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Clinical Decision Support (CDS) for Outpatient Radiology Imaging

The goal of the study is to determine whether clinical decision support (CDS) affects the number, type, or appropriateness of targeted high-cost radiology images (i.e. MR and CT) ordered. The CDS will be delivered in Epic through ACRSelect software, which is a leading decision support tool based on the American College of Radiology (ACR) Appropriateness Criteria (see, and presents the ACR appropriateness scores for eac...

Clinical Decision Support (CDS) for Radiology Imaging

The goal of the study is to determine whether clinical decision support (CDS) for radiology affects the number, type, or appropriateness of targeted high-cost radiology imaging orders (i.e. magnetic resonance (MR), computed tomography (CT), nuclear medicine (NM) and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scans). The CDS will be delivered to physicians in the Aurora Health Care system. It will be delivered in Epic, an industry-standard electronic medical record software, through ACR...

Patient Preference for Osteopath's Gender.

This study evaluates the patients' preference for the gender of her/his osteopath. All patients referring to a private osteopathic clinic will receive a proper questionnaire before knowing which is the gender of his/her designed osteopath.

Point-of-Care Ultrasonography for Intussusception

Pediatric emergency medicine (PEM) physicians are increasingly utilizing point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS). There is currently limited data regarding POCUS evaluation for intussusception in pediatric patients. To better understand the role of POCUS for identification of intussusception, the investigators plan to conduct a randomized, noninferiority study comparing POCUS and radiology-performed ultrasound (RADUS), utilizing experienced sonographers across multiple institutions.

Acute Postthoracotomy Pain - Impact of Gender

Adequate analgesia in thoracic surgery is essential to prevent severe postoperative complications, especially respiratory problems. Current knowledge about gender-related differences in pain states generally more frequent and intense pain and more demand for analgesics in women. Results about postsurgical pain in particular are very inconclusive. The investigators tried to find out if gender has an influence on postthoracotomy pain and analgesics requirement.

Tele-ultrasound Experimentation

This study tries to evaluate the non-inferiority quality and safety of ultrasound examinations realise by electro-radiology assistant with a remote radiologist compared to those realize by electro-radiology assistant with a referent radiologist on site.

Gender Dysphoria Among Adolescents (Norwegian Title: Kjønnsdysfori Blant Ungdom)

The aim of this study is to explore how gender dysphoria is experienced among adolescents aged 13 - 18 from a clinical population. The method is qualitative, with a phenomenological approach. Qualitative in-depth data on how gender dysphoria is experienced by the adolescents themselves is lacking in the research literature. As a consequence the within perspective from the clients is lacking. In addition, one aim is to help develop further hypothesis and clinical theory and rati...

Efficacy of Hypnoanalgesia by a Radiologist Technologist in Children With Cutaneous Angioma Treated With Sclerosis in Interventional Radiology

This study highlights the global management of the various components of outpatient pain by hypnoanalgesia (pain management by hypnosis) in radiopediatrics. Indeed, pain is induced by sclerosis of cutaneous angiomas in interventional radiology. It is managed by MEOPA (an equimolar mixture of oxygen nitrous oxide) or by general anesthesia. For four years, the medical electroradiology technologist of the Mother and Child Hospital (HFME) of the Hospices Civils de Lyon offer pati...

Teleradiology Program for Frail Patients Living at Home or in Nursing-homes

Transporting radiology to the patient's home is challenging. Preliminary experiences conducted in Turin (Italy) and Lund (Sweden) indicate that the coupling of simple, light-weight X-ray equipments with a Computed radiography or Digital Radiography systems could be effective for externalization of radiographic service. The image and examination quality has been proved to be the same than those performed with a stationary equipment and analysis on safety of radio-protection sys...

Variations of Hemispheric Lateralisation of Language Depending of Gender and Age.

The purpose of this study is to determine whether gender and age modify cerebral activations during a silent word generation functional Magnetic Resonance task.

The PACE-MI Registry Study

The purpose of the PACE-MI registry is: - Analyze beta-blocker dose response effect on outcome over two years - Explore gender and minority differences in beta-blocker utilization and outcomes. In patients with MI discharged from the hospital, beta-blocker dose will be predictive of survival. Exploratory analyses: Gender and racial effects—gender and race are, similarly, hypothesized to be predictive of post-MI survival. The existence of interactions be...

The Intervention With Microfinance for AIDS and Gender Equity (IMAGE) Study

The IMAGE Study is a cluster randomised trial of a structural intervention for the prevention of HIV and gender based violence being conducted in South Africa.

Morbidity, Mortality and Gender Differences in Patients With Pacemakers

Previous publications suggest gender difference in outcome parameters after pacemaker implantation. Aim of this study is to investigate gender differences in patients with pacemaker. Implanted devices, indication for implantation and pacemaker follow up data of patients will be included. Survival data including cause of death will be documented. Prevalent comorbidities and relevant laboratory data will be recorded.

Transgender Cohort Study of Gender Affirmation and HIV-related Health

This observational research study will evaluate medical gender affirmation delivered in primary care as an intervention to reduce disparities in HIV-related outcomes (e.g., low rates of PrEP uptake for HIV-uninfected patients, high rates of viral suppression for HIV-infected patients) for transgender patients in two urban federally-qualified community health centers.

Influence of Gender on Interaction of Propofol and Dexmedetomidine

The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of gender on pharmacodynamic interaction of propofol and dexmedetomidine, exploring the effect of gender on propofol unconsciousness median effective concentration with different dose dexmedetomidine.

TransCare - Genital Surgery for Trans Women in Centralized vs. Decentralized Healthcare Settings

Trans (i.e., transgender, transsexual) individuals experience a gender that does not match their sex assigned at birth (Gender Incongruence), which can lead to a distress called gender dysphoria (formerly known as transsexualism). Trans healthcare (THC) is primarily focusing on transition-related medical interventions (e.g. genital surgery) to reduce gender dysphoria and improve the quality of life. To date, trans individuals access THC services in both decentralized (e.g., var...

Age Gender Left Ventricular Mass and Cardiac Troponin T

The purpose of this study is to determine the influence of functional or anatomic cardiac parameters, age and gender on high sensitivity cTnT (TnThs) levels in healthy individuals.

Impact of Microfinance and Participatory Gender Training for Women in Reducing Intimate Partner Violence

Violence against women and girls is increasingly recognized as a major global public health and development concern. However, evidence on what forms of intervention should be prioritised is severely lacking. A cluster randomized controlled trial (The Intervention with Microfinance for AIDS & Gender Equity - IMAGE Project) in rural South Africa combined a group-based microfinance intervention with a participatory gender and HIV training curriculum for loan participants and showe...

Use of the Thrombectomy Device ReVive™ SE in the Acute Treatment of Stroke

The last marketed thrombectomy devices, named stentretriever, permit a better and faster recanalization in patient with a stroke. The REVIVETM SE is a device designed to restore the brain perfusion in patient with an intracranial artery occlusion. The REVIVETM Se device is not widely use in Europe and in France. The objective of this study is to assess the interest of using this device in the standard care of ischemic stroke in the radiology unit of the hospital Pierre Wertheim...

Interventional Radiology for the Treatment of Symptomatic Portal Hypertension in Patients With Cavernous Transformation of Portal Vein

To evaluate the values of portosystemic shunt and other interventional radiology approaches for treatment of symptomatic portal hypertension in patients with cavernous transformation of portal vein.

Gender, Obesity, C-Reactive Protein, and Oxidative Stress

This randomized placebo-controlled trial will test whether supplementing with vitamins C and E can lower markers of inflammation and oxidative stress in healthy adults. We will examine whether one antioxidant vitamin is more effective than another, and whether gender or body fat influence the treatment effects. We will also determine whether gender, body fat, or menopausal status are associated with baseline concentrations of inflammation and oxidative stress markers.

Investigation of Gender Specificity of the Effects of Furosemide in Healthy Female and Male Volunteers

In this study the gender specificity of the effects of furosemide in female and male volunteers will be investigated. The healthy volunteers receive 1. furosemide and 2. aminohippurate sodium "PAH" as single dose. The main objective is gender-specific comparison of the pharmacokinetic parameters of furosemide in relation to the effect of furosemide (urinary excretion). Secondary objectives are the gender-specific comparison of renal and systemic PAH clearance with the clearance...

Impact of Gender and Pubertal Status on Human Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells

Differences in pDCs function related to gender have been demonstrated in adults but have never been addressed in children. Yet, differences in immune responses related to gender also exist in children, both in responses to pathogens and susceptibility to autoimmune diseases. We can suppose these differences to be partly linked to difference in pDCs functions. Our aim is to compare pDCs functions in children based on gender and pubertal status. This study will be performed in he...

Gender Differences in Familial Risk

To develop, test, and apply comprehensive mathematical models for the interaction of genetic and environmental effect on cardiovascular risk with gender differences.

Comparison of Function and Fit of Standard and Gender-Specific CR High-Flex Total Knee Prostheses

The purpose of this prospective, randomized study was to compare functional outcome, radiographic results, range of motion, patients satisfaction, and fit of the femoral component in patients receiving either a standard posterior cruciate-retaining high-flexion (CR-flex) and gender-specific CR-flex total knee prostheses.

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