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Certification Standards and Diagnostic Accuracy for Surgeon-performed Ultrasonography

Ultrasonography (US) is an operator depended image modality that is difficult to reproduce and interpret by others. Competence of the US operator is crucial for reliable diagnostics but no evidence-based certification of head and neck US skills has been developed. Investigators conducted an experimental study aimed to explore diagnostic accuracy and establish validity evidence for certification standards in surgeon-performed ultrasonography.

MOM's PAIN (Methylene Blue for Oral Mucositis' PAIN)

The goal of this clinical research study is to compare methylene blue (an oral rinse) to standard therapy to learn if one is better, the same, or worse than the other in controlling mucositis (mouth blisters/sores). Standard therapy may include regular analgesics (numbing medications) and mouth rinses. This is an investigational study. Methylene blue is FDA approved and commercially available to treat methemoglobinemia (a type of blood disorder). It is considered investigation...

Ablation of Anisochronous Zones vs Spatio-temporal Dispersal Zones With Antral Electrical Isolation During Radiofrequency Treatment of Paroxysmal or Persistent Atrial Fibrillation

Using isochronous maps during radiofrequency ablation procedures may identify the driver zones responsible for atrial fibrillation maintenance with greater accuracy compared to a conventional procedure (simple antral isolation of the associated pulmonary veins or, if necessary, combined with removal of spatio-temporal dispersal zones) that do not use isochronous maps, and thus improve the efficiency and safety of atrial fibrillation treatment by radiofrequency treatment.

Community Point Distribution of Insecticide Treated Bed Nets

All households in three zones in Zambia's Eastern Province were invited to attend a community point distribution of insecticide treated bed nets (ITNs). Households were then randomized to different intervals for a community health worker (CHW) hang-up visit.

CPAP Device In-lab Assessment NZ

The purpose of this trial is to assess device performance against participants in an overnight study to ensure the product meets user and clinical requirements

Evaluation of Effectiveness of Blue Code Team After In-hospital Cardiopulmonary Arrest

This study aimed to retrospectively examine patients evaluated by the Code Blue team on a Code Blue call in our hospital between 2016-2017. Primary outcome: an examination of the survival rates and demographic data of the patients evaluated as an emergency by a Code Blue call in the period 2016-2017. Secondary outcome: to determine the rates of false Code Blue calls, the clinics giving Code Blue calls and the relationship between the times of Code Blue calls and mortality.

Interaction Between Anaesthetics and Methylene Blue

We hypothesized that pre-treatment with methylene blue could potentiate the effects of general anaesthetic agents in patients undergoing parathyroidectomy

Breast Lymph Node Mapping

The purpose of this study is to map the arm lymphatic drainage system in the axilla with blue dye and the breast drainage system with a radioactive material. By identifying the arm lymphatics they can be protected during surgery and this may decrease the occurrence of lymphedema. The information obtained in this study may provide us with better surgical techniques to identify and protect the arm lymphatic drainage system in the axilla.

Randomized Cluster Trial on Innovative and Standard Strategies for Neonatal Resuscitation Training (RCPNEOPERU Project)

Background: About 10% of all newborns may have difficulty breathing and require support by trained personnel. In Peru, 90% of deliveries occur in health facilities; however there is not a national neonatal resuscitation and certification program for the public health sector. In addition, the Andes and the Amazon regions concentrate large rural remote areas, which further limit the implementation of training programs and the accomplishment of continuous certification. Neonatal r...

FLuorescence Cholangiography Using Methylene Blue

Open label prospective, non-randomised proof of principle study assessing the use of methylene blue fluorescence cholangiography.

Trial of Blue Citrus Compared to Placebo in Patients Receiving Aromatase Inhibitor Therapy for Estrogen Receptor Positive Post-Menopausal Breast Cancer

This purpose of this study is to determine if the herbal compound, Blue Citrus, decreases joint and bone pain associated with Aromotase Inhibitor therapy (AIT). Another purpose of the study is to find out if Blue Citrus improves how you feel while taking AIT and if your quality of life improves.

Do Blue-Blocking Lenses Block Blue Colour From Our Lives?

To measure colour vision in patients with a blue light filtering lens implant in one eye and non-tinted implant in the other eye (and compared this group with a control group with bilateral non-tinted implants) and to determine whether blue light filtering lenses limit colour vision

Safety of Trypan Blue on Endothelium of Diabetic Retinopathy Patients

This study examines the use of Trypan Blue staining of the corneal endothelium in patients undergoing phacoemulsification. It is a single-center prospective, randomized individual cohort study. One eye in each patient with diabetic retinopathy will undergo phacoemulsification without Trypan Blue capsule staining (control eye) while the other eye will undergo phacoemulsification with Trypan Blue capsule staining (study eye). Both eyes will undergo intraocular lens implantation. ...

Low Intensity 'Blue Light' Treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder

One of the most frequently investigated hypothesis of the pathophysiology underlying Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD) or so called winter depression is a disturbance of circadian rhythms. Since the circadian system is especially sensitive for the blue portion of the light spectrum, a new light therapy device with more blue light (blue enriched polychromatic light) was tested for its efficacy to treat SAD. In chronobiological terms this light is hypothesized to be more potent in...

Baby-Friendly Community Health Services Evaluation

The Norwegian Government's "The Norwegian Action Plan on Nutrition" (2007-2011) goal is to increase of the proportion of children receiving breast milk. The initiative "Baby-Friendly Community Health Services (BFCHS)" is one of the action plan's initiatives to reach this goal. BFCHS is developed from the concept "The Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative" by WHO/UNICEF, and the intention is to increase the quality of breastfeeding counselling at Norwegian well-baby clinics. ...

Investigation of the Instant Tooth Whitening Effect of a Silica Toothpaste Containing Blue Covarine

The study investigates the effect of toothbrushing with a toothpaste containing blue covarine compared to a control toothpaste without blue covarine on tooth color. Participants brush their teeth once with either the blue covarine containing toothpaste or a control toothpaste for two minutes. Before and after brushing, tooth color is assessed with a spectrophotometer. Moreover, satisfaction of the participants with their tooth color is assessed using a numeric analogue scale be...

Assessment of Spinal Stability

The purpose of this study is to verify the existence of neuromuscular neutral zones(NNZs) in humans, and develop non-invasive techniques to measure intervertebral kinematics of the lumbar spine. The results will be used to accurately quantify NNZs in humans, and provide a foundation for clinical trials on low back pain patients using this methodology.

Blue Light Therapy for Liver Surgery

The investigators hypothesize that subjects undergoing liver resection and who are exposed preoperatively to high illuminance blue spectrum light will exhibit reduced organ injury, specifically liver dysfunction, than subjects exposed to standard ambient white fluorescent light.

Comparison of Insulin Degludec With Insulin Glargine U100 for Adults With Type 1 Diabetes Crossing Multiple Time Zones.

The purpose of the proposed study is to compare insulin Degludec [TRESIBA® (insulin degludec injection)] with insulin Glargine U100 [Lantus® (insulin glargine injection)] to determine the basal insulin of choice for adults with type 1 diabetes (T1D) who fly non-stop across multiple time zones. With the introduction of Degludec as basal insulin for T1D and the opportunity to vary time of injection between 8 and 40 hours, the use of Degludec as a basal insulin may make it easie...

Safety, Tolerability, and Pharmacokinetic Study of Methylene Blue Following a 1 mg/kg Intravenous Dose in Healthy Adults

A Phase 1 trial to assess the single-dose safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetic (PK) of Methylene Blue Injection, USP 1 mg/kg in healthy adult voluneetrs.

Acute Comfort and Blur of Systane Ultra and Systane

To evaluate drop comfort, acceptability, preference and blue profile between two marketed artificial tears in both dry eyes and non-dry eye patient population.

Hemodynamic Effects of Methylene Blue vs Hydroxocobalamin in Patients at Risk of Vasoplegia During Cardiac Surgery

This is a pilot study to determine the hemodynamic effects when hydroxocobalamin vs methylene blue is administered during cardiopulmonary bypass in patients at risk of vasoplegia by measuring mean arterial pressure (MAP), systemic vascular resistance (SVR) and vasopressor requirement.

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) With Levulan and Blue Light for the Treatment of Actinic Cheilitis

To evaluate the safety and efficacy of PDT with blue light and topical Levulan in the treatment of actinic cheilitis.

Pre-treatment With Methylene Blue Prevent Peri-operative Reduced Systemic Vascular Resistance

To explore the effects of pre-treatment with methylene blue on reduced perioperative vascular resistance in patients with obstructive jaundice.

What Should be the Next Vasopressor for Severe Septic Shock? Methylene Blue or Terlipressin

The ICU mortality rate of patients with septic shock was still high upto 54.1%.In first 6 hours of resuscitation, the goals of resuscitation in sepsis shock after adequate fluid resuscitation is MAP ≥65 mmHg. In refractory septic shock patient, prolong shock correlate with poor outcome due to multiple organ failure. Alternative vasopressor in septic shock with catecholamine resistance has been studied such as terlipressin, methylene blue - Terlipressin (TP) mediate vasoco...

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