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CONDOL01: Evaluation on the Experience of Bereavement, of a Medical Consultation, Proposed by a Letter of CONDOLence to the Patients' Relatives Versus Standard Practice After the Death of the Patient

The aim of this randomized multicenter study is to evaluate the impact in offering the condolence letter to the family caregivers (indicated as the reliable person by the patient himself at each hospitalization) and a bereavement consultation with the reference physician.

Evaluation of the Information Letter to Relatives in the Context of Genetic Assessments

The decree of June 20th 2013 (n° 2013-527) suggests a protocol regarding the transmission of information to the relatives after genetic diagnosis of a serious condition. This decree includes a specific model of letter that can be sent to relatives by genetic professionals. We evaluated the understanding and feelings after the reading of the decree's letter (letter A) on patients and the public. A focus group drafted a new version of the letter (letter B) through these observat...

Exploratory Study of Upper and Lower Endoscopic Fuse System

Single-Center, Exploratory Study of EndoChoice's Upper and Lower Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Systems Utilizing EndoChoice's Full Spectrum Optical Technology

CMO Letter to Reduce Unnecessary Antibiotic Prescribing March 2018

This trial aims to reduce unnecessary prescription of antibiotics by general practitioners (GPs) in England. Unnecessary prescriptions are defined as those that do not improve patient health outcomes. The intervention is to send GPs a letter from the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) that gives feedback on their practice's prescribing levels. Specifically, GPs in practices whose prescribing has increase by more than 4% over the past year will receive a letter stating that "The great ...

The Usefulness of Patients Receiving Their Own Letter After an Outpatient Attendance

As part of the NHS plan it has been proposed to extend some consultants' usual practices and to send all patients copies of the letters sent to their general practitioners (GPs) following outpatient consultations. The current Secretary of State for Health has further extended this proposal and suggested that patients should have a specific letter to themselves after a hospital consultation. The aim of this study is to send patients both a copy of the letter sent to their GPs ...

Stanford Letter or Traditional Advance Directive in Advance Care Planning in Patients Undergoing Bone Marrow Transplant

The purpose of the proposed research study is to evaluate whether bone marrow transplant patients prefer the Stanford letter advance care planning tool to the standard Advance directive. Completion of advance care planning prior to BMT is very important, but not often done. The investigators believe that the Stanford Letter will be preferred by patients and will allow them to feel more comfortable and share more of their wishes with family members and the medical team.

ColonCancerCheck Mailed Invitations: An Evaluation

This study evaluates effectiveness of mailed invitations for colorectal cancer screening among screen-eligible Ontarians who are due for screening. The study will evaluate the effectiveness of mailed invitations in general (compared to no invitation) but will also determine if new invitation letters (2 letters for male, 1 letter for females) are more effective than current invitation letters used by the ColonCancerCheck program.

Mail Outreach To Increase Vaccination Acceptance Through Engagement

The aim of this study is to determine whether receiving a core letter signed by the Surgeon General or the Director of the National Vaccine Program that provides only information about influenza, or a core letter signed by the Surgeon General with an added basic or enhanced implementation prompt, will increase rates of influenza vaccination among Medicare beneficiaries when compared to a control group.

Personalization of Cover Letter and Response Rate

Several studies indicate that a survey that adapts personalized design features achieves higher participation rates. A feature can be a personalized cover letter which appears more relevant and interesting for the sample member. In the spirit of adaptive design, this study seeks to establish whether it can be advantageous for participation overall to use cover letters with targeted content and whether the effect on participation of different versions of the cover letter varies ...

Effect of Brief-tele Support on Attendance at Physiotherapy Sessions

Patients on the waiting list for physiotherapy treatment for pelvic floor dysfunction will be randomly divided into three groups: - a group that gets a telephone call before their invitation letter is sent. - a group that gets a telephone call after their invitation letter is sent. - a group that does not receive a telephone call. The phone call is a brief 5-10 minute call, which will be semi-structured. It will remind the patient of their appointment time, i...

Recruitment of Patients Through Invitation Letters

Recruitment of patients with schizophrenia to clinical trials is difficult and in an ongoing project different methods of recruitment have been used in order to recruit. One of the methods used have been sending potential participant to the study an invitation letter with information of the study and an invitation to make contact with a project nurse. Not many patients have replied. The aim of this study is to examine whether a simplified version of the invitation Letter, in ...

Grocery Assistance Program Study

This highly innovative experimental trial is designed to examine the independent and joint effects of prohibiting the use of SNAP-like benefits to purchase foods high in discretionary calories and offering an incentive to encourage the purchase of more healthful foods.

Providing Antibiotic Prescribing Feedback to Primary Care Physicians: The Ontario Program To Improve AntiMicrobial USE

Antibiotic overuse occurs in multiple jurisdictions and is associated with rising rates of antimicrobial resistance. Mailing letters to the highest antibiotic prescribing physicians is a potentially effective method to optimize antibiotic use. The objectives of this study are to improve enrollment to Health Quality Ontario's Primary Care Practice report and reduce unnecessary antibiotic use. The investigators are conducting a randomized controlled trial recruiting the 3500 high...

Withdrawal Time and Use of Wide-angle Endoscope to Increase the Adenoma Detection Rate of Screening Colonoscopy

Colonoscopy outcome is strictly related to the adenoma detection rate (ADR). An endoscopy withdrawal time >6min has been suggested to increase the ADR since it allows for thorough evaluation of the several hidden areas of the colon. The FUSE, full spectrum endoscopy system, has been demonstrated to reduce the rate of missed lesions due to its wide-angle view. In the present study the authors evaluate the impact of WT on ADR for High Definition Standard Endoscopes with just a si...

Evaluation of the Colonoscope With Vision to 330 ° (Full Spectrum Endoscopy) in the Detection of Colorectal Adenomas

The coloscopy is considered as the gold standard for screening and resection of colorectal adenomas. However the literature reports that the rate of omitted adenoma is still high (24 to 41%). The development of the FUSE system (Endochoice, USA) allows a larger field of view with a projection onto 3 screens (330° vision). A pilot study and a randomized multicentre has demonstrated the feasibility with a significant improvement of the rate of detected adenomas. This first study ...

Bilirubin Binding Capacity to Assess Bilirubin Load in Preterm Infants

Most preterm newborns are managed by phototherapy to reverse hyperbilirubinemia with the intent to prevent bilirubin neurotoxicity. A threshold-based relationship between a specific total bilirubin level and need for intervention has been elusive. This is most likely due to other biomarkers such as hemolysis, developmental maturation, concurrent illnesses, or even interventions, may impede bilirubin/albumin binding. The over-prescription of phototherapy has impacted clinical an...

Observational Study of Clinical Performance of a Sterile, Bacteria-binding, Super-absorbent Wound Dressing

This prospective, multicenter, single-arm observational study aims to document the clinical performance and safety of a sterile, bacteria-binding, super-absorbent wound dressing for the intended use in a daily clinical practice. 50 patients (male/female) with superficial wounds of any etiology affecting only epidermis and dermis layer, with one or more clinical signs of infection or at high risk of infection and also high to very high exudate levels will be observed over a peri...

Evaluation of Oesogastroduodenoscopy With Vision to 245 ° (Full Spectrum Endoscopy) to View the Main Disc and Accessory

The monitoring and prognosis of patients with familial polyposis adenomatous rests on analysis of the transitional mucosa at the anal margin and especially on the tracking, characterization and resection of lesions of dysplasia type of high grade at the duodenal level, after total proctocolectomy. Currently, endoscopes with axial or lateral vision are used. The FUSE technology allows the simplification or even the improvement of patient surveillance with a 245° vision (versus1...

First-in-Human Positron Emission Tomography Study Using the 18F-αvβ6-Binding-Peptide

This clinical trial studies the side effects of 18F-alphavbeta6-binding-peptide and how well it works in imaging patients with primary or cancer that has spread to the breast, colorectal, lung, or pancreatic. Radiotracers, such as 18F-alphavbeta6-binding-peptide, may improve the ability to locate cancer in the body.

Childhood Influenza Immunisation Invitation Trial in Schools

This study will investigate whether influenza vaccine uptake by school-age children (in school-based clinics) can be increased by making behavioural-insight informed changes to the invitation process which encourage parents to return consent forms.

The Effect of Informative Letters on the Prescription and Receipt of Seroquel

Abusive prescribing exposes patients to unnecessary health risks and results in wasteful public expenditures. This study will evaluate an innovative approach to fighting abusive prescription: sending letters to suspected inappropriate prescribers warning them that they are outliers compared to their peers and have been flagged for review. The study will target high prescribers of Seroquel (Quetiapine), an atypical antipsychotic. Using claims data, the investigators will assess ...

The Effect of Weight Loss on Serum Mannose-Binding Lectin(MBL) Levels

High levels of mannose-binding lectin (MBL), an activator of a part of the immune system called the complement system, have been associated with increased mortality and risk of early signs of kidney damage in patients with type 2 diabetes. The effect of weight loss and changes in insulin resistance on MBL levels have been poorly elucidated. This study includes 36 nondiabetic obese subjects, who will receive a very low- calorie diet (VLCD) of 800 kcal/day for 8 weeks. Fa...

Study of the Role of Soluble Inhibitor of Interleukin 22, Interleukin 22 Binding Protein (IL-22BP), in Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease

IL-22 is an IL-10 family cytokine that plays major actions to increase intestinal epithelial barrier function and regeneration during experimental colitis. IL-22 binding protein is a small, soluble, and secreted protein potently inhibiting IL-22 actions through preventing the binding with IL-22 Recepteur. This study aims at characterizing how IL-22 binding protein is regulated in Inflammatory bowel disease to better understand the way IL-22 acts on epithelial cells during flare...

Self-Awareness of Symptoms, Signs and Medical Compliance Using a Patient Diary in Heart Failure Management

Before a HF patient gets maximally decompensated and visit emergency department, most patients experience symptoms and signs of "on-going decompensation (or pre-decompensation)", which may not be noticed by the patients. If HF patients were aware of symptoms and signs of ADHF and received early intervention to stop the process of "on-going decompensation (or pre-decompensation)", we would reduce the rate of hospitalization for ADHF or death. Thus, self-awareness and self-examin...

Outreach for Patients That Are Newly Eligible for Colorectal Cancer Screening

The purpose of this study is to evaluate whether patient outreach is effective at increasing compliance with preventative screenings for those patients who, based on national quality standards, have become newly eligible for screening measures. We hypothesize that educational outreach may increase completion rates.

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