 Diabetes Self-Management: Impact on A1c

The One Drop Experts Program for Type 2 Diabetes Self-Management Impact on A1c trial is a 12-week long, prospective, intent-to-treat study that aims to evaluate the impact of the One Drop app and Experts program on HbA1c levels for individuals with uncontrolled Type 2 diabetes. A secondary objective will be to evaluate participants who utilize an Apple Watch in combination with the One Drop app and Experts program, and assess whether this group is more engaged or experiences a ...

Treatment for Adolescents With Deliberate Self Harm

The purpose of the study is to evaluate the efficiency of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) in treatment of adolescents with deliberate self harm compared to treatment-as-usual (TAU). 150 patients in the age of 12-18 yrs old will be included in the study. The main inclusion criterion is repetitive deliberate self-harm. The patients will receive 16 weeks treatment in outpatient clinics in Oslo, after having been randomized to DBT or TAU. They will be assessed on five different ...

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