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Implementation and Impact of an Online Tool Used in Primary Care to Improve Income Security

We will evaluate the acceptability, feasibility and impact of an online tool that helps patients identify financial benefits that they are entitled to at six clinic sites over a three month period. We will answer the following questions: Is an online tool that addresses income security feasible and acceptable to clinicians? Can such a tool be integrated into regular clinic workflow? What is the patient perspective on the tool and what is the short-term impact?


Pilote Study of an Online Decision Support Tool for Young Women With Breast Cancer, During the Proposal for Preservation of Fertility

Comparative study of two information modalities during the care course, aiming to propose the preservation of fertility to young women with breast cancer (but not yet under treatment): standard oral information during the PF consultation vs. an online decision support tool, consulted prior to the PF consultation, during which the standard oral information is provided.

Online Support for Outpatient Peripheral Arterial Disease Self-management

This study looks to examine whether an online patient tool to monitor factors affecting patients peripheral artery disease can lead to improvements in patients' disease and slow its progression.

The Telemark Score: a Reliable Method for Evaluation of Results After Breast Surgery

This paper will present a specific tool for evaluation of cosmetic results after breast conserving surgery (BCS) and secondary breast reconstruction with free DIEP-flap. Introduction of a breast score system using digital photography seems to be a reliable tool for estimation of cosmetic results after breast surgery. The method has been employed on a specific group of 346 consecutive patients operated for breast cancer with breast conserving surgery. For the purpose of this stu...

Automated Quantification of Coronary Artery Calcifications on Radiotherapy Planning CTs for Cardiovascular Risk Prediction in Breast Cancer Patients: the BRAGATSTON Study

The aim of the BRAGATSTON study is to provide a low cost tool for measuring CAC in breast cancer patients, thereby identifying patients at increased risk of CVD. Breast cancer patients and doctors can act upon this, by adapting the treatment and/or by adopting cardioprotective interventions. Hereby, the burden of CVD in breast cancer survivors can be reduced and better overall survival rates can be achieved.

Pilot Study for 3-Dimensional Surface Imaging in Implant-based Breast Reconstruction

Measuring appearance of implant-based breast reconstruction after mastectomy for breast cancer - an online approach to research. Using 3-dimensional surface images we intend to create a tool to measure appearance after surgery in order to improve standards of care for women. We want to minimise the number of visits and amount of time involved in research participation so this pilot study will develop new online tools for information giving and gathering, and for consent so that...

The Evaluation of MyPreOp, an Online Preoperative Assessment Tool

This pilot study will intend to assess the feasibility and acceptability of MyPreOp (online pre-operative assessment tool). The study will aim to assess the quality of the MyPreOp assessment in comparison to standard practice of a nurse led face to face assessment. The investigators will also assess the acceptability of MyPreOp amongst patient participants and staff participants.

Understanding and Addressing Patient and Provider Preferences Around Discussions of Cost of Breast Cancer Care

We hypothesize that many cancer patients desire discussions of cost as part of their care, but that preferences for having cost discussions with their physicians vary. Further, we hypothesize that providers can introduce the topic of cost into clinical conversations in a balanced way and that this will improve shared decision making and patient uptake of offers of financial counseling which will lead to improved financial well-being, patient satisfaction with providers, and sat...

Automated and Personalized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This study is designed to evaluate a novel online tool to deliver computerized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Participants will be randomized into three groups: experimental, active control, and waitlist. Participants in the experimental group will have access to the full-featured online tool designed to deliver CBT in an interactive and personalized manner. The participants in the active control group will have access to a limited version of the online tool designed to de...

Simple Warfarin Dosing Algorithm Study

Can a simple and cost-free tool help family physicians to improve dosing of the blood thinner warfarin? Warfarin is a blood thinner with a variable effect and requires regular blood monitoring and dose adjustments. Some family practices do not have the facilities or funding to use commercial tools than can assist with stabilizing the effect of warfarin. The investigators will test whether a simple and cost-free dosing tool can help these practices to improve warfarin m...

The Pain App Study: A Novel Shared Decision Making Tool for People With Chronic Pain

The investigators seek to understand the preferences, goals, and perspectives of patients with chronic pain and their health care providers (HCPs) to create a patient-centered decision support tool. This tool, aimed at patients and HCPs, should improve patient-provider communication and chronic pain management. The investigators' long-term goal is to improve the quality of life of patients with chronic pain. The investigators target adults with chronic unremitting pain and HCPs...

The Impact of a Web-based Patient Decision Aid for Women Considering Breast Reconstruction

This study evaluates the impact of an online patient decision aid on the process of decision making regarding breast reconstruction and the decision quality in women with breast cancer undergoing mastectomy and considering immediate breast reconstruction. Half of participants will receive care as usual and access to the online decision aid, while the other half will receive care as usual including a standard information leaflet.

The wEight Management in Renal Transplant Online Study (ExeRTiOn)

The primary aim of this project is to create an online weight management tool (Physical activity, weight management and cognitive behavioral therapy) to prevent significant weight gain following kidney transplantation. Designing the online interactive weight management resource for kidney transplant patients will involve patient and health care professional input through Qualitative methodology such as 'Think-Aloud' interviews and one-to-one semi-structured interviews. This onl...

The Breast Cancer Online Rehabilitation Program

The investigators have developed an online rehabilitation platform to guide women in their home-based upper-body exercises after breast cancer surgery. The platform includes rehabilitation videos that will guide the women in performing home-based early post-surgery upper-body rehabilitation tailored for each individual. The primary objective is to assess the feasibility and acceptability of a home-based rehabilitation program supported by a supplemental online platform for wom...

Project Connect Online: An Internet-based Intervention for Women With Breast Cancer

This randomized comparative effectiveness trial examines the potential psychosocial and physical health-related benefits of sharing personal websites with other women with breast cancer, as well as with family and friends (PCO PLUS condition) versus sharing with family and friends only (PCO condition) in a sample of women with metastatic breast cancer.

Overall Survival and Disease-free Survival in Breast Cancer Patients Under COS

The main objective of the study is to evaluate the overall survival and disease-free survival in breast cancer patients under 40 years old. They underwent controlled ovarian stimulation (COS) for fertility preservation versus women of the same age, type and stage of breast cancer, who have not been subjected to COS.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Insomnia Delivered by a Therapist or on the Internet

Background: Insomnia is a highly prevalent and disabling disorder where Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) is established as the best available treatment. Still, only a negligible number of patients with insomnia receive this treatment. One potential way of improving the dissemination of CBT-I is by using online adaptations of CBT-I. This is a new method for delivering CBT-I and it is not known how effective online treatment is compared to face-to-face CBT-I. This ...

My Team of Care: a Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial of an Online Communication Tool for Collaborative Care

This project will pilot and test a new online communication tool, Loop, developed within a research framework with participatory and user-centred design. This pilot trial focuses on advanced cancer as an example of complex care. Cancer care involves many healthcare providers, spanning hospital to home. There is no organized way for them to communicate. Loop is a practical tool for ongoing collaboration in the patient's actual team of care that engages patients. The study will ...

Immediate Breast Reconstruction With Free Greater Omentum

Luminal subtype breast cancer, accounting for 70 to 80% of all breast cancers, has been reported to be associated with good prognosis. However, for the patients with large mass or worse mass position, free greater omentum transplantation may provide a new option for breast reconstruction.

The MORE Study: Manifest vs. Online Refraction Evaluation

The assessment of the refractive state of the eye is a fundamental and important part of ophthalmic and optometric clinical practice. The development of an unsupervised online subjective refraction method makes a refraction more accessible and can be quite cost-saving. In this study, the investigators want to validate an online refraction method which was recently created in the Netherlands. The study comprises two different set of participants: Part one contains fifty healthy...

Electronic Decision Support for Intervention in Poorly Controlled Type 2 Diabetes

To determine the impact of an electronic decision support tool on physician decision making and patient outcomes for the treatment of poorly controlled diabetes mellitus. Primary endpoint will measure change in hemoglobin A1c. Secondary endpoints will examine cost of therapy and patient satisfaction with therapy. Study hypothesis is that use of the PATH decision tool will produce greater reduction overall in measurements of hemoglobin A1c in patients who participate and follow ...

The Tomosynthesis Trial in Bergen

Compare digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) with digital mammography (DM) as a screening tool for women aged 50-69 years, invited to participate in the Norwegian Breast Cancer Screening Program at the screening unit in Bergen, Norway, with regard to early performance measures, including prognostic and predictive tumor characteristics, radiation doses and cost-effectiveness.

An RCT of an Online Training for Vulnerable Patients to Use an Online Patient Portal Website

Online patient portals are becoming ubiquitous in the US. Previous research has documented substantial usability barriers, especially among patients with limited health literacy. This pilot randomized pilot trial had the goal of determining the effectiveness of an in-person training with a scalable online video-based training program to increase portal use among patients in a safety net healthcare setting.

Medico-economic Evaluation of Obesity

The investigators developed the Aviitam® online platform. The purpose of the project is to test the medico-economic impact related to the utilization of the Aviitam online platform in primary care. Primary objective: To assess the cost-effectiveness at 24 months follow-up of the utilization of the Aviitam® online software in primary care for people with obesity and at least one comorbidity compared to a usual follow-up in primary care. Secondary objectives: Weight los...

Content-free Speech Analysis for Measurement of Mental Health

Trial to prove the functionality and efficacy of a content-free speech analysis tool to detect problematic mental health status or phases of patients with pre known or unknown mental health disorders, focussed on affective disorders or neurodevelopmental disorders. The participants talk in free speech to the tool, this will be analyzed content-free and compared with psychological instruments to detect the mental status in conventional way.

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