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What Factors Affect Breast Cancer Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Efficacy?

Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer affecting women. To treat locally advanced breast cancers, neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NACT) is often carried out before surgery to reduce the tumour size to allow breast conservation surgery. However, treatment response for individual patients varies, where the tumour may not respond to treatment and the quality of patient care is compromised if the NACT treatment plan is not optimised. Therefore, the assessment of NACT efficacy is bene...

Does Geography and Place of Residence Affect Cancer Care: An Interview Study

There is existing evidence that rural cancer patients tend to have worse survival outcomes. Potential reasons include: differences in endurance of coping with illness, different attitudes about illness, the nature of rural lifestyles, and poorer access to healthcare services. Some of these factors may affect their delay in presentation of cancer, and/or delay in seeking treatment in a timely manner. Differences in health outcomes between urban and rural populations have been de...

The Cardiovascular Impacts of Electronic Cigarettes in Comparison to the Use of Nicotine Replacement Patches

In Scotland tobacco-related illnesses account for in excess of 56,000 hospital admissions and a quarter of deaths each year. The resultant financial impact on NHS Scotland is over £300 million per annum. To minimise the clinical and financial burden of tobacco on national healthcare systems, Scotland's tobacco control strategy aims to create a "tobacco-free" generation by 2034, with the prevalence of smoking in the adult population reduced to ≤5 %. The multifaceted approach ...

Establishing the Incidence of Tako-tsubo Cardiomyopathy in Scotland

Acute stress-induced (Tako-tsubo) cardiomyopathy presents like a heart attack and is triggered by intense emotional or physical stress. Although heart arteries are unobstructed, the risk of death is similar to a heart attack. The purpose of the STARR study is to identify all cases of Tako-tsubo in Scotland since 2010.

Learning Health System for Asthma

This study forms an initial phase of work aimed at developing a learning health system (LHS), whereby data relating to asthma is extracted from patient electronic health records (EHRs) across Scotland, analysed to explore variations in clinical practice and then shared with general practices to highlight any improvements that can be made so that they can better support people with asthma. If successful, we hope to progress to the main quality improvement phase involving an ...

Accuracy of Surgeon-performed Ultrasound in Detecting Gallstones - a Validation Study

Aims: To prospectively investigate the accuracy of surgeon-performed ultrasound for the detection of gallstones. Methods: 179 adult patients, with an acute or elective referral for an abdominal ultrasound examination, were examined with a right upper quadrant ultrasound scan by a radiologist as well as surgeon. The surgeons had undergone a four-week long education in ultrasound before participating in the study. Ultrasound findings of the surgeon were compared to those of the ...

Use of Coconut Nourish and Queen Garnet Plum to Improve Health in an Elderly Population

The purpose of this study is to identify whether the combination of coconut Nourish and Queen Garnet plum are able to attenuate ageing-related complications, including muscle mass loss and inflammation. The study endpoints will measure muscle mass as the primary endpoint with blood lipids, glucose, blood pressure, and inflammatory markers serving as some of the secondary endpoints. As the two products are rich in dietary fibre and anthocyanins, respectively, the study outcome w...

Surgeon-Anesthesiologist Collaboration

Collaboration between the surgeon and the anesthesiologist is key for delivering a safe pheochromocytoma surgery. This study aims to establish the collective performance of surgeon-anesthesiologist team by quantifying the relationship between their previous collaborations and patient complications.

Nurse-or Surgeon-led Follow-up After Rectal Cancer

Follow-up programmes consume a large amount of resources with less time for the surgeon to take on new patients. The aim of this randomised study was to compare patient satisfaction, resource utilisation, and medical safety in patients curatively operated for rectal cancer that were followed-up by a surgeon or a nurse.

Prospective Double-blinded Randomized Controlled Trial of 12-weeks High Dose Rabeprazole (Pariet) in the Treatment of Reflux Laryngitis in Chinese Patients

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the efficacy of rabeprazole (pariet) versus placebo in treating reflux laryngitis in Chinese patients. Patients who attend the voice clinic of Department of ENT, Queen Mary hospital with suspected reflux laryngitis will be recruited. A questionnaire will be administered by the research assistant of the Department of Medicine and ENT, Queen Mary hospital. A 12-week course of PPI versus placebo trial will be commenced and patients' symptom...

A Phase II Evaluation of Telesurgery Systems

This study evaluates a system of remote supervision of laparoscopic surgery. Laparoscopic surgery is performed through small holes in the abdomen called ports. A camera is passed through one port for visualization. Laparoscopic surgery requires an assistant to hold the camera and help the operating surgeon view the surgical field. The assistant camera holder may be a surgeon or a robotic arm. The robotic arm is usually controlled by the operating surgeon. In this study, a...

Perioperative Palliative Care Surrounding Cancer Surgery for Patients & Their Family Members

The study goal is to compare surgeon-palliative care team co-management, versus surgeon alone management, of patients and family members preparing for major cancer surgery. The study also aims to explore, using qualitative methods, the impact of surgeon-palliative care team co-management versus surgeon alone management on the perioperative care experience for patients, family members, surgeons, and palliative care clinicians.

Factors Associated With Late HIV Diagnosis in Grampian: an Epidemiological Study

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a major global health concern which has resulted in an estimated 39 million deaths world-wide. Although it is now a treatable medical condition there is still avoidable morbidity and mortality associated with HIV infection in the UK. Late diagnosis (CD4 count of

Randomized Study Evaluating the Role of Surgeon-Performed Ultrasound in the Management of the Acute Abdomen

The purpose of this study is to evaluate whether surgeon-performed ultrasound as a supplement to clinical investigation when a patient presents with abdominal pain in the emergency department can improve the management of the patient.

Collaborative Surgical Proficiency Initiative

The purpose of this study is to provide a quantitative base line comparison to determine a surgeon's proficiency based on that surgeon's hand and tool movements while performing simulation tasks.

Utility of Intra-operative Image Guidance System for Missing Metastases

Intraoperatively, the surgeon will interrogate the liver with ultrasound. The time spent by the surgeon using the ultrasound is recorded. If all lesions seen on pre-op imaging were found, the patient does not have the Pathfinder Explorer system applied. If one or more lesions cannot be found, then the Pathfinder Explorer system is calibrated and a tracking device is attached to the ultrasound probe, which the surgeon will use to reattempt localization of the missing tumor. The ...

Determine the Point of View of Society Society to Natural Orifice Surgeon

200 participants' perception and acceptability of natural hole surgeon

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Supraclavicular Block Associated With a Pecs Blocks I to Ensure Analgesia When Placing a Pacemaker

Pacemakers are currently placed at the Erasmus Hospital under local anesthesia performed by the surgeon, and the amount of local anesthetic agents sometimes reach the maximum permitted doses, with a risk of systemic toxicity. Moreover, these patients often present an associated conduction block. This represents a contraindication/constraint in the use of lidocaine 2% (local anesthesia frequently used by the surgeon to infiltrate). This study hypothesized that using a block of t...

Ergonomics in Robotic Surgery

This study is designed to answer if an ergonomist can configure a daVinci robot console to improve surgeon discomfort. Adjustments to the robot console will be surgeon specific as they are tailored to their individual body type. Measurements will be taken at the time of console configuration.

Using Telemedicine to Improve Early Medical Abortion at Home

The investigators plan a trial comparing telephone consultations for women requesting early medical abortion (EMA - under 10 weeks pregnant) to regular face-to-face consultations. In Scotland, 7 out of 10 women having an abortion choose EMA. The clinic visit to discuss EMA is lengthy (2-3 hours). Much time is spent between having tests and waiting to consult a doctor or nurse. Women can struggle with time off work or childcare for lengthy daytime appointments. There is ...

Mail Outreach To Increase Vaccination Acceptance Through Engagement

The aim of this study is to determine whether receiving a core letter signed by the Surgeon General or the Director of the National Vaccine Program that provides only information about influenza, or a core letter signed by the Surgeon General with an added basic or enhanced implementation prompt, will increase rates of influenza vaccination among Medicare beneficiaries when compared to a control group.

Contribution of the ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) Surgeon's Clinical Evaluation to the Contouring of Target Volumes and Organs Eligible for Radiotherapy in Head and Neck Cancers

Radiotherapy (RT), surgery and chemotherapy (CT) are treatments for head and neck cancers, used alone or in combination. Conformal RT with Intensity Modulation (IMRT) is currently the reference technique. IMRT requires a precise definition of the target volumes to be treated and the anatomical structures to be protected from irradiation. Most studies of head and neck cancers published in the literature demonstrate the variability in the contouring of the target volumes between ...

Duration of Dual Anti-Platelet Therapy (DUAL-ACS2)

Despite substantial evidence supporting the use of dual anti-platelet therapy in patients with acute coronary syndrome, there remains major uncertainty regarding the optimal duration of therapy. Recent evidence suggests that shorter durations of dual anti-platelet therapy are superior because the avoidance of atherothrombotic events is counterbalanced by the greater risks of excess major bleeding with apparent increases in all-cause mortality with longer durations. The investig...

Erector Spinae Block Versus Surgeon Infiltration in VATS Procedures

The study is comparing the difference between erector spinae block and surgeon infiltration after VATS (Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery). The outcomes measured are pain scores, opioid usage, opioid side effects, and patient satisfaction.We are also also studying the effectiveness of liposomal bupivacaine (EXPAREL) in a block by randomizing patients to both EXPAREL erector spinae block and simple bupivacaine erector spinae block.

A Cluster Randomised Trial of Pharmacy Led HCV Therapy Versus Conventional Treatment Pathways for HCV Positive Patients Receiving Daily OST in Pharmacies in Health Boards Within NHS Scotland.

Hepatitis C Virus, (HCV), infection is a major health concern in the UK with up to 0.7% of the population infected. At best, 25% of those infected will clear the infection spontaneously, though for those who develop a chronic infection, they may go onto to develop liver cirrhosis or liver cancers. The standard of care within the NHS is that patients with a history of intravenous drug use or those currently on methadone are at high risk of having HCV infection and should be ...

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